What’s gonna be left of the world if you’re not in it?

Word Count: 8.5K+
Pairing: Alex Summers x Female Reader
Summary: When you went with Alex to drop off Scott at Charles’ school, this was the last thing you expected to happen.
Rating: MA (Explicit)
Warnings:  Explicit sex scenes.
A/N: I’m so fucking bitter about Alex’s death that I went overboard with how ideal and wonderful your relationship is because I JUST CAN’T STAND THE FACT THAT THEY KILLED HIM

Is this what heaven feels like? With Alex’s arms wrapped tightly around you– is this what it feels to be in a higher plane of existence? It has to be, because you haven’t heard of anyone who experiences this in the same way you both do– as something so ethereal, so sublime

Alex jokingly calls it the magic of the afterglow– but he also feels like there is something he doesn’t quite understand that takes over the both of you when you’re together. Sometimes you can’t help but wonder if there is actually some kind of magic involved in it, because the connection you two share doesn’t seem to be as common as you once believed it to be. The way you get lost in him and his constant need to profess his love and devotion to you weren’t things you paid that much attention to before, but as the years pass and this thing that binds you together only grows stronger, you can’t ignore the fact that the way you love each other is simply different from the way other people do.

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Irrational Anger

I can’t publish submissions like asks, so let’s do it this way. c; I went a lot overboard with his one. Warnings for briefly very dark Percy.

Words: 2k    Rating: Mature (For Violence)

A hand wraps around Percy’s wrist and pulls, but Percy doesn’t budge. He’s rooted in his place, the water swirls around him with the same fury he feels inside, he is going to end this right now. Part of his brain registers the desperate sound of someone saying his name, the yelling around him that gets drowned out by the sound of the water. Percy doesn’t care, this one time they went too far.

The pull on his wrist gets stronger and Percy can feel someone forcing their way through the water until they break through, standing dripping wet in the tiny circle Percy has made around himself.

“Percy, you need to stop this.” It’s Jason, broad presence right behind him, and Percy hears his yelling but doesn’t listen to the words. This is why Annabeth has broken up with him, she was terrified of the darkness inside but Percy embraces it now, the power that comes with it. The worst he can do is scare all what is left of his friends away, and they are already halfway gone so it doesn’t matter anyway.

An arm wraps around Percy from behind, then a second, and suddenly Jason is pulling Percy flush against his chest like he’s trying to restrain him and Percy laughs, short and bitter. With his newfound force, he throws Jason off. His actual enemy is already on the ground, they can wait, he has to take care of this problem first.

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anonymous asked:

Can you analyze Le Petite Tourette?

Oh god, that episode. I feel like I’ve talked about it a lot, but this is one of those episodes that’s just perfect and has the tones of everything I want in an episode. It doesn’t go overboard with the jokes but they’re still funny and there.

I really like how this episode went out of its way to explain what Tourettes is like for the kids that have it. It’s one of those episodes you can show to someone whenever they say that South Park is cruel or whatever. But anyway, there’s not much to analyze in this episode, everything’s pretty straight forward.

It’s Cartman being a villain, and that’s awesome. I love when Cartman takes on the villain role because of how diabolical he starts acting. He really hams this shit up alright, it’s great. 

Cartman chill out ok you’re fucking ten years old (Jk don’t stop you’re adorable). Also, he basically challenges Kyle to stop him. When Kyle confirms that he’s going to try to stop him, Cartman says “the game is on.” It’s implied that this is a game to him, like Kyle’s his opponent and everyone else is just a pawn on the chessboard. 

Also, Kyle callled Cartman a derelict. He taught me a new word.

Derelict. In a very poor condition as a result of neglect.

…Whoa. That’s pretty specific. 

It can also be used as: Someone shamefully negligent of responsibility. Or a person abandoned by society.

Ok Kyle, Cartman may be a derelict but at least he doesn’t run off with people’s apple juice

fucking rude 

Also despite Kyle insisting this isn’t a game, he does take the opportunity to play this up. Getting in a sneaky little suit and giving himself a code name.


And, despite saying it’s not a game, when he foils Cartman’s plan, he still says “I beat you!” Twice. And then he asks what Cartman has to say, holding this smug look on his face, relishing in his victory.


Holy shit, they were both so cute this episode arghh  > ’ < 

Coffee Shop

Originally posted by weeklyspn

Pairing: Sam x reader
Word count: 331
Request:  Anonymous. Can I request a fic based of the song Falling in love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg. As a Sam x Reader? Please? By the way I love you guys! Thank you!
A/N: I thought this song deserved short and sweet. I really liked it and didn’t want to go overboard. It had a light feeling to it<3

Briefcase in hand, Sam walked into the coffee shop on the corner near his law office. He’d passed it a handful of times, and he finally went in. Something about it had caught his eye, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. As he stood in line, his hazel eyes read over the simple menu and smiled. He liked simple. None of the bells and whistles.

“Excuse me.” Came a voice.

Glancing down, Sam took a step back, letting you by. “Sorry.”

You smiled over your shoulder at him. “Don’t be.” With that, you walked out and got on your bike. Sam’s gaze followed you until you were no longer in sight.

When it was his turn, he stepped up, his mind wandering to you.

He returned the next day, a little earlier. He hoped to see you again, for more than a moment. After ordering his coffee, he sat at one of the tables. He had been reading the paper and happened to glance up. There you were at the table across from him. You were writing something in a notebook. A strand of hair fell in your face, not even affecting you.

Finishing his coffee, he gathered his things, and left.

As he stood, you glanced up, watching him for a moment.

Sam returned every single day, just to see you. Finally, he spoke to you. “Hi.” He smiled, his dimples making you weak. “Uh, this will sound weird, but I had passed this coffee shop a lot. I finally was drawn to it. I couldn’t figure out why.” He chuckled nervously. “And then I realized…it was you.”

You chuckled and smiled. “Funny, because I normally don’t drink coffee.” You laughed. “I would come in now and then, but not every day. And then I saw you.” You blushed. “Would you like to join me this morning?”

“I’d like that.” He agreed.

Now he knew why he walked into that coffee shop in the first place.

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