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I can't get this out of my head, it's like... This guy he asked me to draw him, and i was like " okay yeah okay. " and he walked off to his different class. At the 2 English periods I gave the paper to him, and half an hour later he CRUMPLED THE GODDAMN DRAWING I GAVE HIM LIKE. OML THATS RUDE. ( Okay im sorry for rants it's just that i dont have anyone to talk to :( )

That’s so rude wtf!?!

i was tagged by the awesome b00kstorebabe to do the 20 Beautiful People Challenge. this is a special 2-for-1 post because you all get to see the majestic HENRY!!!

also this is *rare* because of my natural hair and no make up look. 

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Helloooo, my name is Chesh, um, this is my first attempt at an eHarmony video. This is my first attempt at online dating. I’m nervous but I’m excited at the same time, um, so I’m just going to start talking about what I like and hope I get some replies!

So I’m a recent, um, MBA grad from Villanova um, I. love. zak. um, I just (fans self) ..Sorry I’m getting emotional. I love zak, I love every kind of zak (fans themself) …Sorry, I just, I REALLY LOVE ZAK. I just want to hug all of him but I can’t ‘cause that’s crazy. I can’t hug every zak. I just want to, I want to, I want to -sigh- I’m sorry, I just, I get, anytime I hear zak, I just, I love zak um, WHOO! Promised myself I wouldn’t cry, um, so anyway, I AM A ZAK LOVER. Um, and I, love to run -tears up, pauses- um, I’m sorry, I’m thinking about zak again -cries- I just, I think about how many don’t have a home and how I should have him and how cute he is and his ears and his fohawk and the nose. I just love him and I want him and I want him in a basket and with little bow ties I want him to be on a rainbow and in my bed and I just want a house, full of him and I just want us to roll around. I can’t, I can’t.

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💕 = tumblr friends

ok so im not entirely sure everyone of these consider me as their friend but to hell with that, here we go:

@everythingthatmatters @nomtheburritos @asteriea @sargentae @czernyi @lilyshale @cassiophea @archistratego @neils-josten @mugglare @fayrearcheron @nickyhemmickk @iwanttodateizzy @siriuslyjongup @piixxiie-dust @amoretdolor @andrewjminyyard @kurtwagnertrash @spacepearl @nancywheehler @patroiclus @sansastarvk @rhysahd + everyone else in #andrewminyardnw, i love y’all but i cant remember all your urls rip

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when someone says something they don’t mean as rude at all but it accidentally sets off your Insecurities and messes you up for the rest of the night