BTS Reaction: Their crush (you) getting drunk and accidently confessing your love

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Bts reaction to their crush getting drunk and conffesing their love the the member thinking they’re talking to someone else

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“Y/N you really shouldn’t drink that much!” Jin scolded you and tried to take the drink from you. You looked at who you thought was Jimin and started to vent to him.

“I need to drink Jimin, I want to get my mind off of Jin with that other girl he was with earlier. I really like Jin and it hurts to see him with someone else. I’ve falled for Jin, I honestly have-”

“Y/N, come on you should get some sleep.” He would giggle at your drunken confession and lead you to your room so you could rest. Then in the morning he would ask you about it, and end up confessing to you as well.

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Suga would be a little drunk aswell, but not as drunk as you. You walked up to who you thought was Tae, and just started talking.

“Oh my god, have you seen Yoongi? Oh my gosh he’s so attractive, and I love how laid back he is. It honestly kind of turns me on. I really want to get to know him. He seems really cool.”

“Well you could start by realizing I’m not Taehyung.” He laughed a little. You looked up and realized it was Yoongi.

“Ohmygod” you said fastly.

“I’d like to get to know you to.” He said.

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Rap Monster:

“Y/N you should really go to bed, it’s really late. And you are extremely wasted.” Namjoon said.

“I don’t want to Yoongi, Namjoon is still here, I want to see him.” 

He furrowed his eyebrows as you said “yoongi” but he decided to play around with the situation.

“Why do you want to see him?”

“Because I really like him, he’s so nice to me and makes me feel happy when  I’m around him. I just wish he felt the same though.”

“Don’t worry, I think he like you too. Come on let’s sleep.” Namjoon said with a smile across his face.

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You were home alone, and completly drunk. Without thinking, you called you best friend-or who you thought was your best friend- and started talking about Hoseok.

“Y/F/N, you have no idea how crazy he makes me, he’s honestly the greatest person in the world. Wow, I really love him-”


“Are you sick? Your voice sounds really low?” You asked.

“Look at your contact name.” He laughed. You looked and it said Hoseok’s contact name. You froze as you heard him laugh.

“Ah you’re so cute Y/N!”

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“Jin! Hi!” You said as you facetimes “Jin”. Jimin looked at you in confusion.

“Are you ok Y/N? You looked a little, you know, drunk.” Jimin said.

“Yeah Jin, I’m fine. Is Jimin around?” You asked. Jimin finally realized you thought he was Jin, but he was curious about what you had to say about him. So Jimin continued to be “Jin”.

“No, he’s not here right now.” He smirked.

“Good, do you know how Jimin feels about me? I really like him, but I want to know he feels the same before I tell him.

“He really likes you Y/N, he never shuts up about you.” Jimin laughed. “You’re talking to Jimin by the way.”

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It was your 20th birthday, so you could now legally drink in Korea. Taehyung took you to a bar along with some of yours and his friends.  You might have went a little overboard with the drinking and got completly wasted. You were sitting alone, and someone sat next to you.

“You look like someone I know.” You said while looking at him. He look at you with a puzzled expression.

“He’s someone I really love, he knows how to make me happy, and he’s just so perfect. I wish he felt the same.” You started to talk about him. 

“What’s his name?” Taehyung asked, with a bit of jealousy.

“Kim Taehyung.”  You smiled and sipped on your drink. He smiled and laughed a little.

“You really are drunk, Y/N I am Taehyung.”

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Jungkook told you he was going to be home late from practice today, so you invited your best friend over. Little did you know, she brought achohol and you couldn’t turn down the opportunity. 

A few hours later you both were wasted, and Y/F/N was in the bathroom probably throwing up. You heard footsteps, and you automatically assumed it was Y/F/N.

“I should have never drank that! If Jungkook finds out I drank underage, he’ll never love me back!” You cried.

“You love me?” You heard Jungkook’s voice.

“Oh my gosh, Kookie forgive me!” You ran to him and hugged. He hugged you back and patted the back you your head.

“Don’t worry, I’m not mad. But I do love you back.” He smiled.

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I hope you liked it! I tried my best :) Requests are open!

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I'm so obsessed with the champion's deaths why but anyway a thought came into my head that what if the new champions somehow (idk how through ✨magic✨) witness like a flashback to the original champion's deaths and its very dramatic and everyone is spooked and scarred (esp Sidon like that's his sister holy mmm) can u do a scenario for it i always dail whenever i try to write out my mind fanfictions

I feel man, like why must good die yooooung!! that was a 100 years ago but still i’ll be sad about it for a 100 years more. Omg what a good idea, a wonderful bone chilling idea. I hope I do this awesome idea justice  ~skeleton

Ok I kinda went overboard with this oops


Yunobo was on his way to deliver the boss some more pain medicine when he was suddenly struck with a feeling of utter defeat. He falls onto his knees as the medicine bottle slips out of his grip and rolls across the floor. Suddenly he is not in Eldin, he is aboard rudania. There is blood. So much blood. Normally at the sight of such horror he scream, cry , anything. But he couldn’t do anything, couldn’t feel anything even as his great ancestor, Daruk, was struck before his very eyes. “I-I-I guess I’m a lou-lousy shield eh li-little guy”. The wave of nothingness was gone yunobo sobbed and sobbed at each wave of pain. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted the pain medicine. Without thinking he picked up the bottle and swallowed the medicine. After a beat he realized where he was and what had happened. Looking down at the bottle he stood up and backtracked the way he had come. “you were a wonderful shield” he said to no one on his slow trek back.


Riju sighed as she stared out into the night sky. Another restless night. Even though the threat of an out of control Naboris was a thing of the past nights like these, when the nightly winds held a bit more moisture than they should, still spooked her. Then suddenly a loud clap of thunder startled her out of her reverie and suddenly she was whisked into the midst of a terrifying electrical storm. Aboard Naboris. She whips as another clap resounds behind her. Urbosa. The Urbosa is right in front her fighting a horrifying creature that was using her own element against her. Urbosa face down on the ground. The creature prepares its weapon. Riju is screaming “MOVE MOVE” but its too late. She blinks and Urbosa is impaled. Urbosa sneers “bas-tard” before all the color drains from her and she collapses completely. When Riju finally becomes aware of her surroundings she’s being held by one of her guards. The other informs her she was screaming and thrashing. They look concerned. She stops them before either one can ask her about it, “I don’t want to talk about it”.


Sidon woke up crying. He was overcome with a wave of despair and utter pain. Seeking solace. He got out of bed and left his room and rushed to the domain center. He didn’t stop until he reached the statue. Her statue. It glowed and glittered in the moonlight and his racing heart started to slow. It was quiet save for the soothing sounds of water around him. Suddenly he noticed water coming from the statue, was it- was she- was Mipha crying? The sounds of water turned loud and unpleasant. Mipha was in front of him as clear as day. She was alive! She was- she was- in front of one calamity Ganon’s demons. Sidon ran to her as fast as could but she and it seemed to get farther and farther away. She closed her eyes. SISTER NO- She began to speak softly- SISTER PLEASE- “Link”- SISTER WAIT IM ALMOST- “I’m afraid I won’t be able to heal you anymore”-MIPHA- “or my little brother”-IM RIGHT HERE MIPHA PLEASE- “I’m sorry”. And like that she was gone, the moment was gone. Sidon was kneeling at the statue, tears streaming from his eyes. “No mipha, I’m sorry I couldn’t heal YOU”.


