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i think you may have talked about this before, but i was wondering how you feel about giving your villains redemption arcs? Do you like the idea of them being redeemed our would you rather they get to stay villains? (i think all of your characters are brilliant BTW!)

it depends on the villain/story! It also depends on how I treat the villain within the narrative and what kind of note I want to end the book/series on. 

i know people who conditionally ship villains/heroines if the villain has a good redemption arc but I think what’s more important is how much respect is involved between the two, less morals, more personal. 

(i can write a book about a girl falling in love with a boy who is literally her moral opposite because it’s personal. but then i get to deal with the fall out/issues of the moral quandary.)

redemption arcs are nooooot really very important to me but i’m also not do or die, like, say how the Darkling was handled in Grisha. Villains can go unrepentant and unpunished and it’s mostly about how you build the moral scope of the world before you write it. Is it going to be a world where there’s a toll for every evil act and a character can stray only so far before being taken out or turned around or is it one where everyone is Awful Anyway?

mostly MOSTLY this is all tl;dr to say that I prefer villains staying villains & if i give them redemption arcs they’re probably not going to be in the way that would please the types of people who think redemption arcs are necessary for sympathetic villains. 

(also thank you! <3)

Halsey Shirts

Crappiest preview ever,but I slapped on some Halsey prints(how unexpected)on @dani-paradise Chihiro shirt for personal use but some people wanted it so here you go.Been kinda inactive these past few days but I’m getting back into it.Hope you like them!^^

  • 8 swatches
  • Availabe Teen-Elder
  • Needs MESH here
  • No custom thumbnail or swatches
  • Feel free to tag me if you use them


  • Please do not claim as your own
  • Please do not upload to paysites(for example adfly)


  • Some designs may look a bit blurry,can’t do anything about it but it should look fine in-game
  • Credits to the original mesh creator and S4S



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heyyy, i just wanted to say thank you because I was a huge after Freddie was born, and Louis posted the first pic with his son I felt really confused, and while they said to "wait it out" and spewing a ton of other nonsense I started feeling uncomfortable with how some people began to discuss an infant (read: the doll theory and such) so I found your blog and went through page after page after page and realized that the big larries were manipulating me! You and the other antis (continued)

continued: the other antis like 1dragnet (who’s blog I lurk on a lot despite me being much more of a harrie than they are) and the larrative, etc, may not get the note count (which some larries have mocked you guys on or used as an example of how there is apparently SO much more larries) are important!! Especially to smaller larries who may not realize how manipulated and lied to they are! I share your guys’ blogs with my questioning larrie friends and it’s really made a difference! Thanks!

You are the sweetest Anon! Thank you so much for this kind message <3. I’m glad this blog has served its purpose and has helped smaller Larries realize how they’ve been manipulated to because that is one of the main reasons for having this blog (in addition to just documenting the phenomenon of tinhatting as objectively as possible). Thank YOU for being able to question your beliefs and look at different perspectives and get out of that toxic place. Nothing restores my faith in humanity more than people being open-minded and humble enough to turn-around and change their mind. And you’re right- we don’t get as many notes and Larries have mocked us for that, but we don’t do it for the vanity- we do it because we want to have a discussion and let others see a different point of view. And thank you for sharing this blog to your questioning Larrie friends and helping them see a different perspective as well. I’m an ex-Larrie too and my main blog is @ravenclaw-niall so feel free to drop me a DM on that blog if you ever want to talk. Lots of love to you, Anon! 

Hidden- Rick Grimes

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Hey! Would you be able to write a Rick x female reader where they have hidden feelings for each other & she’s the one that gets shot in the eye (not carl) Thanks!”

Word count: 1036

Warnings: swearing, violence, mentions of death

Note: fuck, this is so short but I had like no clue on what to write!!! I’m sorrryyyyyyY! :(


Alexandra wasn’t safe, it couldn’t be.

They had walls; tall, strong walls. But the people couldn’t even defend themselves properly. Take the prison, for example, you all guarded that place at all times, hell– it was a prison. It was designed to hold through wars and attacks. Yet it fell.

Alexandra may have walls, but they could be taken down. It had little defences, due to the lack of trained civilians. But it was the closest thing you had to safe.

