A$AP RVCKY: I fxcks wid fashion killas

Air Sign Mercuries: Head In The Clouds

Note: By “head in the clouds” I don’t mean that air sign Mercuries are dumb, I mean that their minds are always soaring high, like clouds.

  • Mercury in Gemini: Mercury is at home here. I think Mercury really displays its quick wit and knack for communication here. These people have thoughts that are constantly racing and changing. I promise you, they’re always thinking. These people could probably have a good conversation with just about anyone, that’s how talented they are. I also feel like these people are insomniacs because I don’t know how they could ever sleep with minds that never stop moving. Also, these people are pretty damn clever.
  • Mercury in Libra: Like all other Libra placements, this one is bae. I think all my Libra Sun sign friends have this placement and it suits them very well. These people are super charming and they know how to win someone over with words. I wouldn’t call this manipulation, though (that’s Gemini’s thing), I just say it’s them using their assets. I also love the conversational etiquette that these people possess. They are fair and balanced and they know how to take turns in conversations… unlike certain other signs that I know *cough* ARIES *cough*.
  • Mercury in Aquarius: I really like this placement! It’s zany, unique, and it comes from a really cool perspective. I really want some friends with this placement! I kind of feel like these people are mad scientists with thoughts made of pure electricity. Like, it’s crazy how these people operate. One of my favorite teachers ever (Aquarius Sun, Virgo Moon) has this placement and we had the best conversations! They’re just so quirky and inventive, but not all up in their own asses like Aquarius Sun signs can be *cough* God complex *cough*.

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The Perfect Girl

The perfect girl gives me a purpose and a reason to even make an effort to find the energy to get out of bed in the morning.  If I really sit and think about it, there’s really not much else.  I’m not a big fan of getting ready in the morning, I don’t care for most of the people I see on a daily basis, and the weather is generally its rainy self.  I could just drop everything right now and lay in my bed, away from everything, and it wouldn’t matter one bit.  Yet Mariella, she makes me feel obligated to find the energy.  I feel obligated to go see her, talk to her, hold her, and the list goes on and on.  What else is there besides the people you care about?  Making Mariella happy seems like a pretty damn good reason to keep myself from hiding behind my computer all day and forgetting the world.  From my point-of-view, I’m great at it, making her happy.  I can make her smile and laugh, even cry sometimes, in a good way of course, but keeping her happy is what really makes my time worthwhile.  

I really quite enjoy doing that sweet, typical boyfriend stuff, like complimenting her every chance I get, getting her gifts on Valentine’s Day, and listening to all her stories that she swears are pointless, just so that I can hear her voice.  I like telling her how perfect and beautiful she is when she’s in a bad mood, and letting her steal my clothes that smell like my cologne that drives her insane. Through doing all these things, I get to take the time to get to know her, and note all the little things about her that make her the girl that I would do absolutely anything for.  I love the way she scrunches up her nose up when she smiles at me.  I love the dimples she gets when she smiles and laughs.  I love the how she worries about me even when I assure her that I’m perfectly fine.  I love how her hands always feel warm, no matter how cold it is outside. All these little things are what makes me fall in love with her again and again every single day.

You mean more to me than anything else in the world.  Just knowing that you exist and that you love me is enough to lead me to believe that the human race is not hopeless.  Every moment that I’ve known you has been worth it.  You’re my everything, my world, my best friend, my love, and my reason to live. There’s not one girl on this Earth that means so much to me as you do. 

Mariella, I love you. 

- Roman Lanon

anonymous asked:

why on earth would you repost gifs that someone else made in an entirely new set and slap on the disclaimer 'gifs not mine'? that's so disrespectful to the original gif makers. just reblog the gifs instead of reposting them or just, y'know, learn how to make gifs yourself. it may seem like nothing but coming from someone who makes gifs and edits shit like that takes time and it's one of the worst feelings in the world to see your stuff reposted.

1. I am a college student about to graduate if I wanted a lecture I would postpone graduation to listen to you Professor Anon, let me know what class and section I should sign up for. Yes, the shade is real.

