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I'm sorry, what do you mean with your tags?

people are acting like they know what harry’s been doing with his promo or what he wants from his solo career when he hasn’t said anything and all he’s done is release is an adele-like commercial. so these long analysis posts abut who he wants to be as a solo artist when nobody knows anything are….weird.

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Hello, I'm trying to incorporate hanging leg raises in to my ab workout, but I feel like I'm swinging the entire time and am not getting it done right. What can help with that

It’s a very common problem. For any kind of ab exercise, most people tend to do the movement before flexing the abs but it should be the opposite.

When you’re doing hanging leg raises, you should flex your core before your legs get raised. If your core is tight, your body won’t move while you’re performing the exercise.

Hope it helps!

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Everyone was telling me earlier that the drink i ordered would get me absolutely drunk by itself and I didn’t even feel anything besides mild dizziness which also might have been caused by sitting in an uncomfortable position for an age… like how is one supposed to carefully test their limits if nothing even makes them get close

Ctm Concepts™

Things I randomly think should happen on call the midwife part 1 of ???

Also I’m on my phone so I can’t emphasize my points without bolding & italicizing things (I know a shame) + this post might be messy or not spaced out, etc, etc.. you never know with mobile

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I feel bad because i love rwby, but i have had a hard time getting into rooster teeth just general them being them. Like i listened to always open and started to watch some lets plays, but like always open is like kinda crass in a way that i don't find that funny, the lets plays kinda just seem like some people just being dumb, idk i'm just having a hard time connecting with their other content. Maybe I should watch red vs blue?

I think that’s expected, especially if you find RWBY first because RT on the whole is much more adult in it’s content then RWBY is . Like for me personally, I’m not a big fan of a lot of RT scripted shows - I don’t think their comedy works as well if it’s not spontaneous. I like RWBY because it’s different and more grounded

But like…if the rest of it isn’t your thing then that’s okay. I’m certain there are a lot of people who watch and love RWBY that don’t follow other RT content. A lot of them probably follow me lol. RWBY is very different and that’s totally fine and Rooster Teeth understand that.  

Red vs Blue is a lot like the humor of the company if I remember correctly (it’s been a while since I’ve seen it) at least in the early seasons. 

Honestly though, it’s nothing to feel bad about. If RWBY is the only RT show you follow then I’d still say you’re a part of the RT community. 

Uhm hello, guys, you probably know how much I love classic literature, I’m sure it’s conspicuous since I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut about it. I get so excited when I see graphics related to it, but they are so rare, it saddens me a lot. Classic literature deserves some love. So let’s show it some!

  •  From now on I’ll be tracking #classiclitedit, and you should do too, if you like classics.
  •  Whenever you post a classic lit graphic, please use this tag, as it will help you get more notes (I will definitely reblog it)
  •  It can be anything really, as long as it’s considered a classic.

These graphics will one of these days appear on a blog especially dedicated to them, I am still working on it but I will let you know when it’s ready, so hang in there. It’s totally happening!

Don’t forget to use the tag #classiclitedit and feel free to track it, if it strikes your fancy.

That’s all for now, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me an ask/a message.

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HELLOOO my lovely kings, queens, lords, ladies, peasants, wildlings, and white walkers alike! believe it or not, i’ve had this blog for nearly a year now, but i have never before made a mains call. therefore, this is it!  

my mains are special human beings who instantly become my peeps. my hombres™, my night’s watch brothers. we eat together, we sleep together, fite together, reblog memes, harass eachother in asks, messages. if you’re my main, feel free to talk to me anytime, throw PLOTS and starters out, threads, request aesthetics, or whatever !!! 


i am accepting up to 3 duplicates per canon character

i am accepting OCs 

i am accepting crossover muses

should more than three of one canon character like this post, i will choose three mains based upon whether we have interacted/roleplayed/plotted or not.

tl;dr- hit the ♥ button if you are are interested in being a main. 

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I actually really appreciated that they didn't just give us the Jason/Kimberly kiss. Because this feels more like Pacific Rim. We should get build up. IMO what we got in this movie was enough. A wise choice especially since Jason/Kim looks to be THE couple of the franchise. And I'm glad about that.

Yes! The more I thought about it after seeing the film I’m glad too. Dacre did say there was more of a focus on ‘their love story’ until they were cutting the film together and they decided to bring a focus more on the team ensemble and I’m actually glad of it because Power Rangers IS about the Team.

There’s plenty to keep us JK shippers satisfied in the movie AND it leaves it open to develop further and at a more natural pace for future films :) They are definitely the power couple of the new franchise.

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Hi I love your blog and I’m sure you probobly get a lot of questions like this so no pressure to answer if you don’t want to/don’t have time but I wanted your advice on whether or not I should look into changing vets or getting a second opinion.
I have a 6 year old chihuahua/cairn terrier/cocker spaniel/poodle mix who frequently coughs and has her whole life. My vet has told me that there is nothing wrong with her but the breeds she is mixed with tend to have heart issues and I’m scared there might be something more to it.
The vet I use is very well respected in the community so I feel like I should trust him but she coughs so much and she already has medical issues (she was diagnosed with epilepsy about two years ago) so I worry.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a second opinion if you’re worried, and you shouldn’t feel intimidated about doing so. Three of the breeds in this mix also are known for collapsing trachea. If your vet isn’t willing to do an Xray to at least put your mind at ease, you should be welcome to seek an extra opinion elsewhere.

