Paladins as outdated car features

Keith: cigarette lighter bc hes Edgy™
Lance: headlight wipers for his tears
Pidge: fold down seats on rear doors in truck cabs for the smols
Shiro: hand crank windows bc hes swole and wants the pump
Hunk: bench seats for optimal cuddle space


percy jackson / teen wolf crossover. i’m thinking this is set post-HoO, post-ToA and post-MCGA for percy and co., and in between season 3a and 3b for the pack. because that’s not confusing at all. 


“This is suspicious,” Stiles declared, dropping his lunch tray onto the table and almost throwing himself into the chair opposite Scott. He picked up a handful of curly fries and attempted to eat them all at once, glaring at something over Scott’s right shoulder as he did so.

“What’s suspicious, your ability to inhale curly fries and not choke to death?” Lydia quipped, tucking her elbows in by her sides and leaning slightly away from him.

“Oh, haha.” Stiles pulled a face at her. He swallowed the mouthful of fries and pointed behind Scott. “No, them. The new kids.”

Lydia looked unconvinced. “Have you even spoken to them?”

“Not yet, but I’m bound to have a class with them before the end of the day.”

Scott craned his neck to look at where the transfer students sat, across the other side of the cafeteria. They looked pretty standard - extremely attractive, yeah, but there were plenty of good looking people at Beacon Hills High School who had nothing to do with the supernatural. They were both wearing jeans, the boy in a blue hoodie and the girl in a tight grey t-shirt, and they seemed to be chatting amicably to Danny and a few other guys from the Lacrosse team.

Scott spun back around and shot Stiles a skeptical look. “They seem normal to me.”

Stiles planted his elbow on the table and leaned forward, lowering the volume of his voice but increasing the emphasis. “Look, okay, just hear me out. When was the last time someone new showed up at this school - or in this town, even - and wasn’t a hunter or a werewolf or a homicidal maniac or something equally terrifying, huh?”

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One Day & Thank You

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Aaah whoops sorry, I'd gotten mixed up! Yeah, Slytherin Dirk makes some sense. And if Bro didn't exist- especially if Dave was muggleborn, than being in Hufflepuff might not be as big a deal to him. (Actually, I kinda like the idea of muggle-born Dave- I can see him fulfilling all the "muggle-borns-at-hogwarts" memes) Anyway, about your alpha kids assignments- I was wondering why particularly you chose Ravenclaw for Jane? (Sorry for bothering you, I just thought that was a very unique choice.)

I like the idea of dave being muggleborn too! i think it makes the most sense, with his propensity for cultural references

and uh! i dunno! i feel like jane is smart, she’s shown to match wits with dirk and get his odd sense of humour in the comic..? im not super sure on that assignment tbh, jane is probably the character i have the least… grasp on?

HELLO DEAR FRIENDS! I’m doing one more read-over of the next chapter of The Worlds At Our Fingertips (why did i name it something so long oh god im gonna have to abbreviate it. TWAOF?) and then I’ll post it! Hoping to get a good start on the next chapter tonight as well. If I finish my schoolwork, we might have a wednesday update as well!

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it's nice to see someone else who still loves ryouta as much as i do (probably more tho lol) :^) have a good day

o thank u!!!

i love ryota sm but if people don’t, that’s fine! everyone’s just so hyper aggressive @ him in particular and the people who draw him, so they leave rude tags/comments on my art sometimes….so i’m always scared to draw him again lol


list of favorites [44/50 female characters]: April Ludgate

“We have a couple of house rules, though. You can’t use the front door; you have to climb in through the back window. No personal phone conversations. If you ever speak to me in Spanish, please use the formal “usted”. And no electricity after 6 PM. A couple more rules: if you ever watch a sad movie, you have to wear mascara so we can see whether or not you’ve been crying. There’s no noise allowed on Mondays. And no TV after breakfast.“