2. I create gifs and I edit, and I’m pretty damn good at it so the relevance of some of your statement is a zero.

3. It would be more disrespectful for me to not add a disclaimer and pass them off as my own as so many people do. Google doesn’t list who creates these all the time ya know, and in my tags I always put ‘credit to owner(s)’ if I cannot find the direct source.

4. I am not the only one who makes sets for things such as “Make me choose”, “Favorite MV’s of…” and “Get To Know Me” gifs because most of the time they’re not that person’s. Now do I? No. Because people have used mine and I don’t get butthurt about it.

5. I suppose you’re gonna complain about the people who use other’s gifs when responding to questions for comedic effect now too right? I suppose you’re gonna say something about the people who use gifs other’s made in a situation as such, i.e.:

Oh…Credit to the owner of the gif and Foxy for saying it….happy?

I’m probably not gonna be satisfied until I write something about this, so here goes. Prepare yourselves for some frustration.

Long story short: a lot of personal stuff has been going on that has been driving me up the wall and into the realm of insanity. I’ve been doing everything I can to cope with it, to find a way through it, and so naturally I decided I would write about it—write about the anger and the fear and the self-doubt. I was feeling pretty damn proud of the post I wrote. Those were good words. Those were the words I needed to say.

But despite how confident I felt that my words were perfect, I received one particular response to the post that made me doubt that:

“I don’t want you to miss out on opportunities,” the person said, not unkindly. “But I think when you’re writing at your computer every night, you’re hiding.”

“You think I’m hiding?” I echoed, indignation bubbling up inside me.

This person then went on to explain that they feel that when I’m writing, I’m hiding from things that are uncomfortable—in essence, I’m hiding from the world.

And that—that really stung. I was deeply wounded by those words. I don’t think they were meant to hurt me, but they did nonetheless.

Because for the first time in my life, I felt shitty about my writing.

I am so damn proud of myself for putting my butt in the chair every day and at least trying to write something. I am so damn proud of myself for spending four years on one project because I want this novel to be the best I can possibly make it. But when this person implied that all the work I was putting into this novel was just me hiding from the harsh realities of the world—when they implied that my writing was cowardly, and that it wasn’t adding real value to my life—I suddenly felt self-conscious about my work.

It’s ridiculous—believe me, I know. After so many years of forcing myself to write, forcing myself to overcome the doubt that my words aren’t good enough, forcing myself to stop comparing my work to the work of other published authors, forcing myself to believe that this is important—that my words are going to get me somewhere—how can I possibly believe that my writing is cowardly? How can I possibly believe that writing, one of the most crushing and difficult art forms there is, is just my way of hiding?

It’s not. Writing is not cowardly. My work is not shameful.

It’s. Not. Stupid.

But man, that one statement got under my skin. As I sat down to write this, I thought dryly, Oh gee, here I go to hide from the world. I better change my blog name to “Hiding Late”. I don’t really believe it, but it still hurts, you know? It hurts that something so convoluted has affected me so deeply.

Yes, sometimes writing serves as a coping mechanism. I need to write so that I can take control of my situation and understand it. I need to write so that I can work through my problems. I need to write because writing is the only way I feel brave enough to speak my mind—the only way I can say everything I need to without being interrupted or shut down. My writing is important. My writing is so, so damn important.

It’s not my way of hiding from the world. It’s my way of trying to make the world a better place.

And this is the part of the post where I try to do exactly that. I want to remind all you writers out there—all you artists, all you creators, all you scientists and inventors and businesspeople—that your work is important. Not everyone will understand it. Not everyone will be able to see the struggles you’re going through as you try to make your dreams a reality. And it’s sad when they don’t understand, and it can be very hurtful. But I don’t want you to ever, ever, EVER believe that your work is not valuable. It is important. It is so damn important.

