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Do you have any advice for people cosplaying on a budget/broke??

Yep! Because I’m a broke-ish cosplayer myself!

1.) Don’t strive for cosplays that look like they could be ¢o$p£a¥, ya feel? Anything armored, really poofy and disney princess-like, or ornamental is a no-go.

2.) Drugstore makeup is sometimes better than namebrand.

3.) Looking for a wig? Think Arda’s prices are a little too much for you? I recommend this website. My friend and I have ordered a total of 6 wigs from this website and they all got here in 1 week with regular shipping. They’re having a free shipping special now I think.

4.) THRIFT STORES. Always always always go to thrift stores first. You can either use or manipulate items of clothing there. They’d also have good shoes - I bought a pair of thigh high boots for $3.00 once. 

5.) Here’s a $10 store, featuring cheap boots.

6.) Sometimes it’s better to buy costumes online rather than gathering materials and sewing/assembling it yourself. it’s okay to buy costumes, as long as you’re not entering a competition of course.


8.) Scroll through this tumblr for advice.


This is the first hand-held game…thing…that Ive had since the original DS back in like 2005/2006. I can play more LOZ games now!! But I need to finish Twilight Princess first so I gotta be patient.

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ALSO THANKYOU for the B-day Messages!! I’ll do a..what do I call them…I forgot…ILL REPLY TO THEM ALL AT ONCE in one of those bundle posts or something 

ok people, ill be on sporadically from now til monday! 


sorry i haven’t been on lately, shit has been CRAZY

The bad news:

  •  I had to go to the urgent care last night. Had an over 100degree fever, severe upper respiratory infection and strep. i feel like my lungs are trying to separate from my body, and for some strange reason, my left eyeball looks all bloody and like it’s going to fall out :( fuck.
  • im pulling an all nighter tonight and taking a 6:13 train in the morning. fuck.

  • i have no idea how to make pants

The good news:

  • I’m getting konoha hiden any day now.






Don’t get me wrong. I’m generally pretty cool with whatever somebody wants to play because as long as you do it skillfully it an be totally cool. I can safely say that violet eyes and naturally blue hair have never been a thing that’s made me roll my eyes because it does next to nothing to effect the character you’re playing. Nothing at all to effect their personality.

But royalty is quickly becoming a pet peeve. We are at a high school. It is an althistory high school, we have werewolves and magical girls and everybody fights and I get that some of the people that have graduated from it have gone on to do some pretty intense things (fulfilling prophecies, captaining pirate ships) but it feels pretty uncool to just come in and be like “I’m special because my daddy is the king, I don’t have to earn my reputation”.

It’s getting a little bit outlandish how many princesses we have. I mean…there can’t be too many more fictional countries for people to be like “I’m the heir to this throne” for, right?

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My Daddy has a girlfriend, not me. I get really sad because he likes her and doesn't like me the same way. Part of me wants to leave and find a better Daddy, but the other part of me wants to stay because I'm starting to love him. I don't know what to do and it's scaring me. Should I leave him, or should I talk to him about everything.... He's also 1200 miles away, and idk. He can be my Daddy long distance but says he can't handle a LDR. He makes me feel special sometimes, but sad others. Help?

I think you already know what needs to be done. There’s quite obviously more cons than pros and he doesn’t sound like a Daddy you should want. Sorry. Forget him, you can do better without a doubt.


Have you ever felt so lucky?
Have you ever felt like nothing could bring you down or ruin this moment?
Have you ever felt like it was only just the two of you in the world?
Have you ever had someone make you feel so special?

Being with him,
Is like nothing else.
I’m his princess and he is my prince.
This relationship is like none other.
I can’t quite describe it, but that doesn’t mean it is not worth our time.
I’m surprised to be lucky enough to have him as mine.
Being with him,
Is truly a blessing.

Have you ever been so blessed to be with someone who makes you forget about the world?
When I’m with him, time stands still.
When I’m with him, I forever hold a smile.
Nothing can change the way we connect.
Nothing can interfere with our relationship.
The truth is, this is unbreakable, irreplaceable, and incredibly wonderful.
Have you ever been with someone who made you forget your worries? -xfutureheartsatl 👌🎸

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If you're still accepting requests, could you do one of Sieg Lieben from BMP2 and me, my name being Rebecca. Could the theme be about me having a horrible self esteem moment? Thank you~ <3

The maids were helping Princess Rebecca into a beautiful ballgown that was made specifically for her. She looked absolutely stunning. Clad in jewels, lace and the like, she finished dressing then looked in the mirror. The maids and helpers were fawning over how amazing she looked however the only thing she could do was sigh. ‘Does Sieg really want someone like me?’ She thought, 'I’m nothing special. I don’t even look good in this dress. I don’t come from royalty. He can do better.’ Lately, she was feeling down about her appearance and her personality. She came to the conclusion that maybe Sieg deserved someone better. “I’m sorry…” Apologizing, she fled the room until she reached a vacant balcony where she could have some alone time.

