my dad lost pool 9-7 to a team who just oozes douchebaggery tonight and i am mAD and feel like skipping legal revision just to spite them even though they probably don’t even know my name and probably wouldn’t be able to care less

me and my mom and my friend were all messing around and i was attacking her with the cat toy so she rips it out of my hand and starts attacking me with it then i grab my migraine medicine bottle that was near me and threw it PRECISELY at her head and boom right dead center and i just knew

i knew

i was gonna get attacked. and me and my friend did. she threw everything near her at us xD

i have so much adrenaline running through me after having everything thrown at me that if someone threw something at me rn i would probs catch it in midair

BPD Struggle 16

Whenever I want to say something passive aggressive or angry or mean or horrible I get this sort of tunnel vision. Like as if everything goes blurry. I feel it too it’s like a really intense feeling like how I imagine the hulk feels like before he turns. It’s kind of crazy in a sense. Sort of like I black out but I don’t. I just go into this rage. I guess that’s the appropriate word. I don’t black out but also lately I feel it and recognize it so I say no and I stop myself from writing or saying anything awful. Anybody else feel like that?