He doesn’t admire the divine beast Medoh’s former champion as much as the other current champions admire theirs. He thinks Revali was too proud, too arrogant. And then the dream. More like the nightmare. Revali’s a bloody mess, his flight choppy and ungraceful. He looks as though he falling apart at the seams. Teba can almost feel Revali’s torturous pain. Each breath is filled with agony. But Revali’s expression is that of concentration, his beak forming a grim line. He’s smacked onto Medoh’s back truly spent, teba is screaming at him to stay down, nut he gets back up. He gets back up, he gets back up, until finally he doesn’t. His final words breathy and haunting. “I’m sorry everyone, I’m sorry”. Teba bolts up from his bed and breaks into a cold sweat waking Saki next to him. She’s asking him if he’s alright, Teba can’t seem to hear her. He whispers into the night. “He truly was a noble warrior”.  


hey guys!!!!! it’s me! Grace aka bellarke2k17!! hahah happy bfsn everyone❤ so I changed my url….. BUT I wanted to make sure everyone still knows who I am🤷🏼‍♀️🤗 so here goes: @arkadiabellarke @wayward–bisexual @slytherinwasframed @spiderdoctor-67 @boob-morley @bringbackwellsjaha @chasseresse-de-la-lune @ravenbellclarke @bellbearblake @bellesolo @chancellor-reyes @rosymamacita @octanakin @saltymonty @fredweasleying @frecklessbellamy @starsbellarke @bellamybb @abazethe100 @bellamyaugustus @idontapproveofthismission @bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17 @the-ships-to-rule-them-all @head-and-heart @grumpybell @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx @salt-throne @sassamyblake @bellsgirl @wellsjahasghost @grangersaura @bobsfluffyhair @sylvias-plath @beautyandthebook @wernotthings @griffinsbi @ravenreyess @heda-reyes @problematicbellarke @spacexualkids @spookyflashlight @forgivenessishardforus @bellamyblakesus @cupcakeblake @clarkegryphus @bl-ake @ethereal-bellarke @oh-haseena @craterhead @bllrke @e1schaaf @bellarkss @emmaswnns @rick-grimes @frostgiants @grumpymonty @riichardharmon @mountainbellamy @ginalou16 @freckledrebelking @morleybell @bisexualightwood @starkdelinquents ok ok,… I know I went overboard…. I am sorry guys. but now u know it is me (btw if you don’t like being tagged in selfies feel free to COMPLETELY ignore this!!!! Just my way of telling everyone who I am, since I’ve had bellarke2k17 for so long)


So, @incorrect-yansim-quotes​ has kinda started a charm headcanon!!! I wanted to add on to this, like what each charm/item would be and how you’d get it (non-violent towards the rivals/no killing). These are in no way associated on winning that week, these are simply ways to earn the gifts of each “rival”. This will be taken in a way that there is no “rival” after your senpai. Megami will still try to rid of you for anything wrong that you do, Info-Chan will tell her of whatever wrongdoing you commit. With each new rival comes more and more feelings. Osana’s starts like normal Ayano, and by the time you finish with Megami, Ayano will be normal. I may have put too much thought into this, it’s more of a wish for the game. I don’t know where “Headcanon” and “Wish” came together, but I’m quite happy with what I did. I went overboard, but I had fun typing this up.

Read Below for it!

Now, you can choose if you want to wear it. It will have boosts and ups if you wear it.

(Ex: Osana’s phone charm will let you closer to Senpai if Osana is next to him.)

Accessories earned in Story Mode can be worn in Endless, too.

Osana (Cat Phone Charm)- Completing her task later (Thursday, Friday) when she already gave up and bought a new charm. You’d accept it on Monday, act nice to her, don’t do anything to spite her, etc…, then when the end of the week approaches, you give her the charm. She already bought a new one though, and since you’ve been so nice to her, she lets you keep it! After this, you’d have a little cat phone charm on your phone. You will always have this.

Amai (Muffin Earrings)- She’s too nice to say no to a gift, but she doesn’t like it at all. You’d have to join the Cooking club and show up to a meeting after she got them. She’d get it from a member of the club who is new. She gives it to Ayano in hopes that she will like it. They’re muffin earrings. Ayano also had to have gotten piercings with Musume on a girl’s night. (This would require you to befriend her. Better results if you befriend the Basu Sisters, they’ll tag along and up your reputation.) For the rest of the game you’ll have muffin dangle earrings.

Kizana (Rose Ring)- You’d have to join the Drama club for this. The play is Romeo and Juliet, of course. Kizana is the lead, and you’re her understudy. She is recovering from an injury, and can’t preform. (You have to sabotage one of the lights, that when it is tampered with it will fall. It lands on Kizana’s foot and crushes her toes.) She wants to continue, but if you have befriended Sora you’ll get a cutscene in which you’re there when Sora convinces the stubborn show-girl to sit in the audience. You have to attend every meeting and do a better job than Kizana thought you would in the play. If you put on a performance that she enjoyed,  she’ll let you keep the ring in which Juliet wears. After this, a rose ring will be visible on Ayano’s right thumb.

Oka (Pentagram Necklace)- You do not have to join the club for this, but it is recommended. If you supply the Occult Club with all the supplies (Random things, a spider, a jar of “ectoplasm” {You can get this from the Science club, if you befriend Haruto he’ll whip up some fake stuff.}, etc..), help them in research, and tell them things about the Basu Sisters (Befriend them), then Oka will give you a pentagram necklace (In the club) or choker (Not in the club) to show you appreciation. After this, the accessory will be seen on your neck.

Asu (Ankle Bracelet with Water Drop Charms)- You have to be in the sports club for this. You can skip class for two days without penalty when getting this charm. (Your physical stat will increase instead of choosing which points will go into which subject the first day, and you will gain a point in physical the second.) You’d spend this time and three after-schools training for a swim meet with Asu. On Friday, you will not attend school until 3:00. You, Asu, the sports club, and the swim team will be at a Swim Meet, and you will have to lead the team to victory. If you succeed, Asu will give you her good luck charm, the ankle bracelet. After this, the ankle bracelet will be seen on your left ankle.

Muja (Needle Pin)- This will be hard to earn. You have to play “medicine runner” for this week (Because the actual nurse is gone, and Muja needs help.), and this requires you to have a higher reputation. You will run errands, help sorting, and have to sabotage a meal of a student. Kokona will eat lunch alone on Wednesday, as she usually does, but she will leave it to see something Saki found. If you put something that will cause Kokona to choke on her food in it, you’ll be able to do the heimlich. If you do this and take Kokona to the nurse, she’ll be more friendly and open to you. She’ll tell you a family member that passed in the school, which inspired her to take on the job here to prevent any more casualties like so. (In 1980′s mode, a girl that you can poison as Ryoba will be the aunt of Muja.) At the end of the week she’ll have to go back to school. She’ll give you the pin which belonged to her Aunt. After this, the pin will be seen on the right chest of your uniform.

Mida (Wine Glass Necklace)- For this you’ll lose a lot of reputation. You have to get panty shots of 15 girls and convince two male students to take lessons from Mida (They cannot be in her class.). You’ll also have to attend every class and be willing to help Mida. She’ll ask you about a few boys, and if you tell her the truth, she’ll thank you. She’ll have to leave at the end of the week. If you show affection and treat her with respect (Maybe even as a mother figure) she’ll give you her necklace and tell you to “Be Good.” After this, the necklace will be seen around your neck.

Osoro (Bracelet with a Bunny Charm)- Your reputation has to be low enough that the delinquents are willing to be around you. If you befriend Osoro (You have to participate in all of her events, skip every class, and win a fight against Budo or a male delinquent.) she’ll come to you when she’s at her weakest. She’ll get emotional and need comfort, and if you can give it to her she’ll give you the bracelet she was given by an old friend who left her. After this, the delinquents will back you up no matter what your reputation is. If Osoro catches you killing a student though (any method), all the delinquents except her will apprehend you and maybe even beat you. She’ll just watch in shock. After this, the bracelet will be seen on your right wrist.

Hanako (Her Heart Clip)- This is the second hardest, because you’ll have to avoid Taro as a love interest. Hanako will take you in if she notices you are alone, no one likes you (She doesn’t care for the delinquents, so on her route you have to avoid them.), and if you are being bullied (You can ask Kizana to fake being a bully with her drama club). Everything will be lost if she catches you showing interest in Taro or if someone spreads it around that you do like him. You’ll have to help her study, hang out with her often, and act like the sister she never had. She’ll give you her clip if she feels you are close to her. This will actually help Ayano with her reputation and Taro will begin to show interest. While wearing this, Ayano’s hair will be down and she’ll have the clip on.

Megami (A Medal)- This is the hardest, and you have to find a way into Student Council. Megami will be suspicious, but the more you do to help improve the school the more trust she’ll have. You have to have high reputation (Hanako’s route will provide that.) and befriend over half the school. There are a lot of things you have to do, so this will go for three weeks. A list of tasks include:

Uniting all the clubs to trust another (They didn’t before, and there was competition to be the best. Swim+Sports and Drama are the most competitive.) and help eachother

Attending class earlier by thirty minutes before other students do.

Turning delinquents into decent students

Helping deal with punishment to trouble students

Helping every club with a separate task. 

