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Hey, what kind of music does everybody listen to? I think we all know Lestat's music taste but what about Armand, David, Louis and Marius. I imagine Louis listens to Nirvana or Hozier or classical music.

I could write a thesis on this. DON’T WORRY I WON’T DO THAT.

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Hello everybody! So I’m now super super close to reaching two thousand followers!? Which feels amazing and I’m seriously so shocked that this huge amount of people follow my blog. It means so much. So I thought I’d try to reach this last step by doing a tumblr awards! (◕‿◕✿)



  • one winner will be picked for each category
  • if the post get many notes there may be runner ups for each category
  • winners will get a spot in my update tab for a month 
  • winners can ask for graphics, promos and smaller html things such as update tabs and sidebars if they want for a month
  • follow from me if not already


  • best icon
  • best theme
  • best mobile theme
  • best url
  • best multifandom
  • best original content
  • best posts
  • best photography/nonfandom
  • best overall 
  • nicest blogger/bloggers

hello everyone! so this au has like, exploded, and i thought it might be cool to start a network where people who like it can talk about it <3


  • reblog this post to enter to join the network (likes don’t count!) also, signal boosts are appreciated, even if you aren’t interested in joining. 
  • please put whether you’re entering or signal boosting in the tags <3
  • mbf me
  • have your askbox open so i can tell you if you’ve been picked! 
  • tentative deadline date for entries is july 10th? i may extend it if i feel it’s necessary
  • this has to get thirty notes or it never happened


  • people who like jurassic park/world, dinosaurs and sherlock/johnlock
  • friendly bloggers 
  • that’s about tbh 
  • i’m thinking i’ll pick ~20 people or so ? more or less depending on how many people enter <3


  • i’ll send you a message telling you so!
  • please submit an icon for the network, as well as a short bio! 
  • also if you’re picked it’s not required to follow the other members of the network, but it is highly encouraged <3
  • also if you have a page or place on your blog where you display networks you’re a part of, adding this network to it would be cool


  • a place to talk about this awesome and adorable au <3
  • new people to talk to! 
  • information on dinosaurs B) (among other things)
  • bragging rights 
  • new friends? 

good luck friends, and thank you! <3

hey!! i recently hit 1.5k and i’m doing a promo to celebrate (and to thank you)! ALSO i’m going to be on vacation in ohio starting july 2nd and this blog will be running on queue until around the 17th so that’s when this will end 

you know the drill:

- mbf me

- only reblogs count as entries but you may like if you wish

-if you have questions feel free to ask

-again, ends around july 17th

-there will be multiple categories

-must get at least like 20 notes idk

thank you!

Title: The Gold Motel: Unholy

Summery: Rumbelle AU inspired by the movie Psycho - Robert and Norman Gold have their talk on the way home from Granny’s Diner. Robert watches over the family while Norman is gone and the Gold’s have an ungodly experience at the motel. Belle starts to see Robert in a different light.

Rating: NC-17 (Smut, Murder, Gore, Kidnapping) I haven’t had a rating like this in awhile. Damn it feels good to be gangsta. (Don’t say anything about that gangsta line. I just watched Office Space.)

Note: I’M SO HAPPY WITH THIS CHAPTER! :) This chapter is the start to a lot of things getting revealed and answered. Things may start to look shittier and shittier, but I promise there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have changed the title to the first chapter to Psycho. I don’t know why the hell it took me so long to do that. And I do plan to rewrite the 2nd and 3rd parts sometime soon. They need to be cleaned up like I did to the original chapter. I’m just gonna tag tinuviel-undomiel for reasons :) and anonymousnerdgirl for helping me with this idea. ripperblackstaff because she puts up with my shit and ivy-and-laurel she puts up with my shit too. Alright, I think that’s it. Please enjoy and happy reading. One more thing, this chapter is rather long.

Links to the full verse: [ao3 link]

The Gold Motel: Psycho 
The Gold Motel: part 2
The Gold Motel: part 3
The Gold Motel: Fatherhood
The Gold Motel: Soul Mates
The Gold Motel: Closet Skeletons
The Gold Motel: Awake 
The Gold Motel: Broken

~One hour after the diner~

Norman Gold speed-walks through the back streets of Storybrooke, more upset than he’s felt in a truly long time, feeling alone and betrayed by his wife yet again. He kicks the rocks on the side of the road, having no idea where he’s headed, but going home isn’t an option for him right now. Norman thinks about the situation that unfolded at the diner. The way Belle set him up was the lowest thing she has ever done and the way he reacted to her actions is weighing heavy on his heart. The guilt of telling her that she wasn’t being a good wife is starting to hollow in the pit of his stomach and he wishes that he could take it all back. Speaking to her that way isn’t like him at all. Norman stops waking, looks up to the stars in the clear night sky, then collapse to his knees, burying his face into his hands and sobs.

