Sherlock Holmes is Jewish

You will take this over my cold dead body, if you can pry my battered and much-loved New Annotated Editions from my rigor-mortised fingers.

Holmes is described as dark-haired and pale, with a large nose and deep-set eyes–all characteristics of the “typical” description of a Jewish person (and the kind we might expect out of a series from the 1880s). He’s a violin virtuoso and makes his money in nontraditional ways (prizefighting, being a consulting detective), much like Jewish folks in England once p much had the option of being peddlers or tax-collectors but most of their means would have had to be earned “off the books.” His close family is never mentioned except his brother Mycroft, who’s basically kept his job only by making himself truly irreplaceable.

Holmes has academic knowledge of some religious subjects, but scoffs at the idea he’d have a bible in his house even though he keeps a wide variety of reference-books. He’s also well-educated, and although he takes fees for his consulting work, he states multiple times that if a client is poor and the case is of sufficient interest, he’ll waive his fee altogether–an act of tzedekah, perhaps?

@fromchaostocosmos, @jewish-privilege I feel like you guys would enjoy adding the Great Master to the ranks. I certainly find the canon evidence compelling.

Once upon a time my chorus teacher wanted to teach us more about musical legends and she called it “Ms. D gives us an education” and it was a link to a video of David Bowie and Mick Jagger doing a song together called “Dancing in the Street” and they nearly kissed at own point it was wild. Ms. D hasn’t given us an education since then.

In honour of PLL returning next week

I thought since PLL is returning in 6 days i’d make a post about some of my favourite PLL blogs that I feel like some of you guys might enjoy if you’re not already following them (but you probably are because they are just that great!). These blogs in my opinion have the best theories, gifs, opinions, best youtube videos, and are all ran by amazing people <3

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If I didn’t tag your blog it doesn’t mean I don’t love your blog or your theories, it just means i’m dumb and I forgot to tag you :(

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