Andrew Minyard is the Smartest Ever and I Need to Discuss It

  • So one night Andrew and Neil are both perching on Andrew’s desk which he has pushed by the window because they’re both blowing their smoke out through the screen 
  • It’s finals week and all of Neil’s books are scattered underneath where they are sitting 
  • Andrew is already done his finals because seniors take theirs early 
  • The seniors are celebrating senior week but Andrew much rather prefers staying in and pretending it’s a hardship helping Neil study even though he secretly doesn’t mind 
  • And after they’re done smoking, Andrew says something like “you sure have become a slob for a former runaway” and Neil just rolls his eyes and dramatically swipes all the papers and books from the desk into his backpack to shut Andrew up 
  • Not realizing that he accidentally swept some of Andrew’s papers from the desk 
  • Probably because they made out on the desk for about 45 minutes afterward
  • So the next day when Neil is trying to cram during his five minutes between exams he starts rummaging through his bag for his notes 
  • And instead finds a letter 
  • And he’s confused why he has a university official letter in his bag and starts reading it 
  • But then he notices it’s addressed to Andrew 
  • So he’s about to stop 
  • But TOO LATE because then he sees in bold letters 
  • “Congratulations on being this year’s Valedictorian" 
  • And Neil sucks in a breath so hard that he starts choking 
  • And now he has to fucking SIT THROUGH an entire FUCKING EXAM knowing this information 
  • I mean Neil knew Andrew was smart but he did not know he was this smart
  • That even when Andrew was hospitalized he was still doing his work and getting straight A's 
  • Cause Andrew has always gotten straight A's 
  • When he was in the foster system he probably used doing homework and studying and reading as an outlet 
  • And Neil spends at least half of his english exam wondering when in the world Andrew has time to study between Exy practices and Neil being a constant pain in his ass 
  • But then Neil starts to put some of the pieces together and thinks about all the times he was studying and Andrew would just be reading in the corner 
  • Or how Andrew never misses any of his classes for anything unless Neil says he needs him 
  • And now Neil feels guilty for any time that he pulled Andrew from class 
  • And Neil knows Andrew’s schedule by heart except it never really clicked that Andrew has been in 400 level classes since Neil has known him 
  • But Andrew never puts in effort!!! With anything!!! So it doesn’t make sense!!! Except it /does/ because Andrew only puts in effort if nobody is asking him to 
  • Nobody ever hounds Andrew about classes or his grades probably thinking it would be pointless to do so 
  • Except nobody apparently had to because Neil apparently has the smartest boyfriend in the world 
  • His dick might be half hard by the time he hands in his exam
  • I mean he basically pops a boner every time Andrew wears his glasses so it is #confirmed he has a huge kink for intelligence and intelligent looks
  • So Neil gets through his English exam and rushes back to his dorm 
  • That he shares with Andrew and Kevin 
  • And he barges in and is looking down at the paper saying "You’re valedictorian??!!??” 
  • And when he looks up he realizes it isn’t just Andrew in the room 
  • Neil is stunned into silence 
  • Andrew is perched in his regular spot 
  • And all of the rest of the foxes are scattered across the floor watching a movie together like literally ALL OF THEM like the past foxes too because they came to visit!!!! Because Neil only has one last exam tomorrow but also to sort of have an excuse to be there for the other foxes’ graduation
  • But now all eyes are on Andrew
  • And Andrew is looking at Neil with the most passive expression 
  • Nicky is the first to speak letting out a stunned “What the fuck" 
  • He earns a glare from Andrew
  • Kevin, Matt, and Aaron are looking between Neil and Andrew in complete shock 
  • Renee looks unsurprised but gives Andrew this small proud mom smile 
  • Kevin, Matt, and Aaron are literally giving themselves whiplash 
  • Dan and Allison are just sort of looking at Neil for further explanation since they know they won’t get any from Andrew 
  • But Neil doesn’t have any explanation 
  • And he’s short circuiting because everybody is there 
  • Also he feels like he just revealed one of Andrew’s big secrets or something 
  • But Andrew just slides off the desk and walks over to Neil 
  • And takes the paper out of Neil’s hands 
  • Whips out his lighter 
  • Sets the paper on fire 
  • Drops it in the bin 
  • And says "guess I’m not valedictorian anymore" 
  • Before retreating back to his perch like nothing happened
  • Forcing everybody to act like nothing happened like the little shit he is
  • Later on, Neil brings it up while hovering over his math textbook trying to memorize the last few equations and failing
  • “Why didn’t you tell me?”
  • Andrew ignores his question in favor of picking up a piece of paper and scribbling a bunch of numbers on it
  • “Solve this”
  • So Neil sighs, figuring he’s not going to get anywhere else tonight and solves the equation and hands it back to Andrew
  • But Andrew doesn’t take it, just raises an eyebrow and says “What did you get?”
  • And Neil reads out “286%” before realizing what it actually means.

So many people told me it wasn’t possible (attending university). I kept saying ‘I dont care.’ This is what I want. And graduation will, for me, be symbolic of all that. I will be there. And I’ll be throwing a huge party. And getting very drunk.

So many people told me it wasn’t possible (attending university). I kept saying ‘I dont care.’ This is what I want. And graduation will, for me, be symbolic of all that. I will be there. And I’ll be throwing a huge party. And getting very drunk.
—  Emma Watson
The professor that reminds me of the master just ran past me holding a USB stick up in the air, giggling madly, and screaming " THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR PUTTING YOUR LIFE ON A USB!" seconds later the professor that reminds me of the doctor runs past going " WAIT! DON'T THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW!!"

I can hardly control my laughing right now to type this. Dear god. I love these guys, but I fear for the master professor. He’s so unprofessional, how the HELL did he pass his probationary period?! All he does is troll his classes. I need to go find out if that USB really got thrown out the window. I swear, I feel like I’m in a doctor and master sitcom every time I go to school. They’re the only reason I look forward to my classes.


“The blooming flower that is me, takes a tiny step forward
These days that change into memories, I often say goodbye to them
Your voice, that goes on and on being bright
It’s always my best source of light, as it pushes me forward well”

There’s a lot of things I dont want to think about tenipuri and one of them is seniors graduation ;__;

Lyrics taken from Ikimonogakari’s “Egao”


*Rolls up my sleeves* SO I’ve finally decided to open up commissions!! You can view all my information about my guidelines and ordering over here, and if you want to view more of my work, I have an art portfolio!!! To contact me about my services, my contact/paypal email is: sevitachan@gmail.com

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I went to go stand in the rain but then 5 seconds later I got pelted by hail and now it’s sunny.

  • Thank you God for today.
  • ACTUALLY yesterday was so much fun too!
  • Koco table dinner
  • Hung out with Myohan & Toby & Carolyn at the lakefill
  • Slept over at Plex - yay girl talk
  • Church - early van!
  • The weather was so beautiful!!! We took photos afterwards. Yay Delta!
  • THEN chilled at the lakefill with beautiful friends who played guitar and sang and I took a nap
  • Went to Joy Yees for Bobaaaaa with Evan, Franklin, and Josh
  • Worked on the Smart Dillo stop motion animation video for almost 4 hours with Hosung
  • Finished my art homework - now time to sleep!

BUT, more than all of this, thank you for the resurrection. Thank you for your infinite love. Thank you for the cross.


why has glenn been around since the first episode but has barely been given major plots that aren’t gleggie-centric