After completing a long task of things that the student council needed done, it will be the end of the year. The last Friday will be the last day of school, and Megami will invite you to a reward night. There, you will meet her father. Ryoba will also be in town, she came back a few nights before. Everybody you got a charm from will attend, and if you do not get a charm from one of them they will not go. You can talk with all of them, they will thank you. At the end of the night Megami will invite you to the stage along with the other members of the Student Council and reward each member. Megami will hesitate at you, but you will get the best prize, a medal she was given when she was in her second year. She will be in her last year, and moving into her father’s business, so she decides to give it to you, who is in the same position she was. By then, Ayano will have the feelings of a normal girl, and Taro will have fallen for her. After getting this medal, it will be seen on the right chest of your uniform.

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hi! can I please request shizuo and his f!s/o having their first fight? thank you so much!

Hello! I made this gender neutral, hope you don’t mind. ☆

The mood was gloomy. Shizuo was walking a few steps behind you on your way home, his hands hidden in the pants pockets. Silently smoking what was his third cigarette in the past 20 minutes, he held his head low.

You were extremely upset, disappointed even, and he didn’t dare to call out to you.

A few hours ago, both you and your beloved were celebrating your birthday with the company of friends at your apartment.
Everything was going well. everyone was happy; the music was good, the cake tasty and you were given a lot of gifts. After celebrating with everyone Shizuo intended to take you to a restaurant before heading out, he was also the only one who hadn’t given you his gift yet.
It was arguably one of the best birthdays you ever had, or so you thought until everything took an awful turn when he appeared.

“Hey, Shizu-chan? On your way to take ___-chan to a date on her birthday? My, that’s really gentleman-like of you!”

Shizuo instantly popped a vein and his shoulders stiffened with anger.
“Stop it, Shizuo. Let’s go already.” You pulled his arm lightly and pointed in the direction that led to the restaurant in a roundabout way.

The informant watched your gesture and smirked, shaking his head.
“Geez, who would’ve thought a monster like you could get a lover? Perhaps that person is also one?”

“Watch out what you’re saying you damn flea !” Shizou shouted. One hand already placed on the big metallic trashcan next to him.

Izaya’s smile only grew wider.
The former bartender didn’t say any more and flung the trashcan at him like it was a basketball, but that ‘flea’ was able to dodge it without any effort.

Watching Shizuo like that, you felt weird. As if the cake you ate was spoiled and suddenly everything felt heavy and painful.
It was no use to call out to him now, so you went to the nearest park bench and sat down.

About two hours later, you still sat there in the dark, a dim light of a streetlamp lightening the area around you. Ikebukuro’s streets were filled even at night, but everyone seemed so far away.
Until you saw a shadow approaching you.

“___, … I’m-”

You pulled the bag you carried with you closer and pulled out a disinfectant and some band-aids.

“Sit down” you commanded and tended to the small injuries all over his body.

After you said “Let’s go home” neither of you talked and headed back, leading to the situation you were in now.

Shizuo pulled one hand out of his pockets to rub the back of his neck, the other firlmy formed to a fist in his pocket.

“___, listen, I’m really sorry so-”

You turned around, tears forming in your eyes.
“You are sorry ? That’s all you can say? Do you expect me to cheer up now or what!”

The blonde man looked at you in awe, more than your raised voice it was the tears in your eyes that made him feel a sharp pain in his heart.

“No, I..” he sighed, “I ruined your birthday that’s why, I’m really sorry.”
His voice was steady but cold, he oce again held his head down.

“Because it was my birthday?”, you asked faking surprise and let out a bitter laugh.

“Forget it. I’ll walk the rest by myself so go home, Shizuo.”

You turned to face the road again and walked away.
It was only a few months since the two of you started dating but suddenly, as if to lecture you, memories of the times Shizuo had talked to you flooded your mind.

Talks about what Izaya did to him, why he is so strong and scared of his strength, talks about his missing self control and how he suffers through it every time.

Back then you cheerfully promised him to be by his side no matter what. That you won’t let it bother you. That the two of you would work together through everything.
All of it seemed like empty lies now, and perhaps that’s what angered the most.

Silent Treatment

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can you write an imagine were the reader applies the ice law to Peter ‘cause he has been so bad with her? End it how you want and sorry if my english is bad, im mexican. LY

Warning/s: swearing


summary: Pan says something mean so you ignore him 

Pan has been a dick to you ever since you were taken to Neverland. You didn’t know why but he’s always there to laugh at your mistakes, make fun of you or just simply make you feel awful about yourself and you will always insult him back or give a sarcastic remark. Pan enjoys seeing you annoyed so he does this every day. But today, he went too far and you didn’t want to deal with him anymore.

You were walking through the jungle, searching for dinner when Pan decided to taunt you.

“Hey Y/N! Keep up will you? No wonder your parents despise you. You’re a bit useless eh?” he chuckled, making the lost boys laugh. You opened your mouth to make a nasty remark but decided against it. What he said hit a nerve. Your parents did despise you but you always thought that it’s because they’re just one of those parents who neglects their child. You never thought that they hated you because you were useless. Are you even useless? Maybe you are. Maybe that’s why they hated you. Maybe that’s why everyone else hated you. Maybe that’s why even here in Neverland, everyone hated you. It’s because you’re useless. You looked down and ignored Pan’s remark. Pan on the other hand, raised an eyebrow. Confused because you didn’t answer his stupid remark. He brushed it off thinking that you’re just not in the mood.

You were aiming at your catch when you let go of the arrow. It hit your prey directly in the head so it’s dead by now. “Impressive” Pan appeared beside you and smirked. You ignored his presence and walked over to the dead animal and picked it up. You walked off to tell the lost boys that you caught dinner.

You sat in front of a table eating peacefully with the other lost boys. Though at the side of your eyes, you saw someone walking over. And that someone is Pan. Just as he sat down beside you, you stood up, taking your finished plate with you. You can feel Pan’s eyes burning holes at your back but you ignored it and continued walking.

You were sitting on a log, sharpening your knife. Beside you was Felix. He wasn’t someone who talked much but he’s still comforting to be around so you’re sitting with him. “Something is wrong” he stated. “What?” you asked, confused. “You’re acting different. Why?” he looked at you. You just shrugged. “Hey lads!” Pan appeared in front of you two. “Hey Pan” Felix greeted. Pan looked at you. You stood up and walked away, leaving Pan very confused. Pan sat down beside Felix. “What’s up with her? She’s been ignoring me.” Pan sighed. Felix shrugged his shoulders and continued sharpening his dagger.

It continued like that. You ignored Pan every time he tries talking to you and it agitates him. He wanted to hear your voice again. Even if it’s a stupid remark or something mean. He just wanted to hear your voice again. He can’t stand the silence anymore. He will do something about it and he will do it now.

You and the lost boys were ready to haunt again. You were about to dash into the woods when a hand stopped you. You turned around just to be faced with Pan. You went to tug your hand back but his grip tightened. “Look at me” he said. You didn’t so he gripped your hands tighter, “Look at me!” he hissed. You look at him and frowned. “What?” your voice was filled with so much hatred. “What are you playing at?” he growled. “What do you mean?” you asked. “Oh you know exactly what I’m saying! Why are you ignoring me?” he asked. “I don’t know. Why do you hate me so much?!” you yelled at him. He squinted his eyes at you, “What are you talking about?”. “Oh come on Pan! You’re the one who’s always there to make me feel like shit!” you tried getting out of his hand but his grip was strong. “What?” he whispered. “When you told me that my parents despised me because I was useless.. I can’t help but to think that you were right. I thought about it and I AM indeed useless! I don’t know what I did to you but ever since I set foot on this island, it’s like you just made it your mission to make me feel like shit! Well guess what? You already did. Congratulations!” you broke down crying. Peter caught you, held your crying figure and tried to hush you. “Y/N” he whispered, “I didn’t know you felt that way”. “What did you think I would feel?” you cried through his chest. “I-I just did all that because I like it when your attention was on me a-and I guess I went overboard that time. I-I’m sorry” he said, hugging you closer to his body. “So you made me feel like shit for attention?” you sobbed. “I know it sounds fucked up but that’s the only way I can think of to get your attention” he sighed, “I’m really sorry.”. “You know you should’ve just been nice to me, right?” you chuckled. Pan pulled away from the hug and caressed your face. “Yeah, I was stupid. Forgive me?” he asked. You slightly smiled and nodded. Pan jumped around “Oh thank you thank you thank you!” he caressed your face again and kissed your nose over and over.

