Spotlight #1 - Aly

Hello everyone! Firstly, thank you for all the followers, and the positive comments we’ve seen! We’re all glad to see a blog like this is something people are interested in. 
Secondly- this is our first spotlight!
We will be hosting two spotlights a week.


Tell us a bit about yourself:
Hi! I’m Aly, and I’m 18 yrs old and currently in college studying art to become an animator or something along those lines. I draw loooooots of Satan and Me fanart… I think most of my art at this point is just fanart LOL!  I’ve been in the fandom for quite a while and I’ve met so many great people through SaM that it really feels like a family <3  I am so honored to be featured for this blog, thank you so much!!

1. When did you get into the fandom and how did you stumble upon it?
I got into the fandom  in late late 2014 when Run was being streamed I think?? And I think i found it while searching for webcomics to follow!

2. Who are your favorite characters/pairings?

NATAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNN…. Also a character I really love is Zad <3

3. Favorite moment in the comic?
Probably “Still Friends” (that forehead touch!!!!!!!) but also when Nat silenced Hell and Luce got so happy.

4. What is your biggest inspiration as far as your art goes?
I just want to have fun doing what I love!  And if people enjoy what I do it just makes me even more happy!

5. What would you say is your favorite piece that you’ve done so far?
Um… Either the 50’s AU Natan at the carnival  or my flower crowned natan I recently drew.

6. What is something that you enjoy about making your art for the fandom?
THE TAGS!! Like please leave tags, I live for them!!!

7. Are there any fanwork creators you look up to in the fandom?
Omg I have so many but the ones that really stand out for me are Crit and Mori!

8. What are some of your hobbies?
Reading, sleeping, and drawing ;P

9. Before joining SaM, what was a fandom you were part of?
Oooh…. I was never really “part” of a fandom like I am with SaM, but I did reblog lots of stuff from the shows I watch(ed).

10. Is there anything else you’d like the fandom to know about you or anything you’d like to say to the fandom as a whole?
I appreciate every like, reblog, and tag y’all give me!! I love everyone of you, you guys are awesome!!

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From Tatyana Ali’s Facebook page.

I spent last night going through photos. I found these two from our final Friday night taping of Fresh Prince. We had a cake fight after shedding tears. People don’t really understand that we knew how special our time together was. It wasn’t special because of popularity or success, but because we were all together, sharing it. It’s like it was all meant to be, and we could feel it. In the photo from left to right there’s Jeff Pollack, Joseph Marcell, Ross Bagely Jr., Alfonso Ribeiro, Shelley Jensen our director, me, Karyn Parsons , Quincy Jones and Will Smith. Jeff Pollack and James Avery left us.

James was a philosopher king. He taught me to love history and poetry. He taught me that being an artist is one of the noblest professions. He gave me black baby dolls every Christmas. He used to joke that I’d visit him in the old actors age home when I got older. Every end is a beginning. I know James is at peace.

Thanks everyone for all your kind words and thoughts. It means a lot to his family and friends.

A Poem Of Friendship by Nikki Giovanni

We are not lovers
because of the love
we make
but the love
we have
We are not friends
because of the laughs
we spend
but the tears
we save

I don’t want to be near you
for the thoughts we share
but the words we never have
to speak
I will never miss you
because of what we do
but what we are

Ali is obsessed with Aria

I am finding more and more clues that hints Ali was obsessed with Aria and wanted to be her/like her.

1. Aria wonders a lot why Ali picked her as friend, and the show emphasises on why Aria in particular. In 3x16, Aria has an hallucination/dream of Ali telling her : “You know why I picked you right ?”. We know Aria was hallucinating because during their conversation, Ali also says that she knows who A is when obviously she doesn’t (in season 3 we deal with big A/uber A). 

Then in 5x12, Aria admits she has always been wondering why had Ali picked her as a friend :

“I never understood why Alison chose me. What made me so special.” Mona then gives her an explicit explanation saying it’s because she’s the compasionate one. I feel like the show insists a lot on this diaologue. Well I say Ali chose Aria because she was obsessed with her.

2. Ali wrote in her diary : “Despite her freekish pink hairdye, I have always admired Suzy for her great sense of style.” We know Suzy is Aria because the girls say so (and because of the pink hair lol).

Aria reading Ali’s diary out loud.

3. Ali has pink hair when she wears a Lady Gaga in The First Secret. A tribute to Aria ? As long as I know, Lady Gaga isn’t specially associated with pink hair. By the way, why did Ali want Aria at the party so badly ?

4. In 5x12, Spencer is looking at an old photo album and the camera insists on one particular picture :

We can see Ali and Aria wearing almost the same outfit. I don’t know about you, but I feel this outfit is more Aria than Ali. Was she copying her ? It seems Alison really cherished this picture because she wrote on it : With my four besties, Kisses - A.

5. Alison pretends to be Aria when she meets Ezra. This clue is not from me, I came across on tumblr and I think it’s great. Alison pretends to read a lot, and tells Ezra about her diary. She even wants his thoughts on her writing, which sooo not Ali but is sooo Aria.

6. Ali’s alter ego, Vivan, looks a lot like Aria (the picture of Vivan is not mine) :

7. Last but not least : Ali was taking freaky pictures of Aria according to Jason !

So what do you think ? Could it be a possibility ?