As the walkers invaded the small community you couldn’t help but feel sadness. The once safe haven was left in the dust, devoured by the dead. There was no way you could salvage this.

Rick was by your side, thankfully. The man was like a home to you. He kept you alive but made sure your sanity was there as well. No wonder you’d developed feelings for him. Carl was like a son to you already, but with Lori’s death, you never felt confident enough to make a move. So your feelings stayed hidden, behind a layer of tough skin.
Little did you know, Rick felt the same. And, just like your own pre-cautious ways, he didn’t make a move. Thinking you only thought of him as a friend.

So you both hid your feelings, just as you were all hiding now. But from the dead.

The rags cut into ponchos coating your upper-half, and most of your bottom-half. Blood and guts covering the extra material. You walked, hand in hand, trying to escape. But Sam stopped. And he wouldn’t move anymore. Not even as the rest of the group stopped, to try and bring him out of the walker-infested community. You’d personally tried to bring him away from his daze, but nothing was working. Your eyes snapped to Rick, who was shaking his head at Jessie.

Jessie. She and Rick had been together, but you didn’t know if it was truly anything serious. You prayed to god it wasn’t.

Sam stayed still, ignoring his mother’s harsh whispers to look at her. He looked off into the distance, his sight fixed on a boy around his age, walking around in the herd. The memories of Carol’s words flooded into his head.

“They’ll eat you up.”

He started crying, and you were moving closer to him after noticing an approaching walker. But another turned around after hearing Sam’s whimpers and quickly bit into Sam’s shoulder. A scream erupted from his lips, and another walker attached itself.

Jessie screamed, watching as her little boy was being brutally killed in front of her. It rendered her motionless. She watched as the blood gushed from his wounds, the scream still echoing from her lips. She stopped as the terror in Sam’s eyes drained away. A lifeless body of a once lively boy laying on the ground with a group of the dead pulling at it. The tendons in Sam snapped, the skin peeled back and the blood drained. Jessie stared at the sight, vomit threatening to escape her lips.

No matter how many times she’d heard of people losing each other, she never believed it would happen to her. Not like this, anyway. Her naive outlook was what lead her to her death. A walker attached to her now, the screams attracting it.

You didn’t know what to do, as Rick shook his head hard. Tears forming in his eyes. She was his distraction from you, and he cared for her. Though it wasn’t the romantic way he portrayed it to be, he still cared.

You watched as what you thought was Rick’s new love died in front of him, more screams erupting through the hectic night. You didn’t know what to feel. Should you be happy she was gone now? Or should you feel sad Rick had lost someone else? The only thought in your head was to get him, Carl, Ron and Michonne to safety.

But Carl’s hand was still tight in Jessie’s lifeless one. The Grimes’ boy looked around frantically, trying to pull his hand away inconspicuously. But to no success did he. You saw the situation with thought-filled eyes. You had to pry Jessie’s fingers off of Carl’s wrist before it was too late.

But before you could even blink Rick had brought down his axe on her arm, hacking away at the bloody mess. You gasped as he fell into an oblivion of red. The memories they shared coated in blood. Her blood.

It was gruesome, to say the least.

Rick sighed as her arm fell to the ground, Carl’s hand now free. His boy was safer than he’d been just moments ago, but the threat of the dead still lingered. The group began distancing themselves from Jessie and Sam’s corpse. It was a distraction we could use to our advantage.

But Ron couldn’t stop being the death of his remaining family replay in his mind. So he pulled the gun Rick had given him from his hip, aiming it at the very man who’d chopped his mother’s arm off.

“You.” He mumbled, but it was still clear. He spoke softly at first, but as Rick looked into the gun with teary eyes, Ron’s voice changed drastically. “You.” He spat.

The gun fired just after Michonne’s blade went into Ron’s chest. The force of the katana leading Ron’s aim to the side, where you stood. You felt your head snap to the side, and suddenly you couldn’t see out of your right eye. It tingled, the pain getting ready to set in. But at this moment, you turned to Rick, your throat numb almost.

You could feel warm streams of blood dripping down your face as you brought your head up. looking at Rick’s terrified face with your remaining eye. Yo stood silent for a second, Rick barely having time to take in your appearance.

“Rick?” You asked, but he couldn’t respond. You’d already fallen to the ground, unconscious.

