i can't be with someone who makes every bitch feel special like if you're calling me babe or princess and the next bitch the same thing and the next bitch the same thing that just makes me another bitch on your list and that's not what i wanna be so fuck you

NO BUT LISTEN… listen…. they hired fake paps so the privacy of those little girls wouldn’t be compromised or anything but they could still feel like the most special little princesses in the entire world that everyone wants to get a glimpse of

they hired fake paps so these little kids could feel SAFE MY HEART IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE

camila_cabello: thank you for the best 18th birthday ever @taylorswift :) you are a real life fairy princess for many reasons. you are magical and rare. #2 you sprinkle fairy dust on others and make them feel loved and special and safe. #3 you are also a rare species, you are caring and well meaning and kind without expecting anything in return. #4 you sparkle like a New York skyline. and #5 you love Elf like all fairies should. i wish i could shout from the rooftops how fun last night was for me and how much love i felt. i am so grateful to call someone like you my friend. thank you for bringing everyone together and making last night so special!!!!!!!! PS DISCLAIMER: CHICKEN AND WAFFLES TASTE EVEN BETTER WHEN YOURE 18!!! (x)

i will literally never get over this day. this day is just… im overwhelmed… im so overwhelmed with the amount of love that i currently contain for one Louis William Tomlinson. 

he hosted and made this entire thing possible because of how much he cares for this charity and the children that it supports. he wanted to give these terminally ill children one night where, their sickness was the last thing on their mind. he wanted to make them feel like real life princesses and princes. he wanted to give them the world, and…. there’s no way you can say that he didn’t, he gave them the world, and made each and every single one of those kids feel special and for one night, he made them and their families forget that real life exists. 

to give them the world though, he spent over 3 million pounds, which is nearing 15% of his (roughly) entire current net worth. he spent that money on giving these kids flowers, dresses, tiaras, wands, he got them all full gift bags, and he got them toys. he also gave them the experience of a red carpet arrival, of having paparazzi take their picture, he gave them the experience of feeling special and unique and a true princess or prince. 

He did this, he put his heart and soul and time and money into this ball because Louis William Tomlinson is a good fucking person and he deserves the entire world. he’s an actual angel on earth and i will never stop loving him because beyond the looks and the talent and the friendships or relationships that he has, Louis Tomlinson is a good fucking person with a heart of gold and pure soul and THAT is why i love him and that is why i’ll never stop, no matter what shit the media has him getting into, that’s not the real Louis, the Louis that throws a Cinderella Ball and make little children feel special is the real Louis Tomlinson. 


First of all, I am NOT asking for money or donations. I only ask that you read my situation and signal boost this post. It will make more sense in a minute. A couple of mouse clicks isn’t asking for much!

This year my sister will be turning 15 years old, and in my country this is a very special and important age for young women to reach. A quinceañera is the moment when girls feel like a princess and are surrounded by all of their loved ones. They are given well wishes and advised on the path to womanhood by the smiling faces of friends and family as they transition to a new chapter in their life. It is not only a party but an important cultural aspect for everyone involved. The wiki article describes it as the following:

Quinceañera (pronounced: [kin.se.aˈɲe.ɾa]; feminine form of “fifteen-year-old”), also called fiesta de quince años, fiesta de quinceañera, quince años or simply quince, is the celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday in parts of Latin America and elsewhere in communities of people from Latin America. This birthday is celebrated differently from any other as it marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood.

My sister, Ashley, is a super quiet girl that has always been overlooked by everyone. She has always been overshadowed by our brother and I in the eyes of our relatives and that’s not right! Ash loves animals and music — her dream is to one day make a career for herself in the music industry — She is always ready with a hug for when we’re down and takes care of us without a single complaint. She loves to bake but she loves seeing people’s smiles after trying her pastries even more. She does not go out of her way to upset anyone and she avoids conflict. Sadly she has a habit of keeping her feelings bottled up in fear of making others worry.

