but have we ever talked about this moment?? like not about luke but about the other boys’ reactions??? i mean yeah michael’s looking at him like ‘wtf are you doing man’ and calum is completely spacing out but ashton is just

ashton, you’re staring

i can feel the intensity of it through the screen

ash, that’s kind of creepy

and i swear to god 

luke knows exactly what effect he has

both on us

and on ashton


Free! Eternal Summer, Sydney 2014. Sydney, Australia 2015 

Sydney — the land edition!  Special shout out goes to the hotel and the Circular Quay/Rocks neighbourhood. It really has a lot of character and I was glad this area was my first contact point with Sydney. I’m going to have special feels for this place the way I do with Ikebukuro now. You never forget your first impressions.

I wish more of Luna Park had been featured in the anime. It’s really… a very unique attraction - in its creepy-looking old-school amusement park kind of way. I crave fanart of the Free! boys going to visit Rin and Luna Park being one of their stops. Nagisa drags everyone on the Rotor ride. (Isn’t it literally a giant washing machine tho?) Makoto might not make it past the entrance door.  

Part 1

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Why Intelligent Armor is a Bad Idea...

Paladin: Intelligent items are actually pretty cool.  I hope to find a sword some day.

Ranger: Yeah, though I don’t know why people make intelligent armor.  I mean, it’s kind of creepy if you think about it…

Witch (OOC): *whispers* You’re wearing me on your body!

Witch (IC): Yeah, that’s problematic at best…

Ranger: I know, it just doesn’t feel right.  There’s too many opportunities for shenanigans.

Paladin: Uhh….

Witch: Unless it’s inhabited by a Paladin spirit, then it just apologizes for it all the time.  "I’m sorry, I know this is kind of weird but I’ll do my best to protect you.  It’s creepy for me to be worn you know.  Uh, by the way, you have several growths along your back, I think it might be a disease.  You should… uh… get that looked at… Sorry!  I’m sorry!  No really… I’m sorry.“

Let me be very clear about something: Surgery is absolutely not a requirement for or condition of trans*ness. For some people gender-confirmation surgery is a personal necessity, a life-or-death need. For others it’s not. For some the medical risks aren’t worth it. For some it’s a financial impossibility. And, believe it or not, some trans* people simply don’t want any kind of surgery. Each person is different.

When people ask whether she’s going to do “the full transition,” I most often reply now by saying that she already has. The important thing to remember is that there isn’t some kind of finish line. There’s not a day in the future when my partner will finally and completely be a woman. She is a woman now. Today. She is not a halfling. She is not transitioning: She has transitioned. Focusing further on the specifics of her genitals is just kind of creepy. Genitals do not make a person. While surgeries can help some people feel more comfortable in their skin, those people were already wholly the gender by which they identified before surgical intervention. Some women have penises. Some men have vaginas. That’s that.

—  Trans* Surgeries Don’t Make the Man (or Woman) | Justin Ropella for the Huffington Post Gay Voices 
Sasaengs during EXO V live

Ok so everyone knows about all those phone calls EXO keeps getting during the live broadcasts? Mainly Sehun and Chanyeol? They keep talking about how they’re unknown numbers that ONLY call during the V apps and they just keep calling. They confirm that they’re the same number(s) calling both and they know its fans that somehow got their number. Chanyeol wants to share the number but Suho stops him cause obviously a shitstorm could ensue.
I want to talk about how incredibly disrespectful and CREEPY that is. So these are obviously sasaengs that have gotten there number god knows how and are calling during V app broadcasts to CONFIRM IT’S THEM. They could do a whole manner of stuff with those numbers. Tell friends, somehow track phones (idk sasaengs find ways to do all kinds of crazy shit) and I just feel like its another way of invading their privacy. They might have to be forced to change their numbers just cause some idiots won’t stop calling them. What do the “fans” think is going to happen? Their oppa is gonna pick up. Not be creeped out, talk to them and somehow become their friend or more??? Like seriously this is the stupidest thing and it bugs me so much that there are people out there that do this kind of stuff…I just…idk EXO doesn’t deserve that kind of stalker behaviour. Seriously. Protect our boys everyone.