“Okay stop” you chuckled. He stopped and chuckled too.

“Thank you” he whispered and kissed your forehead.

I just watched x-men: apocalypse and damn evan peters :3

oh yeah.. I hope you liked this one hehe

requests are open guys

This was supposed to be short but it was so much fun to write I wrote a lot, but I hope you like it anyways, @mizu-chiii :)

“You don’t seem like your usual self.”

“Oh yeah?”

Gai poured another shot of sake, for him and his silverheaded friend slouched beside him. He honestly does not know how Kakashi downs his alcohol so fast- he hasn’t even seen him remove his mask once and yet in a blink of an eye, all of his shot glasses are completely empty.

“You just seem… More murderous than you usually are.” Gai remarked.

“Oh really?” Kakashi asked, his mind adrift somewhere else.

“Yeah… Like usually you look ready to kick anyone’s ass, but today you look like you’re this close to burning down an orphanage while kicking some kittens along the way.” Gai said, his eyes softening at the sight of his friend, who was obviously bothered by something.

It takes a lot to create a fissure in Kakashi’s attitude- like a freaking lot. A lot means killing his best friend, him killing his other best friend or his father killing himself. So far as his eyes can see, no deaths have fallen before Kakashi’s feet so far.

“Hm.” Kakashi grunted before he drained his shot glass, this time slowly so Gai can confirm that Kakashi indeed has to pull down his mask temporarily to drink.

“So… Wanna share what’s going on? Or are you going to bottle it inside like how you usually deal with human emotions.” Gai said, “Speaking of bottles- this one’s almost empty. Jesus Christ, you’ve drank like three quarters of this by yourself.”

Gai grabbed the bottle and shook it just to prove his point. The bottle was completely empty, with a tad bit of clear liquid left at the bottom, swishing around with Gai’s movements. Gai analyzed the shot glasses placed in front of him and Kakashi, and the ratio was astounding. Gai had a fair amount in his stock, but Kakashi’s was way over the top. Gai knew Kakashi was no lightweight, but damn, he can hold his liquor better than anyone else.

“You gonna ask for another bottle or what?” Gai asked, raising one of his eyebrows.

“No, I’m done.” Kakashi declared, placing his shot glass down onto the counter, “Put it on his tab.”

“E-eh?! WHAT?! Hey don’t just walk away!” Gai stuttered, stumbling out the door to follow Kakashi into the darkness of the nighttime.

The instant coolness of the air around calmed Gai’s skin from the humidity from inside the bar, but his heart still jumped with uncertainty and uncomfortableness. Storming out was expected, but storming off right after making someone pay for all their drinks? Now, people would call this somewhat of a “blow”, the kind of he totally flicked you off because he wanted to kind of blow, and Gai was not going to take this blow without a reasonable explanation.

“You can’t keep ignoring me forever y’know.” Gai stated matter-of-factly, “You’re gonna have to answer me- with a real, plausible answer and not just an ‘oh yeah’ or an ‘oh okay’ or anything that starts with the ‘O’ sound.”

“…Mm okay.” Kakashi grumbled.

“Oh my God you did not just- ugh, okay who are you and what have you done with the real Kakashi Hatake.” Gai said, completely baffled and done with Kakashi’s witty and unfocused attitude.

“Stop acting so childish, Gai.” Kakashi said exasperatingly, “You’re making Naruto’s blabbering sound more pleasing.”

“Oh c’mon Kakashi, there has to be a reason why you decided to be Mr. Grumpyface today,” Gai said while throwing an arm around Kakashi’s shoulders, “Hmm… Is it a girl?”

When Gai finished the last syllable in his taunting phrase, Kakashi halted in the middle of the dim streets. Gai almost fell forward, but his arm around Kakashi tightened so he can regain his balance, and when he found his footing again, his mind was in a million other places. Kakashi has a crush?!

“N-no way, dude.” Gai stuttered, “Okay impostor, what have you done with the real Kakashi because the real Kakashi doesn’t have crushes.”

Gai didn’t get a moment to take back his words, as he was instantly zooming through the air, Kakashi’s grip around his waist as tight as iron chains, and his back smashed against a tree. A very large tree indeed, and very tall as well. The tree was well out of the proximity of Konoha’s main street- it was probably in the midst of the park’s forestry or something. As far as the eye can see, all that can be seen vividly in the darkness was Kakashi’s menacingly glare.

“H-hey buddy, I was just messing around.” Gai said in a “take it easy” kind of tone, “I didn’t know it was actually a crush…”

Kakashi raised his eyebrow, signalling him to continue.

“But hey- since you obviously have a crush, let’s talk about it!” Gai said, “Maybe get to the bottom of why you seem so upset.”

“We don’t have to talk more about it.” Kakashi stated.

“Uh, hell yeah we do.” Gai said, “When was the last time you ever got infatuated with anyone- for all I know it could’ve been your old sensei’s wife or something.”

Kakashi’s temper did not cool down, as he got more annoyed and slammed both palms on the trunk of the tree, beside each side of Gai’s head. He hit the tree a bit harsher than intended, as little bits of brown particles drifted down from where they were to the ground.

We don’t have to talk more about it.” Kakashi said through gritted teeth.

Now Gai was indeed a bit scared. He knows Kakashi wasn’t actually going to hit him, because Kakashi would have to feel pure rage to do that, especially to him. No, this was a different type of emotion. Something a bit more complex than anger, and something a bit more torturous to one’s self too.


“Is someone jealous.” Gai teased in a singing tone.

Kakashi flinched, only a little bit, but enough to crack his stone cold appearance for one second. His agonized expression returned again, but this time it was much more softer and showed more accusation than negative emotions. His hands were still against the rough surface of the tree, and he really wished he could slap the sly look off Gai’s face.

“Really? You’re jealous at me?” Gai asked, almost bursting into laughter, “Which fair maiden in all of Konoha has eyes for me?”

“Don’t talk like that Gai- you’re a nice person.” Kakashi said, his mean tone gone from his voice as he denied his friend’s stab at himself for being too hideous for anyone.

“Well, aren’t you a piece of work? Why’d you go soft? You were going to punch me a minute ago.” Gai scoffed.

“Ugh… I’m sorry I went overboard and let my feelings take over.” Kakashi said, “Honestly it’s not much, but it’s just the way she talks you, and the way you talk back. Sparks are practically flying between you two, and yet here I am feeling extremely stupid and jealous.”

Gai sighed, feeling better after finally getting his friend to spill the beans. His hand reached to lay a comforting touch to Kakashi’s shoulder, and gave one of his signature Gai smiles, the type which either results in the other person groaning or smiling back. This time, Kakashi chose to smile behind his mask.

“Oh! I’m so sorry for interrupting!” A soft voice piped from below the tree, “I was just taking a night stroll a-and… I swear this was not planned! I AM NOT A STALKER PLEASE DON’T ASSUME ANYTHING! I-I…”

The two men’s eyes snapped down to the panicking girl at the foot of the tree. They both recognized her, and the anonymous girl in Kakashi’s confession finally had a face. Gai made the connection, and glanced over at Kakashi with a smirk. Kakashi on the other hand, was turning into a very unhealthy shade of red, but not for the reason Gai thinks.

“Gai.” Kakashi whispered, “You can take back your hand now.”

Gai obeyed, still unclear as to why. He only understood when Kakashi’s two arms lowered, and his hands left the trunk of the tree.

“I really screwed up, didn’t I?” The woman on the ground said, “Great, I just completely messed up a good kiss. My apologies.”

“N-No we weren’t-“ Kakashi began to explain, only to be cut off.

Kakashi?! Is that you?” The woman asked incredulously, “I-is that Gai as well? Oh man, I should’ve known you two were dating in the first place. Crap, now I feel even more stupid.”

“No, we’re not d-“

“Well of course we are a happy couple, you really need to start to pay more attention. We’re just the best power couple, right honey.” Gai gushed while leaving a big, sloppy kiss against Kakashi’s cheek.

For the second time that night, Gai didn’t have time to regret his actions, as this time Kakashi’s punched him through the tree.