She has been dreaming of this moment for over ten years now and we as a family planned to give her everything we could to make it an experience that she will never forget. We all love her so much and it pained us so bad when we had to tell her the bad news. Her response haunts us to this day, she smiled and said “It’s okay! I didn’t need a silly party anyway.” because we know how excited she was when my fiesta rolled around and how her eyes sparkled at all of the special dresses, asking to let her learn the waltzes that my damas were learning. Ash is an angel.

Quinces are not just a day or one week party, they take months of planning and even years of saving up money to have everything come together. It was rough, but we really believed we were prepared.. That is until our father’s Polycystic Kidney Disease developed into the worst possible thing: kidney failure. Now he is unable to work and must attend dialysis three times a week. Our mother is the only ‘steady’ income that we have at the moment and she is not able to work full time due to our father’s many doctor appointments and tri-weekly dialysis trips, the doctors are also prepping for his kidney removal surgery on July 1st. He needs a kidney transplant before he is able to return to the workforce and because PKD is an incurable hereditary disease neither of my siblings or I are able to donate a kidney in fear that it will be us in 10 or 20 years with cyst filled insides. 

Due to this obstacle appearing in our life, all the money we had saved up for her coming of age was used to pay hospital bills, medicine, groceries, utilities, and my college tuition that had all accumulated over the past three months of unemployment. We are no longer able to give her the one thing she has always dreamed of.. 

Not yet giving up, we looked for possibilities in Mexican and Hispanic newspapers and other media outlets. One day by chance our mother turned on the radio to this station as the host announced that they would be doing a Quince Contest where young women would be given the opportunity to win an all expenses paid party! Ecstatic, Ashley signed up and went through interviews and paperwork. Her enthusiasm and perseverance has brought her all the way to the top three hopefuls.

This is where you come in! Please go to the website’s quince poll found here and vote for my sister (Ashley Salazar) to win the quinceañera of her dreams! The website is in Spanish but the voting page is easy enough to understand. You are only allowed to vote once so please signal boost this post after reading and voting. We would all really appreciate it!

I am all too happy to listen to any questions or comments you may have about quinces in general, my sister, pkd, and/or this contest. If you could please direct them to my ask box.

UPDATE 6/30, 8 am CST: It seems the server they used to host the poll is having some issues so it might be best to wait a bit and see if the error is fixed. I will update this post again once the issue is resolved. Thank you everyone who has shown interest in helping Ashley! 

UPDATE 6/30, 8:10 am CST: Tumblr user deanon sent me this tidbit: i tested with a friend where i loaded the poll results, had her vote (and the page crashed again) and then refreshed the poll results immediately after and it APPEARS to have registered the vote anyways! So votes are still coming in, at least. So no one’s vote is going to waste!

UPDATE 6/30, 9:15 am CST: You can check the results here.

UPDATE 6/30, 6:20 pm CST: The poll seems to have closed now. Thank you everyone for taking the time to vote, we will update this post once we hear from the radio station. We are so very thankful to everyone for their votes and the dozens of kind and supporting messages we have received these last few hours. Thank you so much!!!

UPDATE 7/1, 1:50 am CST: The radio station has not made an announcement yet so we are still waiting to see what happens.

UPDATE 7/1, 8:05 pm CST: The radio station has recently made this facebook post and similar ones for the other contestants. For those that feel comfortable and have a facebook, please support us by liking the picture linked above!

The winner will be decided on Friday, July 4th and the party will be on Sunday, July 27th.

UPDATE 7/3, 5 pm CST: Thank you so much everyone for your support! We did it! 

To daddy...

Daddy, thank you for making me smile everyday.

Daddy, thank you for making me laugh everyday.

Daddy, thank you for loving me and disciplining me when I’m a bad girl.

Daddy, thank you for putting up with me even when I’m annoying.

Daddy, thank you for making me feel special and for appreciating every part of me.

Daddy, thank you for playing with me and praising me when I’m a good girl.

Daddy, thank you for finding new pet names to call me, like “princess”, “little one”, “my girl”, “sweety” “sweetheart” “darling” “baby” and whatever else you come up with.

Daddy, thank you for being my daddy.

Daddy, I love you. 

