All right so I started off watching tvd so fuckin excited, Sybil (Sadly I love her) was trying to get into Damon’s head to see just who Bonnie was to him but he was like I’m just going to give you our worst moments so that you don’t find out that I’m desperately in love with her.

All I felt in that episode on Damon’s part was Bonnie love, especially when she chose Enzo over him and he was all like, the fuck? How could my sweet Bon Bon choose him over me. I swear I could feel his heartbreak.

I loved the Sybil questioning Bonnie about her and Damon thing. I’m sure she’s just as convinced as the rest of us Bamon fans that Bonnie and Damon are meant to be and will be.

I can’t wait until Enzo dies honestly, I don’t see him lasting much longer. I don’t give a fuck if Bonnie wants to save him. IT WILL NOT LAST.

I’m positive that Damon and Bonnie will make it through the storm.

Also WTF? Why kill Tyler off -_- I hated Sybil for that.