Texting your sugar daddy like
  • You: I had such a wonderful evening tonight! The drinks were to die for and the cuisine was just divine. I loved the way you spoke to me and showed me off. You really made me feel special. Thank you for the lovely gift and giving me the chance to get all dolled up and feel like a princess. Anyways, I'm sleepy, so I'll text you tomorrow! xoxo
  • Him: lol ur cute gn :)
BTS- Reaction to you feeling insecure about your thighs

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Rap monster: he knew that you felt insecure about your thighs because of your strech marks, but he actually loved them, he thought they were beautiful and make you even more special, he would, always remind you about how much he loved them.

¨y/n, you are really beautiful, who cares if your thighs have strech marks they are beautiful to me¨

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Jin: like the mama he is, he would remind you that every part of you is beautiful and that you shouldn´t let what people think affect you.

¨who´s jin princess?¨

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Suga: ¨are you dumb?¨

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 ¨you are the most beautiful girl i´ve ever met¨

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J-Hope: ¨did someone say something mean to you?¨

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 ¨your thighs are just so perfect¨

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Jimin: ¨don´t feel insecure about your thighs y/n, i have strech marks myself¨

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V:  ¨Don´t say that again, your thighs and body areperfect¨

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Jungkook: ¨i think you are beautiful just the way you are, y/n¨

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2017 Not-Resolutions

I gave up New Year’s resolutions a few years ago. But here are some thoughts aimed at the rapidly approaching year, frivolous to serious, in no particular order.

  • Life is short. Wear iridescent highlighter.
  • Shimmery eye shadow is perfectly acceptable for every day looks, no matter how old you are.
  • Wear those headbands that look more like crowns than headbands, you don’t have to save them for special occasions. 
  • If small children can run around in princess dresses because they feel like it, I can be a fairy queen in jeans.
  • Actually, I can be anyone I want to be. 
  • Who I want to be is constantly changing, and that’s okay.
  • It’s more than okay, it’s necessary. 
  • There are things that are changing that may be out of your control. 
  • There are things you will have to face that freeze every atom of your being and make your blood run cold.
  • Know when to let them wash over you, and when to build a dam to stop them in their tracks. 
  • There are times when you will not know which of those things to do. There will be times when neither of those two actions are correct.
  • Sometimes the only way out is through. 
  • There will be times when you feel like giving up. It’s human. 
  • Allow yourself this feeling, then use it to keep going.
  • Be defiant, rebel.
  • Keep in mind that small personal rebellions are just as valid as those that make the news.
  • Your victories are yours, even if no one ever sees them. 
  • It takes strength to be vulnerable and courage to be kind.
  • Your smiles and your tears are not signs of weakness.
  • Other people may take them to be. There will be a time when your inner steel will cut like a knife, all the more so because it is surrounded by your softness. 
  • Humanity may be capable of terrible things, but people are good. This is something I must believe
  • Things are uncertain. There are evil people in the world, some being given more free reign than they have been in a very long time. Be aware, but don’t close your heart to the every day miracles around you. 
  • Keep in mind that miracles have no rhyme or reason. Most occurrences of chance don’t. 
  • Create your own miracles when you have the chance. 
  • Keep the faith, even if you don’t know how to define it. 
  • Faith doesn’t have to be religious. Just some sort of belief in something bigger. Or in the kindness humanity is capable of. Or maybe just in yourself. 
  • On any given day faith in any of the above may be more difficult than the other to keep. That’s okay. 
  • But don’t give up.
  • Please don’t give up. Even if you don’t know what you’re fighting for any more.
  • Just hang on. Sometimes it’s all you can do. 

I’m probably the farthest from being a Zelda series veteran (I’ve only played WW & Twilight Princess…), but I feel Breath of the Wild is going to be a very special game within Nintendo’s body of work. 

Every preview shows it has that certain “something” that will make it an iconic title in the franchise. I hope to have many memories with this adventure.

Dear all disordered littles

you are amazing just the way you are. I know this world puts us down for having disorders but who cares about them? We are who we are no one is perfect and littles with disorders are just special we just have certain needs that’s need to be put in place ❤️we are all amazing no matter what and I wanted to tell you this BC I feel like this is very important and it’s important and dear to me BC I have disorders. Never let someone put you down BC they don’t like that you are different. We are better we are special and we are loved
~princess diana❤️❗️

At some point

At some point, baekhyun is going to fall madly in love with chanyeol BECAUSE DID YALL SEE THE WAY HOW GENTLE CHANYEOL TREATS HIM of course maybe he’s straight but at some point… man.. no ones gonna be able to resist that kind of sweet treats. I’m Just Saying The Most Realistic and Truthful ‘Theory’ (if you will) about chanbaek. There’s gotta be some point where baekhyun was like, “why does chanyeol treat me like a princess all the time and why does he always try to make me laugh, feel safe, feel special and why does he always make sure i have a ride home or a ride to my schedule?” he HAS TO Be asking these things or Baekhyun, we’re gonna have a problem.. mmmmhmm. If i were baekhyun i would go gay for chanyeol instantly.