“It’s alright, Laddie,” Robert Gold speaks through the sea of Norman’s tears. He has always had a soft spot for seeing Norman this way, especially when he’s not the one who made him cry. “What she did to you was completely fucked up.” He lifts his head from his hands. “You asked her not to call the doctor and she should of listened.” Robert tries to help his son the best way he knows how.

Norman doesn’t reply. He drops his head back into his hands and continues crying.

Robert sits up straight, curling his upper lip, thinking about the way Dr. Hopper spoke. “I’ve always hated that fucking doctor, pompous prick,” he snarls. “You need to pick yourself up, son, and stop fucking crying. It’s not helping you.”

“Leave me alone, Papa.” Norman slouches down to his knees and more tears fall from his eyes. He’s a man that feels defeated.  

“I don’t get you, Norman. You keep telling me that you want to be strong.” Robert sits up and picks himself from the ground. “That you want to prove that you’re not a weak little boy, but you run away from your wife and cry out in the middle of the streets. That’s not strength at all.”

“D-d-didn’t I tell you to stop talking to me,” Norman barks.

“I’m trying to help you. You fucking need it,” Robert speak crudely. “Stop crying and go back to that diner,” he orders. He thinks that dealing with these feelings head on is the best way for Norman. “Tell Belle what she did was wrong, prove to her that you’re not as helpless as she thinks.”

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wow AMAZING im starting a NETWORK! Basic starting name that may be changed: The Pals Net! Anyone who wants to join can apply, but I will be accepting people I feel will be good company! As the name suggests, its just a net of people who will be buddies and do things like promos and selfie reblogs etc! 


  • You must apply by completing this typeform
  • You must be friendly to others in the net
  • You must track the network tag (#palsnet)
  • Mbf me
  • At least 20 or so people have to apply to get this show on the road
  • Reblog this post if you apply to spread the word!
  • People I know irl: your application is not required but it is welcomed! 

You don’t have to be in bandom, but I included a question about music taste just because im curious! The results will be posted July 14 because it’s my sisters birthday and a while away! Have fun y’all!

There’s absolutely no reason why there are pictures in the blackout tag that haven’t gotten any notes…or pictures that only have a few or less. People who post pictures that don’t get attention have a valid reason to feel discouraged because the blackout tag is one click away. Go through the tag and see how many posts don’t have any notes. Of course some people have a bigger following than others and are most likely going to get a lot. I thought of blackout as a day to make sure that everyone was included. The people who are in that blackout tag, with pictures that have not been clicked on, may not even want to upload pictures ever again and that’s not cool. I’m doing it right now but I kindly urge everyone to go through the tag and support.

((Just a side note:

Its ok to like characters even if they are problematic.

If you like a character whos terrible or has alot of problems, it doesnt instantly make you a bad person. 

Its ok to have a favorite character who isnt 100% pure.))

Wanted to say goodnight to everyone over here so um, GOODNIGHT and may you all have great fantasticerrific days tomorrow :’)

btw, seeing that my kidquisition is catching some notes again, how about I make a da2 kiddie thing? Here’s to hoping I’ll get my dusty old tablet out again!


I’m bored, more free shit!

I love making these video game avatar dolls, so. 
REBLOG THIS POST AND YOU GET ONE BASED OFF YOUR BLOG. (I base them off the theme, not posts. The color scheme, general feeling, sidebar pic, that stuff. ) 
Link to what they look like: [1-10] [11-20] (This one is my blog) 

-You do not have to be following me
-You must have your submitbox open. Check it. No submit = disqualified. 
-I love making them, so reblog away, but since I make them in bursts of boredom and free time, if this gets like 40 notes, you may be waiting for a while. It probably won’t get that many notes, tho.

Also, if you publish the submission later and tell me what you think, I will like that a lot ^w^

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why are you against people of non south Asian background wearing our clothes?

I don’t always have a problem when someone non south Asian wears our clothes all the time as sometimes they are invited to wear them or related to someone south Asian so they have a reason to wear it. I just don’t like when they were it for no reason as they have no understanding of our culture and are basically using it as a trend which they will throw away and hate later on again. ALSO PLS NOTE I’m not going to be answering anymore asks on this topic this is a fashion blog pls keep it light heartened I don’t enjoy getting serious and do realize that my opinion may not be the same as urs causing some people to feel offended so no more asks on this now pls

War of the blenders...

