I need to lose weight but how can I when things like these exist ?


You said you’ll wait forever but I blinked and the world was gone…
—  “And the world was gone” by Snow Ghosts
I dream about seeing you again. After so much time apart I would run to you and wrap my arms around you. Taking in the scent that I hadn’t smelled for months, feeling you in my arms. We would sit down and just look at each other for a little while, taking in the changes. Talk about how missing each other was getting unbearable and one more day apart would’ve killed us. “I love you” would escape both of our mouths and we’d spend the day appreciating each other’s presence. Shared touches and soft kisses would fill the silence. Time would be our only enemy because we wouldn’t want us to end.
—  Just a Dream

Rare photo.

“There’s beauty in the way the sunset still reminds me of you. It’s been so long since we talked, I keep a place in my heart for you. When I get so alone, I try to fill it with dreams of you but there’s a page ripped out. I can’t finish this story of you and your blue eyes. Blue, your baby blue eyes.

I can’t forget the little things you do. There’s beauty in the way the sky fills with the color of you. There’s miles in between, there’s miles and miles between me and you and your blue eyes. Blue, your baby blue eyes.”

—  Paul Baribeau, ‘Blue Eyes’

Reggsy/Roxwin social media/faking dating AU (insp)
When Roxy learns that the other recruits from Kingsman training thought both she and Eggsy had a thing together, she wonders how everyone would react if they actually began dating. They begin to fake date, trying their hardest to make it look as believable as possible on their social media (more importantly, as to piss off Rufus). But what happens when Eggsy starts to realise he might have stopped pretending? What happens to their friendship when his own doubts begin to make him withdrawn from her? 


sg1 dynamics: cam & daniel

that’s my wingman!