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Lil Space

This is not by any means an extensive list feel free to add to it

What I like when I’m in lil space:
Kissies 💋
Princess movies
Board games
Tea parties!!!
Bottles and sippy cups
Special plates

BTS MTL - Be Super Excited About Valentine’s Day






Rap Monster


V, Jimin, J-Hope: I feel like they would go all out, buy you a giant stuffed bear and give you boxes of chocolates, maybe even a couples spa day. And they would treat you like a princess all day and make you feel incredibly loved.

Jin, Jungkook: Being the oldest and the youngest Jin and Jungkook wouldn’t be as excited as the others but would still do special things. Since Jin is more mature he would get chocolates and cook you a meal. I think Jungkook would still be a little shy about showing too much affection but would want to treat you well, buy you a stuffed toy with candy and spend the day together.

Rap Monster, Suga: I can’t imagine them being very excited about the holiday and would want to do a lot of typical things most couples do. A simple gift with meaning and some candy. A romantic walk somewhere special, they would want to spend quality time with you and make new memories but I don’t think they would go all out and buy you half of the Valentine’s section.


Nonverbal Jack (Pt 1 - Ariel)

((I have a lot of feelings about autistic!Jack going nonverbal sometimes so have this long-ass headcanon post followed by one or two more probably))

The first time Jack watches The Little Mermaid, he’s two and it’s just another cartoon. Cutesy and musical and nothing special.

When he’s six, he finds it again, and suddenly it’s the most important thing in the world. He watches it every day after school for a whole year, entranced each time because he sees himself in the story. He loses his voice, just like the princess. Not always, but sometimes. Often enough to cause problems. Sometimes he just doesn’t want to speak, but most of the time it feels like he just can’t. He’ll open his mouth, try and force the words out, and nothing will come. It feels like all his words have just disappeared.

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BTS Reaction to You Wanting to Break Up Due to Insecurities

Ah, so cute and sad. I wrote an EXO version to this (x). I hope you like this reaction <3

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Jin: He stared at you with sorrow in his eyes. He looked at you with a tear falling down his cheek. “Do you really want to break up? Did I do something to make you feel like you weren’t special? Please, you are my princess… I need you.” He whispered as he held you close. The last thing he wanted was to lose you and the mere thought of it broke his heart.

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Suga: He was silent as you spoke. He listened to all the things you said before turning away, not wanting you to see how sad he was. “You can’t just decide something like that for me. I love you and only you. It doesn’t matter to me how ‘normal’ you are and I will never leave you for that. You should know that by now. But if you want to keep thinking things like that, I am not going to fight you.” He said as he looked back at you. The sadness in his eyes made you realize how much you really meant to him.

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J-Hope: He instantly broke down in tears. He was sobbing and begging you to never leave him. “Please, jagi, please, I love you. I love you so much and I don’t want to lose you. Please jagi, I would do anything for you. I don’t even deserve someone as great as you. Please don’t leave me.” His tears were never ending, not even when you reassured him that you would not leave him.

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Rapmon: He nodded his head while he listened to you. He was as thoughtful as he always was. Once you were done explaining to him that you thought he deserved better, he merely nodded his head before smiling. “That is really stupid jagi. It is a good thing I have a sexy brain, because you apparently lost yours. Why would you even think that breaking up would do either of us any good? We would both just be sad all the time missing each other.” He said as he pointed out the flaw in your idea.

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Jimin: He didn’t take it very well. He was frustrated that you felt that way and he just left the room. You remained sitting on the bed for a few minutes as you waited for him to calm down. He needed to cool off and he couldn’t look at you right now. He knew if he looked at you, he would break down in tears. After almost an hour, he came back into the room with a hard look on his face. “You aren’t breaking up with me for that reason. That won’t do. I don’t care if you think I deserve more, I only want you.”

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V: He stared blankly. He completely did not understand a word you were saying. You waited for him to say something, but he still didn’t. It wasn’t until you called his name that he finally speaks up. “I’m so confused jagi. Are you saying you want to leave me because you aren’t famous or do you want to become famous? We can get you an audition if you want.” He said as he thought over what talent you can showcase to become famous. His persistence made you smile and your heart flutter a little.

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Jungkook: He stared at you in fear at first before breaking down. He covered his face so you couldn’t see him crying, but he still tried his best to talk to you. “I love you jagiya and I don’t want to lose you. I love you more than anything. Please don’t leave me for this reason.” He said in tears. He eventually calmed down enough to look at you and your heart broke at the sight of him so desperate to keep you. You quickly apologized and held him, letting him know you wouldn’t leave.

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Game of Thrones Imagine

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Imagine getting sad whenever you see Bran ogling his crush because you like him.

“I can feel you ogling her, Bran.” You said not looking up from your chores as Bran stops and stares at Nina.

You see, Nina is a nice, beautiful red head with Tully eyes. She’s everything a princess could be except for the fact that she’s not for she is the baker’s daughter from King’s Landing.

