Conversations with the dead;
"You can't escape forever, mistaking smoke for heaven's light It's not follow or a fade to black, and white." Dedicated to the push and pull relationship between two very sad souls and to my lovely Jack. [Built like a conversation to the rhythm of both, gabriel, then jack in the annotations.]

I have no self control and I’m an anxious wreck right now, so have another mix. This one is for my dear Becca @ncthehero, because I love her or something. Also, got a bit out of hand because reaper76 is trying to kill me. 

Coffee Shop

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Pairing: Sam x reader
Word count: 331
Request:  Anonymous. Can I request a fic based of the song Falling in love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg. As a Sam x Reader? Please? By the way I love you guys! Thank you!
A/N: I thought this song deserved short and sweet. I really liked it and didn’t want to go overboard. It had a light feeling to it<3

Briefcase in hand, Sam walked into the coffee shop on the corner near his law office. He’d passed it a handful of times, and he finally went in. Something about it had caught his eye, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. As he stood in line, his hazel eyes read over the simple menu and smiled. He liked simple. None of the bells and whistles.

“Excuse me.” Came a voice.

Glancing down, Sam took a step back, letting you by. “Sorry.”

You smiled over your shoulder at him. “Don’t be.” With that, you walked out and got on your bike. Sam’s gaze followed you until you were no longer in sight.

When it was his turn, he stepped up, his mind wandering to you.

He returned the next day, a little earlier. He hoped to see you again, for more than a moment. After ordering his coffee, he sat at one of the tables. He had been reading the paper and happened to glance up. There you were at the table across from him. You were writing something in a notebook. A strand of hair fell in your face, not even affecting you.

Finishing his coffee, he gathered his things, and left.

As he stood, you glanced up, watching him for a moment.

Sam returned every single day, just to see you. Finally, he spoke to you. “Hi.” He smiled, his dimples making you weak. “Uh, this will sound weird, but I had passed this coffee shop a lot. I finally was drawn to it. I couldn’t figure out why.” He chuckled nervously. “And then I realized…it was you.”

You chuckled and smiled. “Funny, because I normally don’t drink coffee.” You laughed. “I would come in now and then, but not every day. And then I saw you.” You blushed. “Would you like to join me this morning?”

“I’d like that.” He agreed.

Now he knew why he walked into that coffee shop in the first place.

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