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Castiel knows the tale of Icarus well. He has been watching humanity for far longer than the boy’s story has fascinated it. He’s heard the cautionary tale; of the boy who reached too high and didn’t listen to those around him and paid for it in the end. He’s heard the romanticized tale; of the boy fell in love with the sun but could never quite reach it. Castiel has heard the tale many times and to this day doesn’t understand the infatuation people have with it.

It is not a particularly kind tale. The boy believed he had found freedom; had reveled in his acquired free will. But he did not heed the dangers that he had been warned of and he flew too high and crashed too hard. He fell in a blind panic as his wings were melted by his own ambitions and torn from his back as his Gods watched and let him die.

But when Castiel first lays his eyes on Dean Winchester he understands the tale. His soul was brighter than any sun; it shone out through all of Hell, even as broken and bloody as he was, and Castiel could feel it calling out to him. He had rebuilt The Righteous Man; put him back together piece by piece with his own hands and grace, and he still had not gotten close enough.

Dean Winchester was never just the sun; his face has enough constellations to make the night sky envious. His eyes are as deep as the ocean Castiel would inevitably fall into, would inevitably dive into headfirst. Dean was the sun, the stars, and everything underneath. He is an entire universe wrapped up into one man and Castiel would give up his grace, his halo, his wing, just to be near.


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