I’ve been waiting for you.
Not the creepy kind of waiting, I promise.
Just - I’ve been waiting for someone like you to come my way.
Someone that would resurrect the dead butterflies in my stomach, the butterflies everyone else around me always seemed to feel flutter, and I guess since you’re still around I’ve done the same for you.
It’s been years since someone has made me feel the way you do.
When I look at you, I can’t help but think ‘This is the person I want to to be with me for the rest of my life.' 
To put it lightly, I really hope that throughout this crazy thing called life, our love will survive.
I hope you’re never just a memory.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: Finally finding someone to love afters several years of not being able to feel the butterflies.

Are these people serious. Are these people FUCKING serious?! Ok for real who the hell would think it’s ok to ask Kevin to date them like ?? You do realize we do not actually know him right?? Why would anyone even think that doing something like that was ok at all? This is the most horrifying and disgusting thing I’ve heard in a while, I actually want to kinda throw up right now just thinking about the people who thought it was fine to send him those messages. He is not a toy. He is a fucking person. With feelings. And if you’re sending him those messages, fucking shame on you because you are the worst kind of person. He literally JUST got out of a relationship and you think he wants to go out with some creepy fuck he doesn’t even know? If you are seriously that rude and selfish then you need to reevaluate your life and ask yourself how you managed to sink this low.


7. “No, you’re not sleeping alone tonight, not after that.”                            A/N: hi i’m back! enjoy this one, i made the end kind of fluffy.

“Sweetie! We’re leaving now!” your mom yelled at you. As usually, your mom and dad had to leave somewhere not-so-near to do some work and you had to stay home alone. Again.

You’ve never been scared of being alone, but this time with Theo and dread doctors in town you weren’t feeling so safe. You pushed that creepy feeling in the back of your head and packed your school bag and left to school.

“Heyy how you doing?” you greeted Stiles when you arrived.
“Nothing much, how are you?” he asked smile on his lips.
“Mom and dad left for business trip again so I get to be alone again, but yeah I’m fine”, you scoffed.
“Aren’t you scared to be alone?”
“I guess not”, you said and started to walk towards the class room with him. He threw his hand over your shoulder as you walked the hallway together. Your heart started to beat faster and you had butterflies in your stomach..

“See you at lunch?” he asked and went to physics as you went to the biology class.

** Lunch

You sat next to Lydia and tried to catch up what she and Malia had been talking about.
“I just can’t believe he hides it from us”, Lydia mumbled.
“Wait, who’s hiding what?” you asked confused.
“Scott told me that he thinks that Stiles has a crush on someone. But when we asked Stiles he went all red and awkward!” You began to feel stupid for Lydia and yourself. You always liked to think that you’d have a chance with him.
“He’s been in love with you for ages, didn’t you know that?” you said to Lydia.
“Didn’t you know what?” familiar voice behind you asked. You glanced at his brown eyes and said “nothing”. He sat next to you and Scott sat next to Malia. The air felt tense so you stood up and muttered something about homework and left.

You went to the library so no one would bother you. It was pretty empty, probably because everyone was at the cafeteria eating. You took your biology books and started to do your homework; to distract your thoughts from Stiles.

“I heard that you’ll be alone tonight”, you lifted your head up and saw Theo.
“What do you want?” you asked still focusing on your homework. You knew that he wouldn’t do anything to you, not at school.
“I just wanted to tell you that you should lock the doors and windows. You know, just in case, you’ll never know who could come and visit”, he smirked. You froze, and he noticed it too.
“Just in case, (Y/N), just in case,” he said and left. Shivers went down your spine and you slammed your books shut. You weren’t feeling safe anymore so you went to look for Stiles.

