When I was little, home meant the house I drew in crayon on white printer paper, the one that was supposed to look like the place I lived in. Home meant where I came back to after school every day to eat my snack and do my school work. But now more and more I find that home is such a different concept. Home is not where I sleep most nights, it is not the house with a family who never talks. Not the place I pretend I’m fine and smile so they won’t hear the truth rattling behind my teeth. Home is my best friends in the whole wide world, laughing with them so hard our stomachs hurt. Home is the bookstore I go to every day after school to study and read. Home is my dog with her toothless grins and wagging tail. Home is all the music I listen to when I’m sad. Home is drunk and camping by a lake with the people who make you feel less alone. Home is not a house, it is everything else.
—  yeahlilay
The Most ANNOYING kinds of episodes on Property Brothers

Scenario 1:

“Hi I’m Husband and I’m a High School teacher, this is Wife, she’s a stay-at-home mom. We’re looking for a place in the city closer to work. Our max budget is $900,000


Scenario 2

“Our dream home is 3 floor detached with a view in the city with 5 bedrooms, open concept chef’s kitchen, an ensuite with a claw foot cast iron tub, marble countertops and fireplaces, all new appliances, high end finishes, high ceilings, and custom walk-in closets. Our budget is $75.”


Scenario 3

Jonathan: I always budget 10% contingency money.

Couple: Does that mean we can get our custom walk-in his and her closets?!


Scenario 4

Jonathan: So this house is basically a blank slate. There are no walls so you can see everything, no kitchen , no finishes. The demo is pretty much done. And with the place at $500,000 market value, you have about $120,000 for renovation. You can pretty much do whatever you want.

Couple: …mmm I don’t know Jonathan… we’re not really looking to go through another renovation 



Ok ok ok… So here are two Oikawa + “Swedish” outfits. (I just picked two guys at random from my school year catalogue and drew their outfits) that anon requested. I really don’t know what is fashionable here… So I just did this instead, I hope it’s okay! One thing I noticed was that almost all guys are wearing blue jeans that’re cuffed + a random long sleeved shirt…. Yeah! 


Happy birthday, my precious Phoenix!!! <33

To the Queen of Strength and Fire, and the character I draw the most!

Because of Eren’s fault, I couldn’t draw anything until this weekend and yesterday, and all the drawings I made were discarted… But yesterday at school I… Did the thing. I don’t know why, but I drew the most realistic Mikasa I’ve ever could draw. 

In that drawing, she would be five years older than now, and the background is the ocean and a stormy sky~

The first one I drew few months ago, but just today I found it on one of my countless blocs, I really liked it and decided to finish it for today, for Mikasa’s birthday uvu here, she’s smiling at Eren, and he blushes lol

And well, here you are my “Mikasa’s Theme”

Hope you like!

I wonder why we always deny love. I remember in middle school, if you were accused of the crime of loving, you screamed denials constantly and stopped ever even looking at the boy you were accused of liking. The boys could destroy each other by yodeling, “An-drew lo-oves Jen-nie,” and both Andrew and Jennie would flinch and blush. Love is this great thing that most songs and books and poems and lives are all about. So the minute we actually think there might be love around, we start laughing and pretending and hiding from it.
—  Caroline B. Cooney, Girl Who Invented Romance
This time around, a scorching sketch about a game show called “Meet Your Second Wife”— in which adult male contestants meet their current, far-too-young, future brides — drew gasps from HuffPo over whether it, too, went “too far.” Entertainment writer Cole Delbyck pondered, “Did the sketch need to go that young to prove its point?” I don’t know; I’m guessing when you’re one of the most powerful women in American comedy and you’re working in an industry in which Johnny Depp is married to a woman who was one when “21 Jump Street” premiered and George Clooney’s wife was in high school when he became a star on “ER” and Han Solo is 14 years older than Leia, maybe the answer is yes.

i deliriously drew this at 5 in the morning after checking online for a School Thing + seeing that was canceled + crying before rolling back to bed and forgetting i drew it is that not the most college thing youve ever heard

To all you artists out there just starting out, regardless of age, I wanted to share this bit of old art, to show how rapidly you can improve.

This is my lovely grandpa, Ole Fredrik Harbek. The drawing on the left was done July 2003, only a few months after I started drawing, and I was about to start General Studies in upper secondary school. Then I spent most of that school year drawing in class. January, I decided switch to Arts come autumn.

During the last half of this 14-month period, after I’d decided to commit to art, I uploaded 80 drawings to deviantArt. In September 2004, having very recently started studying art, I drew the picture on the right. Even over a decade later, I still think it’s pretty good. That’s exactly what my grandpa looked like.

So here are my two bits of advice:

  • Draw. A LOT. If you’re not using your hands or eyes for anything, draw. And don’t just nitpick on one piece for ages, draw lots of different things. Then keep at it. Have fun. Dive into it.
  • Challenge yourself. If you don’t challenge yourself, you don’t improve. You learn way more from trying and failing, than from drawing the same thing/style over and over. Allow yourself to fail. Explore. Experiment. 

The years when I have failed to improve as an artist are the years I haven’t followed these two simple rules. And these rules can apply to anything you want to be good at, not just art. People always say I have a talent for art, but what I really have is passion, which is what drives me to follow these rules.

And trust me, just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy. I’ve been actively drawing for almost 13 years, and I still have trouble following these rules. But they make a hell of a difference when you do follow them.

