• What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I really don't understand Nancy's letters at the end of the game. She always seems to write them when she solves the mystery, meaning right when she's about to go home, but that doesn't make sense for several reasons. First off, people tend not to write paper letters anymore. Most people will use email because letters are slow. Not to say that Nancy can't be old school, but if she's really writing these letters right when she finishes the mystery, before she goes home, chances are Nancy's going to hop on her plane, get to River Heights, and see Ned/Bess/Hannah/whomever in person long before the letter arrives, making the letter useless. Unless she gets home and her friends are like "Nancy, what happened with that case of yours?" and she's like "Well I have a letter explaining the whole thing heading to you in the mail, so you'll just have to wait and see!" I suppose there are a few cases where Nancy stays for a couple days after solving the mystery, so the letter would make a little sense in that case, but this is pretty rare. Second, there are a bunch of instances where Nancy talks about what happens in the aftermath with each of the characters. Mostly this is fine, sometimes she'll talk about what the person is doing months in the future. Like "______ moved here," or "______ got a new job," "_______ has been really successful," or whatever, and then she talks about how they're loving it, but like?? Nancy??? How long have you stuck around to know how their doing in their new job/home/relationship? I don't think she usually stays for months later so how would she know this information? Or is Nancy for some reason writing these letters from home, months after the mystery? But if this is the case, why write a letter at all when she is in the same town as the person it is addressed to? She could just tell them in person. No need to write a letter. Or even if she did, wouldn't her friends already know most of the letter's contents, assuming Nancy told them about the case? Third, all the letters where Nancy goes into great detail about things she uncovers in the mystery and then follows up with, "oh and by the way, all of this is top secret and I took an oath to never tell a living soul what I just told you, so maybe don't mention this to anyone else :)". She just gives her friends classified information like it's nothing. She doesn't even tell them in private, she just writes it down where anyone could later get their hands on it and read it. And don't even get me started about the photos Nancy sends her friends! Some of them are just awkward pictures of people from the case. So did Nancy just ask, "hey, can I take your picture to send to my boyfriend?" That's weird, Nancy! Or some are pictures of random objects. Does she think to herself, "Yeah, my housekeeper would really like to see this picture of this footprint I found"? And then of course there are the pictures where there would be no way Nancy could ever get the picture in the first place. Like pictures of the culprit smirking evily. Nancy would either have to get that picture before she solved the mystery, in which case why would they be smirking evily if they're still pretending to be good, or she would have to ask them to pose for the picture as they're being arrested or something. Then there are the pictures of the culprit doing something shady or actually committing some crime. If Nancy had a picture of that, she would have had the mystery solved long ago. Or she asked them to pose, which is pretty unlikely. All in all the letters just don't make sense and there are so many problems with them.

Ok ok ok… So here are two Oikawa + “Swedish” outfits. (I just picked two guys at random from my school year catalogue and drew their outfits) that anon requested. I really don’t know what is fashionable here… So I just did this instead, I hope it’s okay! One thing I noticed was that almost all guys are wearing blue jeans that’re cuffed + a random long sleeved shirt…. Yeah! 

I’m a day late because Thanksgiving was yesterday, but Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve been a tad bit busy lately because of school and personal problems but I finally found the time to draw these two cutie pies. It’s getting chilly where I live so why not draw my favorite couple all bundled up?!

I think I have a problem, though. Most of what I’ve been drawing is just these two. Maybe I should switch it up? 

(By the way, the way I drew the bottom (the white stripes at the bottom) is inspired by @viria because I just love the way she draws. Golly I hope this isn’t copying or stealing because she’s my favorite artist and I don’t want her to be mad at me or anything. I guess I didn’t have to add this, but I’d feel guilty if I didn’t.)

Asks based on ND game characters!

