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i dunno. i wanted some slight angst. i needed to vent.

this fic has nothing to do with what i’m feeling. but it helped me feel a little better, at least. i don’t even really ship this but hey. it was fun to write.


The last thing he is expecting is to see Felix at his door in the middle of the night.

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> > > Random Fanmix Combinations - Part 1 < < <

OK these have been a blast to make so far! I’ve gotten various suggestions that are cute, interesting, horrifying, you name it…

(I dunno why, but I feel this trio would go on to have amazing adventures.)

Other parts here!

Hera & Ahsoka suggested by duaedesigns and anon

Kanan & Inquisitor suggested by duaedesigns

Shaak Ti & Tarkin suggested by lledra. I am now calling this, uh, pairing ‘cheekbone shipping’. :D

Tatiana and Sebastian... how ‘bout Tatastian?

Though Del and I have been shipping this a long time, we’ve been trying to come up with a name for them today. Most of them don’t really click.

Here is me and Del’s reasoning. Putting “Seb” as part of the ship name feels really… I dunno, personal? Seb is already part of the Joseb ship name, and it makes sense because only Joseph ever calls him that sincerely (not sure if the Ruvik/Seb ship ever got ‘officially’ named but you could argue that ‘Seb’ makes sense with them too because Ruvik kind of uses it mockingly/ironically).


I mean if it were my first choice it’d just be “hello nurse” but it wouldn’t be TEW specific.

anonymous asked:

Why don't you like the blog ph*nantiproof? I ship d+p, but sometimes I get annoyed by other shippers, and I think it's great that they have this blog for the people who don't ship ph*n and who want a place where it's okay. Why are you hating on that blog?

I’m not hating, I don’t really even like to talk about it cause opinions, y’know? But like, I dunno, I just really hate how a lot of the time they make out shippers to be really annoying assholes that never respect Dan and Phil. When most shippers I know are incredibly respectful. I just don’t like that they aren’t always respectful and can be very rude. 

I’m not calling them names or sending death threats or speaking to them directly so what I’m doing is expressing an opinion and that hardly qualifies as “hating on that blog”.

List of things I like

Hello there. I just thought it might be nice to make some masterpost-thingie for the stuff I post about. (I dunno, I like listing things and organizing them)

I like

  • Homestuck
  • Hitman Reborn, Naruto, Iris Zero
  • Marvel, DC
  • Doctor Who
  • Disney
  • Ms. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
  • Tim Burton-ey stuff

I ship

  • NaruHina, SasuSaku, ShikaTema, NejiTen, SaiIno, MinaKushi
  • Romanogers, Jean Grey/Scott Summers, Peter Quill/Kitty Pryde
  • TadElsa
  • CaLeo, Percabeth, Percy/Calypso, Leyna, Frazel, Jasper 
  • RobStar, BBRae
  • Tenth/Rose Tyler
  • DaveJade, DirkJane, JohnRose, TavJade, EriJade, KatNep, Karezi, (You know what, I won’t even bother to complete HS ships, they’re just too many to name)
  • (Actually, I have a lot of ships, and most of them are crack. But don’t worry, I’m not gonna shove these down your throats. “No ship hate” policy in this blog. I’ll respect yours even if you don’t respect mine)

I also reblog Christian posts from time to time (and no, please, that does not mean I am homophobic -goodness, sometimes that’s just tiring to hear and read, because homophobia is wrong; or that I like condemning people to Hell just because of the things they do or judging people in general, because that’s just sick and un-Christian, man) and at other times, inspirational posts

I usually post really random stuff too.

*This list shall be perpetually updated if the need arises*

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???¿¿¿¿¿Takuleo????¿???¿???¿¿¿ YES.

i still dunno which ship name of theirs that i like better  i like the sound of takuleo esp since i always imagine takumi initiating things between them like holding his hand or kissing him first  but ive been tagging things as leokumi so far bc i also like desperate needy takumi riding leon or doggy style with him being pounded in hard by leon :3c

i was a pt today and all i kept thinking abt was takumi sneaking into nohr tying messages onto his arrow and shooting it near leons window (nearly giving leon a heart attack thinking theyre being attacked) for them to meet up and they would go to their secret location and cuddle alone together in the woods. leon telling takumi to think of a better way to send messages bc how is he gonna explain to marx all of arrow dents outside his window but takumi doesnt listen cuz hes stubborn and likes giving leon a hard time so when they meet up in the woods at night leon likes to tell takumi scary stories to get back at him and when he reaches the climax of the story he would do elthunder to add onto the effect which scares takumi who would jump and topple over leon hugging him real tight. when he realizes it was leons thunder he’d get angry takumi would wrestle leon but then the wrestling turns into more cuddling and them laughing with takumi on top of leon his face nuzzling his neck and leon combing his fingers thru takumis hair and just them cherishing every moment spent with each other

samresonates I had to share this with you. Set in some sort of AU where Sam and Dean are living mostly happy in the bunker and Cas either lives there as well or swings by often. This is written as Sam/Cas mutual feelings of affection with Dean and Cas being super platonically close like brothers, feel free to read it as… Wincestiel? I think is the ship name? I don’t even know what tense this is written in, hope you enjoy regardless!

