Black Hat (Ashton Irwin Imagine)


“No. Nope. Ew. No. No. Why did I buy this? No. This isn’t even mine. Nope,” I tossed various clothing items onto the floor of my bedroom. Dressed in a long, loose white t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and a black leather jacket, something was missing. I pushed aside some boxes underneath my bed, uncovering a bin that held several hats. Picking up a black, brimmed hat I put it on, brushing my hair out of my face. “Cute,” I shrugged, looking at my reflection. Wait… This was Ashton’s hat. 

 “Keep it on,” I urged, brushing Ashton’s curls out of his eyes. “You like it?” Ashton smiled down at me, his hands finding my waist. Nodding, I stood up on my tip toes and pressed my lips against his. “It makes you look very posh,” I complimented. “Hmm, I’ll take the compliment,” Ashton giggled. 

I really fancied him in that hat. It fit him quite well, and he could pull it off. He must have left it here when he moved out. I chewed my bottom lip, turning the hat over in my hands. Waves of emotion crashed over me as I remembered that night. 

 “I can’t do this anymore,” I gestured between me and Ashton. “Okay, then just end it. See if I care. Obviously we are no good for each other and we’d be happier if we were apart,” Ashton raised his voice. “Fine, you want this to be over then it’s over. I’m tired of fighting a one sided battle with you. It’s like you don’t care anymore,” my voice cracked and tears filled my eyes. I tore my gaze away from Ashton’s face and looked at the floor. “I do care, Y/N. I do. But we can never agree on anything and all we do is argue. It’s not healthy. I need space,” Ashton’s voice lowered until it was barely audible. I lifted my chin up, looking at him. Swallowing hard, I spoke, “Okay. You want space. You can have space. Just don’t expect me to still be here when you decide you want a relationship again. I want your shit gone tomorrow morning.”

Ashton never did come back. I left for work the next morning and when I came home all of his things were gone. After crying myself to sleep for a week, I fell into a monotonous routine. Go to work. Come home. Eat dinner. Shower. Sleep. Get up. Repeat. Life was so boring and quiet without Ashton. It had been roughly six months since our breakup and I still got waves of missing him. But they were no where near as strong as they used to be. I guess I just missed what we had. The good and the bad.

 “Put me down, Ash!” I squealed as he threw me over his should and spun me around the flat. “We got number one baby!” Ashton cheered, finally setting me down. “Yay! I told you you would,” I smiled, pulling him in for a kiss.

“Just please clean up your shit for once, Ash. I get that you’re a famous rock star but I’m not your fucking maid,” I stomped up the stairs to our bedroom. Not even fifteen minutes later, Ashton opened the bedroom door quietly and the bed shifted under his weight. His arms wrapped around my waist and he pressed kisses onto my neck. “I’m sorry, baby. You’re not my maid, I know. You’re my super fucking beautiful girlfriend and I should help out more. So I cleaned up down stairs and ordered pizza because even though I can clean, I can’t cook for shit,” Ashton mumbled into my ear. I couldn’t fight the smile on my lips and I turned over to give him a hard, passionate kiss. 

Shaking my head, I put the hat on. “I’ve moved on,” I whispered to myself in the mirror, grabbing my bag and heading for the door. 


“I miss your fedora,” a fan sighed as I handed her phone back to her. I laughed, “Yeah. I guess I haven’t worn it in a while. I think I lost it.” “Awe, it was my favorite, but I like the bandanas too,” she smiled. “Thanks love,” I smiled and gave her one last hug before saying good bye. Thinking back, I couldn’t remember the last time I wore that hat. Since Y/N and I broke up, probably. Y/N. I sighed internally. God, I missed her like crazy. She liked my fedora too. Always complimented me when I wore it. 

 “Wear the black hat,” Y/N said from her perch on the bed. I was getting ready for the Brit Awards and I needed something to finish off the outfit. She tossed it to me and I caught it, placing it on my head. “Hot,” she smirked, standing up from the bed. “Really?” I raised my eyebrows. She nodded, wrapping her arms around my neck. “Have fun tonight,” she kissed me, “Just remember I’ll be here…waiting for you to get back.” Y/N winked at me, before turning away. 