Most people I know use blenders for their make up, to give it that perfect finish and blend it well. I wanted to see the hype behind the Beauty Blender and thought I’d compare it to the Real Techniques complexion sponge. Plus this was requested by many. Now all opinions are mine, yours may be different. But these are mine, and how my experiences were with both of these.

The obvious difference between these two is the shape. The Beauty Blender is shaped as a tear drop, whereas the Complexion Sponge is shaped according to the face. (Flat, pointy, round) Another difference is how it feels the Beauty Blender is really soft whereas the Complexion Sponge is firm and more as a sponge would be.

Note: Beauty Blender does seem like it’d easily tear.

Now lets get on to how they both work…

I first tried the Beauty Blender and I instantly fell in love. It blended my foundation and concealer so well and quickly. There was no hassle of brush streaks, it took my like two minute to do everything. I tried it wet too, by spraying it with some water, which also worked even better. And felt nice on the face. I used the pointy part for concealer and under eyes and the bottom to pat my foundation on. (Patting is the best way for me - blends it all in) It’d be really nice for contouring.

Now the complexion sponge, was very different I felt as if it spread my foundation to places I didn’t want it. (Also felt like it soaked most of my foundation in) So if you were to use this for contouring it’d be very hard. But other than that I liked it. It took a little longer for the sponge to blend in my foundation and such. But I liked it. It works way better when wet, so for anyone struggling they should spray it with some water.

My overall preference is the Beauty Blender, it’s just quicker for me. But the Complexion Sponge is a great knock off for the Beauty Blender if you’re not looking to spend too much. As I paid £15 for the Beauty Blender and cleaner and £6 for the Complexion Sponge.

The overall result for blending was the same, Complexion sponge just took longer.

Cleaning the sponges…

This is the little soap I used to clean both the sponges with, it was something behind it so you can deeply clean the sponge. However it  takes too much soap and I don’t think this would last me very long for it’s price. However it cleans really well. Just don’t think it’s worth the [rice.

If anyone has any cheaper alternatives, please do tell me.

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Side note -

Omg ok, so my skincare routine was such a hit i’m glad people enjoyed it and thank you to everyone liked and followed me. I gained more than double the followers I already had. means a lot. Also hit 700 on Ig, I post sneak pics and motd on there. So if you’re interested to check that out.

Thank you!

- A xoxo

[ I’d really like to get into the swing of things and get a few threads going, so if anyone would like to interact, please give this a like? I’ll happily write up something for you, though sizes will vary (though please note they may be a little long? please don’t feel as though you have to copy length. I get waay too carried away). Also, please specify a muse! If no muse is specified, I’ll use Atlas by default. Thank you! ]

Notes/revisions regarding this blog

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Compatibility - This blog is mainly for aesthetics so compatibility is not my forte. I don’t believe in it and think if you like somebody you should go for it regardless of their sign. You may not get the best answer from me on compatibility for that reason but feel free to ask, just please don’t send in your entire chart.

Advice/Requests - As always I’m willing to answer questions given I am able to with the amount of requests. you guys can ask me for advice, I do romantic and general advice and it doesn’t have to be astrology related. Also please feel free to suggest things and send in confessions or anything really. I may not fulfill the request right away, but I save all requests.

The reason I started this blog was to represent the signs aesthetically, through visuals, art, style, and anything of the creative form - If you have any aesthetic ideas you have please send them!

Today is a day of Jubilation! Happy Birthday to one of my favorite X-Men characters ever, the one the only, JUBILEE!!

[[Sadly I do work tonight, so I won’t be able to RP that much, but do not fret! Feel free to send anything in may ask (a question, meme, and note I am on mobile)  and I will get to them as soon as I can.  Tomorrow is looking a little wonky too cause I am going to Vegas Con.  But like I said I will get to everything when I can.  So any way, love you guys.  All of my follows and friends that I have made, You’ve made this a great year for Jubilee.  Here’s to another.  Much Love!]]

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As a writer just starting out, I think I have to be careful not to judge my own writing abilities by the amount of notes I may or may not get. While tumblr is a great indicator as to what work is accessible and generally popular, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a number likes or reblogs tell you anything about how a person reacted to the poem or how it made them feel. If something I wrote impacted one person massively compared to another poem which was generally praised but unimpacting, it would be the first one that I would feel most proud of. This is just personal though, and is basically my way of trying to stop myself from writing just to receive notes, which would act as a hinderance more than anything.