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How do you come up with your drawings? Is it all from your mind or do you use some images/photos as a basis? I really struggle to draw from my mind but feel like a fraud when I use photos and other images:/ do u struggle with this too? Thankyou x

A good question! They are almost always from my own mind, I do go through photos that I have saved on my phone for inspiration though when I get into an art slump but I’m pretty bad for not using reference (which is important, please do it)

I have a very visual imagination though, so I do get very vivid images in my head while reading or whatever, sometimes I’ll think of something out of the blue, at which point I do this:

Yes, I understand that they don’t look like anything and are just scribbles but I see what they are and  they are all just testers to see if the image in my head can be easily translated (btw those are all ideas for potential speedpaints that I asked for ideas from you all). Best example I can think of is that one drawing I did of Rhysand a while back that you all seemed to like?

Sketchbook version:

Final version:

You see?

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What does Andy think about the masked man? I know that is weird but I kinda ship them (don´t kill me xD) and since we don´t know very much about him he looks like an interesting character for me. Also, what do YOU think about him (as a character)? Love you and your blog ^^ keep that good work (≧ᴥ≦)

Hello dear anon~

Andy finds masked man a mysterious person that hides many things, but somehow she feels she can trust him in a way.
I won´t kill you becaus eof you shipping them haha! It´s quite an interesting idea and I would love if you told me more about this!! ^^

In my opinion…I think the same as Andy and I find him/she a very interesting character that I can´t  wait to see how it will develop. Will they be the good guy or bad guy? Chino can go insane with this character and I will be with open arms to see what will happen :D

Thank you very much for liking my blog and me! I will do my best to make everyone happy >\<

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And now! To decide what to do next with that verse. Eventual sort of good ending, with Galra Keith helping to fix very very broken Shiro, or bad ending where everyone ends up under the Galra thumb.

I do sort of feel like I own @tekka-wekka the latter option, as they have done so much to aid in the development of this universe/the Galra culture in said universe. Also! Paladin gangbangs/breeding parties. 

I’m gonna sleep on it. 

“My parents brought me from Guatemala when I was fourteen. Immigration wasn’t as big of a deal back in the 70’s. When I got to New York, I joined a soccer team with players from ten different countries. And you could just go to work and nobody asked any questions. My mother worked as a housekeeper at the Hilton for forty years. I was lucky. I didn’t have too hard of a time. I got to come over on a plane. But today it’s different. Right now, as we speak, people are hiding in bushes by the border. They’re running through deserts and swimming across rivers just to feed their families. I feel very bad for them. Things are very tough for the Latino immigrant. But it’s our turn. The last one to arrive has to pay for the broken dishes. You’ve got to blame somebody for the problems. It’s been like that since the first Thanksgiving. First it was the Irish, then the Polish, then the Italians. When the war came it was the Japanese. It’s just our turn. I’ve considered myself an American since I was born. I was born in Central America so that makes me an American—you guys even try to claim the name! I love the Yankees, the Giants, and the Mets. But it’s not too important what you call me. I’m just Louis, from Guatemala, living in New York. And I’m the luckiest guy alive.”

friendly reminder that trying to push the “no label” agenda on someone who wants to find a label that properly defines them/is happy with their label is just as bad as trying to push a label onto someone who doesn’t want one. thanks


終わりのセラフ Episode 1 ✩ “…Hey, that must’ve been hard. But starting today, we are your family.”

more hogwarts stuff
  • Unregistered animagus cat Eric Bittle prowling around Hogwarts in tiny fluffy cat form after dinner when he has nothing better to do 
  • closet cat-lover Jack Zimmermann finding him 
  • Jack: [soft gasp] 
  • Bits vaguely recognizing him as a Quidditch captain (which house? who knows) and padding over to see if he can get some ear-scratches
  • He gets the ear-scratches
  • From then on, Bits finds Jack once in a while (in the library! in the dorms! in the hallways!) and gets the love and attention that small cats deserve 
    • Jack finds petting cats very therapeutic and calming. Win-win
    • The small fluffy sunshine cat is very friendly in particular
  • Jack feels a little bad for essentially kidnapping what he thinks is someone else’s pet cat for hours every week but the cat seems chill with it so he figures it’s fine 
  • Shitty: whoa i didn’t know you had a cat
    Jack: neither did i 
  • Bits grows to really like Jack!! Too bad he’s a cat and Jack would probably freak out if he suddenly wasn’t a cat 
  • Jack really likes his unofficial cat but he’s also had his eye on this tiny blond seeker for a while now (from which house? who knows) 
  • EVENTUAL REVEAL of cat-seeker double identity
    • Defensive reasoning for why he’s animagus in the first place (everything is easier as a cat. no cat bullies)

But also: 

  • Bits the small cat loaf 
    • Jack scooping him up so they can go to a better environment for cats and people 
  • Bits the small cat napping in the sun 
    • Jack sitting beside the puddle of sunlight to study while small cat does not study and sleeps instead 
LGBT stereotypes and misconceptions

I made a bunch of heart graphics about stereotypes about the LGBT community! But don’t feel bad if you happen to fit any stereotypes about your identity, the problem comes in when cishets generalize and delegitimize the community! 