Words can hurt. They can destroy people. It’s something I have come to learn in my years of reading, writing, and living. It’s something I want to stop. I want my words, the words I’ve spent so many years practising and perfecting, to be words that don’t break people down, but that lift people up. I want to take my life experiences, whether they be joyous or devastating, and create a flame from them, that they may be a guiding light for others. I want my words to matter. I want them to be important. I want them to provide refuge and solace for people who aren’t trying to hide from the world, but who are trying to cope with it.

I am not hiding.

I am writing.

I love you. I love your work. Have faith.


I have spoken with this person and tried to explain how I feel but the issue remains unresolved. Though, I have come to realize that the issue exists because this person doesn’t understand my situation. Thus, it shall remain unresolved. But I am ready to move past it. I’m proud of myself.

I used to feel bad about writing romance fanfiction because I’d never been in love, and I didn’t plan to date anytime soon, despite the fact that I wasn’t half-bad. Then I realized that writing is like photography. You can still take a beautiful picture of a woman and never have been a woman. Or like when John Green wrote The Fault In Our Stars. He was never a teenage girl with terminal cancer, but he wrote a book about one, and it was pretty damn good.

So, for all of you too afraid to write that story because you’ve never really experienced what you’re writing about, just do it. Who knows? You might be fantastic.

i’m not very good at being an “involved deaf person,” partially because i hate identifying with things, partially because it feels presumptuous (having participated pretty much solely in the hearing world), partially because i don’t suffer significant impairment accomplishment-wise.

but if there’s one thing that make me mad, it’s the fact that older people being hard of hearing is treated like a kind of joke, or inevitable (“oh yes, my deaf grandfather became increasingly withdrawn in his old age, so sad”). miscommunication is funny, sure, but you’d be pretty damn careful about how you’d joke about marlee matlin mishearing something. you’d be careful about how you communicate with your neighbor who only uses sign language. whereas i had a friend who talked about getting a louder phone for her aunt, instead of contemplating that maybe video or text would be better.

not being able to communicate with the world is horrible, and it doesn’t matter how old you are or why it happened or to what degree it happens. when i was younger, a lot of people were pretty bewildered to find out that i was hard of hearing and tried to hide it. they found it kind of embarassingly vain, without wondering why it might have been a difficult thing for me to broach. this is a common thread, i’ve found, in the experiences of people who become disabled in a slower way, and later in life: having impairment treated with frustration, and having embarassment at impairment also treated with frustration. “can’t she SEE that she’s DEAF.” it leaves one in a kind of double-bind, from which only unreasonable self-confidence can release one.

youcannotaffordme asked:

♕ – White Queen

What makes you feel powerful?

You ever take a moment to step back and stare at the guy you just killed and consider I probably shouldn’t have lived through that’? Being confident in your ability is one thing, but being smart about your limits is a matter of life and death. And when you realise you just bested your own record? Makes you feel pretty damn good. 

Feeling powerful is dangerous, though. Usually means I need to sit down and have a cigarette before I forget about that life and death thing. 

guilttriphop asked:

3's (also, long time no talk, how have you been?)

I’ve been pretty okay, guilttriphop. A few dumb things bothering me here, a few cool things popping up there, pretty content overall. You?

3: A song that reminds you of summertime: “Always Summer” by Yellowcard. Cheating because the word summer is in the name? Maybe. But goddamn if that song doesn’t make me feel warm even in the coldest of winters.

13: One of your favorite 80s songs: “Don’t You Forget About Me” – Simple Minds. Again, another common answer, but for a damn fine reason, cause it’s just that good.

23: A song that you think everybody should listen to: Play ‘God Only Knows At My Funeral’” – Fireworks

30: A song that reminds you of yourself: “There There” – The Wonder Years

I wanna get to know you better

So I got loads new followers (Hello) and I follow an array of poets and other interesting people so I wanna know who you are. 
So I figured I’d make this meme-ish-thing and hopefully I’ll get to scroll through some. 
(feel free to delete this part when you fill yours out)

What are you currently reading: 
I’m reading Garth Nix’ Abhorsen trilogy, also two poetry books Healing old wounds with new stitches and mouthful of forever. 