I remembered everything about that night. She had gotten me all hot and bothered before the Brits and I couldn’t wait to get home. And when I did, she was ready for me. What I wouldn’t do to have her again.


 I held onto my- Ashton’s hat- as I crossed the street and the wind blew my hair. I glanced down the street. There weren’t many people out, considering it was a Tuesday morning. Holy fuck. A tall boy, with a bandana holding his curls off his face caught my eye. No way. I ducked into the coffee shop, my heart beating out of my chest. It had been a long time since I had seen him, but I still wasn’t ready for it. The bell dinged behind me and I could tell he had walked in. Not only by the gasp of several teenage girls in the corner, but I could smell his cologne. I wanted to faint. Ashton coughed behind me and I rolled my eyes involuntarily. “Hi Ashton,” I bit my bottom lip nervously as I turned around. “Hey,” Ashton gave me a warm smile which I weakly returned. I stepped up to the counter and placed my order. “Is that all?” the lady asked. “Uh-” I paused for half a second when Ashton spoke up, “One tall green tea as well.” “Excuse you,” I looked at him. He placed his hand at the small of my back, pulling out his wallet and paying. “Ash,” I mumbled. “I like that hat on you, by the way. Looks better than it ever did on me,” he ignored my protest. “That’s not true,” I argued automatically and I mentally cursed myself. “I thought I lost it,” Ashton commented, handing me my coffee. “Oh, uh, I actually just found it under my bed this morning,” I admitted, taking my coffee and turning to go, “Well, um thanks for the coffee, I guess. I’ll see you around.” “Wait,” Ashton stopped me.  Shit. Here it comes. “I know this is probably too late and you’ve probably moved on, as you should have. But, I-fuck-I miss you. I miss us. And I know I’m probably crazy for thinking I can just have you back because you told me not to expect you to be there when I wanted a relationship again. I guess I’m just holding on to this tiny piece of hope that you still feel the same about me. And maybe it’s fate that I ran into you today, wearing that hat. I can’t help but think about all the memories we had together when I see you and I want to have that again. If you want to,” Ashton let it all out. “On one condition,” I stated. “Yeah?” Ashton looked hopeful. “I get to keep this black hat,” I grinned.  “Like I said, you look better in that hat than I ever did,” Ashton smiled. “So I get to keep it?” I asked, hopefully. Ashton wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pulling me into him, “Yes, baby, you get to keep the black hat.”

A/N this is based off a vine I saw by edits tbh (account on vine)

The Thawne Family

Some things we know about them:

  • They are a very distinguished bloodline, full of influential politicians, scientists, captains of industries people of wealth and power, etc… very likely that they are the 1% type.
  • In The Flash is Born episode Eddie tells Barry that he is the son of an unpopular politician who closed a factory in his school district (which contributed to Eddie being bullied in his childhood).
  • There’s this old CBR interview were Rick Cosnett talks about the Thawne family which a lot of people seemed to have ignored or brushed off but Cosnett sheds some interesting info about them. I am going to just put the important parts (and bold the even more important parts).

It sounds, based on his last name, as if [Eddie] may be the white sheep of a very dark family tree.

Rick Cosnett: Yes, I think that’s going to be the intriguing thing to see, whether he’s the white or the black sheep of this family of Thawnes. I think the producers are up to do a lot of twists and to really shock the fans, especially in terms of the first season. The intriguing thing is, “Who are these people, really?” We’re trying to show the humanity of them, in social situations and in the present day, I think. It’s also quite funny, which I think is going to be surprising to people. It has little gags and everything. It’s epic, but it’s also human and funny.

To cover all possible bases, have you done all your Reverse-Flash research, digging into the comics to get a sense of that history?

Rick Cosnett: Yes, I’ve done a lot of research. There’s so much mythology around it, you don’t really know which one’s written where and by whom. But yeah, I’ve definitely done a lot of research on the Thawnes, and there’s a lot of directions that [the show] could go – especially because Geoff Johns, who’s the CCO of DC [Entertainment], is one of the [series’] creators and writers. He just wrote one of the last episodes we shot. It’s going to be sick to see, because they have full reign.

What intrigued you about the long Allen/Thawne family feud as you did your research?

