(3:39) Let's Watch - We Happy Few (Game Preview) - Part 2

Jeremy: Trevor and I don’t have a team name. What’s our team name?
Trevor: I dunno. I really don’t know. And that’s for other people to come up with.
Jeremy: I wanna say “J’Co/Jayco” but it sounds like–that sounds like an insult.
Trevor: People said “Treremy”.
Jeremy: Nn that’s like if we fuck. [Trevor: Oh! (laughs)]  That’s a ship name.

I get back to see you on my bed

All curled up into yourself

I lie down at your side

Not close enough to touch

But still you wake

With a grumble and glower

You turn your back to me

And I chuckle at your displeasure

Only to see your hand reach back

Tug my leg to drape at your hip

Slap my calf to tell me ‘stay’

And so I stay

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KusuFushi :D

I like this pairing name, it just sounds really cute to me for some reason XD Though Kusuhara/Fushimi would be a cute pairing (until Kusuhara dies anyway I mean) so that works :D

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Do you like Sonic ships?

…sort of? Like, I don’t ship Sonic characters nearly as hard as I do Dragon Age or Mass Effect, but there are a few I like.

I have a certain appreciation for well-written Sonamy - that is, where they both have mutual respect and liking for each other rather than Amy being portrayed as a jealous stalker forcing Sonic to go on dates with her. (Accepting her offer of a date in Unleashed is a good example of a well-done relationship moment between them, I think. Amy is respectful in asking, and the dialogue to accept shows Sonic being enthusiastic about the idea.) I also like Silvaze, although I interpret it more as Silver having an unrequited crush on Blaze that he’s forever too shy to admit to her. Shadouge is a weird one - I respect the ship enough to enjoy SFW fanart of it, but I far prefer them as platonic friends. And then I like Tails/Cosmo (dunno the ship name - Taismo? Cosails? who knows), although of course that one’s doomed to end in tragedy, at least at the end of Sonic X canon.

I wouldn’t say I ship any of them actively - I don’t really seek out content involving the ships, and I’ve only produced one gifset that could be considered as Silvaze (I tagged it as such, but mostly just to reach a wider audience - it could just as easily have been interpreted as platonic). I’m more content to casually enjoy ship content from afar, as long as it’s tame and not ranging into NSFW territory.

Shipping tag thing!

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Your top 5 OTPs from different fandoms!

1. Lara/Same (S.S. Endurance) - Tomb Raider. My babies 5evaa ❤❤❤

2. Baatar/Kuvira (Baavira) - Legend of Korra

3. Angela/Fareeha or Mercy/Pharah (Rocket Angel or Pharmercy) - Overwatch

4. Red/Boxer (we dont actually know his name) - Transistor

5. Izumi/Sig (dunno the ship name) - Fullmetal Alchemist and Brothrhood

They are all too good for this world.

I tag @saigneux @stealingyourdreams @asynca @beaniefortex if you wanna :)

Get to know the Mun!

Name? Lila.

Any other blogs? Lots. @ashiftedfloof @ashiftedspook @ashiftedparasite and the sin bloge which I will keep secret.

Gender? Cis Female.

Sexuality? Homosexual.

Hogwarts House? Hufflepuff.

Favorite color? Green.

Favorite number? I dunno, five?

Favorite food? Lasagna.

Last thing you googled? “Megaloglamour Piano”.

First fandom? Pokemon was probably the first thing that I was into enough to really be considered a part of the fandom.

Current favorite fandom? Undertale.

Favorite ship(s)? Alphyne, Asgoriel, Charisk, ChaCha. Good chemistry can make me ship almost anything though.

Is this your first time rping? Nope, been roleplaying for over four years across many different websites. 

Do you draw? Not at all.

Do you write fanfic? Here and there I’ll write fanfiction, but I prefer RPing.

Story behind your URL? I’m un-creative.

Tag 5 other blogs! Yeah no. If ya wanna do it, go ahead. 

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sorry for another one, but! give me a character: dabi!

  • How I feel about this character: Another character I truly love and want to know more about. 

  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: ShigDabi (I think that’s the name? I dunno)

  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: DABSQUARED. At least, that’s what I call DabTwice (come on, it’s a cool name)

  • My unpopular opinion about this character: He dabs I don’t really have one for this guy, either.

  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: hmm… I guess just finding out about him, really, if that even counts

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i would go for poly-no-home gems except that i think jasper might come back and she'll be exiled, thus also not having a home so the name would include her but i dunno if id want her included in the ship after the past trauma with lapis :c

ah true–i was kinda modeling it after the no home boys tbh

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Oh well then. Well then. All i really know about the series is that the mother is gross, and one time i saw someone ship tsubaki and the male mc, dunno the name. And its fine! Series that try to excuse that stuff are tricky so i get it tbh. aND GOD Its so catching. I think its around chapter 50 (shoudl be ep 30ish then) and there it gets rlyyyyyyy good. i have no idea why people hate her for those dumb reasons tbh, but i do know that apparentl a large portion of the fandom is like that :d

Idk either I mean its okay if you dont like a character bc of their personality but hating her bc she has big boobs ??? jfc this is just misogynistic bullshit

Btw im glad that this anime always portrayed her abuse as negative, so only the last part made me cringe .-.

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Can you explain this whole contest thing to those who can't read the site?

Sorry for the late response–got home late last night and went to bed almost immediately.

So dAnime Store is going to put a poll on their website from 10am tomorrow, July 15th, until 10am, July 25th, where you can vote for which characters you think will survive to the end of Mirai-hen. If you get them all right, you’ll be entered into a raffle to be named SHSL Viewer and receive a signed poster from the cast.

Dunno what the actual poll will look like yet, and if they’re shipping things out it might be restricted just to Japan, but I’ll take a look tomorrow and let everyone know.