The song or playlist you’re currently listening to: 
This has been on repeat for like a month https://open.spotify.com/user/croxus/playlist/07438UKI8HCtbtKiVWx2NS

What was the last thing you did that made you feel good about yourself:
I’m editing a bunch of poetry and writing new ones for a collection, I finally managed to word something right after like 3 days of hating everything. I feel pretty damn good. 

Are you in love, barring that, are you in a good friendship:
I am in love, I also have some amazing friends. Both online and in flesh space and I am very grateful.

What is your 3 favourite drinks: 
I can’t choose one so…
Earl grey, milk one sugar.
Good brewed coffee. Like, fresh ground, smell it with eyes closed, pour boiling water and watch it drip with anticipation. 
Smokey/peaty whisky.

Because I’m a cliche!

Favourite every day rituals:

Now I have a lot of them, so feel free to ramble, this is what I find the most interesting about people.

Making coffee, either in a filter drip or a stovetop coffee maker.

Rolling cigarettes. 

preparing a bath, like I have bath bombs and oils and salt and flower petals and just. Make it feel like you’re an offering to yourself, you know. Ok that phrasing was a bit creepy, moving on.

Clearing my table. I just collect so much tat through out the day, just clearing everything away helps clear my space. Even if it’s just my table.

Reading through my friends twitter feed in the morning, especially before the news. Just keeping in mind that these people like me and I have them in my life and being grateful for it. Also looking at snapchat for the same reason.

Watering my plants. This one is new, I am so hooked on it, it’s been such a nice spring here ever since I put the plants out and down in the soil so I’ve taken to just standing outside with my morning coffee with eyes closed for a minute.

If you had one week off life with a reasonable amount of funds for it, where would you go and who would you bring.
So this might happen if everything goes well, there is a forest up by the scottish boarder that is a dark zone, no lights, best place in europe to go star gazing. I’m hopefully bringing my partner and my best friend up there for a week in a cabin. Bonfire coffee, art supplies, books. Just…yeah, just peace. 

Ok, I hope this isn’t weird. you’re a lovely bunch of followers. 

- C x

It’s like no matter what I do I feel like I’m not good enough for society. I look at myself and just feel disgusted and I hate the feeling that I can’t even find one positive thing about myself. I break myself down every single damn day. I just want to feel pretty, look pretty and feel confident in myself and it hurts that I can’t even do that

When I was 11 years old I wrote on this post-it that “I wish I was perfect” I threw it in the bin and forgot about it. The next day Mum took me for a drive, she had found the note. She then told me that everyone wishes they were perfect and no one is, it is the unachievable. That drive was one of the most important and while I do still have days where I feel like a hog, I know that I have some pretty damn good features and I should be happy. 

I’ll remember that moment forever I think. 

gaymayonaise asked:

did you ever do the story thing on sunday cuz i feel like you were supposed to do that

i do actually feel bad about this. it started out pretty well, but then i had a few crazy weeks where i was honest to god too damn tired to type up and post a story. i haven’t forgotten about it though, and i have a good one i’m already drafting for this coming Saturday.

never fear, loyal followers! Storytime Saturday shall continue.

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(Sorry it’s so late, just got back on my computer for the first time in a while)

Name: Maddy

Nickname: Maddy, MESP, S-P…dork..spades I guess?

Birthday: October 28th yo

Star sign: Scorpio (tbh the most innacurate zodiac for me lol)

Gender: cis-female

Height: 5′11.5″

Sexual orientation: 

Romantic orientation: Demi I guess? Or grey? I’ve never had lasting romantic attraction to anyone, but I feel like I could maybe one day. 

Favourite colour: right now it’s peach. Somehwere between that orange and pink color.

Time and date at the current moment: 10:50, April 14th 2015

Average hours of sleep: 8-9 recently. Pretty damn good! It helps me mentally SO much to get about 8 hours of sleep on the regular, so I’ve been trying to get on that.

