ngl if victuuri don’t end up canon that will be the biggest fuck you in all of history like every episode just gets gayer and I keep reminding myself that this may be just fanservice but trying to tell myself that is getting harder and harder with every episode that airs like come on


we’ll finally get to see Hae Soo’s first vision of Gwangjong happening

the vision that ruined everything

a vision of the man she loves but

here it looks like he is finally letting her go, letting her leave the palace

he clearly doesn’t look happy but he definitely looks very much decided

what happened to his “I won’t ever lose you”, “I will never let you go”, “You can’t go anywhere”, “I won’t let you”? what happened to Hae Soo’s “I won’t leave you”, “I will stay with you forever”? i guess even our otp fell so apart they can no longer keep their promises to each other :’(

self care if telling those around you that you love them. self care is running a blog for 7k people and at least 1 would miss you if you left. Self care is messaging people on this hell site and making friends because social anxiety makes you unable to make some irl. Self care is going to school when your girlfriend might not be there. Self care is loving yourself when you can’t stand to live. Self care is reminding yourself you are not your past when it wont stop screaming at you. 

Self care is important. And I hope you know if you ever need someone to talk to I’m here.

highfaelucien  asked:

for the character thing: Lucien, Manon, Feyre, Azriel? (or just a couple of them if you don't want to do all!)

god damnit, Lo. here come a whole lotta feelings.

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS SMOL FOX

ship with:  happiness. also, Elain. obv.

general opinions: I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT LUCIEN HERE WE GOOOOO. Lucien was my FAAAAAVE in acotar. i love his sass, his personality, his friendship with Feyre… just. love. him. he’s been through so freaking much and i will fight ANYONE who talks shit about him. he’s been abused and manipulated by his shit bag of a high lord who unfortunately was the lesser of two evils (in comparison to his garbage family). he tried, even if it was in little ways, HE TRIED TO HELP FEYRE. AND HE CRIED WHEN SHE DIED OK. like, yeah, i wish he could’ve done more but he couldn’t. he’s trying his best. i just need him out of the trash court and into the protection and love of the night court. he deserves to FINALLY BE HAPPY. HE DESERVES TO BE TREATED RIGHT. HE DESERVES LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP bc let’s be real what him and Tamtwat have… has NEVER been friendship. i really hope him and Feyre rekindle their friendship. i really hope Elain makes him happy. i really HOPE HE GETS THE HAPPINESS HE DESERVES.

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS WING LEADER

ship with:  …..ok so i love manorian but i’ve always shipped tf outta malide… but like…. i do love manorian so really i just ship her with whoever the hell she wants to be with… 

general opinions: MANON IS MY WIFE. MY CROCHAN QUEEN. ok i have been so intrigued with her since she was first introduced but i never expected to love her this much. her character development has been a JOURNEY and i have loved every step of it. i live for her loyalty to her thirteen I LIVE FOR IT. WHEN SHE SAID “RUN” I LOST MY SHIT. WITCH KILLER THE HUMAN IS STILL INSIDE I SCREAMED. LITERALLY KILL MEEEEEE MANON I CRY. i love seeing her heart thaw throughout the books as she learns friendship and love. she’s such a badass character i wanna scream i’m so happy that she (and the thirteen) are part of the squadre. HER LIFE DEBTS TO AELIN WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME. MY QUEENS. brb gonna go cry forever.

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS HIGH LADY


general opinions: jfc idek where to begin with Feyre. i really love reading from her perspective bc i feel like i know her. she has been… so miserable… all of her life… (same, Feyre, same) and i just wanna hug her forever. and then Rhys happened. their love story will forever be one of my favorites. SHE PAINTED THE NIGHT SKY FOR HERSELF I CANT OKAY. the fact that she spent her life feeding a family who… let’s be honest… was very ungrateful. the fact that she risked and GAVE HER LIFE for the man she loved even if he was a piece of shit. the fact that she will always give herself for others… i cant. she is such an incredible character. i have seriously loved her ascend into such a badass, powerful, HIGH LADY OF THE NIGHT COURT. she deserves every bit of happiness. 

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS SHADOWSLINGER heheheh


general opinions: i think i’m just really drawn to dark characters???? like the whole shadow thing made me INSTANTLY like oh, i like you. but what i like even more about him is that he seems like this dark character (like Rhys) but he’s not? if that makes sense? yeah, he has a hell of a dark past and he does some pretty terrifying things. but he does this for his high lord. for his people. for his court. his love for his friends AND MOR rip my heart to shreds. i cannot WAIT for him to hurt every single person who ever caused Mor any harm. it’s gonna happen. and…. as we’ve discussed many many times… i am so terrified that he will die. and i just….. no. i need him and Mor to have centuries of happiness together. what would the court of dreams be without him???? I NEED HIM TO LIVE *hisses at anyone who dares come near him*

So I finally girdled my loins long enough to trudge through my ask box.

1,400ish unanswered messages later, I am ready to backflip into hell, but first I’d like to apologize to everyone I’ve ever met on here that has sent my ass an ask that never got a response.


Sorry to bombard you with selfies - but I just learned how to use liquid eyeliner and felt fantastic about it so I just had to take these! I’m freaking gorgeous I love myself so much. 

When I looked in the mirror I almost cried at how pretty I looked, and my first thought was ‘wish I had a boyfriend to show this off to’ but then I was like ‘girl you don’t need anyone to show off to, show off to yourself! love yourself!’ 

So I did!