“Where were you? And why did you even left?” He asked when you walked to him.
“Library, I had homework to do”, you told him and opened your locker.
“I thought that you were mad at me”, Stiles mumbled quietly. You sighed and faced him.
“Why would I be mad at you?”
“Maybe if someone said something to you and you got mad, I don’t know.” You stared over his shoulder and saw Theo leaning against the lockers, still smirking at you. Stiles noticed you were staring at someone and he turned to find the target of your gaze. He saw Theo so he grabbed your hand and pulled you behind the corner, away from Theo’s stare.

“Was he in the library? Did he do something to you?” he asked and looked for possible injuries.
“No, he just talked to me”, you said.
“What did he say?” Stiles asked
“He was just trying to scare me,” you mumbled.                                        
“What were you talking about at the cafeteria?” Stiles suddenly asked.      
“Just one stupid thing, nothing important,” you said and checked the time so you wouldn’t be late for class.                                                                              
“I wanna know,” he demanded.                                                                      
“I’ll tell you about it someday, okay?”                                                              
“Tonight?” you looked him.
“I didn’t know that we had plans for tonight.”    
“You really think I’ll let you sleep alone after Theo threatened you?” Stiles asked.              
“Oh c’mon, I’m not scared! He probably won’t even do anything. I can take care of myself.”
“No, you’re not sleeping alone, not after that. That guy is crazy and no one knows what he can do, so please, come over?” he begged.

Stiles drove you home so you could grab few things you’d need. He followed you around like a puppy. You stuffed clothes into your bag and soon you were ready to go.
“Are you sure it’s okay with your dad if I crash at yours?” you asked and hopped into the car.
“Of course it is, my dad loves you. He says that without you I’d be in trouble all the time,” Stiles laughed and started to drive.

“I’ll take the bed,” you said and ran into Stiles’s room jumping on the bed
“No, you slept in my bed last time!” he screamed running after you.
“Too bad that you’re slower than me.”
“Hey, (Y/N)?” he asked. You watched him and waited him to continue.
“Can you tell me what were you talking about at the cafeteria? I know you and I know that something bothered you because you left so soon.”
“Well, Lydia said that Scott thinks you like someone, and Lydia said ‘ooh I can’t believe he wont tell us who the mystery girl is’ and then I felt stupid for her and I said that you’ve been in love with her for ages,” you explained. Stiles were quiet for a moment.
“I’m not in love with Lydia.”
“What? Everyone knows you love her, don’t try to hide it.”
“Please shut up and listen. I am not in love with Lydia, I’ve liked you since the third grade. And when Scott said he thinks I like someone, he said it because he knew I liked someone else, not Lydia.”
“What?” you were so confused and it took some time for you to understand what he had said.
“We talked about this in the cafeteria after you left because they wanted to know, so I told them that I like you. I really really like you and I hope I didn’t ruin our friendship or anything,” he started to panic.
“You didn’t ruin anything,” you said quietly. Stiles looked at you.
“I mean, I like you too, I’ve liked you for ages.”
“Can I kiss you?” he asked sitting next to you.
“Yes, you can,” you said and leaned in for the kiss. Your first kiss with the boy who you had a crush on since the elementary school. You felt butterflies and fireworks racing in your stomach and you wished you could freeze the moment.

“You really thought I like Lydia?” he laughed and kissed you again.

Am I the only one who feels as if the creators kind of shoved the Grahamfield kiss in the game just to satisfy the shippers?

Like, you ship what you want, but I personally, feel that they originally tried to make this game all about Max and her not needing a romantic male partner; doing things on her own.
They even fought to keep the main character female.

But I still feel as if they didn’t really want to put Grahamfield in there? Warren is made out to be kind of obsessive and creepy during the game (at least in my play through) so I never liked him as a character.

In Max’s journal, they put in entries about Max seeing Warren as a cool geek brother, and even if you accept his Drive In invite her journal says “I just need a get away”, and if you don’t “I don’t wanna lead him on”.

Then, it’s only in the final episode that out of nowhere the kiss option arose. I never saw it coming tbh.

But there have been Pricefield vibes since Episode 1 and 2, whether you choose to or not, and this was when the game wasn’t all too popular.

