First of all, this is my first ever follow forever... So it's rough >w<;; Secondly, this is not everyone! I just decided to keep it at about 50 so... It's 2014 and its been 6 months since I started to become active in this blog... It used to be a personal blog, and I never went on it, but when I got into EXO (ofc I liked them since debut but not extremely like right now lol) I used this blog starting out with only 14 followers. Now I'm almost at 2,000 and I couldn't be happier! I'm honestly not that social on tumblr with others because I feel like I'm being a total creeper so I only talk to the people that message me, but know that I'm quietly watching all of you LOL. I just want this to be a reminder that I'm thankful for all you guys and how many blogs I love. I love a lot more but sadly, you're personal blogs that prevents me from following back

Italics are mutual follows, and bolds are blogs that I wish would follow me back /wink wink/. Strikes are blogs that I HIGHLY recommend you follow because they're top quality :)

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