So, I’ve recently picked up a part-time job at a–well, let’s just call it a counter-culture boutique. For the first time in my checkered career, I’m running into the problem of both customers and co-workers doubting my credibility at first glance. My aesthetic could be described as The Type of Eccentric White Grandmother That Crochets Lace Doilies to Drape Over Every Lampshade She Owns, with a spritz of Beglittered Rainbow Trash Princess. I tend to overdress, just because I own a lot of sequined things and I’m not about to wait until a special event rolls around to live out my dreams of being Hardcore Fancy.

Unfortunately, this is one of the rare fields where looking Disarmingly Cute and Perpetually Pink makes people assume you aren’t Edgy Enough to Know a Thing. I’ve been feeling like some of my coworkers have been lowkey judging whether or not I was worthy of hanging with the cool kids. Last night, I think I finally broke the ice. A general summary of the exchange:

female manager: did u know that [male coworker] is a writer, too?
male coworker: I write screenplays.
me: (definitely not screaming internally!!!) really? That’s neat.
female manager: how did u get published?
me: I was crowdfunded, initially.
male coworker: how did you pull that off?
me: Batman porn.
female manager:
male coworker:
female manager: what
male coworker: like….,..Batman railing the Joker??
me: Bruce Wayne bores me tbh. I mostly write Robins.
male coworker: RobinS?
me: there’s no fewer than five.
male coworker: (jokingly) so like a Robin orgy?
me: yes. Exactly that. My fans helped me start writing original fiction, so I feel obligated to wear my past Robincest with pride.
female manager: that is the best thing I’ve ever heard.

I got highfives on the way out, so I guess I’m officially Not a Square now. Moral of the story: be yourself. Even if you’re the worst sort of online smut peddler.

AJ Lee through her years in WWE: 2009-2015

“I don’t want to do what my idols did… I want to do more than they did.”

Queen of FCW, FCW Divas Champion, (first diva to win both FCW women’s titles), third place in NXT season 3, storylines with top Superstars, special guest referee for WWE Championship match in a PPV, Raw General Manager, part of first ever televised Diva’s contract signing, first diva to have a large variety of merchandise, 3 time Slammy Award winner (Kiss of The Year, Diva of The Year x2), 3 time Divas Champion, longest reigning Divas Champion of all time, 4 Wrestlemania appearances, 2 Wrestlemania matches/wins.

Thank You AJ ❤

Special juice!
  • Daddy:*walks over to me and hands me My sippy cup* Here you go princess. Drink up!
  • Me:Thank you daddy! *starts to drink* hmmm this juice tastes Diffrent daddy.... I like it!
  • Daddy:oh yeah? It's a very special kinda juice. Drink up. *chuckles to him self*
  • Me:*shrugs and drinks*
  • ME:daddy I feel silly! *try's to walk to him but trips*
  • DADDY:*catches me* slow down there little one.
  • Me:what was in that juicey dada?
  • daddy:It was wine baby. just wanted to see if your tolerance has gotten better....it hasn't
I’ve never really been treated like a princess. Not one boyfriend has spoiled me or even given me the slightest idea that I was labeled as “his”. Not one boyfriend ever made me feel like I was his number one girl, or even special. For the longest time I’ve settled for a decent guy, I figured I would always have to “put up” with a negative. But I’m learning I shouldn’t have to settle, no one should. You should have that Prince Charming because sweetheart, you deserve 10 times better than that asshole.

I knew I was into girls when I was 7 years old and got butterflies in my stomach whenever my cute neighbor Jill smiled at me. Growing up the only fairy tales I saw in movies or on tv involved the prince rescuing a damsel in distress or princess. It was never 2 princesses finding each other. And while Clarke Griffin is hardly a princess or damsel in distress, I felt like writer Kim Shumway in last night’s episode of The 100 delivered something that was a dream come true for all of us queer princesses at heart. Our Commander in shining armor, Lexa fell to her knees and pledged her fealty and quite clearly her heart to our heroine, Clarke. And although this show hardly centers on romance, this moment was a gift for all of us longing to feel included, to feel valued, to feel heard, to feel special. I don’t know what will become of Clexa as this show hardly guarantees anything but a bumpy ride. But I do know that for one night I understood what it’s like to watch a gay fairy tale ending to one of the most amazing episodes of television that I’ve ever seen.

