i dont understand why literally everyone and their mum fawns over kris like… he’s pretty eh alright to good looking ????? and a decent person but… ????????????????????????????? nothing special

he isn’t cha hakyeon friends.

ugh sorry but cosette just bothers me okay

I would take a selfie or something but I don’t feel attractive or cute tonight. I feel ugly, and that’s okay because I won’t always look pretty and feel confident and my skin won’t always be clear and glowing c:

anonymous asked:

Hey. You are asexual, right? I think i might be too but i am not sure. Could you please tell me how you became sure of who you are I hope i am not being rude or anything

Oh no, you’re not being rude at all! 

It’s kind of difficult to explain how I “found out” I was asexual, because it wasn’t so much of a discovery process as a “okay, I don’t feel sexual attraction to males or females or anything really for that matter, and I’m just very adverse to the idea of sex and cannot fathom it beyond practical value (ex. passing on genes, evolution, etc.) so maybe I’m asexual”

As I mentioned in a previous post, asexuality is a spectrum, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all for it. 

Hope this helped, even if only a little bit. 

  • Person:*Finds me attractive*
  • Me:Okay, alright, I like this, this is pretty cool
  • Me:*Notices person developing a crush*
  • Me:Wait. No...
  • Person:*Displays more signs of crushing on me*
  • Me:Oh god. Noooooo no no no stop wait n o don't....you'll be disappoi-
  • Person:*Actively crushing*
  • Me:................
  • Me:...
  • Me:Fuck

choiseunghyunvevo asked:

i'm a virgo

Help according to an astrology thing ur R attracted (idk in what way it means tbh) to me…..

Objectively speaking how does this make u feel

Lmao jk okay I attract cool people I think R Virgos cool??

hello, i have my retainer in and feel rather attractive at the moment.

but okay i put a bunch of things in my book (like concert ticket, candy wrapper, card from mum, polaroid i found at brighton, etc) and i did the drawing thing so i feel like i’ve been pretty productive today. also i ACTUALLY FINISHED A BOOK. i haven’t done that in a while. i mean it was for class (sir gawain and the green knight. which apparently has NO AUTHOR??!??) but still it was really good and i actually fucking finished it. right down to the very last word. so i’m proud of myself for that. and for my social foundations class this week we read Machiavelli’s The Prince, and that was SO INTERESTING. LIKE IT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD. Elana was right - if I put in some effort, things will actually start to get interesting. 

so i’ve got a little psych test on wednesday that ima study for tomorrow (i fucking love psych so far) and then cultural foundations tomorrow so that should be good.

ima get up a bit early to PAMPER MYSELF aka straighten mah hurr cuz i think i deserve a bit of pampering at the moment, especially after getting all that work done.

oh also random, DAN MCBATH FUCKING KILLED HIMSELF. THAT SHITTY FUCKING COWARD ASSHOLE. I mean like shit, it sucks that he’s dead I guess but that motherfucker fucking deserved to go to prison for all those women he raped. goddamn. fuck that asshole. 

also mo wasn’t in class today lol so that saved me a bit of awkwardness. i suppose. i need to give him these marlboros though because i hate marlboros, they make me feel ick, and if i don’t give them to him soon i’ll smoke them and that won’t be fun.

also, apologized to drew for drunk texting him the other night. i suppose i’ve accepted that that’s never gonna happen. so i’m just gonna get busy getting over him. it really just isn’t worth it anymore. i’m just making myself hurt, opening up old wounds over and over and over again and i definitely don’t deserve that. like they say in shawshank, i better get busy livin, or get busy dyin.

but okay ima go sleep now cause it’s almost three. today was a good day.