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do you have any abigail-centric fic recommendations? this episode made me miss her like burning.

Oh god, me too. I am jonesing for more story for Abigail, any story, all stories. Here’s a few from my bookmarks I really love. I wish I had more! If anybody has more, feel free to chime in.

Medico della Peste by Fahye. Gen. The beginning of Murder Family, very well-told, very convincing. 

In This Life by th_esaurus. Hannibal/Abigail, but very slight. A special favorite of mine. There’s something stirring about seeing Abigail only from a distance.

rising, you will be that other, alive in the dawn by princess-sparklefistss. Hannibal/Abigail. Abigail’s revenge, yesssss.

starlingshrike‘s Persistent Thorns series. Hannibal/Will/Alana, Hannibal/Clarice. My particular fave is Regrowth. This series, man. Painful as all get out. Hannibal Lecter is the worst.

Misdirection by LuckyDiceKirby. American Gods AU with some Will/Hannibal in the background. This is the third in a series, and you probably need to read the first two (Will/Hannibal focused) stories to appreciate this. They’re all very good, but this Abigail POV installment is particularly marvelous.

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obviously you look amazing with liner too but in those no liner pics you honestly look like a glowing fairy princess and it's perfect

omg :,+) thank you so so much!! i feel like liner has been too heavy for me this summer like idk i wear it if im going out somewhere special but i can’t really do it anymore on the daily. i’ve been wearing winged liquid liner literally everyday since 7th grade so this is a huge change for me..im a new woman 

On “Special Snowflakes” (attempt at balanced positivity)

I feel like that anti-SJW really does overuse the term special snowflake syndrome. Not to say they aren’t justified, of course.

But in this day and age, we do need reminders that while we don’t deserve to be treated like princes and princesses above paupers and peasants…we are worth it.

Something Deckard Cain says in Diablo 2 early on…

“Courage and opportunity together have created in you a kind of alchemy.“

For each and every one of you, your struggles and triumphs have formed its own unique kind of alchemy. Each of those struggles by themselves is hardly unique, and same with most triumphs. But it’s your specific approaches, those little quirks and whatnot that make you worth a basic level of respect, and love by at least one group out there.

So as people continue flipping each other off verbally, go hug a bunny or something, and remind yourself that you are worth it - and you don’t need Tumblr (or youtube or facebook) to shine the limelight on you just so you’re worth it. On the most important levels, you’re already worth it.

- Kuzco

BTS Reaction to You Wanting to Break Up Due to Insecurities

Ah, so cute and sad. I wrote an EXO version to this (x). I hope you like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: He stared at you with sorrow in his eyes. He looked at you with a tear falling down his cheek. “Do you really want to break up? Did I do something to make you feel like you weren’t special? Please, you are my princess… I need you.” He whispered as he held you close. The last thing he wanted was to lose you and the mere thought of it broke his heart.

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Suga: He was silent as you spoke. He listened to all the things you said before turning away, not wanting you to see how sad he was. “You can’t just decide something like that for me. I love you and only you. It doesn’t matter to me how ‘normal’ you are and I will never leave you for that. You should know that by now. But if you want to keep thinking things like that, I am not going to fight you.” He said as he looked back at you. The sadness in his eyes made you realize how much you really meant to him.

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J-Hope: He instantly broke down in tears. He was sobbing and begging you to never leave him. “Please, jagi, please, I love you. I love you so much and I don’t want to lose you. Please jagi, I would do anything for you. I don’t even deserve someone as great as you. Please don’t leave me.” His tears were never ending, not even when you reassured him that you would not leave him.

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Rapmon: He nodded his head while he listened to you. He was as thoughtful as he always was. Once you were done explaining to him that you thought he deserved better, he merely nodded his head before smiling. “That is really stupid jagi. It is a good thing I have a sexy brain, because you apparently lost yours. Why would you even think that breaking up would do either of us any good? We would both just be sad all the time missing each other.” He said as he pointed out the flaw in your idea.