Hours went by and not to her knowledge, it was almost time to leave for an occasion at a neighboring country. Sieg and the others were busy looking for her but had no idea where she could have went. After about half an hour of searching, Sieg finally found his princess alone and crying. He walked up to her and sat down, “We’ve been looking for you. …..Why are you crying?” Rebecca refused to face him as she mumbled, “You deserve better than someone like me.” Sieg had no clue why she was acting like this. He loved everything about her. If he felt otherwise, he would not have married her. Needing to get to the bottom of things, he pressed on, “Why are you suddenly saying that? I picked you to be my wife didn’t I? I always tell you I love you…..I wouldn’t just say it to make conversation. I say it because I mean it…” He put his arm around her, “I love you and married you because you’re you. Don’t be so hard on yourself. There’s nothing wrong with you. Alright?” Staring at her face, he waited for her reply, “Rebecca? Alright?” She nodded, “Okay.” “So, don’t feel like you’re not good enough to be with me…because you are.” Her lips curved into a small smile as she met her husband’s gaze, “Thank you. I suppose I was just feeling down about myself.” He pulled her closer and kissed her temple, staring at her, “Don’t… Hmph, if it’s any consolation, that dress is very flattering on you.” She blushed and covered her face shyly, “Thank you.” Sieg leaned over and pulled her hands away from her face. “Mm.. I love you.” He kissed her passionately. Returning his kiss, she mumbled against his lips, “I love you too.”

To the boy who lives half a world away..

I have always loved and hated words. Sometimes I’d go days spilling ink– confessing my love, going into detail how beautiful you are, or random nonsense–and sometimes I have my moments where I can’t think of particular things to write about. But it never meant I wasn’t full of words. I was full of words and thoughts but I guess it all depends on how I construct each sentence or execute my prose and poetry. And you amaze me, with your special way with words.

I like the way you call me “princess” or “sunshine”. You’re my dad, my hero, with your encouragement and praise so I can be more confident with myself, and how you make me feel small and vulnerable enough to remind me that I also need other people to grow as a person.

I like the way you ask, “How was your day?” or “Did you have a decent sleep?” You’re my mama, with your constant reminders to take care of myself and to always stay safe, and how you’re always concerned about the weather or what I have for lunch or dinner, or if I’m catching on sleep when I stay up late than usual.

I like it when you call me “dude” or “bruh”. You’re my brother, with your obnoxious personality (like all brothers have) and the way you can be casual and comfortable and laid-back around me, that sweet special bond between siblings, and how you always got my back.

I like it when you go, “omg pls” or “smh autocorrect ugh”. You’re my sister, with the way you get frustrated over petty things but still laugh at them, or how you fill me in with bits and pieces of stories about recent happenings in your life, or sometimes in other people’s lives, in a language only sisters understand.

I like it when you tell me, “I had a dream tho…” or “Lemme tell you something…” You’re my best friend, with the way you trust me enough to share me your dreams and nightmares, and your secrets, or how you tell me your plans and schemes because you know that everything you tell me will be safe with me and that I’ll keep them forever.

Most importantly, I like the way you say my name. You’re like everything at once when you do it–my dad, my mama, my bro, my sis, my bestie–but most especially, you’re Ulises. You’re you. You’re the careless one who put that extra ‘h’ to my name because, well, everyone makes mistakes. You’re the stalker who goes through my posts and galleries to learn something about me everyday. You’re the boy who loves me from a distance, literally.

And I love every side and facet of your personality I’ve come to know and I’ve yet to know.

—  To heroedelsol, 8,806 miles and 12 hours away
Being a feminist is literally so hard

Some believe that you:
•cannot enjoy porn
•cannot support porn
•cannot let men buy things for you
•cannot let men pamper you
•cannot let men treat you like a princess
•cannot let men pay for meals
•cannot let men do anything for you really

Yet some believe that you:
•must support porn because if you don’t it’s slut shaming
•must let men pamper/pay for/treat you sometimes because that’s gender equality

And honestly it’s so exhausting. Like can’t I just be someone who enjoys some hardcore porn and enjoys being pampered because maybe sometimes I want my man to make me feel extra special who still supports feminism and female equality?

send help

I’ve fallen for someone and i can’t get up! I mean I’ve fallen for this total nerd that is just all around amazing. They know just what to say to me to make me feel like the most special princess ever. When they know i am having a bad day they try to cheer me up and completely understand when I say I just need to be left alone. In the mornings the first thing i do before tumblr, before snapchat, hell before I even get out of bed and run the go pee I check to see if they have messaged me cause I know if I have a message it will make my day instantly better. Granted I don’t always reply to the message cause well I’m an ass like that. Everyone in my life is sick of hearing about them I’m sure of it because I have forgotten how to talk about anything or anyone that isn’t them. The worst part about it isn’t that they are so far away or that I’ve never actually meet them. The absolute worst part is that they can’t believe when i tell them this. They don’t think that they are worthy of my affection, they think that they are some how less then what they truly are, which is an absolute amazing being. I know I deal with self hate but it truly breaks my heart when I hear them say anything unkind about themself. Right now I would give anything to be able to just cuddle up with them right now watching anything they wanted falling asleep feeling like i could actually relax and let my guard down knowing they would keep me safe. I know you will read this and I will get a message telling me how I am wrong but I had to put this out there. 

personal sorry if anyone actually took the time out of there life to read this. Just dismiss all that is said.

