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bad blood is a perfect song for sebanders ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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actually 100% definitely agree for this esp in an au where they do hook up in canon cos:

If we’re only ever looking back
We will drive ourselves insane
As the friendship goes resentment grows
We will walk our different ways

But those are the days that bind us together, forever
And those little things define us forever, forever

oh man can u imagine. by act 3 their relationship disintegrating and they’re both super stressed. sebastian blames himself because? no matter how much anders says it’s not his fault there’s no other logical reason he can think of. he thought he was doing better. he thought he was understanding better. he goes back over and over every conversation, picks his words carefully, and anders is hurting because there’s no way he can tell him what’s the real reason and he can’t properly comfort him. he just knows that by the end of this sebastian likely won’t love him anymore* and that’ll be the end of that but he can’t back down he’s come too far and in his mind, this is the only way to go through it.

imo that’s definitely an anders side to the song though, his internal turmoil even yrs after/even in an au where sebastian doesn’t attack kirkwall/doesn’t hunt him down, just flees immediately; even in that kind of au anders is left with this huge hole in his heart and this craving he can’t satisfy (and in every town he finds the prettiest boy with red in his hair and soft soft skin, but it’s never enough. never right. too much red. skin’s too pale, or too dark to pretend. eyes are never that blue. it’s killing him). and it’s terrible.

and on the opposite end if you’ll indulge me, on sebastian’s end is this: sally’s song, the amy lee version.

I sense there’s something in the wind
That feels like tragedy’s at hand
And though I’d like to stand by him
Can’t shake this feeling that I have
The worst is just around the bend

And does he notice my feelings for him?
And will he see how much he means to me?
I think it’s not to be

this is especially so so so so good for sebastian because of what it means. i mean in the movie it came from (nightmare before christmas for those who don’t know) the song’s about Sally lamenting how Jack’s plan is a terrible idea/it’s going to ruin things/something bad IS going to come from it

except in that she knows what the plan is. sebastian doesn’t; he just knows from discussions with Anders that there is something planned, that Anders fully intends to do something and that something might be a terrible tragedy. And he’s afraid; he loves Anders, so much, and he wants to be supportive but he’s terrified that he’s not enough to keep him happy and keep him from doing this. and that leads us back to the before: he choses his words carefully, he’s hoping to dissuade but he’s worried that he’s constantly doing something wrong and gonna lead them to ruin and oh god my stupid gay heart how COULD YOU

I have to say I’m really proud of Taylor Swift. She finally attended an award show not wearing some form of a gold/sparkly gown!! Well done!

Well, mostly…I notice you couldn’t leave that look COMPLETELY behind and wore it with you on your fit. But still, a mostly nice change.

This is a really cute dress! It kind of reminds me of Baby at the end of Dirty Dancing for some reason, at least from the waist down. No matter what though, she looks fun and flirty. I like this.

Final Ruling: Now I’m not just seeing Baby in this but Sookie! Ironically these are characters from two very non-kid friendly shows. Oh well. You look lovely T-Swift. I’m proud of you.

This was in a photo set about Taylor Swift having a big night out on the town.

I don’t think I need to go into any detail why I think she’s probably the most boring girl to hit the town with…I mean, she clearly isn’t going to be dancing on any tables and probably will spend the entire time crying about her current ex-boyfriend as I roll my eyes into my drink and scan the room for anyone else to talk to while making a mental note NEVER to have a girls night with her again. I mean, TSwift, I know you. I’ve hung out with you, or at least girls like you, a lot and it’s not fun and you’re ruining everyone else’s fun. So just stay home and watch lifetime and cry into Ben & Jerry’s. Please. It’s where you belong.

Final Ruling: Save this for church Sunday. Oh, and ask your friend on your left to trash that stupid headband she’s wearing.

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Could you please do Calum with daddy kink?? Like waiting all day for him and getting a reward for being a good girl?

“Good morning cutie.” Calum kissed below your ear and nipped on the skin teasingly.

“Mm, morning daddy.” you purred, him smiling onto your skin and hovering over you.

“Did you have any dreams?” he asked, kissing down your neck and sucking lightly, your heart starting to race with every trace of his lips on your body.

“No, n-not recently.” you said, fingers lacing into his hair.

“I had a dream,” he paused, his lips trailing back up to your lips. “That your pretty lips were wrapped around daddy’s cock.” he kissed your lips and you gasped, him settling in between your legs. He lightly ground on you and you hummed, feeling his hardened length against your heat. “Just the thought of you makes me crazy.” he whispered, kissing you hard before his phone rang. He groaned and kissed down your neck before you reached for his phone.

“Y-You should answer it-”

“No baby.” he ground on you again and you moaned, the phone continuing to ring.