I was inspired to make these because one of my profs said some very hetero-normative things to me the other day, because I mentioned recently to her that I’m a lesbian, and I was very angry that the general public still believes those sort of stereotypes.  

She said things like: “Maybe you just haven’t met the right guy”, “You don’t have life figured out at 18 [years old]”, and “It’s so trendy right now”

Let’s smash these stereotypes together! 

As per usual, I got the flags from pride-flags on deviantart! I’ll probably make more if I have more ideas! Feel free to use, just link back to this post! :)


Julian Randol looking at Alec Sadler


my hair did not go as planned but my eyeliner is hella so there’s that

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Yuri couldn't skate alone after all ;_;

Ah, but he did. More than he realized. Yuuri is his own worst enemy sometimes, as it’s usually the case with people suffering from anxiety and low self-esteem like he does.

It gets easily lost amidst all the other wonderful things this episode gave us (Yurio’s Free skate, Yurio and Yuuri friendship, Victuuri reunion) but I actually really, really loved Yuuri’s skating scene, I found it very touching (and somehow not sad, I expected to feel very sad but I didn’t). Yuuri is in a bad place in this episode, he is, but he also showed tremendous strength and I felt such a great sense of pride as I watched him.

So Yuuri, our darling Yuuri, is nine episodes into this wonderful journey of self-improvement and he’s still relapsing into a panicky ball of anxiety and low self-esteem. I love that. I’m very grateful that the creators of the show are portraying this so realistically, how gaining confidence, especially for someone like Yuuri, is a slow progress and it will have ups and downs and certain thoughts and feelings won’t go away just like that, they linger and haunt you and torment you.

Yuuri was alone during this episode. I’m reminded of his remark in episode 8 about how he’s not on friendly terms with anyone at the Rostelecom Cup. The writer making Victor leave here was particularly deliberate. Had this been the China Cup, Yuuri would have had a support system in the absence of Victor, but in Russia, Victor was the only thing he had. Yakov is following through with Victor’s request but keeping his distance, not even exchanging a single word with Yuuri during practice. Yurio, the only other character who could have offered some kind of support, is too focused on his own performance (as he should be) to even notice something wrong with Yuuri until it’s too late for him to intervene. So when Yuuri steps on the ice, he is truly alone, for the first time since the series started. He is skating while being very close to having full blown out anxiety attack. We’ve seen this shot before:

Back in episode 3 right before he has to perform at the Hot Springs on Ice competition. Similar feelings are fueling Yuuri on both shots: he’s thinking about the possibility of Victor leaving him, and how much he wants to win to stop it from happening. Yuuri’s first thoughts as he skates is that he doesn’t want people to think the time Victor spent teaching him was wasted. This is similar to episode 7, when Yuuri’s anxiety is at its peak as he doesn’t want to mess up because it would reflect badly on Victor more than on himself.

In episode 3, Victor’s presence grounds him, brings him back from the clutches of his anxiety. In episode 7, the confrontation in the garage allowed Yuuri to let out some of his stress enough that he was feeling relaxed by the time he had to skate. He has no outlets for his anxiety during this episode. He has to consciously make an effort to calm himself down while he skates.

He is struggling with his fears of abandonment, of not being good enough for Victor. He thinks about Victor throughout his performance, yes, but he also thinks of two things I found particularly interesting: one is that he has never before admitted to himself that he wants to win the gold. He never allowed himself to truly want that. Because this is something Yuuri wants for his own benefit and with his lack of self-esteem he just didn’t allow himself to truly want things before Victor came along and actually pushed him to start being more selfish, admit to what he wants and fight for his own desires. The other thing, is that Yuuri remarks that even if Victor was there at that time, skating his free program right then would feel just as tough. I can believe that, considering the sort of things going through his mind at the time. He would have been more focused with Victor’s presence, but his performance would still have been flawed. Yuuri fumbles when he thinks too much.

Yuuri is allowed to feel vulnerable and scared. The whole world gets to watch him unleash something very personal every time he performs, and this time he is utterly without any support system and struggling with very deeply rooted fears. And yet despite all that, Yuuri pulls himself together enough to nail almost all of his jumps in the second half  and give a really great presentation. If Yakov is giving you an approving smile, you know you’re doing something right. Also, just look at the faces of all the other characters watching during the second half. Even the commentator pointed it out - Yuuri was perfectly expressing the love he felt through his skating, and people were honestly entranced with it, even though he fumbled, even though he missed jumps. It was flawed, but so brave. 