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Jimin: He didn’t take it very well. He was frustrated that you felt that way and he just left the room. You remained sitting on the bed for a few minutes as you waited for him to calm down. He needed to cool off and he couldn’t look at you right now. He knew if he looked at you, he would break down in tears. After almost an hour, he came back into the room with a hard look on his face. “You aren’t breaking up with me for that reason. That won’t do. I don’t care if you think I deserve more, I only want you.”

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V: He stared blankly. He completely did not understand a word you were saying. You waited for him to say something, but he still didn’t. It wasn’t until you called his name that he finally speaks up. “I’m so confused jagi. Are you saying you want to leave me because you aren’t famous or do you want to become famous? We can get you an audition if you want.” He said as he thought over what talent you can showcase to become famous. His persistence made you smile and your heart flutter a little.

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Jungkook: He stared at you in fear at first before breaking down. He covered his face so you couldn’t see him crying, but he still tried his best to talk to you. “I love you jagiya and I don’t want to lose you. I love you more than anything. Please don’t leave me for this reason.” He said in tears. He eventually calmed down enough to look at you and your heart broke at the sight of him so desperate to keep you. You quickly apologized and held him, letting him know you wouldn’t leave.

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Okay but I actually like really loved the “life recap” on the screens in “Freeze Day” though because it actually well outlined what each person’s life has been all about:

Star’s life has been all about exploring Mewni, going on crazy amazing adventures with her best friend, causing trouble, learning to fight for whats right, just living life as a princess, enjoying all the perks of royalty. Pretty carefree life so far.

But Marco’s life was completely different. His entire life has been about impressing Jackie. Its been nothing special, just a typical Earth kid experience. And watching it, he is realizing how little hes done. After watching a life as adventurous and crazy as Star’s, watching his life must’ve been a real eye-opener. (and I could tell it truly was by the way they animated him watching. HOLY SHIT this show is so good.)

Im not really going anywhere with this, I just feel like this is character growth and something thats going to be really important later  in the season. 

Also, just to wrap up a few stray thoughts I have…

  • did ANYONE notice  that once scene where Father TIme was running around and im pretty sure he yelled  “YOLOOOO” ??!?!!! or am i just hearing things??
  • Seriously, do Mewniuns not have bathrooms? Do they do it midevil style, like some weird gross unsanitary hole in the ground?? Do they not have  bowel movements?? Are Mewniuns some sort of weird beings that dont  go to the  bathroom? Do they magically poof away all their pee/poop? WHAT IS THE EXPLANATION BEHIND THIS?
  • Also the mini golf place is called “Chibi golf” and thats  freaking adorable shit right there
  • Marco helping star swing the club by standing behind her and grabbing her hands  and placing them on the club and swinging gently like that classic tv trope cliche which is super adorable
  • Stars dad and Ponyheads dad are bffs just like their daughters and i find that super  adorable
  • said kings gossiping/smack talking Helios like middle  schoolers gives  me life
  • PEOPLE UNCONTROLLABLY ORBIT HELIOS why do i find that amusing wtf
  • The next episode is the St Olgas ep, which is a two-parter, which means basically we are all going to die and shits gonna get super real and so much drama and i have so many thoughts on whats possibly happening i cant deal wiith this
  • but dont worry we have two weeks to prepare ourselves
  • bc according to Wikipedia it doesnt premiere until  August 10th
  • but seriously whats  it gonna be about????
  • Does Stars mother find out about all the innappropriate  stuff Star does  with the wand and plan to send her to St Olgas,  so Star goes  into hiding? or does she actually act responsibly and maturely and goes to St Olgas but Marco is so in love  with her and loves having her  in his life so much that he follows Star to St Olgas and breaks her out???
  • OR will Star and Marco recieve a call from Ponyhead  saying they need  to break her out??? OR DOES PONYHEAD BREAK OUT OF ST O’S AND HIDES WITH STAR AND MARCO AND THEY HAVE TO KEEP IT SECRET OR ELSE STAR WILL GO TO ST O’S
  • HOW MUCH PONYHEAD WILL WE GET  IN THIS EP???????????????????