“Daddy a-answer it.” you told him and he sighed, leaning over and answering the phone. Your lips pressed to his jaw as he talked to whoever was on the phone, you moving your hips against his.

He cursed and pressed down on your chest, pressing you into the mattress as he bit his lip, thrusting against you harder. A whimper left your lips and he instantly stopped, looking up at the ceiling. “You’re fucking kidding.” he said and you bit your lip, him getting off you and off the bed. “I’ll be there in half an hour.” he said and you pouted, him hanging up.

“What’s going on?” You asked and he sighed.

“I got to go to work for a few hours.”

“Why?” you whined and he pulled on jeans, the bulge in his jeans obvious. “Daddy you’re showing through your jeans.” You giggled and crawled over to him. “Let me take care of you.” you kissed above his jeans and he groaned.

“Fuck, I want to baby.” he said softly, combing through your hair and cupping your cheek. You kissed the tip of his thumb before sucking on it, another curse leaving his lips. “Be a good girl for me.”

“How good?” you asked, sitting up and tugging on the hem of the your tee shirt.

“Very good. No touching.” he gave you a quick peck before he pulled on a shirt and left you pouting and needing him.

When Calum finally got back home, you were aching for his touch, irritated that he had to leave so soon earlier. “Daddy I missed you-” you kissed his lips and he smiled, pulling you closer.

“Were you a good girl for daddy?” he asked and you nodded, smiling.

“No touching.” you nodded and he kissed you harder, cupping your ass in his palm.

“Good.” he mumbled onto your lips and pushed your underwear down, tugging you to the couch and sitting you down. “Good girls are my favorite girls.” he smiled and you kissed him harder, your legs spreading when he kneeled on the floor. “God I want you so bad.” he mumbled, tugging off your shirt and kissing down your chest.

“I’m yours daddy please-” you begged, just wanting him now.

“I love when you beg.” he groaned, your legs trying to close when he kissed over your thighs. “No, keep them open for me.” he said and you moaned, his fingers trailing over your slick slit slowly. He cursed and glanced in your eyes before bringing his fingers to his lips, sucking them quickly before bringing them back down to your pussy. He slowly pushed in the two digits and you cursed, back arching as he kissed your thighs again.

“Daddy-” you mumbled and he hummed, nipping the skin as he slowly pushed his fingers in and out of your heat.

“Such a good girl for daddy-” he spoke and you nodded, swallowing thickly as he started going a little faster. Your stomach tightened when he curved his fingers, a heavy breath and a moan leaving your lips in response. “Always following instructions.” he purred and you whimpered, back arching as his free hand spread your legs further apart.

“Daddy,” you moaned and he groaned, leaning down and kissing your clit. You gasped and laced your fingers in his hair, him humming and licking a strip up your entrance and to your bundle of nerves. You moaned and gripped his hair, your hips bucking up when he sucked on your clit.

“Such a good little girl.” he mumbled and you cursed, his fingers moving faster, making your toes curl.

“Daddy I’m close-” you pushed out, pressure in your stomach building as his tongue flicked over your clit. “Can I come? Please let me come daddy.”

“Of course baby. You’re a good girl.” he assured and you moaned, legs tightening on his head as he brushed over your g-spot with his quick fingers.

“Daddy!” you yelled, heels digging into his back as you came, him moaning onto your clit, causing you to gasp and curse loudly. His fingers left your heat and he lapped up your juices, you biting your lip as your heart raced. “Thank you Daddy.” you breathed and he smiled, standing up and kissing your lips.

“Now be an even better baby and open your mouth.” he said as he pushed down his jeans, you smiling and opening your mouth so you could keep being the good girl that he liked.


You know what I love about the Grammy’s: this right here! You get people wearing things that are totally crazy. It’s completely attention seeking, I get this and that’s kind of annoying (which is why I refuse to blog about Nikki Minaj as Red Riding Hood), but it can also just be totally fun.

Are they making a female Terminator movie? Because I think this girl is out for the part! Or are they making another Terminator movie with him having a daughter? Because, again, this girl is out for the part! 

I don’t know who Sasha Gradiva is. Sorry. Yet, that’s ok. That’s why people like her show up to the Grammy’s looking like this: to make a name for themselves. Now I’ll always remember her as the girl who wore guns with a pink dress to the Grammy’s. Granted this isn’t enough to make me want to check out her music, so perhaps not mission accomplished after all?

Final Ruling: This is awesome. I’m so happy to hear that gun fashion is in! This is built in self-defense girls! Think about it. We can now walk safely down a dark alley at night, because who the hell is gonna mess with this chick? Dare I say: no one! Exactly. Sasha’s inspiring girl power in the biggest way!!