Rick Cosnett: It was fascinating to me, and I think the family lineage – they’re quite wealthy and they’re from this old money world of deep, deep dark secrets. It’s also fascinating with the whole Barry’s twin [storyline], and who that is and who it’s going to become. You also not only have the Reverse-Flash, you also have the Wally [West] kid, and we’ve had Wentworth Miller on the show and all sorts of amazing guest stars like Robbie Amell already. Things are turning over quite quickly, and I think you’re going to see some people in other suits pretty soon.


This is stuff we saw in or was hinted at in Grodd Lives, basically Eddie is the odd one out of the Thawnes, which is why Eobard categorized him as a failure (that and he is no scientist which is something Eobard respects). Eddie is not a politician like his dad, he’s not a tycoon, he is just a sweet simple guy who means well and is not evil enough to cut it as a Thawne.

Also I have a suspicion that Eobard’s verbal torture wasn’t just him putting Eddie down, could it be that he planted the seeds for Eddie to hate Barry so that when Eobard (who also hates Barry) leaves for the 25th century there’s someone to eventually finish the job for him? If not then why did he showed him the newspaper from the future? What does he gain from upsetting Eddie? (aside from being a snarky asshole but Eobard does things for a reason) If Eddie is truly forgotten in the future how come Eobard knows about him? (or at least that he is the one he descended from).

Also what of Eddie’s life in the original timeline? Does he never transfer from Keystone City, never meets Iris and marries who he has to marry to continue the timeline? Has a relatively calm career, retires and has a good life? Or maybe everything goes smoothly except that since Barry never went into that coma Iris never accepts Eddie’s date and everything goes as business as usual. So how much did Eobard fuck up?

The bolding of the Barry’s Twin part BTW is Cosnett talking about Malcom Thawne/Cobalt Blue whom the character of Eddie Thawne seems to be based on (except Eddie doesn’t suck) who in the comics is the Patriarch of the Thawne family, starter of the Thawne/Allen hate feud, and is basically the guy from which a lot of the future Thawne characters descend from like Eobard Thawne, President Thaddeus Thawne, Meloni Thawne, and her son Bart Allen(both of who you can say are the white/black sheeps of the Thawne family)  .

I honestly don’t think they would make Eddie into Barry’s long lost older brother (twin is out of the question, Rick Cosnett is noticeably older than Grant) but judging by how crazy this show I wouldn’t put it off the table either.

TL;DR: Thawnes are a bunch of rich assholes with power, Eddie is the only one who isn’t evil and he’s happy, Eobard probably wants to fuck that up.

the main issue I have with people putting “melanin” all over everything is the fact that there are black people who lack melanin [obviously I’m talking about albinism] and some who are even losing it [vitiligo] who I know are told they aren’t black enough/ turning white simply because they’re “lacking” or whatever. shit, even with lightskin people. we all know blackness is more than just pigmentation.

Regarding the classism/racism post about food...

I think the basics of  the “health” discussion is rooted in racism too. Like the idea of what is healthy never in the possession of minorities to promote. The discrimination against black bodies (bodies of people of color) and our cultural cuisine. It’s just too ethnic for them to accept. They don’t want us to put our own cultural spin on it. Whites, like with everything, want “health” to be molded after the culture of whiteness. Like even when you watch “health” based commercials it’s always centered around whiteness/white men and women, even down to “image”. I come across many people of color, male and female who promote diversity in health and fitness. But I guess we’re too “urban” looking and “unclean” to be the symbol of what is “health”. They don’t want us to “blacken” up the image of what health looks like.

anonymous asked:

Ok tbh I absolutely love your blog but recently you have been really rude about white people and I understand that's bc you have a lot of follower and get the shittiest ask about things like culture from fucking racist Anons but I'm getting a bit tired of feeling like I'm not even going to be allowed to talk to you or something bc of your hatred towards white people

i am literally making jokes about white people.

you people commit genocide of asians and middle easterns, and put black people through slavery, but you call oppression bc you cant take a joke lmao this is white culture.

anonymous asked:

Do you think racist police brutality will ever end? I want to know that everything the protesters did matters but then all I see is white people being disgusted by the whole thing and I worry it will never change. I am white and im fucking sick of white people getting on their high horses and refusing to accept their white privilege and so I can't even begin to imagine how tired the black community is of it.

