Wanted to share some of my drawings that I liked most from We’re Captured.

I had the great honor of designing Venomous and Fink, and Ian let me have a lot of input in the development of their characters. When Ian first talked to the crew about Venomous there wasn’t a lot set in stone so I pitched some of my rly indulgent ideas: 1.) That Venomous should be hot. and 2.) That he should have a bratty little minion (cool capable villain+ bratty minion was my favorite dynamic as a kid) 

I’m really grateful that Ian was totally down with them, and he asked me to draw up some concepts for the characters which I tightened up a lot more, once Parker and I got the outline for “We’re Captured”. We ran wild with this episode and had a lot of fun coming up with gags. When I’m writing/boarding, I’m always trying to keep in mind the things I really wanted to see on TV as a little kid, and I really feel like I got to make baby ryann happy with this episode! I hope we made other kids happy too!