Okay so something great happened tonight as I made my parents watch the 1989 World Tour movie. Best! Decision! Ever! I felt like a proud mother and feel like I did my Swiftie job tonight (plus a translating work cause my parents are not fluent).

My dad loves 1989, and he’s a professional musician, and my mom likes you too, and they were both so impressed. Let me give you a recap of how it went overall:

- About your vocals: “you can really tell she sings live” “she’s got so much talent and she deserves this life”

- About the crowd: “the crowd!” “Camille how many people were there?” “where was it?” *I talk about the bracelets*: “INCREDIBLE”

- About the stage: “there are so many things going on there how do they not run into each other” “that’s so HUGE” “she turns her songs into something else” “WOAH THE SCREENS”

- About the dancers: “they… they’ve got a lot of energy.” (I laughed)

- About the musicians: “the backing vocalists are very good” *I tell them how Amos and Paul have been here since the very beginning * my dad: “that’s a very good thing. Plus they jump everywhere, they’re cool.”

- About the musical rearrangements: “that makes it even better” “she’s going ROCK woo”

- About the guests: “you can really see her sincerity, that’s very nice that she invited them” “THAT’S MICK JAGGER!!” “I recognize this song I heard it the other day on the radio”

- When Selena appears: “well that’s a combo for you Camille” 

- Whenever you did something cute or sassy: *they laugh*

- About the tour overall: “Compared to the other DVD you have of her [the speak now world tour] it’s so next level”

- At the end “Well that was a great show, I’m glad she’s your idol Camille”

And did I talk about my reaction? I’ve watched this movie several times already but I still got chills…. I can’t believe the woman I watched on my TV tonight is the same person who reads my posts and likes them and interacts with me. @taylorswift please never change.

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I'm also learning Korean and my parents and sister think I'm so weird for it. But I explained to my mom (since I want to go into fashion/makeup ect) that if I can't find a job in LA/NY that I could always try to find one in Korea and she's warming up to the idea lmao

yes, never feel like you shouldn’t do something you’re passionate about okay anon

study and study and make them proud  :)

OKAY SO SOMETHING CRAZY JUST HAPPENED. I was on YouTube and my little brother saw the stressed out video and said “oh that is that pilots band right?” and I was like “YES HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT? THEY’RE MY FAV BAND HOW DO YOU KNOW THEM?” he told me he listened to a song on a minecraft video or something and he downloaded it. THE SONG IS OH MS BELIEVER. AND HE LIKED IT. We listened to it together. I AM DEAD.

Sad artist rant

Okay is there like a special trick to getting noticed? I mean in general, yes, but mostly with art. It is SO disheartening (to the point where I feel like crying) to spend a lot of time on something and be proud of it and then have it get absolutely nothing in the way of recognition. It’s like when you’re a kid and you show your mom a drawing you did in school and instead of putting it on the fridge she toss it in with the junk mail and throws it away on accident.

Maybe I just really do suck at drawing and I’m trying to tell myself otherwise? I mean I’m 100% to gentle constructive criticism/critique so I can improve myself…..ugh I’m just feeling so sad because this is very much not the first time something like this has happened. Or maybe you either draw what people want to see or you just don’t get recognized.

I’m not trying to whine or get pity-reblogs to my art. I just feel like I’m not doing something right and I want to know what it is so I can rectify it. But no one ever tells me things like this when I ask so *lays down* I’m gonna stop posting art for a while I think


I don’t know why I’m thinking about you so much lately, Mal. You were my first best friend back in pre k. I don’t remember everything about you or our friendship. But I know we were each other’s everything. I remember the way my parents tried telling me you passed. “The doctors tried putting her back together.” I wish you were still by my side and we got to grow together. Everything reminds me of you lately. I don’t know why. I don’t feel like myself. I hope you’re watching over me everyday. I haven’t seen your mom since you passed. I hope she’s doing okay. I hope you’re doing alright up there, smiling and laughing as always. I hope one day I can make you proud. Lead me great places. Missing you so much beautiful angel. Rest easy baby Mal. God took you because he wanted you by his side. Save me a spot up there. See you again one day. Meet you at the gates.

it’s okay! she’s home safe now. everyone is relieved. my mom said when she found out about brandeis she told her she was so proud of me and then she asked if she was going to miss me and she said “I don’t know” which kind of feels like a punch in the gut but I’ll take it.

I know tino doesnt like me (his tumblr) and the people in the MT class give me anxiety and all I can say is thank god for jacob surovsky. I am going to avoid romantic/sexual entanglements for the time being; they havent been working out and they are making me sad. Case closed; han relieved.

my cat is snoring and its adorable. I’ve never heard her snore before.

erh.. how to say about my life recently.. 

on the one hand, i am doing pretty well.. both academically and socially. I got an internship from wsj. WHICH i should be damn proud of? idk//// i feel i just need to work harder… ehr

on the other hand, I begin to do my thesis and prepare for my summer research project. my gpa is good. it’s like 3.8. although not 4.0, i am okay with it. this semester hoping to get 4.0 though…

besides, I went to see her this winter break.. she seems to like me.. idk… i really really like her for two years. she likes me.. she kisses me four times… she feels just like my mom.. i really like her she is like marshmallow. makes me think that i need to work harder so that i will not disappoint her and be a better person and i just super like her.. i know this post does not make sense at all. but gosh. i really like her… i just cannot stop thinking about her..

even if i got that internship from wsj and that i am doing well academically and life seems to be good and she seems to like me. why don’t i just feel insecure… just feel wanting more from her. i know she likes me but i want her to like me more. is it selfish

These muscles over here, ain’t JUST for carrying babies around! 💪

Okay, so I’m not normally a “bragger” but I’m pretty proud of my snow pile! Sometimes I feel like husbands forget that we’re still competent, willing and extraordinarily more talented than the average man 😂 (just go with it) at doing things other than the everyday “mom duties” so every now and again I like to throw him for a loop and give him a little reminder. 😜 So… after I got home tonight, and put the kiddos in the bed, I grabbed the shovel and headed out to make my car a little resting place for the night! And to think he thought I was going to be too tired to finish! Pfft. 💪💪💪💪 …(hopefully I can roll out of the bed in the morning) haha

Best part of the night. Hearing a little knock on the window, only to look up and see my little man, (who was supposed to be in bed) standing by his window, waiving and giving me the thumbs up! 😍 #bestmotivationever

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so my mom took this photo of me anD IM SO PROUD LIKE I’VE SEEN HER PHOTO SKILLS GROW FROM HORRIBLE TRASH TO OKAY TRASH i have so many feelings