I’ve never really been treated like a princess. Not one boyfriend has spoiled me or even given me the slightest idea that I was labeled as “his”. Not one boyfriend ever made me feel like I was his number one girl, or even special. For the longest time I’ve settled for a decent guy, I figured I would always have to “put up” with a negative. But I’m learning I shouldn’t have to settle, no one should. You should have that Prince Charming because sweetheart, you deserve 10 times better than that asshole.
—  Daily Tumblr Love Quotes

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I’ve never really been treated like a princess. Not one boyfriend has spoiled me or even given me the slightest idea that I was labeled as “his”. Not one boyfriend ever made me feel like I was his number one girl, or even special. For the longest time I’ve settled for a decent guy, I figured I would always have to “put up” with a negative. But I’m learning I shouldn’t have to settle, no one should. You should have that Prince Charming because sweetheart, you deserve 10 times better than that asshole.

“I’ve seen many fanarts of a chubby Anna and she looks absolutely adorable in them. It fits her bubbly, warm personality and she would have offered presentation had she been designed that way. I really feel like Disney wasted an opportunity there, specially as they would still have a skinny princess/queen in Elsa.”

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about princess mechanic? And if you do like/appreciate it do you have a favorite scene?

their dynamic is one that had me enraptured from the beginning, honestly. the thing i really like about clarke and raven’s relationship is that, despite the fact that they had so much stuff thrown at them that should have made this friendship impossible, the writers made sure that these two do come together, have been a team since the beginning actually. clarke and raven find ways to deal with their problems that allows them to have this very special bond at the same time.

for example, this show doesn’t shy away from confrontations and both clarke and raven are very confrontational characters, but not necessarily in the traditional sense. they aren’t hateful towards each other. what really humanizes them and makes their interactions spell-binding is the fact that clarke likes raven as much as raven likes clarke. yes, they have pretty rough fall-outs, covered in sharp speeches and brutal honesty - combined with hard-hitting physical blows (2x09/3x11) - but it never changes the way they look at each other, how much they care. i actually like that they are not afraid to be blunt and can fight without destroying one another, how they manage to bring down the walls together. it’s what makes their dynamic so incredibly complex: they can be strangely at odds but simultaneously very much in synch. they learn together, which makes the level of admiration and respect between them so great, strong and ever-present. It takes a lot to have two characters who are so aware of a lot of things, are ready to challenge and be challenged, try to sort out their disagreements (which is one thing I wish the show would actually go more in depth) since they are both very adamant on achieving their goals and then repesent these two fortresses of strength who form this great team together. the love-triangle is subverted, and the focus instead lies heavily on the characters as individuals who also happen to be amazing when they work side by side. the mixture between ‘morality’ and ‘survival’ that clarke and raven bring into their relationship is intense and makes room for extremely interesting arcs/conflicts too (head and hand).

what i absolutely love is that neither clarke nor raven really shuts the other down, which is so great because usually TV shows would jump into that kind of storytelling, especially when the plot involves two girls, a boy and love. but, no, we never get a long-time emotional distance between them. Instead, it’s all about real emotions and confrontations (both good and bad) that connect to them in this very human way. the way they enter the scenes, that specifically focus on them, come with a weight that highlights the support they give each other at the end of the day. from arguing to comforting to tending and believing/inspiring, it’s these aspects that really define their friendship and make it so real and outstanding to me.

as for my favorite scene, i gotta say that i’m not that good with favorites when it comes to princess mechanic because i adore the small moments as much as i love the very big and explosive ones. but one scene i truly love is the one from 1x13 where clarke and raven are on the dropship.

raven:  I used to be picked first for everything. Earth skills, zero-g mech course. First every time. So, how the hell did I end up here?

clarke: Hey, Raven? I’d pick you first.

