hi i love this ask so much. i have three wardens and yes they are all gay hahaha i love that like. u didnt even really have to ask lmao but i was so thrilled that u asked about my wardens i dropped everything to draw you this handy infographic/awkward family photo

diana and renata are half-sisters, and since im a big believer in multiple warden au they sort of adopt mahariel as their sad and awkward big brother. ive played thru all the origins but these are the three i like best and have spent the most time on. i ….. like elves. and rogues. and elves who are rogues.

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Hey, Van! I didn't see it in your faq, but I was wondering where you go for inspiration? Or what types of art/art styles/etc inspired/s you and your style? Have a good day!

my styles not really from any other art, i just kinda draw stuff, i dunno 0^: i get inspiration from thinkin 2 much about stuff and then drawing to relieve the stress of thinkin about stuff 2 much

if you are walking with someone who is a survivor of abuse, and they suddenly turn around and start walking another way or they say ‘i don’t want to go that way’ or just stop dead in their tracks, STAY WITH THEM. stay at the same pace as them, let them lead, do not just go leave them to go down the easiest path. chances are your friend just saw their abuser and is trying to avoid them so STAY WITH THEM. they need you to be there, not walking off.

pocket camp is really fun but im dying without the museum that’s like, one of the best parts of any animal crossing game whats the point of catching a super rare tuna if i cant show it off to anyone

so I told him last night about being borderline and immediately felt like it was a mistake but idk he just asked a few questions and then that was it but either before or after I saw him looking at my self harm marks. I think he’d always believed me that they were accidents and not connected but today he looked at a cut on my n then some marks on my arm right after ……..