SVT Reacting to You Being In Love W/ Another Member

anon asked:

reaction when they are in love with you but you are with another member? love your blog! :D

S.Coups: He’d be mature about it, and he wouldn’t really show you how he feels because he respects your feelings for the other member. However, expect a bit of distancing because he’d feel hurt when you’re around, when you sit near him he’d stiffen up or move altogether. His ego wouldn’t be hurt, yet he’d be extremely sad that your feelings aren’t returned. Upon hearing that you like someone else, he’d confess to you since he wouldn’t be able to keep his feelings a secret. “If you have feelings for him, then what can I do? I just hope they treat you the way you deserve.”

Jeonghan: He’d feel like he’s not enough, he’d wonder what the other member has that he doesn’t have. Jeonghan would still try to be understanding, yet he can’t help being cold around you. He wouldn’t talk to you or the other member as much, he’d definitely let his feelings get the best of him at first but that’s just because he likes you so much. At the end of the day, he accepts the fact that your heart belongs to someone else and he’d keep his feelings to himself. “I could’ve been so good for them.”

gif credit to: @17-bangtan-boys

Joshua: When he first hears that you’re in love with someone else, and that someone else turns out to be a member in the group, it’ll be like he got punched in the stomach. It would hurt and surprise him a lot since he’s been giving so much effort in showing you how he feels. Joshua would still keep in touch with you, if anything it’d hurt him even more if he couldn’t hear your voice. In front of you, he’d ask you how you are, and would make small talk. Yet, behind closed doors, he’d be over thinking and hardcore simping. He’d definitely confide in some of the older members, and Vernon.  “I should’ve confessed to them sooner.”

Jun: Jun would feel some sort of betrayal. Not in the way that he feels like you owe him something, but in the way that he had expected you to like him back too. He’d be nosy and ask the other members about your relationship with the member that you have feelings for. Jun would be quite observant of you when you’re around the other member, but that would just hurt him even more when he sees you smiling around them. In the end, he’d try to get over you. “I just wish things were different between me and them.”

gif credit to: @seok-sun-min

Hoshi: He’d be a sad little puppy. Although, Hoshi didn’t expect much from you he still held a bit of hope that maybe you’d return his feelings. Once he hears that you are in love with another member he’d accept it right away. Hoshi would wish you and the member happiness. Don’t let his happy appearance fool you because Hoshi would be devastated and crushed. He’d either confide in one person, or keep his thoughts to himself altogether. Honestly, he’d turn his sadness into an indirect choreography about you. “I guess he can make them laugh too.”

Wonwoo: Wonwoo would always give you subtle hints about how he feels, yet the second he’s about to make the big reveal he’d back out. So when he hears about how you and the other member are involved, he’d feel so defeated. He’d just look at you from afar. Wonwoo would still long to be your friend, and you’d wonder why he’s acting so weird so every time you try to reach out to him he’d reject you. Wonwoo would certainly need time to himself to get over you and the situation. “I just wish I could be the one to make them happy.”

gif cred to: @wonshi-17

Woozi: Woozi would try to hide his feelings the best he can. He’d distance himself from both you and the member you’re infatuated with. He wouldn’t see the point in trying to win your heart anymore, he’d be down on himself for not being bold in the first place. He’s not the type to cage himself in a room or anything, he’d go on in his normal routine yet more solemnly. Honestly, he’d write a song or two about the situation but that would only help him clear his head. Afterwards, Woozi would slowly seek to become your friend again like old times. He wouldn’t seek consolidation in the other members because he feels like he has a pretty good grip on the situation. “I don’t want to force them to have feelings for me because if it was meant to be then they would’ve, but they didn’t and that’s okay too.”

D.K: Oh boy. He’s gonna be heartbroken. He’s gonna go through all of the stages of grief to be honest. D.K would TRY to keep a leveled head. But… he’d do petty yet harmless things to the member you have feelings for. He’d give the both of you attitude although he doesn’t mean to you. D.K would really need support from the other members in order to calm down and accept your feelings. It’d be really hard for him to contain his feelings towards you even if he knows the other member likes you too. “I just hope he’s able to make them smile.”

gif credit to: @seventeenreactions

Mingyu: PUPPY EYES ALL AROUND. He’s just gonna look so lost, like “Why doesn’t she love me?”. He’s also going to be like Jeonghan in the sense where he’ll wonder why he’s not enough. He’d be stressed out thinking of the situation, and thinking of you. Mingyu would have a big burden on his chest because he wonders of what he could’ve done differently to make you fall for him. He just wishes he could be the one to hug you and to hold your hand.  Although he knows your feelings, he wouldn’t be able to hide his. So one day, he’d just explode and confess to you. “Why him and not me?”

Originally posted by mc-gyu

The8: The8 seems the most rational out of the 13 members besides Woozi. He seems to follow reasoning, and he’ll understand your feelings. Depending on who the member is, he’ll either be more or less salty. He’d definitely judge the member that you’ve fallen for in the sense where he’ll conclude if you two are compatible for each other. He’d take his stress out by breakdancing, and practicing martial arts. At first, The8 would find it hard to seek advice or to vent to anyone else but as a week or two passes he’ll finally tell a member how he feels. But he wouldn’t try to go for you knowing your heart belongs to someone else. “I just need some time to get over them.”

Seungkwan: Seungkwan’s world would be shattered once he finds out. Seungkwan wouldn’t feel betrayed or shocked, he’d just be disappointed that you had to fall for someone else. This would ruin his self-esteem for a little while. He’d definitely shed some tears, he’d definitely act differently. The other members would console him, and everyone in the group would know the situation. The member that you’ve fallen in love with would feel bad for Seungkwan. But Seungkwan wouldn’t want to keep you and the member apart. So he’d wish you two the best from the bottom of his heart. “I guess I should be okay with them being happy, even if it’s not with me.”

gif credit to: @ohmysoups

Vernon: Vernon would act very nonchalant. Around the members, he’d be normal and all smiles. The moment he sees you, his heart would break. He wouldn’t let the fact that you have feelings for someone else bother him throughout the day, it’s not always gonna be in the back of his mind. But when he does think about it, it’ll mess the boy up. Vernon wouldn’t feel like his time was wasted liking you, but he did hope and imagine a future for the both of you. “It doesn’t hurt if I don’t think about you.”

Originally posted by sneezes

Dino: Dino could really go either way, he’d either be really sad or he’d learn how to cope. But either way, he’d definitely be affected by the news of you liking another member. He’d cry to his hyungs about it, or he’d just be silent and dance his heart out, or both tbh. He wouldn’t be mad at you for not returning feelings, yet he wouldn’t understand why you would feel the way you do when he’s tried so hard to make you like him too. Undeniably, Dino would confess to you even though he knows your heart. “I just want to let you know that I really liked you, but if you like my hyung I hope you two can make each other happy, and I hope he’ll treat you well.”

Originally posted by dino-net

Thanks for requesting ^.^ - Admin V.K

 P.S I kinda went overboard with this one :’)

mamushkababuska  asked:

You don't have to like publicly answer (you can just message me), but if you feel okay with this, could you answer a question about Muslim headscarves or fashion in general? Can you switch from a hijab to a shayla? Or to a burqa? I'm sorry if I offended you in any way, I don't know a lot about Muslim culture, but I would love to as I am currently trying to write a POC! and Modern AU for TOG (inspo from you).






sorry went a bit overboard there but omg that is soooooo sweet and amazing tysm for that (you absolutely HAVE to link me to that fic) Can’t believe I have it in me to inspire someone smh I am but a pretty potato™

I’d like to answer this publicly if you don’t mind because it’s better for loads of people to be more knowledgeable about our cultures :D

That being said, there is no “Muslim Culture” since being a Muslim is a matter of belief and religion, not something that could be classified as a culture. A white person can convert to Islam and become a Muslim and there would not be any such culture, there would be the directions from Allah (God) and that’s it.

(It’s also why I personally believe that it’s wrong to peg people wearing hijabs as costumes/accessories as cultural appropriation, Islam isn’t a culture so it would not be seen as such. Yes, it is disrespecting Muslims and Islam but only if it’s meant to be trendy and cool and whatnot. It is also quite wrong to classify anyone as simply culturally appropriating since you may not know the intentions of one’s heart. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance and specifically encourages us to let other’s practice what they feel is right and if wearing Hijab brings ease to their souls even if they are not officially Muslims. Then so be it. This is also a reminder to get off this website and talk to actual people and go out and experience the world besides listening to what Tumblr feeds you.)

