this is how my brother likes to ask for art

k so i was just sitting there, minding my own buisness and then, my 22 yo brother comes out of nowhere asks how im doing and if i drew anything interesting. im not cool with my brother like that so i just said no. tHEN OUT OF NOWHERE he suggests i draw a picture of mabel, star butterfly, and steven.

i look him dead in his face and said it’s funny how you want me to draw you something, when you don’t respect me. and then he proceeded to ramble on about how it’s not like that or whatever!!! and then i told i don’t have the time because otakon starts on friday and i have a lot to finish before then.

tHEN HE SAYS im not asking you to drop everything i just want you to draw it out real quick. this stupid little mofo really thinks that drawing doesn’t take that much time and energy. and then i said then why don’t you just try and learn how to draw for yourself??


i proceeded to say if you want me to do it so badly why don’t you just give me $$$??

he says

OH YOUR ART IS GOOD BUT IT’S NOT WORTH MONEY. that is literally the most insulting thing you can say to anyone. so then i said nO because he was really starting to piss me off.

even after i said no several times he still tried persuading me into drawing it. after he said “it’s just a suggestion” yeah a suggestion you tried having me draw for like 30 minutes you dipshit.

and that’s how my 22 year old brother likes to ask me, his 18 year old little sister, for art.

A few days ago I decided I needed to get back into realism and using actual paper as apposed to my tablet. It’s been interesting.

I don’t know who this man is, but his image just captured me. Because I don’t know his name I have only what I see to define who he is. I have called him Echo because of his expression. He looks so pained. Almost like he’s been reminded of someone he lost. I haven’t felt this closely attached to an image in a long time. I didn’t want to be finished with the drawing because I felt when I stopped I would no longer be able to know him. I guess that’s what happens when you look at someone’s face in that much detail for so long.

anonymous asked:

hi i’m making drawings for the one direction boys for their anniversary and if it’s not too much to ask i’d like you to help :) if you’re interested please tell me what your favorite qualities of louis/harry are or words you’d use to describe him, thanks in advance :D

that sounds so so lovely! i hope everything goes well and please let me take a look when you finish it =)

i don’t know if you mean physical/personality wise so i’m gonna give you both?


  • in terms of personality i love how loyal and caring he is with whom he loves. he protects his family and stick to his friends until the very end. he’s also so caring and lovely with his fans. also his sense of humor i love how funny he is. i love him. i love louis :(( 
  • in terms of physicality i think the contrast of his attributes? he’s curvy and petite and dainty, but he has this confidence and roughness (specially when he’s unshaven) that makes me very, very week on the knees. his thighs are unreal, and i loose my shit when i see his ankles??? and collarbones on show??? please, yes? also BLUE EYES. whenever he truly smiles and he has crinkles by his eyes he is just breathtakingly beautiful. he is truly a sight.


  • in terms of personality i love just how nice he is. his support to lgbta+ people has been astounding and whenever i see videos of him interacting with fans, helping them when they’ve fallen on the ground/are having a panick attack/etc it just baffles me how wonderful and lovely he is. i also love how quirky he is, that he does weird dances and isn’t afraid of being himself. he is so important. 
  • in terms of looks i think it’s because we are all fans of him but if we really look outside this fan perspective harry isn’t really the classical/obvious beauty: he has a large nose and wide mouth and straight eyebrows that if they were singled out wouldn’t be considered pretty, but somehow in him the togetherness of it along with his charm makes him just… gorgeous. he is a gorgeous human being, and his personality only adds to his beauty, because whenever i look at photos/videos of him i just see this certain glow, you know? also his jawline is SO important. and his lips. and how long and lean he is but also like broad on the shoulders ahhhh help me :(