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the thought of ezria with a kid gives me chest pains. like they would be such good parents. they were so adorable with Malcolm, that was just annoying because it wasn't aria's kid. or ezra's I guess either lmao. but seriously. i always imagine them having a little girl. and aria would totally be the strict parent while ezra would be the pushover dad that does everything and gets every thing his little princess wants.

YES THAT’S EXACTLY HOW I IMAGINE THEM! aria would have to be the tougher, stricter one and ezra would just be so soft and such a pushover but I reckon if the kids were really in trouble, like something really bad happened (ie. their daughter decides to date her english teacher) then ezra would be the angry one and aria would be the one comforting them and trying to reason with ezra

ohh man and how great will it be when ezra finally has a real child of his own? he’s always going to feel such pain from having malcolm ripped away from him, so when he finally has a child he’s going to be so happy!

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Hey! Love the blog. So helpful. I'm trying to brainstorm for a YA novel, but every concept I come up with leads back to the MC being "different" than everyone else in a way that makes them dangerous. I feel like a cliche. Should I avoid it? Or run with it?

Think about it like this: no one wants to read a story about an average person who does average things, who never has anything interesting happen to them. When we read a story, they whole reason we’re reading about that person is because they are different, or special, or something unusual happens to them.

So, is a “different” protagonist cliché? No. Is a protagonist who’s different because they’re a vampire, or a chosen one, or a secret princess cliché? Not really, but if you do it the same way lots of other writers have done it, then it will be cliché. So, the trick is to find a way to do something new and interesting with your different and dangerous character. :)

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Name: Katelyn

Nickname: Kat/Merry (Merry is kinda special to me tho bc not only does it make me feel like a fun lil hobbit, it’s also something I use p much exclusively with buddies!)

Favorite anime: Oh good golly uh. I really love Princess Jellyfish, and even tho I’ve hardly seen a fraction of all of it One Piece has a relatively-new-but-permanent place in my heart lmao (Oh also if we’re counting Ghiblis then I’m tagging on Howl’s Moving Castle and Kiki’s Delivery Service bc golly)

Favorite show: I’m calling it a tie btw Gravity Falls and Steven Universe!

Zodiac: Gemini/Cancer cusp

Favorite drink: Cheerwine probably

Favorite quote: “What’s the point of life? I already told ya- I don’t know. Does anybody? Point is that it’s good!”

Favorite band: Ahh gosh um. Of Monsters and Men, Lullatone, the Killers, Mother Mother, the Oh Hellos, and Aivi & Surrasshu are a few!

Favorite season: Spring or Summer, I think :V

Movies I’m waiting for: I’m hoping Inside Out comes to Netflix sometime soon, does that count?


Tag 10 people you’d like to know better: Oh jeezow uh

Let’s go with lobstronomousskeleton, moonturtle6, zimiestef, ask-mister-mystery, squidbles, blockeriino, aaaaaaaand anyone else who sees this and wants to do it! I’M LOOKIN’ AT YOU PAL

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If I was ur girlfriend I'd treat u like a princess. I'd make u feel special, wanted, happy, lucky &amp; everything u could imagine. Not a day would go by where I wouldn't make u happy because that would be my #1 goal &amp; priority everday. I'd spoil the fuck of u with gifts and kisses bc u deserve it. The day we meet I'd take you on u forgettable dates &amp; adventures, &amp; we'd have nights where we just stay in &amp; I'd hold you in my arms &amp; never let go. I'll love you so much bc you'd

I’ll finish it for you “I’ll love you so much Bc you’d be my everything”
But that was super cute babygirl 😊😊😊😊😁

Today I got to be a princess for a very special little girl’s 4th birthday. Cinderella is her favorite princess, and it was such an honor to bring her to life for her. I had such a magical time and she made me feel like a real princess. It was a dream come true for both of us. #princess #dreamcometrue #Cinderella #birthday #yay

Photo Credit: Michelle Roller Photography

Remember that time I got to be an elven princess in the woods, and my best friend made me look beautiful?

I do.