You’re just that kind, loving country girl who just wants peace in the world. (A/N Actually, i think that everybody is awesome in their own way and that includes you, you special reader. ;) )

“She’s just so beautiful that i can’t remember my lessons from this morning.” He says with a love-sick look and a grin creeping up his face. 

‘I wish that i could be her. I wish that i could be as cheerful as she is. I want to make people smile despite the hardships.’ You thought to yourself whilst a frown starts to replace that colorful smile.

“(Y/N)!” Bran shouts at you, snapping you out of your thoughts.

“Yes, Bran?”

“You’re being quite distant lately. Are you alright?” 

“I’m sorry, M’Lord. I’m probably just tired. I haven’t really got a decent shut-eye recently.”

Bran instantly got to his feet and walked over to you with both hands on his back and his eyebrow twitches, not believing what you have just said to him. Your interest is suddenly on your boots because you want to avoid looking into his eyes and falling in love again.

“You call me ‘M’Lord’ only if you’re upset or mad at me. Also, you look as red as a tomato. Don’t bother try lying to me, (Y/N).” Bran then hugs you from behind and tries to get you to look at him.

You start to sob softly and you still try to avoid him.

“Bran, have you ever…”

“Ever what, M’lady?”

“Ever loved somebody who isn’t up to standards.”

“Wha-? What do you mean?”

“Have you ever loved somebody who doesn’t look beautiful or act awesome? A boring kind.” You turn to look Bran and when you do, a tear escapes his eye.

“Why a-ask?” He stutters out.

“I love you, Bran Stark. A-and I just can’t live my life knowing you didn’t know that.” You say with such compassion. You hold his face in between your hands and lean up to him, lips almost touching.

“I can’t ever compare to her.”

“You don’t need to.” Bran connects your lips with his and Nina stares from afar with a growing frown on her pale face.

AJ Lee through her years in WWE: 2009-2015

“I don’t want to do what my idols did… I want to do more than they did.”

Queen of FCW, FCW Divas Champion, (first diva to win both FCW women’s titles), third place in NXT season 3, storylines with top Superstars, special guest referee for WWE Championship match in a PPV, Raw General Manager, part of first ever televised Diva’s contract signing, first diva to have a large variety of merchandise, 3 time Slammy Award winner (Kiss of The Year, Diva of The Year x2), 3 time Divas Champion, longest reigning Divas Champion of all time, 4 Wrestlemania appearances, 2 Wrestlemania matches/wins.

Thank You AJ ❤

To daddy...

Daddy, thank you for making me smile everyday.

Daddy, thank you for making me laugh everyday.

Daddy, thank you for loving me and disciplining me when I’m a bad girl.

Daddy, thank you for putting up with me even when I’m annoying.

Daddy, thank you for making me feel special and for appreciating every part of me.

Daddy, thank you for playing with me and praising me when I’m a good girl.

Daddy, thank you for finding new pet names to call me, like “princess”, “little one”, “my girl”, “sweety” “sweetheart” “darling” “baby” and whatever else you come up with.

Daddy, thank you for being my daddy.

Daddy, I love you. 

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how would the paladins react to finding out their s/o was a runaway prince/princess?

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  • Nothing changes, honestly.
  • He’ll probably just shrug it off.
  • But in actuality, he feels pretty darn special that a prince/princess chose him.
  • Although he is kinda curious as to why you’d run away.
  • Once you tell him, he understands.


  • He’s kinda thinking you’re joking at first.
  • But once you clarify, no, you indeed are serious he’s like that one math meme.
  • He has so many questions. Some are random, some are more serious.
  • Lance definitely makes prince/princess jokes, claiming to be your knight in shining armor as everyone cringes. (This is why we can’t have nice things.)

(I tried-) Shiro:

  • When you first tell Shiro, he’s really surprised but takes it in stride.
  • A little bit more protective of you.
  • He doesn’t mean to be, he just wants you to be safe.
  • Like Keith, he feels really special to have a prince/princess as his s/o.


  • Pidge, like Keith, doesn’t really change the way she treats you.
  • Definitely curious as to why you’d run away although she’d understand if you would rather not divulge that information to her.
  • Throws a few prince/princess jokes your way occasionally. Although to make up for their occasional-ness, they’re worse than Lance’s. Right after she tells the joke she gets this smug look that just makes the joke that much more horrible.


  • Hunk’s also really surprised once you tell him.
  • He also has questions but doesn’t actually ask them. He doesn’t want to prod at the past and make you uncomfortable so his lips are sealed.
  • But his questions aren’t really serious. They’re more of “Could you possibly get a servant to do *insert thing here*?”
  • Team “I’ve been blessed with a prince/princess”

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For the head canon: I imagine Rin, while normally being very confident and strong willed, also being a little self conscious about her appearance. She might see a beautiful demoness, or a princess or something and wonder why Sesshoumaru would ever want her. I imagine Rin having a little bit of a complex about it, feeling forever honored and special that Sesshoumaru saved her, but unaware of where she fits in terms of beauty standards. (Sorry it's a bit dark!)

it’s okay, I like it !