So go forth and art well! ♥

I wonder why we always deny love. I remember in middle school, if you were accused of the crime of loving, you screamed denials constantly and stopped ever even looking at the boy you were accused of liking. The boys could destroy each other by yodeling, “An-drew lo-oves Jen-nie,” and both Andrew and Jennie would flinch and blush. Love is this great thing that most songs and books and poems and lives are all about. So the minute we actually think there might be love around, we start laughing and pretending and hiding from it.
—  Caroline B. Cooney, Girl Who Invented Romance

I’m really trying to get over this art slump, drew some TAU today to try and help me through. Get into the drawing mode and whatnot. 

I dunno. :V

okay, you’re perfect. i know this is silly but i really like it. this page is from the wreck this journal, meant for negative comments. i wrote alot, but then i realized that it doesnt matter what people say, because, as dr. suess once said “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” and you, are perfect. you are perfect at being yourself, so it should stay that way. ive been bullied before, but now she goes to a different school. so, just because you get bullied, they will go away. it doesnt matter what you say because most mean people will never have a successful life. but the bullied do. i drew these 5 symbols to show you that these are the music that really inspired this picture. they all love their fans and their songs are very inspirational. in order from left to right it goes: All Time Low, Paramore, One Direction, Fall Out Boy, and Ed sheeran. they all say their fans are beautiful in their songs. i wasnt bullied as much as other people, so this isnt as long as a real bully caption. but just because i wasnt bullied as much as other people, im pretty sure everyone has been hurt as much as everyone else. so don’t kill yourself. :)

“dont worry by the day, cuz every little thing is gonna BE ALRIGHT! :)”

ATM: Runestones of the Sornieth Magi
A chart of runes for the High School AU. To use these, mages drew these adjacent to each other or organized them into a shape to be connected with lines. They can be made using any medium, but only a true believer can harness their power. These are not all of them, but they are the most well-known. The explanation for each are under the cut.

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Halloween #8: When My Son Goes Trick-Or-Treating

Story length: Medium

Ansel was always different from all the other little kids. He was always the kid in elementary school that drew concerning pictures during art time. While other kids would draw pictures of houses and flowers, he’d draw pictures of his fellow students being stabbed.

The psychiatrists diagnosed him as a mild psychopath with occasionally violent tendencies. Parents at the school spoke up, and I ended up withdrawing him and homeschooling him myself. I could understand the other parents’ hesitancies, but Ansel wasn’t a bad kid. At home he’s always trying to help me in one way or another. He’s inquisitive and cheerful most of the time. Even his violent tantrums were no worse than that of any other kid’s. With therapy sessions, he learned to behave better, and I even considered sending him back to school.

This Halloween, though, Ansel asked me for something special. He wanted to try trick-or-treating by himself. Normally, I took him every year, but after some serious begging on his part, I finally gave in. I couldn’t baby him forever. Ansel was growing up, and he had to learn to be independent at some point.

I watched him put on his costume, a cute grizzly bear, and watched him shuffle his way out the door, large jack-o-lantern in hand ready to bring home the goodies. I smiled and waved. Ansel waved back.

But as soon as he was out of sight, I started getting worried. What if he hurt someone else in a tantrum? What if he needs me right now? My teeth scratched on my nails as I tried to switch my focus between the TV and dishing out candy to the other children who relentlessly rang the doorbell.

The night was busy and I was too generous. Barely an hour in, the candy jar was empty. Left to just my thoughts, I grew more and more anxious. Maybe I shouldn’t have let Ansel go out. Maybe it was too soon.

Clearly, I worried too much. Before the clock even struck nine, Ansel was walking right up to our front door, lugging along his jack-o-lantern. “Hey, Mom! I brought in a huge haul tonight!”

I smiled. My boy was fine. No one had hurt him, and he didn’t hurt anyone either. I breathed a sigh of relief. “Well, come on in then.” Just then, I noticed the dark figure following Ansel up the sidewalk. I slammed the door. In the calmest voice I could muster, so I wouldn’t scare Ansel, I looked out the window as I talked to my son. “Ansy, could you give me a hand and fill up the candy jar? I ran out.”

“Sure, mom.” He overturned his jack-o-lantern, and I watched as a torrent of hands and fingers flooded out, cut off by a bear trap he had hidden inside. “Do you think they appreciated the trick?”

The dark figure knocked on the door. “Ms. Callahan? It’s the police. We need to speak to you about your son.”

Credits to: recludus

My name is Dario Dunaj, I’m twenty five and living in Zagreb, Croatia. Love towards photography grew together with my love for skateboarding. I started with cheaper cameras, recording amateur skate videos. Later, in high school, it developed in the way that I captured everything around me that drew my attention. Two years ago I discovered Instagram and that’s where my creative thinking began, photo editing and everything else that relates in a logical way, with a lot of experimenting.

Like most amateur photographers, I take photos of various genres - B&W, street art, skateboarding, lifestyle, abandoned places, buildings, factories and nature. I hope my love towards photography will grow in a more professional way and that I will, one day, be able to make a living from it.


Thing I painted tonight about triangles. I drew it a few days ago at school. I’m enjoying these new classes for the most part but I still feel really out of the loop, hopefully that will change by the end of the term! Also I hope that my tablet stops giving me issues.

Hopefully I can paint some more after tomorrow!