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What was grant like in person?

Grant was a sweetheart! He literally stayed and took pictures with tons of fans. After the second picture I took with him, my phone was in a portable charger and he was like “are you charging that?” and started laughing and I started laughing and responded with “I am!” I’m mad at myself because I totally could’ve asked him if Candice was a good kisser.. but my mind wasn’t there! Overall he was such a nice guy and I’m glad I met him! <3 and he definitely wasn’t awkward as I thought he would be. 

I was lurking (bc i love to suffer) and oh my gosh.

I’m over him.

Like, I don’t miss him or hate him or want him or despise him. I just… feel nothing.

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Hey love ❤ Adamant follower of your twitter account. Ily to the moon and back. You are far too creative for your own good XD. Anyway. Idk if you do this type of thing or not, but I was wondering if you could give your opinions on jikook and their dynamic. I.e why you ship them (after vmin ofc xD) and anything really that draws you to look and write about them. Only if you have time and want to answer this tho ❤ haha don't force yourself. Much love.

aw i lov u too !!! as for why i ship jikook, honestly at the beginning it was purely bc i thought they looked good together like….. physically.. im just a huge sucker for any ship with height difference. but then as i got to know their personalities better, i was really interested in their push/pull dynamics - i thought it was super cute how doting jimin was on jk despite jk more often than not shying away from him

i didn’t start shipping them as much until more recently when i understood their relationship more, like how jk admitted he didnt know how to respond to the affections jimin gave out so freely and only pushed him away bc he was shy….. and how jimin admitted that jk was the one who made him happy whenever he was tired or not feeling himself….. they just make each other so happy and they’ve gotten so much more comfortable with showing skinship on screen. and they’re so in tune with each other. i always think about how jimin’s willing to sacrifice his own pride to make jk feel better, like that time jk lost to him in the fake arm wrestling match and he let jk open the chip bag for him when he saw jk was sulking, and even agreed to a rematch (which he gracefully lost). and the way jk would go out of his way to do something ridiculous and then glance at jimin to make sure he’s laughing..

they’re just so good together

Hearing about all the stories at the fansigns where people are showing love and support to Taeyong it makes feel so happy and emotional. I love that boy so much and it upsets me not being able to tell him myself. So hearing that people are showing him all the love he deserves it really means a lot. Thanks for taking care of him and please keep on with the love.

Alright seriously y’all this is not a fucking joke anymore. My fellow Bernie supporters, please please please listen to me, I am begging you. Bernie is the president we want. Bernie is the president we need. Bernie is the president we deserve. Bernie is not going to be the president we get. As much as I DESPISE saying it, it’s the truth. The way the system operates, how far along we are in the game, current events, and the big money he would have to win over in order to beat Clinton all ensure it is not going to happen. That fucking sucks, but we have to face reality here. Hillary is a horrendous big corporation suck up with a sketchy side a mile fucking wide but she is no Donald Trump. There is no comparison to be made between Hillary’s flaws and Trump’s entire campaign platform. You cannot write in for Bernie. You cannot vote for Stein. You have to vote for Clinton, or you are actively allowing Trump to win the election. If you’re not old enough to remember the 2000 Gore vs Bush election, fucking research it. Bush very narrowly beat Gore, who would have been a vastly different and - if you value Bernie’s viewpoints, better - president, specifically because a third party candidate ran against him and pulled democratic votes away from Gore. It’s called the spoiler effect, where two candidates with similar platforms pull support away from each other. We are at a very high risk of that happening again, allowing Trump to secure the presidency. Trump has no competition remaining in the republican party. They are ALL voting for him. Bernie knows this, and he is a smart man, which is why he endorses Hillary. Now we all have to swallow the bitter pill and vote for the lesser of two evils. A president who accepts bribes from big companies is bad, but a president who wants to send people of certain faiths to camps and kick others out of the country purely for their ethnicity is a billion times worse. We have to support Clinton in this.

okay this is all I’m gonna say on the matter but: I don’t even really get where Eliza was coming from there? I feel like the Bellarke fandom has been scared into submission when it comes to asking the cast and crew about Bellarke for like, a year or so now. Even after season 2 ended the Bellarke fandom was discouraged from asking about them romantically to the point where I feel like it’s really just not something we do anymore? So I don’t really see what Eliza was even talking about. She said herself she likes them as a team, but hey, my guy, so do we! That’s all we’ve been saying lately! Give us more Bellarke working together instead of separating them, that’s all we really want! That’s all we’ve been asking for for months now. Honestly, if Eliza was telling the truth in that clip, we want the same thing she does, and I wish she would realize that instead of writing us off as crazy shippers.

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hi hi!! quick question: which actor who played spidey do you think fit him best?

I haven’t seen enough of Holland to make a judgement call for him, so I’m going to have to go with Garfield! He’s way too old imo and he loses points for his lack of confident snark, but his fidgety mannerisms and messy hair and big, dory smile is Unforgettable 

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I'm stalking rn and all these cute smol anons what I'm literally 178 cm sos

Well I mean you can date Mingyu so who’s the real winner here

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