has trump even done anything yet other than make a bunch of threats like this is the chillest president we’ve had yet i dont remember him doing anything close to the obama or reagan levels yet just a lot of threats and stupidity 

I dont entirely remember doing this, but sometime after 3am last night my fever was so bad I went downstairs to take some relief meds for it, but i couldnt pop the lid off so I just got a steak knife out and sawed the bottle open, took some, and went back to bed

can we all just… appreciate this? keiths easily the tiniest member of the blade of marmora, by a wide margin at that, and here he is, holding regris up in a firemans carry, not even looking all that weighed down by him, and running while doing so??

i dont remember keith doing anything but sparring in the training room but he obviously lifts, bro

(gif by waltzy)

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OMG I dont even remember doing this! 😂😂😂 #yitzogram #hedigram #hedwigandtheangryinch #hedwigonbway #johncameronmitchell #lenahall #lenafuckinghall Repost from @johncameronmitchell using @RepostRegramApp - Found this vid of #hedwig tributing the great @bridgeteverett costarring the tragically butch @lenarockerhall backstage at @hedwigonbway. Watch for bridget’s amazing turn in @patticakesmovie this summer! (at The Glass Menagerie at the Belasco Theatre)

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