Have some low quality pictures of my cat and I

To be honest I like this one. For many reasons. And it’s very bad because when my self esteem is growing up the quality of my art is usually falling down ;_;

I want to draw something like reference list(?) for human Mettaton. I have lots of dumb ideas how to interpret details of his original appearance for human being (especially MTT Neo). Not in the nearest future but maybe couple months later.

And as usual - sorry for my English :P

chainedintimacy  asked:

I'm interested in knowing how you feel about the post you just made with older Pairo and on if he'd be Kura's wingman (like pairo helping leorio get kp since he got insider info ;3c )

Ok but the very dumb idea of kurapika bringing pairo to the exam with him even though pairo is still disabled crossed my mind

now imagine a certain scene in that situation

(yeah so i lost my pen halfway through the sketching and it’s 5am so sorry about the illustration quality)