Yuuri thinks of himself as mentally weak a lot but I’m forced to disagree with him (and in turn, agree with Victor). Yuuri isn’t weak. What Yuuri did during this episode took a tremendous amount of strength. I don’t think he even realizes it. It was painful, difficult and utterly draining for him, but he made it.

I did expect him to get bronze here, but that was mostly because I thought that was the only way for Phichit to qualify to the top 6 and I knew he would. So Yuuri took fourth. That’s alright. He did very well, considering the circumstances. It will only make his performance at the Grand Prix even more glorious. Can’t wait to see him skate a perfect rendition of Yuri on Ice.

In the end, I think I got what I wanted from this episode. Yuuri did come out stronger from this, mentally. It would have been so easy to make Yuuri self-destruct here, but he managed. He even managed, with a bit of a push from Yurio’s actions, to gather up the courage to express what he wanted to Victor. He wants Victor to stay at his side. Until he retires. Because, classic Yuuri, at this point he is still giving Victor an out, he still believes his time with Victor is a limited gift. That’s why Victor’s words “I wish you would never retire” are so important because it’s a reaffirmation of his feelings, of Yuuri’s own feelings, that they want to stay together beyond the Grand Prix, beyond skating. Yuuri’s tears are tears of relief and happiness. Yuuri needed to hear that. Victor needed to hear Yuuri say he wanted him to stay. Now they’re even stronger together.

Ultimately, this episode wasn’t about Yuuri needing Victor. He wants Victor there, but he doesn’t need Victor to be present to actually function, not as a skater, not as an individual. It was about Yuuri making the decision that he wants to be with Victor despite everything, finding the strength to express that want towards Victor, and about how distance just made their bond stronger.

I’m just gonna say this: why is everyone mentioning Onision? Just why generally? What about other YouTubers? Why can’t people say “Zoella”? She’s nice. What about Phil. He’s a cool guy. Pewdiepie, ever heard of him? […] ‘Look at [Onision’s] videos’ no, I- okay, okay, am I gonna do this right now? I don’t like people, and it’s fine, and it’s- this is okay, and I’m not a hater, I really just don’t want to be controversial ever. Or make anybody feel sad. But, I feel like recently, a lot of people have felt like me and Phil are very popular. And they like to just talk about us to get attention from you guys. You know? And I feel like they’re using you to get attention and money for themselves, and that makes me feel bad because we love you very dearly and we appreciate you and we think that you’re kind so we don’t like anybody being exploited. So I- personally, it’s a pet peeve of mine where people just kind of are professional fans of other people to kind of leach off the fanboys but- don’t be mad. Don’t be mad. You know, if I wasn’t a big YouTuber, and I was irrelevant, would anybody care about me? That’s the question.
—  Dan Howell, September 13th 2016

(✿ꈍ。 ꈍ✿) - A normal Pewdieken day….with a gnome gardener  shipper


“Booper dooper !i’m your gnome shipper !”

(Warning : Don’t feed him after midnight !//winky wonk// )

(⁎˃ᆺ˂) How to make a lame joke super funny?  LET S MAKE IT A RUNNING GAG!    8A8 

( ≧Д≦) Also. No seriously ,i was rly not pleased with this joke at all. Haha. that was rly lame. I should not even tag Jack in this. Sounds like he should not see that. But well..


 Anyway !At this point ,let’s say Jack is our St.patron of the Pewdieken OTP ! Take care of them and don’t roast Felix in his sleep plz.   (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

*Tries to get back into drawing* (*^▽^) ♥


arin x reader fanfiction

i, the reader, was sitting on a couch with arin hanson, aka egoraptor from the very cool youtube show game grumps. he was playing ocarina of time, and i was silently watching, judging his every move. 

we sat very close together. when he turned to face me i could feel his breath tickle my skin. he smelled faintly of cinnamon and vanilla, with a hint of bacon. it was intoxicating!

once in a while i had to tear my eyes away from the TV so i could admire him. he was a very handsome man, with very many chins. together they formed a stairway up to his face, which was gently caressed by his cool and manly beard. 

his eyes were like two big brown balls, and had i been able to ignore his bad gameplay i could easily have gotten myself lost in them.

eventually i couldn’t stand it anymore. 

“take them off” i whispered into his ear. 

“w-what?” arin stuttered. 

“just please take them off, i’m begging you!” i said louder, unable to hide the desperation in my voice. 

“i don’t get what you mean” arin said, blushing slightly.

“your hover boots!” i yelled, tears streaming down my face. “please take them off, i’m begging you! why are you doing this to yourself? every level you play doesn’t have to be the ice level, just please take them off.. i can’t stand to watch this slippery nightmare anymore!”