Crossing The Line

TITLE: Crossing The Line


AUTHOR: the-resa10

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine living in the Stark tower with the Avengers, knowing and getting along with everyone. One day, Loki asks you on a date and you accept, but while dating him, he soon finds out that you and Captain America have dated before. This sort of causes tension between Captain America and Loki when Captain America finds out you and Loki are now dating.


NOTES/WARNINGS: here we go, the last chapter! I may do some stories of Miranda’s and Cap’s relationship on my blog, get into their past together, if anyone would like to get tagged feel free to tell me, I’d be more than happy to. Likes and reblogs are greatly appreciated!

Chapter 10

I can feel it in my guts

What’s going on with him now

Don’t patronize me with lies

I’m a man, be woman, now

How—Maroon 5

“Get to the headquarters and make sure no one leaves.” Fury said. “See if you can get those hostages out safely without any injuries. Dismissed.”

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-my heart is heavy in the events that took place in my home state of Minnesota yesterday. We don’t have all the facts yet, but surly there is no justice there. When will the violence end? How much is enough until we can’t take anymore? I, like most of you, feel helpless in this situation. We can only educate ourselves and those around us and pray for this community.
- on a lighter and non meaningful note I’m doing well with meal planning and prepping still. Made overnight oats last night and have sesame chicken in the crockpot now.
-getting HH soon with a friend (plan on having one beer and that’s it) and then heading to a museum by me that is free today. May try to do a yoga video later. We shall see
-we’ve put our backpacking plans in stone for this weekend and I’m so excited. Please rain stay away!

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24. Do you feel jealous when you see other people’s art, or inspired? (Be honest!)
Both honestly. Whenever I see a good ass comic update, I’m like “GOOD JOB DOOD…….. WHAT A NICE UPDOOT” (though most of the time I silently read and appreciate without commenting on the run at all because I don’t know know how to type orz how do words) 
but I also may find myself scanning the comic page for mistakes because goddamn I am jealous and there is no way a person can get away with making a page being so flawless. It’s pretty much a note to myself saying “Step up your game and work on YOUR update so that yours can turn out like theirs someday.” And also looking really close/squinting at updates for techniques used for the art does inspire me to try things out like “Oh I see– so they do lighting like that. I never thought of that.”//strokes beard while scrolling through nuz pages

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(The writer again second part of my question) What would make you start to trust the person being nice to you? Thank you so much for helping me -INFP

INTP Response

Consistency and loyalty. Those are traits that I personally look for as an INTP, I am not going to engage another person in a meaningful way without feeling like they are there. For example, a kid sitting with me while I read at lunch without invading my time too much would eventually get some of my attention. The person would also have to pass my tests for trusting someone, I might tell a small secret and wait to see what they do with it. I may intentionally push them away and see if they come back, with persistence and consistency they would soon become a close friend.

INTJ Response

side note I didn’t mean to be inconsistent lol sorry INTP.

For me actions speak louder than words. This person would have to be consistent and put in a lot of effort to break through the barriers that an INTJ would build. We are already pretty turned off into letting people into our fragile world. If we know that people are bad, it’s going to be much harder to do that. This person will have to do a lot of leg work, and build a strong foundation of trust through action. I would use my sharp wits, my observation and sarcasm to shut this person down to push them away to prove to myself and to them that they are like everybody else that I have encountered. When that is proven wrong I would need to reassess my situation. 

I feel like there’s this drama coming about Mai and Trunks because I’m getting asks about is already…

It’s just like when ppl thought vegebul was abusive or me hating on genderbends


hi, hello! i really should’ve posted this yesterday but this is essentially a plot call! i want get to get some things going for moon, so anything’s on the table. don’t hesitate to throw whatever idea you may have at me! also, feel free to message me if you just want to talk, that’s a-okay with me as well.

again, you can send me a message or like this post and i’ll be in your inbox/im messages in a second. okay, okay? thanks!