This is my best friend Ali, who’s more like a brother to me. He has MPNST (Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor) which is basically Cancer. The cancer has spread to his lungs and he’s going to need intensive chemotherapy to reduce the size of the tumors before surgery. As if this wasn’t bad enough, he also has a tumor in his brain and multiple smaller tumors in his back. All this feels like it isn’t real and it’s actually not happening. I just want him to go back to normal and go back to having steeped tea,sitting in my car in the parking lot talking and debating about random things, I really miss that. Go back to listening to Nusrat fateh Ali khan, singing qawali and playing my guitar haha I want things to go back to normal and I know they will InshAllah, it’s just going to take time. In the meantime I kindly request all of you reading this to pray for his quick recovery and well being, Thank you all!


Alright Folks, Ash here! Ali just might possibly be able to get enough time off to visit me in Texas in the beginning of August! I’ve opened up a new donation page with a button to match and linked it to our Tumblr profile. 

If you’re unfamiliar with us and our story. Ali lives in Canada and I live in Texas, which is way too far away from each other to say the least. We got to see each other not too long ago and had an absolute blast. I can only speak for myself, but I definitely feel like part of my heart got ripped out somewhere on the flight back from Canada. I miss Ali to pieces and getting the chance to spend time with her again would mean the world to both of us. 

If you feel like you can spare a dollar or two to get us together, we would appreciate it immensely. Both of us work hard at our jobs, but with Ali going to college in the fall and me trying to support myself financially, money we can use to see each other is few and far between. 

Anything makes a difference. With over 5K followers on this blog alone, if everyone donated a dollar we’d be able to see each other so many times it’d be unreal! 

Most of all, please don’t donate unless you have the means to do so. We appreciate your generosity, but your happiness comes first! 

Please click Here to Donate!! 


It’s been far too long since I’ve seen Ali! He has been ill, my work schedule has been a bit erratic, and then he lost his mobile phone. He’s feeling better now though, and yesterday he dropped in to work just as I was finishing my shift. We took the opportunity to wander up to the Warschauer Straße bridge and get a photo with the Berlin Fernsehturm (TV tower) in the background. It’s one of my favourite things about Berlin, as you can see it from pretty much anywhere in the city.

It’s likely I’ll have more opportunities to catch up with Ali now. He told me yesterday he will have more free time as he has stopped working…he is 85 after all!

This look made me feel things I’ve never felt before. It was like the reassurance to Emily that after all these years, Ali always felt the same. Despite everything that’s happened between them, they always managed to fall for each other. After 5 seasons, Em eventually got her girl.

If you don’t think that’s the most romantic thing ever then I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.

My favorite journey is probably the one I’m living right now. I’m feeling totally confident, comfortable, and free with my sexuality. I feel a bit resistant towards, I guess, normative expectations and standards of work and relationships. And I feel like, for me, I totally feel more confident now than I guess I was in my 20s, with who I am, and who I want to become, and the woman I am now. I think that this has been a long journey for me and I don’t label myself. It’s been a hard journey.
—  Ali Krieger

the worst part about this that makes me really sad is that i love the show. i love it so much and i would continue watching it for clarke, for octavia, for raven, for alie and becca’s intriguing story, for the grounders, but after all the bullshit things the writers are spewing i don’t feel like watching and supporting it and it hurts so much because i really love the show. so thanks for that

He’s a shadow of a person, quite indistinct at times. 

I seek his retribution, and try and tell no lies.

I garner up a smile, and hope he returns it too,

But sadly the quirk of his mouth, is anything but true.

I hold his hand to my chest, to remind him of my heart.

Yes, love, it still beats there, it doesn’t want us to part.

His eyes are always glazed, like he has nothing left to see.

And no matter what I say, he’s still an absentee.

His kisses taste like ice, a bitter, desperate tinge.

And I don’t quite understand it; it makes me feel unhinged.

One day I think his edges blur, though I think it’s a trick of the mind—

But, that very same night, my shadow left me behind.

—  Leilah AliMy Shadow

NEVER GROW UP.  “Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”  [listen]

I’ll Make A Man Out Of You // Tale As Old As Time // I Won’t Say I’m In Love // I See The Light // Part Of Your World // Can You Feel The Love Tonight // Son Of Man // Once Upon A Dream // Hawaiian Roller Coaster RIde // A Whole New World // The Bare Necessities // Strangers Like Me // When Will My life Begin? // Prince Ali // Be Our Guest // Let It Go // You’ll Be In My Heart // Colors Of The Wind


Achi lag rahi hoon na?”

Tum tayyar na bhi hoti tab bhi achi lagti ho.”

5 Years, Still Unanswered

Season 1 Episode 11 “Moments Later:

Season 4 Episode 13 “Grave New World:

Marlene’s Interviews Pre 6x10:

Season 6 Episode 10 “Game Over, Charles:

We find out that:

-Mona mistook Bethany for Ali. 

-Charlotte mistook Ali for Bethany. 

-Melissa buried Bethany.

-Jessica buried Ali. 

So uh, what did the 4 Liars know? Come to find out, they knew absolutely nothing, nor had ANYTHING to do with That Night. The only one who tied into it at all was Spencer (who just argued with Alison like any normal day).

What did Hanna know? Nothing.

What did Aria know? Nothing.

What did Emily know? Nothing.

What did Spencer know? Nothing, thanks to the drugs.

So basically, the 4 of them combined knew jack shit.

Me (& the entire fandom):

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I’ve been coping with all of my anger & frustration by channeling my feelings into a creative sketch book. 

Here’s my first drawing:

Like it? ;-)


Happy One Week Anniversary to the “Summer Episode of Answers Plot Holes”

If you couldn’t tell, I’m still bitter. 


Lauren Holiday tribute