Tbh racist police brutality won’t end until we start shooting back. Throughout history the only thing your kind understands is war and bloodshed. I have more ways to put an end to it but I’m not about to giving op my plans.

anonymous asked:

So since you light skin I have to ask you this, cause some people so quick to call out white people for being racist but when they hear this they sleep. Do you accept that you have privilege in terms of colorism?

Definitely. Im well aware of this,trust me im woke. I hate the term “light skin ” , reason being i dont like black being put into different groups with in our race..its very disturbing. I go to a school where 97% of the population is white people and ive been told things like ; “you’re not even really black ,you’re like in between”, “you got the good features,you got the nice curly hair but you u have light skin”..this is stuff i get from white people. I also hear things like this from people of my own race which is what really tears me apart, i get shit like ; “u lucky u lightskin” “man i wish i was lightskin” “she cute/bad/beautiful etc. .. AND SHE LIGHTSKIN”. The fact that my people have this mentality its so saddening and i have never once been flattered by “lightskin” compliments,privileges,appreciation none of that. Im my head african people are just that..african people,no matter what tone/shade your damn skin is,ill wait for society to catch up though.

Christian brought Alfred Stieglitz: Camera Work to the photogravure workshop. I ordered it that evening using the wifi at a nearby DQ. Only $15.48 from Amazon for a first rate hardcover book full of beautiful gravures. Hard to put it down.

The photogravure process is having a subliminal effect on my interpretive approach. Fewer and more painterly are the thoughts that immediately come to mind. I’m certain you will notice the evolution in the coming weeks…

Note: New Follower Ian Watts drop me a PM at your convenience.

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Hi there, so I decided that enough is enough. Every now and then I go on my tumblr dashboard it would show your art as some people I follow decide to reblog some of your stuff and tbh I never really minded much until now. I just want to say you have talent in drawing esp backgrounds and clothings but when you draw KNB characters you always manage to screw them up, esp their faces. I couldn't recognize them if I put them on black and white and kuroko's hair is ??? That was all I want to say

Oh man alright. Usually I don’t reply to messages like this (Or at all guys im so sorry im still doing finals ahahah I just need to get this one off my chest…) but since you have taken the time to send me this (and more time to even put them on greyscale like omg anon pls pls why waste time on me at all AHHH) so I guess I should give you a proper reply before we go our separate ways…

First of all, thank you for your compliment on my BGs and clothing. I really appreciate it.

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sansaofhousestark asked:

i'm gonna chime in here on the discussion, i definetely believe there's some underlying racist/racial stereotypes around when people fancast ronan as black and blue as east asian. because if ronan were black he'd fit the Angry Black Man stereotype (even tho we know why he is that way), and i definetely think there are some negative reasons to why east asian blue is the most popular version of racebent blue in the fandom, i just can't put it into words. cont.

[cont’d] like i saw another blogger point out that nearly every racebent of the gang has some negative connotations, but clearly it just doesn’t work in canon either. like i don’t get racebent gansey because he’s the whitest guy to white, like the books only seem to talk about financial privilege and not white, but gansey is the epitome of privilege, so him being a poc is weird, and like you pointed out, blue is most definetely a white feminist, i mean her feminism is written so white and 1-dimensial tbh and (2/3)

im actually very fond of your reasons why you fc every trc group member as white because if you’d fc them as poc it’d sent the wrong idea, a while ago i saw someone ask for books with asian, preferrably east asian (female) leads and someone replied with “well i havent read the books but every trc edit i’ve seen featured an oriental girl as blue”, and like, people could easily find stuff which states the ethnicity of the characters but it could still happen they dont and get disappointed (3/3)

adel i am sorry this is such a long ass response. be warned it is long. like, SO LONG

two anons who sent me asks about reading blue as east asian: replies to you are in this text!!

before i address what adel is saying

i am not claiming racial diversity in the series isn’t possible, i am saying it is not written into the text. arguing it is canon that ronan is Black or blue is east asian is ultimately more harmful for pocs, in my opinion, for a number of reasons

  1. people who see edits and read the book on the assumption their heritage is represented will likely be disappointed when there is no canon evidence of this representation (proof that edits have influenced reader interpretations under the cut)

