Does anyone else kind of worry about Spike and Dru at Woodstock?

I mean, we know Spike [possibly accidentally] got drugged up when he ‘fed off a flower person’, but I mean, Dru was there, too. And for some reason, I have the strangest idea that Dru and drugs, especially hallucinogens, might not mix well.

I don’t know; the idea of Dru amidst all that worries me just a little…

whatshernamemaria  asked:

He ditched thouse values and ways after he become a vampire. look how he put Dru first. I beleived he has Boarderline or Bi Polar

That’s fine to head canon that if you want. I just happen to disagree. 

I also disagree that he put Dru first. 

When we first see Dru and Spike is super devoted to her, Dru actually embodies the height of Victorian sexiness - the invalid. The minute Dru is better, and Spike needs to be taken care of he resents that she’s able to make decisions. Spike violently removes Dru from Sunnydale, against her wishes. We the audience are okay with this, because we don’t agree with what Dru wants to do, but that choice is hers. Spike is quick to take that choice away from her “for her own good.”  So idk if he truly abandoned those Victorian ideals once he became a vampire.  


No one really talks about Spike and Dru but I love how refreshing their relationship was. Before them I didn’t really think vampires (without a soul) were capable of that kind of love and devotion. And their relationship is one of the reasons I think Spike could’ve actually been a good boyfriend to Buffy. Idk… I just think that the Spike/Dru pairing deserves more credit. 

so, while @druidquest, @arctick-child, and i were wandering around in search of pokémon tonight, dru and i caught pikachu near the end of a shopping center. some guy started asking us if we were “playing pikachu now?” and asked us to follow him. having heard the accounts of people getting mugged while playing the ‘mons, but being stupid white people, we followed him with (though with a great deal of trepidation, since we’re only mostly stupid white people)

he just led us to the sushi restaurant we’ve been going to a lot recently, so we could brag to a customer about how we’d caught pikachu, which she’d apparently not been able to find

so, yeah. we chatted with her about finding onix, the cute waitress all three of us have crushes on wished us luck, and we left and nothing bad happened. it was fun