Hal Tanaka: Have you ever been caught cheating in school?
Millie Strathorn: What fictional character or celebrity you dislike the most?
Abby Sideris: Do you believe in the paranormal?
Lisa Ostrum: What language(s) are you fluent in?
Brady Armstrong: Have you ever met a celebrity?
Henrick van der Hune: Have you ever had amnesia or a concussion?
Jeff Ackers: Are you a rule follower or a rule breaker?
Joy Trent: Favorite childhood memory?
Jenna Deblin: Do you have any sacred family recipes?
Tex Britten: Do you like the city or country more?
Mrs. Drake: Are you superstitious?
Josiah Crowley: Have you ever been in a play?
Charleena Purcell: Favorite kind of books to read?
Minette: Do you have any tattoos?
Pua Mapu: Have you ever been surfing?
Lou Talbot: Are you artistic?
Henry Bolet Jr.: Did you ever go through an emo/scene phase?
Colin Baxter: Do you have a celebrity lookalike?
Donal Delany: Where do you spend most of your time?
Coucou: Are you good at keeping secrets?
Rachel Hubbard: Do you have any siblings?
Scott Varnell: What are you scared of?
Miwako Shimizo: What is your dream job?
Karl Weschler: What is your favorite game? (Board, video, etc)
Deirdre Shannon: Do you consider yourself a good driver? (If you can drive)
Dylan Carter: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Wade Thornton: Do you have any hobbies that people find surprising?
Bridget Shaw: Can you fake accents?
Kiri Nind: If you could star on a reality tv show, what one would you be on?
Xenia Doukas: Do you have a favorite mythology story? (Greek or not)
Magnus Kiljansson: Do you have any pets?

Bottom Levi Week 2016 - Day 2 “Power”

I drew this from Show Me What You’re Made Of by my precious @justapansexualfanficwriter


In an academy for those gifted with extraordinary powers, Eren Jaeger is a troublesome sophomore who has always managed to get on the wrong side of, arguably, the most powerful member of the school and the vice president of the school’s disciplinary committee: Levi Ackerman. When his friend, Jean Kirschtein, invaded his mind one afternoon and projected “not safe for chemistry lab” scenarios, Eren lost control and caused an open flame to burn the cheek of Levi Ackerman. Accidentally beginning the third world war, powers collide dangerously in a spat between the two. Levi’s tier 8 powers of complete atmospheric control versus Eren’s tier 5 abilities of telekinesis and pyrokinesis - that’s a no-brainer……….right?


a-non-pony  asked:

How did you learn how to draw? Who're your main inspirations?

That’s a hard question cause I’ve been drawing since I was 4 years old and have always and continuously drawn thought my life, so it’s just been a long 17 years of trial and error from then to now.

As a kid I watched A LOT of cartoons. I actually wasn’t a creative kid (I honestly think I didn’t become “creative” with my own ideas until around highschool) so to me monster/creature designs were so *wonderous* that I would often record clips of shows just to “study” a design.

Around middle school I was getting known for drawing “ugly gross out” things. Most things I drew looked like crazy bones but it was at that point that I got really into drawing teeth and wrinkles and that still carries on in my stuff today. In highschool I began to look into cartoons as *art* and studying them more directly rather then just to look at specific critters (thanks John K….)

I also look at a lot of videos and photos and studies of actual animals, and such. Reaserching and referencing what you want to draw is important, and as artists its helpful to get some *tips* on anatomy and design from real life then just out of how other artists see and stylize the world.

ATM: Runestones of the Sornieth Magi
A chart of runes for the High School AU. To use these, mages drew these adjacent to each other or organized them into a shape to be connected with lines. They can be made using any medium, but only a true believer can harness their power. These are not all of them, but they are the most well-known. The explanation for each are under the cut.

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112% Peak Surgeon
  • There was a drawing of a flower at one of the dictation areas this morning.
  • My surgeon: What's with this flower?
  • Me: I think Nice Surgeon's eight year old daughter drew it.
  • My surgeon: Oh really?
  • Me: Yeah, she's the one who always doodles Minecraft stuff whenever her dad brings her in.
  • My surgeon: Oh
  • Me: It's a pretty good flower.
  • My surgeon: Pretty good? Hang on.
  • *And then he proceeded to pull out his phone and show me at least 35 drawings and paintings done by his daughters (who are all older). I was stuck making appreciative noises for at least 10 minutes*

morioh-cho’s most unorthodox motorcycle cop, josuke higashikata (age 26)

he has the same disregard for uniform rules now as he did back in high school, regularly shirks his duties to spend a good portion of his paycheck on newly released shoes, and in general seems to be less of an enforcer and more of a guy just doing his own thing

but when the job needs to be done, it gets done and pretty much everyone trusts him


I was bored at school so I drew these up and finished by inking them in…with gel pens. I actually want to see if I can accomplish drawing 50 different skeletons. I’ve got the list and everything and the only thing is, it’s gonna be done all on paper.