(P.S. Never wear this unless you are in a dark alley, or at the Grammys.)

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1. Why did you choose your url?

Louis Van Gaal is Man United boss, and Galacticos means a great team so i combined them.

2. What is your middle name?


3. If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet what would it be?

Unicorn bacon would be nice i reckon

4. Favorite color?


5. Favourite song?

Hard to say. But my favourite album is either Stupid Dream, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Lightbulb Sun, Master of puppets or Sabotage.

6. What are your favourite fandoms?

Man united? 

7. What do you enjoy most about tumblr?

Anonymity. Except you now know my middle name and lust for unicorn meat.

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Wow, talk about a change up for the nightie Meryl Streep wore to another award show earlier this week. Seems she has as wide a range of dresses as she does roles on her acting resume!

Oh and check out that hair! I’m suddenly thinking of Marie Antoinette. Eat your cake Meryl. Eat it!

Seriously this is such a bold look. The hair, the jacket, the dress. I’d love to see her out of the jacket because I’m thinking this is a very sexy dress without it. That’d be a fun thing to look at. I mean, not that this isn’t fun to look at already. It’s so dramatic and entertaining!

Final Ruling: Iron Lady Meryl Streep can do no wrong in my book. I love that she never looks the same and has fun just throwing us all for a loop. I cannot WAIT to see what she wears to the Oscars. Keep on nominating this lady, I will never tire of looking at her!

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remember that shot of snow white shooting arrows blasting bad reputation in her earphones lmao i still can't believe that actually happened

that is one of those ouat shots that leave you going like ‘…did that just happen’? kinda like emma swan shirtless in a hot af lace black bra. i still dream about it. 

but yeah the ‘bad reputation’ bit was a+++ tbh

so there was a huge moth on my living room wall but now it’s gone and I didn’t see where it went so goodnight my children I will be sleeping restlessly, my dreams laced with fear of the unknown


Hmmm, apparently Kalia Prescott is taking her role as ‘District 3 Tribute Girl’ pretty seriously. 

Forgive me, but I can’t help but laugh at this. I mean, this is way too much dress for this girl. I imdb'ed her and she doesn’t have really any credits to her name and she shows up like she’s queen of the night in this swan lake dress. 

Laughable aspect aside, I’ll really look at the dress. I’m counting 3 dresses here smashed together as one. And only the top dress has even the slightest amount of appeal. So, in case you’re bad at math…1 out of 3 is really REALLY bad.

Final Ruling: This is way too much dress for anyone. Definitely way too much dress for basically an extra in the film. Certainly way too much dress for a movie premiere in the first place.


Does anyone remember the show Girl’s Behaving Badly? Probably not. It used to air way back in the day and was a prank show of woman doing crazy things in public. I remember Chelsea posing as a pregnant woman smoking/drinking in a bar. I remember Chelsea lingering in a trash can on a side walk to get attention of passer-byers. The show was hilarious, and I’ve been a fan of her’s ever since.

So you can imagine I’m happy to see that she’s starting to have a film career. Granted, the film doesn’t look great…but you have to start somewhere! And I have no doubt, that her parts will be funny because I just don’t think it’s possible for her not to be funny.

Thus, here we have Chelsea showing up at the premiere of This Means War where she plays Reese Witherspoon’s friend. I think she’s being funny. I mean, why else would she be wearing a jail bird dress with a train? The dress wouldn’t be half bad if she cut off the d**n tail. I mean, black and white stripes are really hard to pull off and she doesn’t look bad at all in them. Kudos.

Final Ruling: Are you there scissors, it’s me Kelly, and I’d really love to cut the tail off this dress!


Did you see Shailene at the SAG awards this week? She had the worst hair…and to think it was professionally styled made me feel she, or whoever paid, seriously deserved their money back. She basically had hair put up in a low pony tail, after being slept on and not brushed for a week.

So, after that disaster I’m happy to see her hair looking much better. HOWEVER, if it were me, at an event like this I think I’d work harder to come up with a better hair tie than just a cheap one I picked up at Walgreens. Kinda ruins the elegance of the whole thing, right?

Now, onto the dress. This appears to be a long red doily draped over another short black dress with HUGE gray pockets. That’s all I can make of it.

I dunno about you…but when I was in high school, if I was told to wear a long red doily I’d throw a tantrum, flat out refuse, slam some doors, and boycott the event all together. Yet she embraces it. I wish I could just rip it off her because the dress underneath seems much cuter, minus the giant pockets. 

Final Ruling: This girl needs a stylist fast before the Oscars. If this is what she’s wearing now that she’s invited to big events…I shiver to think what she was wearing as a lesser known pregnant teenager on ABC family.