What’s gonna be left of the world if you’re not in it?

Word Count: 8.5K+
Pairing: Alex Summers x Female Reader
Summary: When you went with Alex to drop off Scott at Charles’ school, this was the last thing you expected to happen.
Rating: MA (Explicit)
Warnings:  Explicit sex scenes.
A/N: I’m so fucking bitter about Alex’s death that I went overboard with how ideal and wonderful your relationship is because I JUST CAN’T STAND THE FACT THAT THEY KILLED HIM

Is this what heaven feels like? With Alex’s arms wrapped tightly around you– is this what it feels to be in a higher plane of existence? It has to be, because you haven’t heard of anyone who experiences this in the same way you both do– as something so ethereal, so sublime

Alex jokingly calls it the magic of the afterglow– but he also feels like there is something he doesn’t quite understand that takes over the both of you when you’re together. Sometimes you can’t help but wonder if there is actually some kind of magic involved in it, because the connection you two share doesn’t seem to be as common as you once believed it to be. The way you get lost in him and his constant need to profess his love and devotion to you weren’t things you paid that much attention to before, but as the years pass and this thing that binds you together only grows stronger, you can’t ignore the fact that the way you love each other is simply different from the way other people do.

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anonymous asked:

Can you analyze Le Petite Tourette?

Oh god, that episode. I feel like I’ve talked about it a lot, but this is one of those episodes that’s just perfect and has the tones of everything I want in an episode. It doesn’t go overboard with the jokes but they’re still funny and there.

I really like how this episode went out of its way to explain what Tourettes is like for the kids that have it. It’s one of those episodes you can show to someone whenever they say that South Park is cruel or whatever. But anyway, there’s not much to analyze in this episode, everything’s pretty straight forward.

It’s Cartman being a villain, and that’s awesome. I love when Cartman takes on the villain role because of how diabolical he starts acting. He really hams this shit up alright, it’s great. 

Cartman chill out ok you’re fucking ten years old (Jk don’t stop you’re adorable). Also, he basically challenges Kyle to stop him. When Kyle confirms that he’s going to try to stop him, Cartman says “the game is on.” It’s implied that this is a game to him, like Kyle’s his opponent and everyone else is just a pawn on the chessboard. 

Also, Kyle callled Cartman a derelict. He taught me a new word.

Derelict. In a very poor condition as a result of neglect.

…Whoa. That’s pretty specific. 

It can also be used as: Someone shamefully negligent of responsibility. Or a person abandoned by society.

Ok Kyle, Cartman may be a derelict but at least he doesn’t run off with people’s apple juice

fucking rude 

Also despite Kyle insisting this isn’t a game, he does take the opportunity to play this up. Getting in a sneaky little suit and giving himself a code name.


And, despite saying it’s not a game, when he foils Cartman’s plan, he still says “I beat you!” Twice. And then he asks what Cartman has to say, holding this smug look on his face, relishing in his victory.


Holy shit, they were both so cute this episode arghh  > ’ < 

yaminohimeyume  asked:

H-Hello! I love your blog! ♡ Since uhm.. I'm watching for the first time the "Grand Magic Games" can I ask a scenario where Laxus' gf follows his fight with Alexei/His father and get all worried but as he win she rushes to him? thx! *HIDES*

oh god u cutie patootie!
you’re watching my favorite arc, i love everything about it!
but ofc you can have this
i feel like i went overboard god

Laxus and loosing didn’t seem like two words that would go together, seriously, never in your life had you seen Laxus lose. He was an S-Class for a reason, the way you were an S-Class wasn’t just something you could get, you had to earn it.

But the way it looked right now it seemed like Laxus was just someone who wasn’t really an S-Class and that people just put him on a pedestal. When that wasn’t the case.

Laxus was strong you knew that Fairy Tail knew that a lot of people knew that, but here he was in the Grand Magic Games, loosing to Raven Tail. It took every fiber in your body for you not to jump over the railing and make sure Laxus was okay and help him.

“(Name)-san… Are you okay?” Levy asked, sweat dropping while you gritted your teeth in complete annoyance and anger as you were holding on the railing tightly, it looked like you were close to breaking it.

“Just… Peachy…” You trailed off your voice filled with completely annoyance, “I just want to jump out there and… help!” You exclaimed desperately wanting to jump over the railing and head in that damned arena.

“Why is Laxus on the ropes like this?” Master asked, before Warren asked Bisca if Ivan was doing anything, then he asked the squad and Lisanna to which they said he wasn’t.

You grabbed the railing more making it crack. “Laxus, you idiot!” You shouted, “What the hell are you doing?!” You added as you saw him being held up by Alexei.

Though he was easily thrown back with a punch making you let go of the railing slightly in relief, seeing that he was finally fighting back. “Oh, my! Laxus has begun to counterattack!” The announcer spoke.

“About damn time…” You whispered under your breath as Laxus went for the attack as Master and Happy cheered, the fight looked like Laxus would win from here on out, until Ivan fought back, using magic to send him into the arena’s wall making you grow extremely worried again.

“Uh-oh! The tables are turned again!” The announcer announced, “Is this the end of Laxus’s counterattack?!” You frowned, “How stupid…” You muttered under your breath as Laxus went back to being held against the ropes.

“Laxus, come on!” You shouted, ready to jump out; and you were close to, but Levy and others held you back to make sure you wouldn’t. “You said you would win!” You shouted, not even bothering to tune in to what the announcer was saying.

The fight continued on with Laxus on the ropes making you even more worried and annoyed than before, though when Alexei was thrown at the arena wall along with the Raven Tail members being knocked out. You blinked in confusion, “Two… Laxus’s?” You asked.

“Wait,” You looked over at the Raven Tail members seeing them disappear, “Thought-forms?” You asked before looking back at Laxus, “Then the battle we were watching between Laxus and Alexei was just an illusion?!” The announcer shouted, “Laxus is still standing! The match is over!”

And then Laxus was announced the winner making the guild cheer in happiness, while you ran downstairs quickly to the entrance and exit to make sure you would see Laxus.

As soon as you got there the blonde was there. “Laxus! You’re here already!” You exclaimed as the male, walked towards you. “You’re so loud.” He stated, “I was worried! We all were! We thought you were losing!”

The blonde only listened as you ranted more about how you were worried before he stopped you with a pinch to your cheek making you whine as you wanted to say something, but being cut off by Laxus with a kiss.

It was a long kiss as he wrapped an arm around your waist while you wrapped your arms around his neck, the blonde pulled away as you blinked slightly feeling dazed from it. “I told you I would win, and I did. No need to get so worried.”

“I can’t help it…” You trailed off, before you smiled, “I am glad you won though.” You said moving a hand to his face, “Very happy about it,” You said before getting serious, “But I was seriously worried, don’t do that again.” The male let out a huff, “It’s not my fault you’re so worried.” You glared at him.

“It should be!”

“(Name), I love you, but take me to the infirmary.”

“Oh, right! I love you too by the way.”