raven’s lines are far more layered then she initially lets on. ‘i used to be picked first’ doesn’t just apply to her skills as a mechanic, or someone who is extraordinarily good at earth skills. this moment acts more as a catalyst to dealing with the issue that raven has been avoiding since the second she came to earth - finn. she literally risked everything without a moments hesitation to catapult herself into the arms of the love of her life, repairing a space pod with her bare hands to get to him and be with him once again. but the second she makes it there she falls into the hands of a love triangle instead.

from her perspective, it used to be finn and her, her childhood friend, her boyfriend, her family. but when she arrives finn doesn’t only have eyes for another girl, but he also morphs into this different person who just keeps doing things for clarke and leaves her alone. he is pulling away from raven and she tries over and over again to repair what they had. but she fails and it breaks her heart because she came down for him, risking her life. i think, in many ways, this actually blindsided raven very early on, because she didn’t expect this at all, and even if she was somewhat aware of it later, she kept fighting until she couldn’t anymore and put an end to it. her comment ‘guess we finally found something you’re not good at’ isn’t something i see as an insult towards clarke. she knows it’s not clarke’s fault, that finn managed to let her go so easily and call everything raven does ‘keeping busy’, but it’s hard to accept the bitter truth if you don’t wanna crumble completely, so you direct your anger somewhere, to hold onto something, even if you don’t mean it. then, also add the fact that raven has a bullet stuck in her spine, thanks to murphy, that literally turns her immobile. she can’t do anything right now except to tell people what to do. she feels limited in every sense of the word and it frustrates her endlessly. she is not used to not being able to do anything.

but look at raven when clarke says ‘hey, raven? i’d pick you first’

this is not a face that says ‘shut up’. this is a face that says ‘i know you would’, because raven does know, knows that clarke would pick her, always picked her first. her entire body language screams that she is aware of this, that deep down she never was angry with clarke but always knew that clarke has chosen her over finn time and time again.

honestly, look at clarke and look at raven. clarke has backed off the second she found out about finn and ravens history, always putting raven’s feelings first, respecting her as a person and locking her own away. she has the choice and she chooses her and thats big, coming from someone who got betrayed as well. her words have a very profound meaning in my opinion, because it’s a sign that clarke wants raven to hold onto what they have, what they have become ever since raven landed on earth. and raven’s reaction is moving and all-knowing because to me it’s not a look of surprise, she never was angry with clarke in the first place: the way she looks into clarke’s direction, the smile that she almost lets happen, the quick dip of her head that looks more like a nod, acknowledging the honesty of clarke’s words, the swallow - ‘of course you would, I’m awesome’ she is downplaying it a bit, but this is a line that connects to their friendship, because clarke sees raven as the girl everyone needs - the fighter, and raven knows that. it works wonderfully as a reminder of how incredible raven is too.

i love how this moment shows that this is about them, that this is about two girls holding onto another. yes, finn is tied to this, but thats what makes it so good because they kick him out. in this moment, clarke’s words are directed to raven as ravens emotions are directed to clarke. this moment is about their friendship and nothing else. clarke sees raven, sees her as a person and the brilliant brain and extraordinary mechanic that she is, and shows that she needs her, that they have no chance in surviving without her. and raven sees clarke, sees the girl who picked her first, sees the seriousness of it all, how her physical reaction is connected to what clarke says about her, despite that she is at the end of her wits, shot in the leg, unable to move, the acknowledgement that comes with it moves and fulfills her, she is thankful. she is seen not as the girl that people should give up on, but rather Raven fucking Reyes, the girl that the world needs to look up to.

i love the visual connection of these two scenes the most. in concept, she is the shooting star that clarke wished upon. and now she is here with her, ready to work with this girl who never doubted her and her abilities in the first place.

this friendship is real and was always meant to be.

i just wanna cuddle and have your head on my chest and talk about how our days went and why they went that way and how we feel and get into it and just hold you really tight and on you’re bad days just make you feel better and tell you every thing’s going to be okay and give you kisses all over just to make you laugh or to even just crack that cute smile of yours because you’re my princess and it’s my job to make you feel special because you are and to make you feel safe and i just wanna give the world to you girl because you’re my girl and i don’t think ive ever wanted someone so much as you and i want you to be mine forever