You can switch from anything to anything as long as you are still under the guidelines of pardah i.e. it covers you from the crown of your head to your neck and the rest of your body is also dressed modestly. You may follow these guidelines in any way you wish by choosing to wear the simple black abaya or floral and fashionable dresses. The act of pardah however, is a large commitment and taking the hijab off is worse than not wearing it in the first place. There are some Muslims (like me) who find a middle ground and do a loose sort of pardah, where we cover when we go outside with loosely draped cloths around our heads (Hair and ears are still seen but it is a general act of modesty quite common) or cover when there are unknown males nearby. This does not act as full pardah and we know it but we still find solace in this sort of casual modesty.

Hijab (or the act of covering) will be done in the presence of Non-Mehram. 

Sahih International

And tell the believing women to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts and not expose their adornment except that which [necessarily] appears thereof and to wrap [a portion of] their head-covers over their chests and not expose their adornment except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands’ fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers, their brothers’ sons, their sisters’ sons, their women, that which their right hands possess, or those male attendants having no physical desire, or children who are not yet aware of the private aspects of women. And let them not stamp their feet to make known what they conceal of their adornment. And turn to Allah in repentance, all of you, O believers, that you might succeed.

The brother of your husband is not your mahram. As it’s mentioned in a Hadith:

‘Uqba b. Amir reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: “Beware of getting, into the houses and meeting women (in seclusion).” A person from the Ansar said: “Allah’s Messenger, what about the husband’s brother?” Whereupon he said: “The husband’s brother is like death.” [Muslim 26/5400]

That is it for now, I hope this was an a better insight from a Muslim POC. Please do ask me questions and come to me if you need clarification while writing Muslim characters.

Irrational Anger

I can’t publish submissions like asks, so let’s do it this way. c; I went a lot overboard with his one. Warnings for briefly very dark Percy.

Words: 2k    Rating: Mature (For Violence)

A hand wraps around Percy’s wrist and pulls, but Percy doesn’t budge. He’s rooted in his place, the water swirls around him with the same fury he feels inside, he is going to end this right now. Part of his brain registers the desperate sound of someone saying his name, the yelling around him that gets drowned out by the sound of the water. Percy doesn’t care, this one time they went too far.

The pull on his wrist gets stronger and Percy can feel someone forcing their way through the water until they break through, standing dripping wet in the tiny circle Percy has made around himself.

“Percy, you need to stop this.” It’s Jason, broad presence right behind him, and Percy hears his yelling but doesn’t listen to the words. This is why Annabeth has broken up with him, she was terrified of the darkness inside but Percy embraces it now, the power that comes with it. The worst he can do is scare all what is left of his friends away, and they are already halfway gone so it doesn’t matter anyway.

An arm wraps around Percy from behind, then a second, and suddenly Jason is pulling Percy flush against his chest like he’s trying to restrain him and Percy laughs, short and bitter. With his newfound force, he throws Jason off. His actual enemy is already on the ground, they can wait, he has to take care of this problem first.

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anonymous asked:

Can you make an imagine about Harry dating a famous actress and make them the "it" couple

Rating: PG
Warnings: none.
Category: casual?
Request: yes! please keep sending in!

Note: I want to sing, and maybe someday act, so this is a thing that’s on my mind a lot, at least in the SINGERxSINGER sense. So really the “it” couple thing could mean anything, “rich and powerful” couple, or “nice and cute and adorable” couple, and it kind of went both ways. ENJOY. Sorry it’s SO LONG. I enjoyed writing this, and i feel like it sparked more stuff so maybe it’ll be a recurrent theme? If you’d like let me know!

10. Never Ending BuzzFeed posts.

The first time you were linked with Harry was over a fangirl fit you threw, around the time you did your first big acting gig. Stumbling into him randomly about town, late at night, at a cafe. If the fact that he had recognised you from your small movie wasn’t enough to make you fangirl, quickly asking for a picture and posting it to Instagram, sure had you over the moon, that’s ok, it was all cool, until he posted it as well, captioning it “Uprising!” making a comment about your quick shoot into the scene.

People immediately took a liking to you after your movie and soon you were leading role for the next, getting to work with an amazing director, and having the time of your life, making your dream come true.

It was a couple interviews later that you were asked about Harry.
“Oh he was amazing. I didn’t have a lot of time to chat with him, but I’ve always been a fan so, you know I was fangirling!” you laugh telling the interviewer, who laughs right back showing the famous photo.
“Have you seen him ever since?”
“ A couple of times here and there, in red carpets and awards. He’s always nice and looking for a chat so I’m glad I get to stumble into people like him. Like Ed Sheeran, and Zendaya, Troian Bellisario she’s so cool, they are all so nice” You say veering the topic from Harry in order to stop your blushing cheeks.

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anonymous asked:

Sanji, Zoro and Ace: Apologizing to or making up with their significant other after a huge argument.

(Making up after an argument/fight for some reason are my favorites So I made this longer than I originally thought and I think I went overboard…)

Sanji: He always hated fighting with his partner, they both said things that they didn’t mean and both of them would be angry with each other. After yelling ‘Fine!’ at each other, they both went separate ways. He was in the kitchen, cleaning to get himself distracted. He tried to push away the feelings of guilt away but it didn’t work.

‘It’s just flirting!’

‘Of course I care about you!’

‘You’re being ridiculous!’

'You won’t stop me from doing what I know is natural!’

'Then I think we do need a break if you’re acting like this!’


He turned off the sink and gripped the sink, looking at the now empty basin. He wiped his hands on a hand towel and left the kitchen to find his partner. They would always be by the helm, sitting on the grass and leaning back against the railing. He found them just where he thought and they were looking up at the sky. He felt his chest clench painfully after seeing the tear streaks on their cheeks. He went over slowly and stood in front of them. They looked away from the sky and to him. No words were said as he sat down next to them. 

“You should know… I care so much about you… When I flirt with girls, it’s meaningless… I don’t want a break…. I love you… And I’m sorry…” He mumbled after a moment of silence. His partner looked at him and noticed how his bang hung in front of his face and hid it from them. They didn’t say anything as they moved over closer to his side and leaned their head on his shoulder. He seemed to visibly relax and he turned to them before crushing them into his arms and nuzzling his face in their neck, knowing that he was on the road to be forgiven.

Roronoa Zoro: He stomped off as he went to the crow’s nest to train. He trained vigorously, letting out his anger with each exercise. He dropped the weights and fell back on the couch, wiping the sweat off his forehead with a towel. The words that happened during the fight swirled around in his thoughts as he lowered the towel from his face.

'You can’t tell me what to do! I’ll train and drink as much as I want!’

'Worry about yourself!’

'The hell do you mean that I don’t care about you?!’

'If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t be with you, stupid!’

'Then, let’s break up! I don’t need you anyway!’

“Shit…” He cursed, throwing the towel down on the ground and made his way down the ladder. He headed for his partner’s room and hesitantly raised his fist to knock. He sighed and tapped the door a couple times. He heard a sniffle and some shuffling. Damn it. He made them cry. This was going to be even harder. His partner slowly opened the door and looked at him.

“W-What do you want?” They mumbled. He could see that they had tried to hide the fact that they were crying and be strong but he knew them better than that. He scratched the back of his head, looking to the side.

“Look… I didn’t mean… I mean I was just…” He growled a bit, angry at himself that he couldn’t apologize properly. He grabbed their arm and pulled them into his chest, hugging them tightly. “I’m sorry, okay? I do need you and I’m not used to someone caring about me as much as you do. I don’t want to break up because I… I love you…” He muttered, hiding his blushing face in their hair. He felt their arms come up and hug him tightly, gripping his bare back with their fingers and crying into his chest.

Portgas D. Ace: The crew had avoided him as he was literally on fire from his anger. He was in his room pacing and trying to rationalize that it wasn’t his fault but he just couldn’t. He was already having a horrible day but when his partner asked him a simple question, he exploded.

'Leave me alone! All you do is annoy me!’

'You’re what’s wrong! Leave me the hell alone!’

'I feel sorry for you! That’s why we’re going out! That’s the only reason!’

'A break up sounds great to me!’

He rubbed his face with his hands and sat down on his bed, hating the fact that his anger got the best of him and may have lost him the love of his life. He took deep breaths and calmed down before heading out of the room, dragging his feet. He looked everywhere for his partner and noticing the glares that the crew gave him when he looked through the rooms. He finally found them in the kitchen with Thatch. They were sitting on the counter as Thatch was cooking, occasionally patting their knee. Ace shuffled uncomfortable before clearing his throat. His partner looked up and he saw their eyes widen and hop off the counter. They quickly walked past him and Thatch sent him a disapproving look. Ace was frozen when he saw the tears in his partner’s eyes. He quickly turned around and ran after them, hugging them tightly from behind and nuzzling his face in their neck.

