aah i should mayb go to bed since were going to the zoo tomorrow

wandas hurricane stories

just for a ref i live in south florida

- i broke my arm a week before hurricane charlie hit i dont really remember what happened during the hurricane but i do remember glowsticks
- hurricane sandy didnt hit us but it went up through the side of us so we got winds. my moms old bf thought it was a good idea to go to the beach. sand bar gives way and im nearly swept out to sea. i lose my flipflop and the bf almost broke his leg
- on a side note i got my cat sandy a week before hurricane sandy formed
- 2005 hit us with a lot of hurricanes. i think it was the tammy when it happened but it was a tropical storm. my neighbors were good friends with us and our dads could put up shutters properly. my dad and my neighbors dad sort of said fuck it and didnt put up the shudders because they were so annoyed with how many storms hit
- i used to have a trampoline but wilma stole it
- during fay i went to sports authority and bought a bar of chocolate

Facebook reminded me that I posted an AU Avatar character like 2 years ago so I decided to redraw her a bit :)

I was just amusing myself ages ago by creating my own Avatar AU with this firebender Avatar who would also be the antagonist of her own story.
In the AU I spitballed, the avatar was a bit obsolete and mostly just a title that her mentors liked to flaunt to bring in more students/money, because who doesn’t want to be taught by the master of the Avatar etc.

I didn’t have a name for her, but she is the type that believes she is above everyone else, and will make the Avatar relevant again.