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sits down. puts chin on hands. ur bh6 homestuck godtier choices. tell me /everything/

*Clasps ur precious face* I love you

Ah-hem! Well, Anon, these two pages helped very much in my decisions, first of all, so you might want to refer to them:

Hiro–Seer of Time
Seers ‘guide their team’ through their aspect, and Hiro is obviously the leading force of BH6. Time players are also essential to a session, as Hiro is essential to the team. Time players so far are also heavily associated with death (check the wikia for the observations) so..ha..haHAHAHA…
It’d work well with his character development, too. Starting off not considering his future very much (with all the bot fighting) and as the least eligible person for the role, and later on learning to plan and think for the long run.

Tadashi–Seer of Life
Originally I had him as ‘Muse of Life’ (as he inspired his loved ones to help people after his death, similar to Calliope) but Seer seemed a better choice as he was also major in guiding his friends, and had also set the guidelines that they now follow (that they weren’t ever to deliberately kill/maim a human/living being). Also it would be a good play on the relationship between him and Hiro: Time and Life are two almost opposite aspects (Time’s associated with death, and Life with…well, life) but they’re still both Seers. They’re foils of each other: different but the same.

Fred–Rogue of Void
Rogues are 'Robin Hood’ figures (quote à la Roxy) and that’s EXACTLY what Fred is, hehe. He also does an equivalent to Roxy’s possible future 'blacking out’ of the session: he gives the team his mansion as a hideout and gave them a means to conceal their identities. He’d given them the Void, to protect them. Plus he’s a pretty mysterious character and we continue to be surprised by him, so you could say he’d hidden himself pretty well too!

Honey–Maid of Light
Because she’s MADE of Light! Haha! She’s an absolute ray of sunshine :D Long live Honey Lemon~
No, really: Light = association with knowledge and fortuitous outcomes. Honey’s been described as an 'eternal optimist’–always seeing the best in things. And Maids seem to be quite literally 'made’ of their aspect (Aradia and her sick time shenanigans, yo) so this fit Honey perfectly ^^ Full of knowledge and happy thoughts with the not happy thoughts pushed down deep inside where you’ll never ever ever E V E R fiiiiind theeeem!

Gogo–Knight of Space
Space = the size of things and their velocity (according to speculations and Jade’s range of powers, shrinking things and speeding them up). Gogo’s an applied physics major, she deals with these things with experience (esp. velocity). Knights 'equip’ themselves with their aspect (like how Dave used his time travelling) and that’s exactly what Gogo’s abilities let her to do in attacking Yokai. Their title suggests they are mostly for battle, and that suits her well in my view: she’s very active in offence.
(I love this choice in particular bc so far Space players were responsible for the Genesis Frog, and a Knight usually aided them…but here she’s both. Talk about taking the PRNDL, Gogo!)

Wasabi–Page of Breath
Haaaah not quite sure how to explain this one? Breath can be associated with direction, which Wasabi’s really big on ('No, seriously, wHAT IS THE PLAN’) As for the Page, I remember that class as being the one that had tons of potential, but needed help getting it out. Like Wasabi being doubtful at the beginning of the whole BH6 gig ('We can’t take this guy, we’re nerds!’) and later eventually growing comfortable with his abilities and position.