  2. it may give the impression that hints and vague descriptions of skin colour are adequate representations of minority groups which homogenises entire groups of people.

    a “brown” girl cannot represent south asians, and latinas, and Black women, and arab women, and some east asian women - like 90% of women in the world - and thus doesn’t accurately represent any woc.

    similarly, blue, who is not only never described to be a asian but also lacks any east asian cultural heritage, can also not be expected to represent east asian women accurately or well. while fans can interpret her any way they want obviously, she cannot be touted as great representation for woc in ya lit as it devalues actual explicit east asian/whatever characters in other books 

arguing racial diversity exists canonically in a series where is doesn’t is not the way to attempt to ‘fix’ the lack of racial diversity in ya. to some extent, it may take away the initiative to write explicitly diverse characters who go to mosque, or speak spanish to their colombian grandma, or are bullied for the colour of their skin and actually represent racial minorities’ appearances and experiences if “brown” and “dark brown” are seen to be sufficient descriptors in representing pocs. 

to summarise: i don’t want to give the impression that the characters cannot be poc. they can. this is a series where magic and dream things exist. Black and asian people can exist too so why don’t they. you can imagine them how you want. no one, including me, can stop you from seeing what you see. i would probably cry tears of joy if you made a “everyone is south asian” au fancast and i saw my culture represented in edits too 

but please don’t claim the canon represents me because i am brown-skinned, or any one else from ethnic backgrounds. ultimately it undermines the drive for explicit representation. 

under the cut i have also put an explanation for why “dark brown” and “brown” also don’t count as good representation if you are interested 

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So I don’t usually do this, but I have been really liking some of my outfits lately. And I don’t know I think as a girl who’s by no means skinny it’s sometimes difficult for me to remember that Im beautiful, yeah I’m thicker and chubbier than most of my friends and most of the average 18 year olds I know . But that doesn’t mean my body isn’t beautiful and that Im not sexy. And even though there are more days where I feel ugly and uncomfortable with my body than there are days where I feel beautiful, I still thought I’d put this post out there to remind you, that we all have insecurities. And it’s ok to have them.
But whether you’re big or small.
Black or white. Rich or poor, educated or not. You are still beautiful. Do not let society minimise your worth because you do not fit the mould.




This is why I have problems with white people. Even when y’all think you’re helping you’re just flaunting your goddamn ignorance left and right.

I hate the term PoC

I hate how we are mixed into one group. It’s not white people and PoC.

No. It’s whites, asians, blacks, hispanics, natives. My culture and experiences are different from another’s, and I hate being put into one whole group, as if we aren’t different. It’s another form of racism. They can’t even call us by our race, we are just

“People of Color”

Wtf. Call me that and I’ll smack you.

kellyjelly611 asked:

My parents are letting me put up lights to string around my room because I wanted it like a relaxing spot and I was wondering if Christmas lights would be the same and if not where to get some. Thanks

I’d just recommend you get ones with a black, white or clear string as apposed to the green one. I just don’t think it looks as good (unless of course it matches your colour scheme). You can get lights at all sorts of hardware stores, eBay, thrift/secondhand stores and even department stores like Target.

anonymous asked:

So I'm Puerto Rican, and all the way back to my grandparents, my family is mixed. Meaning all of my grandparents were black/white, maybe some Taino idk. However, my family has denied our blackness and I hadn't even considered myself black until college. Like I had always identified as Puerto Rican, and that's it; I wasn't aware that Latinx is not a race. So basically I'm now the only one in my family that recognizes our black heritage. Is this weird? How do I talk about this with my parents?

No, it’s not that weird.

I went through something similar when i discovered that my identity as an ecuadorian didn’t qualify as a race, and was confused for a while because my parents never really talked much about our native ancestry.

Even after 5+ years of questioning her about it, my mother still refuses to acknowledge our family as having anything but Spanish heritage. So i know how much it can be like talking to a brick wall. And how isolating feels when you’re the only one who recognizes that part of the family without scowling at it.

These conversations were usually very tense and drawn out in my experience. Definitely approach them with caution/sensitivity, and be prepared for a negative response. Don’t expect there to be any sudden change of hearts.

- liz