I havent been drawing because i finally cant control what i feel anymore with everything happening so im trying to draw again c: sorry

I unfollowed her on everything yet a new photo of her still somehow ended up on my feed. not really a photo of her, a group photo, but she was there. way in the back and still it made my heart hurt. i feel everything too much.

An apology

I’m so sorry for what I’ve put you through in the past couple days. I’m so so sorry. I’ve realized that I’ll never be able to go through with it. I’m never going to be okay, so I’ll just wait until I die, however I do die. It won’t be by my own hands though. I’m so sorry I’ve put you all through this.

I feel numb, and I feel everything slipping away. I’ve found myself, now that I’ve finished Night in the Woods, much like Mae. Everything nowadays is just…shapes.

So I promise I won’t do this again. I’m just going to wait for my time. I’m sorry to all of you. I’ll die when I die.

Saturday Night Six

I took the kids to see Wonder today and cried the entire time. Just kidding. You’re the one who was an emotional mess. I don’t even have feelings. I hate everything.

I wonder if Kevin Bacon ever thinks “Mmmm. Bacon” when he signs his name.

When Billy Idol retires will he change his name to Billy Idle?

I think I’m going to take the boys to the science museum tomorrow. There is a space exhibit and kids love space stuff. Especially kids who are 47 and answer to “dad”.

I’m incredibly horny tonight for some reason. And I’m not even wearing these nylon running shorts that I have with no underwear. Those things always make me horny. I think it is a texture thing. I love textures.

I was going to ask if that last one was TMI. But fuck that. I’m horny. And everyone gets horny. Do people still use that word? Horny? Or do I sound like an 80s teen movie?

Being a witch hasn’t only been interesting and fun for me, it’s been an absolute life saver. If I didn’t have this practice then to be completely honest I might not be here. The connections that I get to feel and everything that I get internally from witchcraft makes my life worth living even when I feel like there’s nothing left. It keeps me up and brings be more joy than anything ever could and I could not be more grateful.

anonymous asked:

but just cause someone is a loyal person and values friendship doesnt automatically make them a hufflepuff?? they are very loyal to their friends (so are canonically slytherins and gryffindors too btw) but they are said to be grounded and patient and accepting. sure Mike has many huffepuff aspects going on but he is hot-headed, impatient and most of the time recklessly brave?

yeah i feel you and everything but he’s a hufflepuff im tired of the hufflepuff discrimination there are brave, strong people in other houses except for gryffindor homie and that’s all i gotta say about it. mike is the MOST patient, accepting, grounded person? im confused as to what ur argument is. are we thinking of the same person? who is endlessly patient with eleven and will, the first of their group to accept eleven, and how can you not say he’s grounded when he’s literally the only person will trusted with everything? u know why? bc mike is a calm, accepting person who finds solutions and doesn’t judge his friends. he’s not hot-headed, he grieved eleven for a YEAR and hopper had her kept secret from him the whole time. of course u know he was valid in that but as far as mike knew at the time, hopper lied to him and hurt him. would you not be angry? he’s a fucking kid. he expresses his emotions openly, and u wanna call him hot headed? ok. he’s reckless sure, but FOR his friends. before his friends were in danger, he took the bullying. took the beatings. never did shit back, OBVIOUSLY, going by his friends’ reactions when he stepped up to troy that first time. it’s not the usual for him. he has people to protect now, from danger FAR more than he ever thought he’d experience, of course he’s learned to fight back. of course he’s angry. but as a whole? look back at season 1, how he treated el when they first met her. how patient and kind and understanding he was. he fed her and gave her warm clean clothes and a place to sleep and never once made her feel like a freak for having her powers.

now will, who was all over the place and NEEDED stability, needed that peaceful quiet mike gave him. he was there every step of the way to be an anchor for him, to ground him to reality. he was patient, he tried to understand will’s experiences. he was kind, he comforted his friend and stayed by his side all season. he was understanding, he knew these things were out of will’s control and never blamed him. never.

what’s your argument here?

kid’s a hufflepuff, anon. deal

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Speaking of dirty thots... I had a dream that was riding Jungkook. It was so good at first. I could feel the stretch and everything. I don’t remember what happened in between, but Jungkook was practically thrusting up into me. I kept asking him if he was going to come. He pulled out and... the sounds of his moans and the sight of his cum just erupting from the tip was so real. I’ve never had a sex dream like that.

Unf I’ve had dreams like that before but about Namjoom (whenever I have Bts dreams of any kind, it always has to be Namjoon and no one else lmao)
And god, I swear I wake up feeling sore and stuff because I could feel everything. I could feel the way he thrusted into me, the way he hit me, etc. It’s so great but then freaking sucks bc its not real so when I wake up I’m like “What in Sam Houston’s name?”

when fiona apple said “im such an incredibly, stupidly sensitive person that everything that happens to me, i experience it really intensely. i feel everything very deeply. and when you feel things deeply and you think about things a lot and you think about how you feel, you learn a lot about yourself. and when you know yourself, you know life.”……… she knew.. she was right

what she says: I’m fine





i feel like i will never ever stop talking about this, but i am just so amazed. secret session last night.. i am so amazed that my blog was watched, i’m so amazed that i was chosen out of so many other people. taylor trusts ME with the ins and outs of this album. she was so open, so honest, so raw about every single detail. it’s so amazing that she could give herself so easily. that trust is amazing. i just feel so much CLOSER to taylor. like i feel like i have a real bond with her. like, just me and her. just standing with her and talking to her felt so natural. she knows my name, she knows my dedication, i know she’s watched my struggles. she made me feel loved. that’s my BEST FRIEND ruling the world and inviting me over for chicken nuggets and cookies, what’s your best friend doing for you?

How do I protect myself from you,
without becoming like you.
I see you,
I see who and how you are,
I notice, even when I pretend not to.
I suspect that you’re cruel
because that is what they taught you.
I feel for you.
I feel everything all of the time,
all of your feelings and all of mine.
I feel it acutely,
I feel,
so you target me,
and I let you.
You hurt me over and over again,
and some days I tell myself,
no more, I’m done.
I convince myself that I will
push you away
or drag you down
or pull you apart.
But I don’t.
Because the pushing,
the dragging,
the pulling
don’t bring me peace,
they bring me further from who I am,
and closer to you.
Hurting you,
hurts me,
even when I hate you.
I don’t want to forgive and forget.
I want to forgive,
but I want you to remember,
I want you to think about it,
I want it to bother you,
I want you to care.
But you don’t,
so I do,
someone has to feel,
even when you choose not to.

Moon Signs

Aries Moon- “I feel my emotions purely and uninhibited.”

Taurus Moon- “I feel my emotions steadily and with control.”

Gemini Moon- “I’m so full of mental rapport it’s hard to pinpoint my emotions.”

Cancer Moon- “I listen to my emotions and make decisions based on them.”

Leo Moon- “I feel emotions grandly and with vigor.”

Virgo Moon- “I analyze my emotions and criticize them.”

Libra Moon- “I romanticitize my emotions.”

Scorpio Moon- “I am at war with my emotions.”

Sagittarius Moon- “I freely feel my emotions expansively.”

Capricorn Moon- “My emotions are hardened as to not be a burden.”

Aquarius Moon- “I feel my emotions uniquely and with hidden depth.”

Pisces Moon- “I feel everything so deeply, it’s hard to tell my personal emotions.”