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#8 Michael x reader???

Milk Stache

The loud bass thumped in your ears as you walked into the kitchen, nearly pressing herself straight into a laughing Gavin.

“(Y/N)!! Ay!” You laughed along, feeling particularly light headed and happy.

“Hey Gav! Whatcha up to?” You brushed past him, walking further into Burnie’s kitchen to grab another beer.

“Micool and I were jus’ chattin’…” Gavin slurred, throwing an arm around his shoulders. You opened the refrigerator to grab a beer and noticed a full carton of milk in the door. At that point, you were fairly drunk and for some reason an idea came to your mind.

“Michael! Oh my God, Michael!” You laughed, grabbing the 1 litre carton.

“What?” He looked up at you with a quizzical look.

“I know you won’t be able to drink this entireee thing.” You dragged out your words, waving the milk before him.

“Wanna bet?” He asked, laughing. You nodded, holding out your hand for a shake.

“100 bucks says you can’t do it!” You said flimsy. He laughed and shook your outstretched hand.

He ripped open the top and placed the carton to his lips. Something inside of you must of clicked because you suddenly stopped him.

“Wait. Wait! Uh. If you can’t, $150 to me?” He giggled, actually fairly cutely and made a grunt of agreement.

He once again placed the carton to his lips and began to swallow. The small crowd that had gathered to witness the event could be heard around you as they started to chant ‘chug, chug, chug’.

He finished the milk within 2 minutes, pulling back and wiping the milk stache with the back of his hand before letting out a loud belch. You laughed and cheered along with the crowd, reminding yourself to pay him tomorrow, after the party was over.

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nah some people are just annoying af like that, i feel, congrats on not stabbing her U___U

Oh it was a battle today.  I was so angry with her at one point that I was light headed and had to step away for a moment.  She annoys me all the time for various reasons but today took the cake.  If it wasn’t Friday, I’d have bit the bullet and called in sick tomorrow just to get away from her.

And now I’m watching dramas and wanting ramen because they are eating ramen.  I don’t need ramen, but gah I want some.

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How long after beginning recovery did it take for you to not feel sick anymore? I have been eating normally for over a week & I still feel miserably sick (dizzy, light headed, headaches, nauseous) for some reason I thought this would resolve quickly.

It takes a bit longer than that, unfortunately 😔. It depends what your physical health is like, because if you are severely deficient in some minerals you may need to take vitamins to help. Also, if you are quite underweight you might not feel better until you are at a healthy weight. Are you under the care of a doctor? Because they should be able to give me you answers ☺️. It took me about 5 weeks to start having my energy back and be a bit more cheerful! ✨xxx

I purchased my plane ticket today for my big move, and honestly, I feel like vomiting everywhere. For some reason, I’m feeling really anxious about this. Within the last few days, it has felt more real than it ever has, and I keep feeling light headed and nauseous. I don’t know if I can do this.


Currently writing while feeling extremely light-headed… Cough Syrup makes me feel reaaaaaally high for some reason >< 

Anyways! Managed to get through last week’s crazy rush of Maths and Physics without dying! It was really weird though, the class started out with 6 of us, and eventually there were only 4 people left by the final day of lessons. It was good though, I really do prefer small groups~ Overall I would rate my current level of knowledge to be less than 2/10 T.T Really need to get stuff done in advance, jumping to a science track after spending two years learning nothing but the Arts (besides math, but its math hahah) 

To be really honest, it was in the second half of my JC1 life that I kind of started to wonder whether or not taking up Arts was really the best option.. but I forced myself to not think about it. Cuz y’know if I knew for certain then doing all that work would have been a complete drag. Thank God that I did that, because I actually started to enjoy it quite a bit, though I could never really excel in it hahaha. It’s really something that comes naturally, just like my obsession with making music I guess. I mean besides the literature we covered in class, I’d never gone out of the way to go and look up books or poems and other literary type thingies P: The fact that I spent more time reading up stuff like coding and algorithms really says something X)

Wow ok I’m really not sure if I’m typing legibly because there are so many red underlines under my words RN. (Edit: ok I just spellchecked HAHA IT WAS BAD) Besides that, I’ve been experimenting with the electric and bass a lot more recently and while I still SUCK at them both… we’re making slight progress heh D: Learnt how slap bass works just a few days back (FINAAAAALLY) it was wayyyy cool how that works haha. Definitely not as effortless as how every bassist in the world makes it look XO) 

And I should also probably get a hat. My hair pulling obsession, has left a terrible bald spot on my head T.T IT WILL GROW BACK I KNOW BUT it just looks horrid now… The moment I saw how bad it looked in a picture I couldnt even bring myself to touch my hair T.T SO I SHANT PULL ANYMORE

So hats.. where does one go to buy hats