This photo in particular reminds me of a wedding shoot. I think if I were to get married, I would want to wear this dress, or at least something like it. I would want it to be simple, long, beautiful, elegant - something I could feel really special in while maintaining my sillies. 

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The best girlfriend in the world, happy 18th birthday princess!!
I hope you have the best day you possibly could have even though you have to go to school. I’m so happy I get to spend this special day with you when you get home from school and the rest of the week and a half im in Sydney. You deserve nothing but the greatest things in life and I can’t help but just feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world because I get you… You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and you’ve made me the better person I am today and have helped me through all the bad times. I’m so thankful and I can’t wait to spend forever with you. I love you so much 💕👭

(It’s nice, to be honest, to be treated like a princess though. In the sense of being reassured often of all my best qualities, and the things that resonate most strongly about me in someone else’s eyes, and to feel warmed by these things and special and cared for. I am appreciative of it, and am surprised, actually by how much I am not used to it.)

Question time!

I was tagged by the lovely princess-arey to answer some questions! You should totally follow her if you aren’t already.

Is it more powerful to be feared or to be loved?
I think that it’s more powerful to be loved. Being feared makes you feel strong in a physical sense, but being loved makes you strong both in your soul and in the material world.

Do you believe in soulmates?
Yes! I believe that for everyone there is a special someone that, when you meet them, makes your soul just go like “Oh. Well there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”

On a related note, what is your favourite soulmate au?
The one where you and your soulmate have one part of a two part tattoo.

Who is your unproblematic fave?
Adam Young.

When was the last time you cried?
Two days ago.

Thoughts on Channing Tatum?
Not really sure. I don’t have any personal experience with him, and all I really know is that he has a pretty cool six pack.

Describe the outfit in which you feel the most powerful/confident?
Black Calvin Klein micro steel boxers, dark blue relaxed boot cut jeans that hang off of my hips, my baggy palladium combat boots, a multi-shade gray v neck that has slightly shrunken sleeves, my shemagh scarf, BDU jacket, and aviators. Very specific, but I feel like I could rule the world in that outfit.

What is your power jam?
Run Boy Run by Woodkid

Favourite store?
That’s a tough one… I love Books & Company, but I also love the 2nd Street Market… I guess I’d have to say the flee market/pawnshops

How would you define beauty?
Please refer to @Princess-Arey. If that’s not the answer you want, then I define beauty as a soul, so unique and passionate, that it stands out from the masses like a candle under the night.

My questions:
Is it better to live safely but confined, or dangerously but free?
What are your thoughts on astrology?
If the world’s most talented tattoo artist wanted to give you a free tattoo, what would you get (if anything)?
Shoes or no shoes?
What are you most afraid of?
Favorite color?
Have you ever experienced musical fission (goosebumps while listening to a song), and what song was it?
What is your dream car?
Have you experienced the supernatural?
What is your definition of love?
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T5W: Favorite Character Tropes

5. The hot popular guy [accidentally] falling for the average girl (The Duff, To All the Boys I Loved Before, Cinder, The Probability of Miracles). 

4. The female lead destined to tear apart the systems of a government/society (Katniss Everdeen, Celaena Sardothien, Tris Prior, Meadow Woodson, Tessa Grey). 

3. Love Triangles, yes I love them when they are done well! I love rooting for “teams.” Except the Selection series; that was one awful love triangle. 

2. When the main character becomes a teenager and finds out their bloodline makes them special in some way, like they are part vampire or fae or princess (Cinder, Throne of Glass, The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, Divergent).

1. The arrogant, sarcastic bad-boy that is a total a-hole but has a hidden sweet side because he doesn’t feel good enough for anyone (Will Herondale, Jace Herondale, Peter Kavinsky, Chaol Westfall, Carswell Thorne, need I go on?)

So I met up w this guy whom I had a crush on in high school, and we have gotten intimate before, but hanging out w him feels awk bc i never know what to do like usually guys laugh at my jokes and make me feel like a special fairy princess or smth but he just treats me like anybody else..and im not into him anymore but I was bored 😐 And he said he had fun at the end but I didn’t say anything back so I think that offended him bc he never replied to my text later lol