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Our league had tryouts for our Dairyland Dolls travel team over the weekend. I could only make one of the nights out of two, and it came after an incredibly long, taxing weekend of work/activity, not-ideal nutrition, and very little sleep. I knew the practice was going to be a challenge.

Halfway into the initial, incredibly grueling drills I felt myself getting light headed and a little dizzy. I was chugging water with some added electrolyte tabs, trying to take little breaks where I could, putting my head between my legs - determined not to sit anything out if at all possible, but also not wanting to push so hard that it would be dangerous for myself or others. 

That’s a super difficult balance to achieve sometimes, especially when you’re doing something you love and feeling the pressure to perform.

In the end, for whatever miraculous reason, I didn’t pass out and actually managed to feel really good during the scrimmage portion of the tryout - kept my legs under me, mostly kept my arms down while jamming, had good footwork, made good decisions, got lead every time I went out, and volunteered to go out and jam even when we were all exhausted and dripping sweat. I got to work with great people who made it all a lot easier, too.

If you want to step it up to the next level, after all, you have to push yourself. Even if I don’t make the Charter team, I was pleased as punch to note that my baseline and recovery time have all improved drastically over time.

Here’s the key factor, I think, that helped me Not Totally Suck in this instance: I went into it knowing I wasn’t going to be at 100%, and that I would be struggling physically. The only thing I really had control over, then, was how I approached it mentally: would I focus on how I could help my team, being positive, and working hard? Or would I engage in defeatist self-talk, look inward, and get angry at myself for sucking air.

When you’re trying to prove that you can still play a good game even at the end of a long tournament weekend, when your body is smoked and everything hurts–well, here’s that chance. 

We’re not always going to feel our very best when game time comes around. The trick is to learn how to both listen to what your body needs to support it (which can sometimes mean sitting out entirely), and to develop mental tools for staying positive, digging deeper than you did last time, and focusing on how you can be there for your team despite whatever shittiness you’re personally experiencing at the time. You’ll feel better and perform better, and the people around you will benefit from it as well.

If you can pull it out and play at all well when you’re feeling 50%, imagine what you can and should be able to do at 100%. 

This is pretty good strategy for life in general.

Embrace the Suck.

         That’s actually a headcanon I should post.

         Yeo-Min suffers from philophobia or a fear of love. This causes him to
         be paranoid when getting close to others and even just the idea of a
         romance or anything romantic at all makes him feel physically sick or
         even light headed and dizzy. On rare occassions, his heart will race
         so much that his skin will break out in to red rashes. He has yet to let
         anyone in on this secret or share the reasoning behind it but it can be
         rather severe especially when infront of public. This has made roles
         in some dramas particularly difficult and he has turned down some
         purely due to the romantic content.

Okay so I apparently now know what it feels like to be high….(IT WAS NOT BECAUSE OF DRUGS) 

So I didn’t sleep at all last night, literally stayed up for 24 hours, and I didn’t eat anything at all till just now, so by the time I got to 4th period at school, I felt really weird. I started feeling light headed and I couldn’t stop looking around and everything was just like brighter for some reason. By the end of 4th period, my friend Bryce said I looked like I had been drugged, and I felt like it to, I don’t even know how I made it to the car (my boyfriends mother picks both of us up after school). She’s a nurse so when I groggily told her what I felt like she knew that I had really low blood sugar and that it got mixed with adrenaline, and so I apparently was high in the middle of 4th period and I still feel a little high, but it’s starting to go away now. 

dude I don’t even know what to say now. It felt so fucking weird…nothing felt real at all. I thought I was in a dream to be honest. I NEVER want to feel like that again though omg. IT WAS A REALLY HORRIBLE FEELING TO ME.

and since I thought it was a dream, I actually thought that Hyukjae had not gone to the army yet and it made me really happy and now I’m just sad again. 

oh and did I mention the main reason I couldn’t sleep last night was because I was just randomly worried about Hyukjae…

The next thing I wanted to discuss is the energy that comes with working with spirits. When you work with spirits they can effect your own energy. You can feel light headed / dizzy / spacey or feel a sense of being highly charged. The reason behind this is that the energy of some spirits work at a different speed then yours and you absorb some of that energy when you work with them. I hear of this most frequently from people who do a lot of work with angels. The angel’s energy is so high, or different than the individual that they sometimes feel quite out of it when they do a lot of work with angels.

anonymous asked:

if you don't mind me asking, what's a hypo like? how would one kill you? sorry if this is insensitive uwu i didn't mean it if it is uwu

it’s fine anon

a hypo is when your blood sugar level drops to the point of not having enough energy for your body to function, which is the short explanation

it’s one of the most terrifying things you can experience. you can literally feel your body shutting down and giving up. you get light headed, shaky, and tired, and a lot of the time you don’t notice you’re having one until it gets really low. if you pass out from it you can die. your body literally shuts down.

low blood sugar is 4.0 and below. my blood was 1.6. i don’t know how i was still awake but if i passed out i probably would’ve died. im not exaggerating - if my mum didn’t check on me for some weird reason (she never checks on me at night unless she knows im awake so she can yell at me) throughout the night then i would’ve been dead by morning

diabetes is shit

im going to throw up im the absolute worst ok bye goodnight or whatever
(its midnight and i just ate chocolate covered pretzels and i feel like dying. normal? no no no. im a piece of shit. i feel light headed for some reason. hope i pass out and never wake up)