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@ anon wondering how it's possible to whitewash a character with no canon ethnicity: colorism is a thing, and regardless of the person's ethnicity if you are taking a character's canon brown skin and making it lighter, the message you are passing on is that lighter is better/prettier. it ultimately is perpetuating the same problem, canon or not. he doesn't look like that ("that" being all the whitewashed art) and you should be asking yourself why you think it's ok to portray him as if he does


YNWA: Yes or No? Well, Always; ❤️

(^ the question before this answer is: “do i love you?”)

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Miss Sw
Dear Miss Swa-

Dearest Elizabeth,
                               Although our days as children spent running along the beaches and exploring the gardens of your father’s home are behind us, I know that as of late our meetings have been few and far between.  I could speak of how I have been expected to take up more responsibility here at the forge or how as a lady of good standing you are expected to spend your days with more suitable company than the orphaned blacksmith’s apprentice but I know, before you exclaim otherwise as you read this, that you do not agree with the latter.  

The truth is that I believed that putting space between us, at least for a while, would correct the shift in my feelings towards you.  It hasn’t.  You are on my mind constantly, I cannot concentrate for thinking of you, I cannot turn a corner without hoping you will ll be there.   Whenever I see you I am powerless to my feelings and I know that hiding them is not something I have ever been good at.

I love you.  I have loved you since the moment I first saw you but I am a coward who can never offer you a fraction of the life that you are used to, the life that you deserve.  I possess neither the courage nor the standing to tell you all of this in person and I hope you will forgive me for that and that my admission hasn’t completely ruined all chance of our continued friendship.

Forever your faithful servant,
                                                William Turner.

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Do you think the push for 4k gaming is detrimental to consoles right now, considering the base versions of the consoles, still struggle with 1080?

i mean.. perhaps but are people gonna give up consoles just because there is 4k gaming available? probs not tbh 

it’s funny because when i talk about the rep a show gives, i feel like i talk/think about it in regards to what i imagine other people need to see. what other struggling kids need to see, to help them, to comfort them. i don’t think i ever really focus on myself and how i need this rep. i see the rep and i think, “oh thank god this exists for someone out there who needs it.” and i never realised that i was that someone, too! i search endlessly for good shows with lgbt rep and mental illness rep because /i/ need it! i needed skam. i may not be in the exact same position as isak and even and all the others, but i needed skam. even though i don’t fully realise it, i needed proof that i wasn’t the only one. we all do. and we need it constantly. and skam gave that to me, in many ways. it’s hard to imagine how much a show and good rep helped you, especially once you’re on the other side. post-rep, post-help, and so on. but i’m fairly certain that skam has helped me feel less alone. part of a group, a bigger something. you can’t take that away.