You don’t even have to tell your original vet that you’re getting a second opinion. There’s no obligation to do so.

Dogs will collapsing trachea are more likely to cough with excitement or when pulling on the lead. They usually breathe quite well when calm. If you have the opportunity to count how many breaths per minute your dog takes when she is sound asleep, you want the lowest possible number, that will give you useful information.

Adult cats and dogs should take less than 30 breaths per minute when at rest. If she is breathing quicker than this, something is definitely amiss with either her heart or lungs.

If this is worrying you enough to engage a stranger on the internet then it’s worth getting your second opinion

kyu is enjoyable, BUT

2 girls is 2 few. on a team of six two girls is fine but on a team of nine, soon to be 11, it’s pathetic. maybe mr toei is like “we haven’t done a one girl season in a while, let’s get that ratio down” but? they should just stop doing one girl seasons imo

nine is too many. like, naga and balance were introduced as these ultimate partners but there’s already been an episode go by where they barely speak to each other. I think overall they’ll probably manage to balance screen time out but I do think this was biting off more than they could chew

what was up with stinger secretly being a good guy the whole time. I guess I would have to rewatch his intro ep to see if that makes any sense bc I feel like it didnt

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Wearing a bra cause my binder is washing. Family keeps dead naming me. Can't come out to all of them cause they "won't understand it and it would offend them." ... I feel like shit and I am tired of other people mattering more than me.

I think you should do what you feel. What can your parents do? Come out as who you are, because you shouldn’t have to just do whatever your selfish parents want. They don’t want a trans child, and that’s on THEM. You’re NOT offensive sweetheart.

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Part 1: I don't know what to do. I got into some of my safety schools, but nothing else. I got into two good schools tho but not the main campuses. My parents make me feel like if I don't go to one of those 2 good schools, they'll be ashamed of me forever. They said that they'll be embarrassed to tell friends and family what school I'm going to even if I go to those 2 school cuz it's not the main campus. I know where they're coming from tho. I kind of know that my friends and family will laugh

Part 2: at me cuz I didn’t get into a great school like all of them. I just don’t know. Should I go to one of those 2 good schools that I got into or one of my safety schools, that I feel more safe at? Please help

It’s horrible that your friends and family would make fun of you for your school choice. Getting into a college– any college– is an accomplishment. College is an opportunity that many, many people don’t have, and you should feel proud to have been accepted to a handful of universities, even if they aren’t schools that your parents think are worthy. I know it’s hard to make a decision that others might not approve of, but you need to go to the school that you want to go to, regardless of what your family thinks. You need to go to a school where you feel safe and prepared to learn because you’re going to be the person going to class every day, not your parents. 

Please remember that the number of universities to which you were accepted is not a reflection of your intelligence or potential. You shouldn’t feel ashamed to go to a school of your choice. Furthermore, the school you attend is not necessarily predictive of how successful you’ll be in life. So try not to worry so much about the prestige of the school you attend and focus more on getting your degree. Good luck, and I hope this helps!

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Lesbi honest. NMW Lauren does she is harassed by Camren.. even i saw on her families posts...ppl still harass them & shaun. And she shared pics of Lucy (4 the benefit of LGBQT community. i might add) and ppl still won't leave her alone. So, unfortunately for L.. nmw she does, she still gets harassed. I hoped her saying 'it was never real' would help ppl move on. I rlly wish C would get her back.. she never does on this..& it's sad. She shud back her up real or not...right? 4 L.'s sake

i do think camila should talk about it, like just say it’s not real and tell people how annoying it is i feel like people listen to her more!

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If Anti married the reader, would he still likely off them?

If he gets a little too overexcited, he might.

He’s very volatile with his feelings, I feel. He doesn’t control them that well. I also think his views on death are at least a little skewed and he doesn’t view it to be the serious offense that it really is.

So it’s not likely, per se, but definitely possible. More than it should be.

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I came out to my mom and dad (not by choice) and they laughed and said "yeah right, your only 15" and thought i said it as an excuse to be with boys outside of school but UGH there is so much I could say but not enough space, is it okay for me to be so damn upset? Is it okay that that fucked with my depression and made me feel so childish, small, and immature like I do saying anything to them? They just have a way of making me feel that.. ~max the les anon

it’s completely okay to be upset. you’re actually not overreacting at all and your reaction is pretty normal and sorta mild (i’ve seen some wild people) so it’s totally fine and i agree with you. they should’ve been more accepting tbh

I’ve known you forever. There is something in your soul that is so familiar and it cannot be just the trace of our existence. I struggle to say this because how can I put such a feeling into words?

“I love you” does not always mean I trust you more than I should. It does not include the feeling of emptiness when I am not holding you. It does not even begin to describe the fact that coming home feels like you. No, I love you is not enough – it feels shallow and overused on my tongue because I have not meant it too many times. And if I do not say it this time, it is because it feels like it is too small for what I have, for what I am willing to give to you.

Forgive me if I burn the world down, I heard you like flames.