“I messed up… I took my anger out on you and I’m horrible for doing that… That fight… I didn’t mean anything… You’re amazing, smart, beautiful, and everything in between! I love you with all my heart! I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to find a way for you to forgive! I don’t want to lose you! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I’m so so so-!” His partner turned around and cupped his face before kissing him to shut him up. His grip on them tightened and kissed back, only realizing that he was crying after his tears and theirs mixed together.


Someone He Loves | Liam Dunbar Imagine

request ; Can you do an imagine where the reader (who happens to look like Camila Cabello) is Stiles’ little sister who is Liam’s age and she’s attacked by Theo in his wolf form. The reader is put into the hospital and the Dread Doctors & Theo make a visit to her. Liam finds out about her being attacked and he’s upset since she doesn’t know about the supernatural? Please and thank you! 

word count ; 1764

warnings ; minor swearing (like two words), violent thoughts (lookin at you mr raeken), blood.

a/n ; changed it up just a little, left out the camila part because i couldn’t figure out how to casually throw that in there lmfao. theo wasn’t in his wolf form either, and the dread doctors didn’t come after her in the hospital because at first i really did try to make it work but i feel like the way i wrote it worked out well, too. hope you enjoy it anyway, love. also, i’m sorry i got this up a bit late, i knew i was going to write this but i hadn’t gotten in the mood until a little while ago. and i probably went overboard with this but i like how it turned out, so. oh well.

So maybe you weren’t supposed to out this late, that was definitely probable. But you weren’t a child anymore, you were sixteen, and Stiles was going to have accept that fact that you actually had friends other than Scott. You had snuck out, Stiles was pissed, and you were determinedly walking home even though Stiles had told you that he was coming to pick you up.

A boy quickly fell into step next to you, a charming grin displayed on his face as he offered to walk you home, seeing as it was midnight and he, quote, “wanted to make sure the pretty girl got in alright.” You accepted, because he was a cute boy and you were a naive girl who didn’t know that this was Theo Raeken, and he wasn’t just talking to you to be nice. Then again, you were still in the dark about the entire supernatural existence, so it wasn’t all that unexpected for Theo to go after the girl with the most reason to trust him. 

“You’re Y/N Stilinski, right?” He asked, already knowing the answer to that question before you smiled at him and replied. He sent you another grin back, resting the urge to knock you out and kill you right there. But not yet. He wanted to make sure it tore Stiles Stilinski apart from the inside out to find your pretty little body bleeding and broken, not to mention make sure that it caused some sort of pain to each of member of the McCall pack.

“Uh, yeah, and I believe you’re Theo Raeken, though I’m not quite sure since Stiles described you as a sneaky bastard who’s unfairly attractive, so…” You laughed, running a hand through your hair and subconsciously reminding yourself to not start rambling like an idiot in front of the cute boy.

Bitch. “I can’t tell if I’m supposed to be insulted or flattered, so I’m just going to ignore that,” Theo chuckled, feeling another urge to kill you pass over him. ”So, you and your brother, are you close?”

You shrugged. “Yeah, I’d say we’re pretty close. Why?” 

“Oh, nothing, I just know that sometimes siblings with even minor age gaps don’t share that much of a bond, I was curious,” Theo recited easily, flashing you another reassuring smile. “What about his friends? Are you close with them?”

You nodded again, smiling brightly as you answered. “Oh, yeah, definitely! I’ve known Scott my whole life, he’s just another older brother. Lydia is basically my older sister, too, and there was another girl, Allison, and she was a sister to me as well. Kira and Malia are always really nice to me, and Liam is sort of complicated. We’re kind of dating but…I don’t even know, really.” You looked over at Theo, about to ask him if he had met anyone in town yet, but his entire demeanor had changed. His lighthearted grin was now a smirk, his eyes no longer friendly, just cold and calculating. 

“Perfect,” he said softly, twisting a strand of your hair around his finger. Before you could ask what he was doing, his eyes were glowing gold, and he wasn’t just some creepy kid. He was terrifying, claws and fangs extended as he slammed your head against the concrete, knocking you out right there on the pavement. It might have been enough to kill you, but he wasn’t about to check. This would be enough to hurt them all. He leaned down toward you, whispering in your ear, “Who knows? Maybe you’ll even live long enough for your stupid older brother to explain why you shouldn’t go walking around in the dark.”

“Y/N was supposed to wait for me, Scott! Dammit!” Stiles was speeding down another road, Scott doing his best to calm his friend down, Liam looking terrified in the back seat. He sat pale and rigid, jaw clenched as he glared out the window, hoping to catch even a glimpse of you. To make sure you were alright. Stiles slammed his hand on the steering wheel, nearly spinning the rundown jeep into the side of a house. Scott grabbed the steering wheel back before Stiles could do any real damage, but he had never seen his best friend like this before, so frantic. 

“Stiles, I promise we’ll find her, but we can’t do that if we’re all in the hospital. Please, just slow down,” Scott cast a glance at Liam in the mirror, seeing his anxious expression and hearing his racing heartbeat. “Liam looks like he’s going to be sick.” 

It wasn’t the car ride that was making Liam want to throw up, it was the prospect of finding you. He was so scared that when they finally got to you, it’d be too late. His hands were shaking when he went to brush away the tears that were threatening to pour down his cheeks. His head snapped up suddenly, and he inhaled sharply, met with the tangy smell of…

“Blood,” Scott muttered, eyes searching the street in front of them. “I smell blood. Pull up here. Now.” Stiles obeyed immediately, parking in the first available spot. Liam was the first to tumble out of the car, taking off in the direction of the scent. 

He screeched to a stop when he saw, splayed out on the ground and a pool of blood around your head. He dropped to his knees, listening for a heartbeat. It was weak, really weak, but it was there. He wasn’t sure for how long. He took you in his arms, shutting his eyes and trying to absorb your pain. 

There wasn’t anything to absorb. If you weren’t in pain, did that mean…

His heart lurched, and he squeezed his eyes shut, but even that couldn’t stop the steady flow of tears that were making their way down his face. “Oh, God. Oh god, oh god, oh god,” he murmured, stroking your face. He stood up, balancing you in his arms and carrying you toward Stiles’ jeep at an alarming speed. Scott and Stiles were waiting there, and Stiles looked like he wanted to die right there when he saw the state you were in. “We-we have to get her to the hospital, Scott, please, help me lift her into the car -” Sensing Liam’s oncoming hysteria, the boys lifted the girl into the backseat, Liam cradling her head in his lap, unaware of the dark blood now staining his pants from just holding her. 

Stiles probably broke about ten different laws that night, the way he was driving, but nobody cared. Liam was in the backseat watching the girl he loved bleed out, Scott was terrified that the girl he had come to think of his younger sister might die, and Stiles wanted to die himself, knowing that he had refused to arm you with the knowledge of the supernatural world that could’ve spared you. 

Seven hours later, Liam was standing in the hospital waiting room, nervously playing with his hands and shifting uncomfortably due to the pants that Stiles had supplied with him. They were two sizes too large. He hadn’t left the hospital since you were brought here.

Everyone refused to let him see you. Everyone. They said to give you another hour in surgery, because you could have a serious concussion, but all he wanted was to go in there and take away any sort of pain you were feeling, and hold your hand to ease the pain that he was feeling. The worst part was that you hadn’t even known about the supernatural. Maybe if he had told you like had wanted to in the first place, maybe if he hadn’t listened to Stiles, you would’ve been able to protect yourself better. Maybe Liam could’ve protected you better. But you hadn’t known. And he hated himself for being too scared of your brother to tell you.

Stiles exited your room, looking exhausted and thoroughly upset. He had tear tracks on his cheeks, and his eyes were bloodshot. He had been in there nearly five hours, probably not sleeping a bit since he got in there. He blinked at Liam, as if surprised that the kid was still there. The circles under Liam’s blue eyes were dark, and the poor kid looked like he hadn’t stopped crying, his eyes were still watery. He looked up at Stiles, pleading with his eyes. Let me see her. Please. Stiles nodded, pushing open her door and shutting it once Liam entered. 

