A Gentleman’s Guide to Lingerie

Rating: T; for suggestive themes and comic mischief.

Pairing: Bertolt x Ymir; Beruyumi

Summary: Bertolt just wants to buy something nice for Ymir. Easy enough, right? Well… when an impromptu trip to Vicky’s Secret goes all sorts of wrong and leaves him scratching his head, he finds himself utterly lost in what appears to be a colossal mistake.

Word Count: 1216

A/N: See what I did there with the summary? LOL!

Okay so the thing is, I have like five other beruyumi one-shots sitting in my drafts, BUT I’ve been hesitant to upload the stuff cuz I feel like I’m alone in shipping these two dorks :/

But, meh, this time I figured… why not? No lie, this was written a year ago haha

Their anniversary was coming up.

Bertolt walked aimlessly around the Downtown Plaza, shuffling through various shops in search of the perfect gift for his significant other of three years.

Ymir wasn’t high maintenance, thank god, therefore anything would suffice.

Finally, after nearly two exhaustive hours in hot pursuit of a reasonable (and preferably heartfelt) gift, he stumbled upon a promising site.

Victoria Secret.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think that the missus giving a massage to Harry's aching back would result in a baby being made? x

That has been known to happen. ;) Because maybe they’re fresh from the bath, and neither has bothered wth putting on clothes yet. But not usually if his back is really bothering him. I feel like baby making would probably only make it worse. xx.