I honesty feel as if the Grahamfield kiss was only put in there to satisfy the shippers, and that makes me feel sad for all of you.

SIDE NOTE: I do not hate Grahamfield. I just strongly dislike Warren (sorry but he’s creepy asf).

Tonight is… a good night.

I just had a lovely shower, because I actually had the executive function to do so. Then I had some dinner — leftovers from something I, myself, made a few days ago — and talked to my girlfriend while petting our roommate’s cat, and tomorrow I’m starting a new job… but for right now I’m just relaxing in my room, which I’ve decorated and which feels just the right size.

All I can think of is how I could easily be miserable and unwashed in the oversized and kind of creepy basement of two people I hate. The food would be better, but I wouldn’t have made it. Maybe I’d have a decent job, even a better job, but… eh, I’m looking forward to the one I’ve got, and I’m kind of glad I managed to suffer through the one I had for the past couple months. And there’s so many wonderful and formative experiences I’ve had since June that I would have entirely missed out on…

I dunno, this is mostly just me making a Positive Post, but I also want to give some advice. When the people who hurt you tell you that you’ll be better off if you stay with them, say that leaving makes you entitled or an idiot or a traitor or a thousand other things… they’re lying, y’know? Or at best, they’re wrong.

And maybe you’ll have to rely on them for a while, but… don’t let yourself buy into their garbage. And, whenever you can, pull away from their influence. Take them for all they’re worth while refusing to give back any more than the bare minimum. Get as far away as you can while still being able to live comfortably.

Tonight… I may not be “free,” as such. And I may still rely on my parents for some things, it’s true.

But I’m in a much better space than I was, and I’m going to keep fighting to get myself in a better situation. One where I can be “me” more openly and more often, where I don’t have to rely on complete bastards to live, and one where I’m better-situated to help others, too.

neighbor!luke being too shy to approach you since you moved in a few months ago and claiming he was too busy to visit the new neighbors bc he knew he’d make himself look stupid somehow but he’s finally gotten sick of being scared to talk to you (and he’s also starting to feel creepy for all the staring) so he tells ashton that he doesn’t need a ride to school, he’ll take the bus bc he knows you do and it takes a few days of awkwardly standing at the bus stop before he finally gets the courage to speak to you and then when you don’t respond he realizes that you have earbuds in so he hopes you don’t notice but ofc you do and you take out your earphones and ask him what he said but he waves it off before hurrying onto the bus without another word but little did he know that you’ve caught him staring a few times and you think it’s cute how shy he is so you follow him to his seat in the middle of the bus and introduce yourself


Rifftrax: Warty, the Toad (1973/2014)

This is… I don’t know what this is. I don’t know what it’s for. I don’t know who’s supposed to watch it or how they’re supposed to feel about anything that happens in it. It’s kind of like a fairy tale, except nothing really happens. It’s kind of like one of Aesop’s fables, except there is no moral, or any discernible point. It’s about a toad who’s really pleased with being ugly. If you want to learn about toads, frogs, butterflies and snakes, you will not do so by watching this film. If you find reptiles disgusting and creepy and ooky, this film will not help. At all.

Join me in staring with blank incomprehension at a narcissistic amphibian and his disgusting friends and neighbours by getting a butterfly to drop you off roughly at Rifftrax, where this cinematic enigma can be enjoyed(?)(!) for $0.99, making it one of the most competitively priced shorts featuring three grown men making fun of a vain toad on the market today. 

Megstiel AU: Meg and Castiel end up on the same bench at the park day after day and finally, Meg decides to strike up a conversation. 

“Why do you come here everyday?”

“I like to watch the children.”

“That’s not creepy at all…”

“It brings me peace. They’re always so joyful. Why do you always come here?”

“I like to watch the plants grow until winter when the best part comes and they die. The name’s Meg by the way, and you are?”

“You’re kind or morbid, Miss Meg. I’m Castiel.”

“Sounds too complicated. How do you feel about the name Clarence? Close enough, right?”

Raven Queen Headcanon

I feel like the Raven Queen is actually really fair and kind and a little happy to have a champion again, like her own brand new BFF.