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Omg you are such a hot Daddy! I want someone just like you. Can you pretty please tell your Princess she can share more. I have never had more than one finger in my little ass can she tell how it feels please please please ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹ how do you know how to fuck her so well? How old are you?

Thank you very much for sending me a message =) daddy and princess both appreciate all of you guys so much ☺️☺️
I’m almost 20 years old.
And I’d say I not just know how to fuck my little girl but how to use her, I’d consider myself a very smart slash lucky person, I’m very intelligent when it comes to reading people. And considering I know everything about my princess I can practically stare at my little girl and predict what she is thinking slash wanting😊😊😊.

And actually yes princess will be sure to tell you all about having daddy’s cock in her ass TOMORROW (Wednesday)

Also I guess you could say we are new to sharing our experiences and so far we are totally enjoying it BUT we will not continue to share our experiences if you guys quit slash stop messaging slash asking us questions, really we LOVEEE HEARING FROM YOU GUYS SO MUCH truthfully we look forward to every message we receive 😊😊 SOO KEEP MESSAGING US😊😊😍😍😉♥️❤️💜♥️❤️

Also good luck with finding a daddy just as good as me ☺️👍


I miss my babygirl!!!! Fuck i feel like i cant breathe if i dont talk to her every possible second. My princess is graduating on the third. I am so excited for you baby, but im also sad that i wont be able to attend. But im sending you somethin real special, and maybe then you will feel like im there with you. Im so proud of you ! Cant wait to see you over the summer. 

Love, N.

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My bf treats me like a princess and I've never been more happy. We've only been together a couple months. Should we be intimate or is it too soon?

I think if you are connected to someone in a way that you feel is very sacred and special to the both of you it is ok to be intimate in whatever amount of time you see fit. Try to let it happen naturally or when the time feels right. Sounds like you have a great guy I’m sure if you are not ready he will understand. :)

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  • Why I like them: She’s a very sweet and outgoing girl with a deep loyalty for her friends, which I admire greatly. She seems to be the type of person who’d be game for adventure, and would gladly go through hell and back to help her friends. As unassuming as she seems to some, that girl has a heart of a lion hidden under her princess-ness. I never understood why the 2007-2009 fandom didn’t like her :P
  • Why I don’t: The only thing that I could complain about in regards to Kairi is that she doesn’t really have the chance to do much, oops :P I’m sure she’ll have much to do come KHIII, though!
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie) moment: The ending of KHII. “You’re home.” <3 <3 <3
  • Favorite season/movie game: Kingdom Hearts II again, haha XD
  • Favorite line: “I wish I could fight like you and Riku… I know what you’re thinking, but you guys shouldn’t be the only ones getting hurt.” (Aww, Kaikai T_T)
  • Favorite outfit: I like her KHII outfit! That shade of pink with the white+black+purple highlights suits her well, I think :)
  • OTP: Again, Sora/Kairi forever~!
  • Brotp: Kairi and the Boys are the best :’D And I bet she’d be great friends with Aqua too, once they meet up again properly!
  • Head Canon: Kairi absolutely loves stars! Not just because of the paopu legend, but in general she just finds star shapes visually appealing, especially five-point stars. You’ll often find doodles of stars in her notebooks, and several of her accessories and some of her clothes are star-themed. A few years ago Sora and Riku pitched in some munny and bought her a book about astronomy and constellations for her birthday; it’s still one of her favorites, and she often reads it when she feels inspired.
  • Unpopular opinion: I sometimes have the feeling that some people on this website only like Kairi because she’s a girl/for feminism’s sake and not for her personal merits…
  • A wish: I wish that Kairi would get a bigger role in KHIII! Whatever her role would be, I wish she gets to fight by Sora and Riku’s side in the final showdown!
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Please don’t kill her off or otherwise horribly damage her in KHIII! D: That’s my biggest worry, not just for Kairi but also for any one of Sora’s friends and allies, really - kill or otherwise horribly damage any of them, and I’ll be completely horrified. But especially for Kairi! :’(
  • 5 words to best describe them: Unofficial Disney princess, brave heart :D
  • My nickname for them: I sometimes refer to her as ‘the Throneless Princess’, but Actual Disney Princess works too :D

Send me a character!

This is one of my all time favorite Disney photo that I have taken of my daughter. 💝 Afternoon Tea is such a special time together. 💝 it’s even more exciting for Emme because she is served on the exact same fine china that I am & she feels so special! 💝 The CM’s really go all out to treat Emme like a princess. 😍😍😍😍 #AfternoonTea #GrandFloridian #PrincessEmme #disney #disneydining #disneyfood #disneyfoodie #disneyfoodporn #foodporn #wdw #waltdisneyworld #instadisney #instagood #disneyside #disneylife #disneylove #disneyyum #foodie #disneygram #disneygramers #disneycolors #igers_wdw #disneyaddict #DisneyResortDining #NOM #teatime #foodshare #yummygram #yummy by disney_patty http://ift.tt/1KtW54i