      It’s Sam’s birthday and Dean wants to make sure his baby brother has a fun day. Times have been hard recently, it’s always them against the world (because let’s face it any help they have against the world ends up dying eventually) and he knows Sam doesn’t particularly care for his birthday. What better reason was there for being immature and roping an angel into pulling some common birthday pranks?

      Pranks such as Cas using his grace to keep Sam asleep while Dean pours shaving cream into Sam’s hand before Cas’s wings gently glide over his face while he released his grace’s hold on Sam. As expected the shaving cream met his face, near immediately afterwards Sam is upright in his bed panting from the panic the shock brought him Before he can pull out a knife to threaten them Dean blows on a noise maker, grinning ear to ear as he attempts not to laugh, and rather loudly declares “Happy birthday Sammy!”

      The pair are given a familiar ‘what the hell are you talking about?’ look; Sam’s head tilted, eyes narrowed slightly as his lips partially purse (this expression is often compared to a lost dog). “…. What?” Distracted by attempting to clean his face of shaving cream (and having just woken up) Sam takes a minute to register what was said. “Oh no- no Dean we are not doing anything-”

      “Aw c’mon Sammy, don’t be a killjoy!” Eyes clear of shaving cream Sam is now able to see the smirk on Dean’s face, able to see the mischievous glint in his eyes that instantly puts Sam on red alert. “Only happens once a year- and besides, Cas has something for you~”

      Sam’s eyes flicker towards the angel (the slight skip of his heart at Dean’s words is ignored) and finally a gentle smile breaks out on his face. “Cas…” He can only shake his head at the sight, paper party hat atop his head; plastic party garland around his neck and a curious albeit excited light in his eyes. How many years had he existed? Too many, and throughout those years how many times had he been given a chance like this? A chance to be human and participate in silly pointless games to celebrate another year of surviving?

      It was these thoughts that made Sam cave, smile faintly growing at the thought of maybe managing to be happy it was his birthday- and then Cas had to speak.

      “Sam I need you to roll over. Dean has informed me that birthday ‘spankings’ are a mandatory ritual , please present your rear to me so-”

      “Get out!” Dean’s laughter echoes through the halls as he runs from Sam’s room, Cas is slower and falls victim to the pillow Sam had thrown at them on their way out.

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random thoughts

I tend to make a lot of romance sims bisexual, mostly because it gives them more romantic partner options. gameplay wise, it’s kind of a tactical move! plus it seems fitting that such sexually minded sims would be open to exploring lots of different possibilities. 

but sometimes i wonder, especially as a bi woman, is this feeding into negative stereotypes about bisexuals? we’re often viewed as insatiable, more likely to cheat, and super kinky, which really isn’t true for a lot of us. it’s just a game, but i dunno! I like to be quite socially-concious, even in my games.

then again, i play a lot of sims with other aspirations as bi too, mostly because i see sims as quite flexible by nature + because i like to explore lots of different ships. Jill Smith, Circe, Titania, Jasmine Rai, and most of the singles girls, to name a few. 

anyway i’m not really going anywhere with this post I just wanted to ramble a bit! what are other people’s queer headcanons? do any of you struggle with wondering if they’re problematic?

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NAME: Simon

NICKNAME: Cinnamon in school, Simondo
BIRTHDAY: 3/2/1996
SEXUALITY: straight
TIME AND DATE WHERE YOU LIVE: July 23rd, 2015. 10;55 PM
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: I dunno. maybe 6?
OTPS: don’t kill me, but I don’t really.. ship :/

THE LAST THING I GOOGLED: mike wazowski meme

ONE PLACE THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY AND WHY: ehm.. I always liked town
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED IN THE CINEMA: jurrasic world I think!


MY OTHER BLOGS: this is my only blog!
TAG TIME: everyone, idk. korras-sacrifice mimi-talk let-them-howl cease-upon-the-midnight, and everyone else too

Okay but imagine post-DM Yugi out in the rain, sitting on a park bench and sobbing out his broken heart because he’s confused and angry about Atem’s departure and just wants him back but also feels guilty and selfish for wanting to take Atem away from the afterlife he waited so long for.

Then Ryou comes along and finds Yugi there and just sits down with the precious cinnamon bun and comforts him and let’s him vent his feelings and gives him gentle support and walks Yugi home in the rain. Then when he gets home he locks himself away in his room and sobs because he never had that kind of bond with Bakura and he can’t relate to Yugi in any way and he hates that he got the shit end of the stick and that makes him feel used and alone and angry as fuck at the world. But then he remembers the way Yugi hugged him when he dropped him off at home and he feels a little better because he made Yugi feel better and this is the beginning of a huge crush on the little cutie.