Lucky number: I feel like at this point it would be a crime to say anything other than 31. I like 17 and 59 though too.

The last thing I googled: “Ben & Jerry’s half baked” Was looking up an image of a specific flavor of ben and jerry’s for a pun I was making. Incidentally Free cone day was today, and we went to the B&J’s warehouse to get a free cone. VT bitches~

First word that comes to mind: Avocado

One place that makes me happy: Camp. Under the stars in the middle of Senior Field.

How many blankets do I sleep under: One comforter. Probably gonna have to downgrade to a blanket soon tho, YAY SPRING

Favourite fictional character: Gotta say Luffy. I just love him??? So much??? There are a lot of characters who I think are better written or with other reasons would be the *best* character, but I just love Luffy too much

Favourite famous person: Celebrity or like famous icon? Cause Anne Bonney is technecally a famous person, right? And Mae Jemison? But if we’re talking celebs, I don’t put much love into famous people as ideas, cause it just feels wrong to me? Idk, but Nicki Minaj has proven to be a fantastic role model, and a hugely talented and hardworking individual in her field. So I’d probs say her.

Celebrity crush: None~

Favourite books: The Book Thief, The Moth (collection of short stories), The Hunger Games (I don’t read as many Book Books as I should)

Favourite animes: One Piece, FMA, Space Brothers, Gatchaman Crowds, Hunter x Hunter, Haikyuu!!…that’s all I can think of on the top of my list atm

Favourite TV shows: Parks and Rec, Game of Thrones, Steven Universe, if that counts.

Favourite musicians/band: Misterwives, Mumford and Sons, Imagine Dragons, Bastille. Basically most mainstream indie. I listen to playlists mostly these days though, less of artist based listening.

Favourite games: Dragon Age series, Mass Effect Series, Borderlands series, The Last of Us, Legend of Zelda series.

Last movie: *huffs* when was the last time I watched a movie??? Treasure Planet maybe? Like a week and a half ago?

Dream holiday: A festival or celebration somewhere far away from here with tons of cultural differences. That’d be so cool.

Dream job: If we suddenly discovered alien life, and I became a biological cultural anthropologist.

Wearing right now: Camp staff sweatshirt, & some old school sweatpants

Last book I read: Reading Game of Thrones right now. Don’t remember the last book I finished. It’s been a while.

I finally watched Jimi: All Is By My Side

And I wasn’t really impressed, 3 Stacks did a pretty good job of replicating Jimi, but I feel as if he exaggerated Jimi’s voice a little too much. One thing I hated about the film was(spoiler alert) toward the end we get all hyped up for Jimi playing at the Monterrey Pop Festival and then the movie just ends. You never get to see him perform. I think we don’t get to partly because the Hendrix estate didn’t approve of the use of his songs but damn we could have at least seen him cover Killing Floor or Wild Thing or something, throw me a friggin bone here.

“Your book, Miss Mystere?”

“Ah! I’ve been looking everywhere for that! Th-thank you, Mr. Layton.”

“Not at all! It is the duty of a gentleman to return what is lost, Miss Mystere.”

“Please, Herschel… may I call you Herschel? …Call me Ridelle.”

“My pleasure, Ridelle.

Well, I tried my darndest. I’m sure the proportions and such are way off, but hey, I feel pretty damn good about this. Feels like I’m redeeming this fandom from all those creepy Layton x Luke shippers. I hope someone with more artistic skill picks up the torch on this one.

… Ships need a clever name, right? Hm. HMS Herschelle, maybe?

4-22-15; 10:04 pm

there was a time when a girl thought she wouldn’t date again because something was wrong with her, maybe a smudge on the outside, but even worse smudge insides. she could feel them. but then one night, that damn night, damn may 31st, she went to this park way far from her house and sang with this guy…while looking at this other guy and they ended up falling in lvoe and that was supposed to be pretty but im kind of high and i don’t want to talk anymore about this good bye haha.