im making that no-knead bread again but this time i used bread flour instead of all-purpose flour & also I added more yeast bc honestly i feel like it didnt have as much of a rise to it as i wouldve liked this time… 

anyway i started the dough last night so its been sitting for about 13 hours so far, its gotten a decent rise as of rn, so i hopefully havent completely fucked it over lmfao. im going to punch it down and let it rise for like 3-6 more hours, which isnt part of the recipe but im Getting A Feeling that punching it down and letting it rise again would be a good idea tbh…… just a hunch. 

anyway this no-knead recipe is pretty damn similar to all the other ones that exist and a bunch of them include punching down & multiple rises so i think this wont do anything bad. i just want it to be a little more consistent and full-bodied and fluffy. 

………….i am not a very “technically knowledgeable” baker. i have a vague idea of what things are effected by other things. but… like…. hey, ya gotta learn by doing, right? maybe im gonna produce better results. a little experimentation takes place in basically every kitchen anyway. 

like for FUCK’S SAKE “ur joke about trans ppl lookin good made me feel baaaaad” god damn like a) it was a joke n i dont think u understand how often cis people make the SSAME EXACT JOKES @ trans people that make us feel like shit, like, every fucking day, every fucking where, all the fucking time and b) you have the media, blogs, sites, books, everything else to make yourself feel good, you have a fucking ton of positivity posts NOT geared towards us trans ppl to make you feel pretty, so you can ignore the one harmless fuckin joke one of us made and find smth to make you feel nice just fuck off let us have fun we arent hurting anyone by tryin to feel good abt ourself

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1. Let’s start with a tricky one; what is the real reason you are confused right now? loads of things, including people sucking and mistreating good people that dont deserve it

2. What were you doing at 11PM last night? think i was at bus stop after a gig

3. How do you feel about 3AM? Im usually sleeping though would love to enjoy a staying up all night and watching the stars

4. I bet you kissed someone last night, right? nope

5. You can drink ONE liquid for the rest of your life - brew (tea for the non initiated)

6. Do you like hickeys? depends from who

7. Is there someone who continuously lets you down? my best mate is pretty damn good at it but used to it so whatever

8. Do you always answer your texts? im dreadfull at it tbh, unless i need to answer it i dont

9. Last time you talked to one of your best friends? today but still waiting for the call back

10. Are you a silent or talkative person? if im comfortable then ill talk otherwise i dont

11. Is anyone else in the room with you? nope

12. Do you cry easily? Not usually

13. What is your family like? alright i guess, everyone has their flaws and good side

14. What was your last text message? - that be something about going to bed

15. Most embarrassing moment? - not sure, had many…maybe the concussion and broken ribs from hitting stage after being on top of a human pyramid

16. If you had to get a piercing (not ears), i dont actually know….i want more but no clue what

17. Honestly, what’s on your mind right now? hoping someone i hold extremely close is okay

18. Where are you going on your next vacation? dont know…place i would love to go otherside of world but dont know when i can go there

19. Where have you lived most of your life ? UK

20. Do you curse around your parents? yup

21. Are you happy with where you live? not white rose or a very green place i think off but its okay

22. Words you can’t spell half the time? haha a lot of them except like science words as somehow get them right

23. What were you doing last night at 12 AM? think i was watching new purge film for a bit

24. Do you cook? i can cook i guess, nowhere near as good as some people i know on here but they be chefs 

25. Name four things that you wish you had! a place i could truly call home and be mine, a musicman bass, being mentally sound, a band again

26. Ever meet anyone you met on Tumblr? a few, including the dude that tagged me here

27. How is your hair? wish it was longer so i could bleach it again

28. Think back to January 2007, eh…..taken back then

29. Are you nice to everyone? No

30. How do you feel about sea aquariums? conservation and research then cool, especially if animal welfare is priority, otherwise fuck them

honestly no idea who to tag so feel free if ya want