Unfortunately she’s also creepy as fuck so every step she tries to take closer to Vax he awkwardly takes two steps away. 

I feel like she just watches him like “Why do you hate me? I SAVED your sister. It’s not MY fault they put a death trap around the armor that you people set off. I’m good, I’m nice, I swear. I just want to help. Let me help you, come ooooon, Vax….. You look really nice in my armor…. you want a Raven friend? I can send you a Raven friend. They’re really smart birds….. Vax? ….Vax? …..WHY WON’T YOU BE MY FRIEND, VAX?!?!?!?!?”

Little rant coming on about the Ash vs. Evil Dead advertising, because that post I reblogged was really gross and it’s getting sad now.

I really enjoyed season one, and I think season two looks even better. And the show certainly is not perfect, but it’s wonderful I get to see my favorite movie as a TV series and I’m looking forward to where it’ll go. But lordy do they not know how to advertise. When they aren’t hilariously out of touch and trying to create memes (“We’ve replaced this deadite with a christmas tree emoji! Eh? EHHH???”), it’s like the worst kind of dudebro culture and way overly sexual. Like sexist at times, and that really makes me feel uncomfortable as a female fan.

And like, it might be different if this was based on a slasher series like, say, Friday the 13th. Still creepy, but it’d make more sense. But Evil Dead is sort of strange as a horror classic from that era in that there’s really not a lot of sexual content. There’s the “moment” with the trees in the first one, but you don’t really see a lot of overt sex scenes or topless women (that aren’t decomposing, that is). At no point is the promiscuous woman set to die and the virgin safe.

And certainly there’s sexual content in AVED, but it’s still not….the whole focus, you know? But the advertising is constantly double entendres and giving dating tips (???) and (apparently) giving out condoms (???????) and championing all the women Ash sleeps with. At one point they photoshopped Ash watching women play volleyball just to like….say it was the summer? I’m kinda baffled.

And to be honest, guys, none of it is even clever. If it was actually funny I might give it a pass, but it’s just awful. Try-hard at best. Overall, 0/10.

spooky blog rates

heyyy guys so i’m having a halloween party this weekend and i’m trying to put together a playlist. so i’m thinking, why not do some crowdsourcing?

ideally the song would be an actual song (not like, the monster mash or anything ya feel?) but still sound kind of creepy or maybe have some creepy lyrics. preferably something with a little bit of a fast tempo, but some slow songs are good as well. the genre southern gothic really springs to mind, or something that wouldn’t be too out of place with it.


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Over the Garden Wall is amazing! I love it, it makes me feel so happy and kind of nostalgic. It’s very pretty and creepy. <3

I know it hasn’t officially released yet but iTunes released the episodes early (probably by mistake… iTunes seems to do that a lot) so they’re floating around the internet. Check it out if you can find it and support it by watching the premiere or buying it if you can!

Dear diary,

I can’t help but wonder if behind Russia’s creepy exterior is a nice person. I’ve always wanted to give him a chance, but I also don’t want to be made fun of by the other countries. Maybe I’ve been reading too much of Japan’s stories, but I kind of want to be the person to solve the mystery that he is. Maybe he is hurting on the inside? I don’t know what to do. If I ignore the feeling of wanting to get to know him, I feel like I will regret it. If only you could talk, diary.


Submitted Anonymously.

From Furukawa Airi's Ameba Blog - 13\02\2014

Only some questions.

●What is Takayanagi Akane to you?

A bird who gets embarrassed if I call her without any suffix.

●What do you like about Akane-chan?

The fact that she gets embarrassed if I call her without any suffix.

●If you were to compare members to elements of a family?

Dad Nakanishi
Mom Mieko
Big Bro Nakanishi
Dog Nanako

●Are you not flirting with Matsui Rena-chan anymore?

Sure I am!

●Who’s your real favorite? Churi or Rena-san?

To say it’s Rena-san feels profane,

to say it’s Churi feels creepy.

●What kind of man do you like?

Someone with no leg hair.