Liam was by your side in a second, already lacing your fingers together and giving your hand a soft, supportive squeeze. He was content just sitting there, holding your hand like he had wanted to. He closed his eyes, and let himself drift off to sleep, his head falling onto his chest. 

You woke up a little while after that, and though the nurses insisted on directing Liam back into the waiting room, you had made sure they didn’t touch him. You wanted him near you. When everyone else had cleared out of your room, you woke him up. He jolted in his chair, eyes bright once he saw you awake and smiling weakly. 

“Y/N,” he whispered, his voice cracked. He hugged you tightly, breathing deeply into your shoulder and almost breaking down again. You rubbed his back soothingly, knowing that he was too upset to speak. You weren’t even in pain anymore, but you knew he was. When he pulled away, he opened his mouth to apologize to you a thousand times over, but you interrupted him. 

“I don’t want to hear about how sorry you are. It’s not your fault, you couldn’t have done anything, Li,” you stroked his hair gently, cupping his cheek. He went to protest again, but you shook your head. “Stiles told me everything. And even if I had known before, the bastard would have found some way to get to me. I’m human, I can’t fight. So don’t blame yourself, alright?” 

He nodded, smiling at you softly before taking you in his arms again. He was still going to blame himself. He was still going to insist that it was his fault, that there was something he could’ve done to prevent this. Now, he was going to take every precaution out there to make sure you never got hurt this bad again. If that meant training you to fight, so be it. If that meant forcing Scott to give you the fight, then he’d do his best. Anything to keep you safe.

Anything to keep you alive.

DRAMIONE DECEMBER FAVORITES - Day Seven: Festive Headcanons

so since i’m gonna be away tomorrow i’m just going to do this a day early but oh my gosh oh my gosh christmas headcanons are my favorite thing ever y'all are unleashing a crazy person here by giving this prompt

• first of all DRAMIONE AND SNOW. like. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. snowball fights. building SNOW FORTS. thinking the other person looks like an angel with the flakes falling in their hair and on their eyelashes. laying down and making actual snow angels. BUILDING SNOWMEN. rubbing it all over each other’s faces. JUST TINY NERDS RUNNING AROUND AND GIGGLING IN THE SNOW LIKE A BUNCH OF LITTLE KIDS AND HAVING F UN (bonus points if this is before they’re in a relationship and don’t get to see each other laugh and smile and just break free like this a lot)

• DRACO AND HERMIONE ICE SKATING AHH and this is a million times better if one of them doesn’t know how to skate and the other one has to lEAD THEM AROUND BY THE HANDS while they grumble about it *squeals*

• decorating for christmasss oh my gosh like draco being SO FUSSY about everything looking artistic but he’s never done the decorating himself before since they had house elves for that so he gets tangled up in lights and falls off the ladder when he’s putting the star on the tree and almost gets electrocuted a few times since all these plugs and weird socket things are so bloody confusing and hermione just kind of watches in amusement for a while before she finally decides to stop being cruel and help him

• as an addition to the above, decorating their first tree together with holiday music playing in the background and dorky christmas sweaters on would be the cutest thing EVER


• snuggling in bed under a million blankets since they’re both babies about the cold and looking like two little chicks or something in their nest of comforters and quilts

• draco bursting into the bedroom on christmas morning wearing a cheesy santa hat and yelling ‘WAKE UP IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!’ and then dragging a half-awake hermione who’s muttering about ‘the one day he has to be a morning person’ out to the gigantic mess of a breakfast he attempted to make for her and then straight to the christmas tree to open his presents as fake snow falls from the ceiling and hermione’s just insanely touched by all the effort he put in cause the little reformed sweetie’s probably been up since five getting everything ready- draco always did do everything extravagantly


• hermione getting draco a simple little watch engraved with an otter and a dragon on the back and a cute sentimental quote under the band for christmas one year and draco actually TEARING UP bc nobody’s ever gotten him something that means something before, something that shows the giver cares about him, and even though it isn’t fancy he loves this watch more than any expensive gift he’s ever gotten

• and we can’t forget MISTLETOE ofc. imagine draco just hanging it EVERYWHERE. charming it into appearance everywhere they go. 'oh look granger’ *pushes her a few steps to the left* 'whaddya know we’re right under some mistletoe isn’t that weird’ 'hey granger someone hung mistletoe HERE TOO this is just the STRANGEST THING’ 'huh who would’ve thought there would be mistletoe under this specific tree in the park. such a coincidence!!! guess we’d better not ignore the tradition haha’

• hermione yanking draco down by his scarf to kiss him :))))

• draco and hermione have a tradition that every december they get two copies of some novel that at least has some christmasy aspect to it and they have a race to see who can finish it first and then when they’re both done they stay up till the crack of dawn discussing it over hot cocoa

• CHRISTMAS LIGHT RUNS TOO THO like on the night of christmas eve they apparate to some big muggle neighborhood (discreetly of course) and run around like kids on halloween looking at all the pretty decorated houses and the first time they do it draco’s eyes light up cause he never knew how BEAUTIFUL electricity could look

• draco being so excited at little scorpius’ first christmas and being so determined to be a good father that he goes way overboard with the presents and 'baby’s 1st christmas’ ornaments and he stuffs the bitty little stocking beyond what should be even physically possible

yeah sorry i went insane but I DID WARN YOU

More late night (morning) ramblings

I’m trying to save for a professional camera. My camera is pretty nice, but it isn’t full frame. It doesn’t do good in low light. It doesn’t have a lot of megapixels. And it doesn’t have great dynamic range. I think I get professional results from my camera, but I do feel sometimes it holds me back. I don’t know. I feel like I am a pro photographer and I should have a pro camera. Saving for stuff is hard though. Especially when you have to buy food and pay bills. I keep having to use the money I put aside. It’s getting frustrating. I’ve got a few photography gigs coming up that should help. But getting new business is hard. I’m sure if I keep at it, things will pick up. 

Sometimes I post animals and I assume everything is fine in the images, but someone will write in and tell me that the animal is in some kind of danger or distress. Often they blame me for not researching the image or just knowing off hand that cat saliva is bad for reptiles. I do the best I can. And sometimes I feel like they are taking things way too overboard. I didn’t post a cat licking a reptile or anything. I would hope the owners of these animals would make sure that didn’t happen. But, what do I know?

I went to see my friend in a play last weekend. It was really nice and she is an amazing actress. I don’t regret going, but dammit, I hate the energy hangovers I get from going places. I wasn’t even gone that long. Maybe 4 hours? But the car ride to and from, plus the sitting upright for all that time… it just takes a ton out of me. My CFS hates when I go places and it really makes me sad sometimes. I wish I could leave the house more. I hear some people say, “I wish I could lay in bed all day.” And I say to that… no you don’t. You may think that sometimes. But if you have no choice but to lay in bed 20+ hours a day… it gets old real quick. 

There is a medicine for my CFS that I might be able to try. But… of course… it’s complicated. Insurance won’t cover it, my doctor doesn’t know anything about it, it’s hard to get, and it is expensive. The good news is, there may be a generic version available. I’m going to bring it up the next time my doctor visits and hopefully I can try it. It may not do anything at all, but I want to at least try it. It’s called Valcyte for those curious. It treats the HHV6 retrovirus that is thought to possibly cause or catalyze Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

My depression is giving me a hard time right now. I was doing okay yesterday but right now I feel like it is sitting on my shoulders weighing me down. Writing about it helps some. And hearing other people are going through the same helps too. I just feel like it is too much sometimes. I already deal with CFS and narcolepsy. They are a constant in my life and adding depression to them is just so frustrating. I want to scream but I might wake up Otis and the folks. 

I like living with my parents. So many people look down upon living in my parents basement. But even if I wasn’t sick, I might still be living here. We help take care of each other. They are not in the best of health either and we are each others’ support system. They are like my best friends. We enjoy the company of each other. It’s nice. I really don’t see the big deal. 

That’s all I got for now. Thank you all for listening and for your lovely comments of support. I really appreciate it. 

yeah, i figured while i was reading the update that this was gonna be a widely asked question in my inbox, and it is sure enough, and i mean all i can really say is yeah? i never really said bro wasnt an asshole, hell 90% of my jokes involve him being a huge ridiculous asshole. though i feel like the real elephant in the room here though is people asking if i still like him as a character and if will still enjoy cosplaying him, so ill address that under the cut

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