Also, for some reason underswap Papyrus was the one that gave me the most problems and he still doesn’t look right. :/


also anon said specifically in highschool

so i drew the crew breaking school rules 


I’ve been doodling quite a bit of jefftony lately, so I decided to upload the good ones. Some of them are pretty random, so let me explain. I seem to like to draw them reading books…? I’m not sure why but its in most of them XP when they’re in their pjs and Jeff’s reading, I started from the top and went down. it wasn’t really planned out so their legs are a jumbled mess =w= and in the bench one, they were supposed to in front of lake tess. yep that’s the most random haha. oh and the last one >v< I drew them as littluns! like, when they first became friends. I have no clue when people start going to boarding schools, so I made them look 8 ish. that might be too young :c I really don’t know ¯\_(º_o)_/¯ oh and its in chronological order from top to bottom. I’m done explaining now ^3^

I wonder why we always deny love. I remember in middle school, if you were accused of the crime of loving, you screamed denials constantly and stopped ever even looking at the boy you were accused of liking. The boys could destroy each other by yodeling, “An-drew lo-oves Jen-nie,” and both Andrew and Jennie would flinch and blush. Love is this great thing that most songs and books and poems and lives are all about. So the minute we actually think there might be love around, we start laughing and pretending and hiding from it.
—  Caroline B. Cooney, Girl Who Invented Romance

I’m using my new tablet right now and it’s funky cause I’m not use to such sensitive motions.

I’m an artist but not in the typical sense. I use to draw a lot when I was in school but they were realllllllllllly shitty little comics I’d make with a friend. 

The most I ever drew was a shitty copy of some anime cover in exchange for uh.


Someone made a sprite kit I wanted access to. So I drew a shitty cover of an anime girl for them and got the kit in return. 

My therapist told me to make a one minute sketch of what I think love is. And while my shaky hands drew the picture and my eyes got all swollen from crying all I did was think about how I see love. And I think love is kinda rooted in acceptance you know? Like, they accept you for everything you are and nothing less. I’ve had most of my luck with love in high school. Where, regardless of how mentally sound I was, they still loved me for me. They used to call our school “The Island of Misfit Toys”. And that never hurt us. Because we all accepted each other. The girl with a crown of antlers, earned because she was afraid of everything. The girl with claws for hands and feet because she would draw 24/7 and never had time to slow down, she was beautiful. But then again we all were. And I could go on, the spotted elephant, the train with square wheels, etcetera. But I have a feeling that someone out there knows this sensation, the feeling that they’re a monster. And I’m here the carry on the message that was taught to me at 13 years old. Love the monsters, they need it most. Cause in the end, we’re all monsters here.

You are not alone in this. Trust me.

To all you artists out there just starting out, regardless of age, I wanted to share this bit of old art, to show how rapidly you can improve.

This is my lovely grandpa, Ole Fredrik Harbek. The drawing on the left was done July 2003, only a few months after I started drawing, and I was about to start General Studies in upper secondary school. Then I spent most of that school year drawing in class. January, I decided switch to Arts come autumn.

During the last half of this 14-month period, after I’d decided to commit to art, I uploaded 80 drawings to deviantArt. In September 2004, having very recently started studying art, I drew the picture on the right. Even over a decade later, I still think it’s pretty good. That’s exactly what my grandpa looked like.

So here are my two bits of advice:

  • Draw. A LOT. If you’re not using your hands or eyes for anything, draw. And don’t just nitpick on one piece for ages, draw lots of different things. Then keep at it. Have fun. Dive into it.
  • Challenge yourself. If you don’t challenge yourself, you don’t improve. You learn way more from trying and failing, than from drawing the same thing/style over and over. Allow yourself to fail. Explore. Experiment. 

The years when I have failed to improve as an artist are the years I haven’t followed these two simple rules. And these rules can apply to anything you want to be good at, not just art. People always say I have a talent for art, but what I really have is passion, which is what drives me to follow these rules.

And trust me, just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy. I’ve been actively drawing for almost 13 years, and I still have trouble following these rules. But they make a hell of a difference when you do follow them.

So go forth and art well! ♥


I’m really trying to get over this art slump, drew some TAU today to try and help me through. Get into the drawing mode and whatnot. 

I dunno. :V