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Hiya Zoe ! I don't know how to say this but exams start in two months and time is slowly slipping away from me all I do is keep my books on a table and look at them I'm not actually studying anything and I'm terrified what do I do ?

helloooo. well I feel like two months is still quite a while a way and you may be trying to study loads now when you might not need to do as much as you think. also I find sometimes trying to face a pile of books with no idea where to begin or how much to do can be very off-putting, so you could start off by just flipping through your textbooks or class notes and see what stuff you’re familiar and what you’re not. you’ll hopefully be reassured by the fact that there are things you do know already and so getting started on the stuff you don’t will hopefully be more encouraging. good luck!!

// why is project ashe so expensive. Why why! I only have so much money riot! Just give me that beautiful skin ; ; AHHH!!! I’m crying! My wallet is crying!! ; ;
   // Side note: I’ve been playing Elsword with Kons. And League again (Cause of that sexy project Ashe skin) I’ll get to replying and making starters ._. I may have lost quite a bit of them, but I am always willing to rp ._. 
         // Jus feel free to yell at me. Or like this post or you now jus call me a dumbass .-. I’ll make a starter 

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Hi! Ok, I'm getting married soon, I'm bisexual but my soon to be husband doesn't know (I'm female). In the past, ive probed his mind about how he feels about LGBT persons and he's indifferent, as in not pro LGBT not is he anti LGBT. Only my ex GF and a cousin know that I'm Bi. That's the cliff notes on my history. Ok. So, before he and I get married, do you (or anyone else) feel that I should tell him? I've gone back and forth on telling him.

Heyy! I think you should tell him. If you’re getting married there should be no secrets between the two of you and being bi is part of who you are so he should know. You may live the rest of your life feeling like you’re lying to him otherwise and it will be harder to bring up in the future. And congratulations btw, I hope you have an amazing wedding and a very happy life together :D xx

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As famous as they both are I don't think this is something that should have been made public. There has to be other ways to handle something like this besides taking it to social media. I definitely think Kat is nothing compared to Jeffree but I feel like this should never have been made public. The only real victim here is BJ. (I also have may have slight bias against Kat bc I know someone who used to be close friends with her but I'm definitely more on kat's side)

Not saying two wrongs make a right but Jeffree himself doesn’t know how to make personal matters private. Also note that Kat stated both BJ and her were ignored or blocked repeatedly. Also, if youtubers have a right to denounce their association with Jeffree Star and his makeup, I think it’s only fair Kat gets that right too, especially since having somebody like Jeffree can be damaging to your image (ex: her image is still damaged by being in a relationship w/ a neo-nazi). People would also eventually ask questions if she were to just silently drop her shade “Jeffree” from her collection. 

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Angelika is best! All my love to you. ♡♡

I figured I would save this for last to end my night on a high note. It really helps when my foot is bleeding and one day has been crazier than my entire life combined. Honestly, I can’t help but admit that sometimes even I need a little pick me up and a message like this fuels me to just keep pushing and going on despite how crazy and hectic things can get - RP or not. Anon, I want you to know you just made me feel so, so much better. You may not have realized it sending the message in - sometimes small things may just seem sweet in your eyes but sometimes it means so much more to the person on the receiving end and words can’t describe how much something like this means to me. This group has taught me so much about everything - including myself. I feel a sense of satisfaction. I’m more than happy to lose countless hours here - it’s what I do now. It feels right and I realized that in my brief absence. You are the reason this feels right and worth it. The seemingly little moments like this that truthfully light up my world. One small compliment can be enough to carry someone so far. You’ve done that for me. Thank you. Thank you to my admin team, to all the people I’ve met. You mean the world to me. I’m so grateful for this opportunity.

But y’know - I lack a heart so forget about that. In the words of the infamous Bo Burnham.

Okay. I will now recede back into my stage persona. I just blacked out for 20 seconds.

{{ OOC Post- Our First Love Story }}

Don’t let the title fool you, I’m just playing! Hi! Kai (yes that is my name) here to say hello real quick! Thank you all for the wonderful greetings so far and please feel free to drop me a line if you have an idea or just feel like talking (about anything but be warned if you talk about Shinee we may talk all day). I’m learning as much as I can about each of you so please endure me if I get a bit mixed up or ask things about you I already have.

   I would like to note here that for me to follow tags reguarding my character, please simply tag interactions with him as: leexjinki-boo (because it is easy to find). I will do my best to be active and quick!

   With that all said and done, please bother my muse! He is pretty calm and enjoys coffee and conversation! Oh and he is friendly!