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boiii i literally /am/ asexual it'd made me feel pretty fucking good when he said that which it why it bothers me that you downplay it as "doing the bare minimum or even less" like obvs i'm not for the 'all praise the cracker' narrative thats going on but focusing all your energy on what more you want him to do or say rather than appreciate what he has done doesn't help anyone. i cant explain my point properly bc character limit but i'm a queer woc so dont act like i dont care abt these issues

i think u misread my post bc i said dan recognizing asexuality was an example of him doing something really great, and that he should do more of that. imagine a world in which dan wouldn’t just say asexuality is valid, “whatever u want to be is valid,” but could actually talk about the problems ace people specifically face and bring awareness to them? or could vocally support orgs/activists who are fighting for ace recognition? i get why mere validation from ur fav feels affirming which is why i praised dan for giving it, but i don’t think there’s any harm in imagining more

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I saw your most recent gif set with Minerva adaar, she looks amazing! What mods did you use for her? If you don't mind me asking.

* on a side note i did tweak minerva’s complexion and added some wrinkles and make up here and there but i am not going to share it since i used shantia’s texture as a base.

@ anon requesting a lyrics gif set… i feel really bad to pass as you asked so nicely with a smiley face ☺️ but i can’t really relate to it so it’d be really hard for me to make a parallel set. just an fyi, i usually stay away from lyrics sets… unless the lyrics are extremely simple and straightforward 😉