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Prompt fill! Established captain canary + 10? Thanks!

I super apologize this took me so long! By the time I got home to type it last night a storm came in and knocked the power out in my area =/

Anyway; hope you enjoy!

Captain Canary - Established relationship
Sometime in an Alternate/Post S2

               Sara watched as Ray and Nate played with the rescued children at the park while they waited for the parents. Smiling at their antics, and immensely grateful they’d volunteered to watch the small pack of pre-schoolers.

               “Endearing aren’t they?” Amaya asked, stepping up beside her.

               “The children?” Sara responded, turning to face the other woman.

               She chuckled, “No; I mean the boys.” She smiled fondly toward them, “I mean, warrior or not it’s attractive when a guy is good with children don’t you think?”

               Before Sara could reply she felt the familiar presence behind her, Len’s voice breaking in. “Jax says we’re about ready to go, but he needs you to come look something over.”

               “Of course.” She motioned to where the children had managed to trip the two men and were currently climbing over them. “Watch the boys?” He offers a simple nod before she walks past him toward the ship.

               When the finally retire for the night, safety in the temporal zone once more, Sara tucks easily against Leonard. One of his arms is under her head, fingers tracing aimlessly at the small of her back. For a time they lay in silence, until Sara props herself up on his chest, his brow rising in response. “What’s wrong?” she asks with a frown.

               “Nothing,” he tilts his head slightly, “For once a mission went smoothly.”

               “And yet, something is still eating at you.” He opens his mouth to reply and she cuts him off, rolling her eyes. “Come on Len, I know you well enough by now to know something is bothering you.” Her brow furrows, “What’s going on?”

               He sighs, “Do you want kids?”

               “What?” she’s taken off guard at the question.

               “I overheard what Amaya said to you earlier, about liking someone who is good with kids.” He shook his head, “And I guess I’d just never thought about it, about asking if you wanted –”

               She cuts him off with a short laugh and a rueful smile, sitting up to face him. “I’ve never been very maternal, Laurel was always the one who loved kids.” She shrugs, “Besides, I was turned into a weapon, not exactly the nurturing type.” She watches as he releases an uneven breath, and frowns. “Do you?” her voice pitches slightly.

               “Never consider it,” he replies, then offers a small shrug. “After how I was raised, the legacy my family has…What could I offer a kid?” he frowns, “But if you wanted them, if you were avoiding something because of me-“

              She gives him a small smile, reaching out to take his hand in hers. “I’ve got you Len,” she motions toward the hall, “Got the team, and all of history to save.” She leans down to press a kiss to his lips, “This is already more than I ever dreamed I could have.”

               He laces his fingers with hers, “Me too.” He tugs her back down to his side, and she melts against him once more. He turns to rest his head against the top of hers, “I love you Sara,”

               “Love you too,” she replies easily. “And Len?” He hums in answer. “I’ve heard your sister talk about growing up, you raised her, and she turned out pretty amazing.”

               He can’t help the small smile, “That she did, though I hardly take credit for it.” He presses a kiss to the top of her head, “And for the record; I’ve seen you taking care of the crew; you’d make a pretty good parent yourself.”

New beginnings

*Luke smut*

It was another one of those days, the ones where you couldn’t stop thinking about Luke and you just wanted the earth to swallow you whole. It was past midnight and you just couldn’t stand to be at home anymore. So you called a town car and told the driver to take you away, just far away from home. At the edge of town, you got off the car and started walking. Where? You had no idea but you just had to get that boy out of your mind. Luke had been your childhood friend and ever since his band 5sos took off you had been really lonely. After around 2 hours of walking you see a big red bus with flickering lights passing your way. You stopped the bus and asked the driver for a lift back. As soon as you entered the bus, you realised it was none other than the 5sos tourbus

You slipped past the living room area which was empty and headed straight for the bathroom. You entered and let out a sigh of relief. “Who’s there?” your face went pale when you recognised that voice and realised that it was Luke. In the bathroom. Having a shower. Shit. You froze in your spot, not saying a word. He slowly drew the shower curtain open and his eyes went wide when he saw you. “Hi?” you said awkwardly. “Y/N? Is that really you or am I dreaming?” confusion laced his voice. You just nodded. He stepped out of the shower area with the towel hung low on his waist, his v line, abs and messy wet blonde hair, all on display for you. He began to walk toward you. “Fuck” you muttered to yourself. He stopped right in front of you and tucked a piece of stray hair behind your ear. “Oh god Y/N I’ve missed you so much” he hugged you tight and you nearly melted in his arms because he was only in a towel.

He buried his face in your neck and started kissing your neck. “L-l-luke, what’re you doing” you choked out “Something I should’ve done a long time ago” he said and brushed his lips against yours “Can I?” He asked and with your approval he smashed his lips against yours. With every passing moment your clothing came off, his hands moving all over your body.

He unclipped your bra whilst rubbing you through the fabric of your thin tights. He broke the kiss, “Let’s move this to the shower” without hesitation you took off your pants and Luke slowly slid off your panties. He dropped his towel and your eyes went straight to the size of his erection. Luke stepped into the shower and switched it on. Seeing him in that state made you crazy. You went into the shower, your lips crashing once again. He grabbed your thighs and wrapped them around his waist. He then slammed himself inside of you without warning. You moaned out in pain and pleasure. “Fuck Y/N , you feel so good” you bucked your hips against his, increasing the pleasure. You felt the knot in your stomach and moved your hips faster. “Fuck baby, I’m close” he thrusted hard and fast and you came. After a few thrusts he came.

He slowly kept you down, your legs still weak. He gave you a small peck on your lips “Y/N I’ve missed you so so much” “Luke I missed you too and I’ve wanted this for so long” he took out a towel and slowly wiped your body, “You’re beautiful baby” The both of you got out of the shower wrapped in a towel each, flushed and giggling.

“Well, well, well what do we have here” said the boy with coloured hair. “Guys, umm this is Y/N” Luke muttered “OH MY GOD, you’re the famous Y/N he won’t shutup about” yelled the brunette, Calum. You just laughed in embarrassment and burried your face into Luke’s chest

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