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hello hello!! im just asking, is it okay if i use your character designs for the heathers characters? also ps, you got me into heathers,, and i dont regret it one bit.

they’re….not my designs tho….they’re actual ppl…

Battle of the Clubs - Miniminter Imagine

heller, this was requested i just happened to feel like writing. this isn’t my first attempt at writing an imagine, however it is my first attempt at writing a miniminter imagine. so some feedback would be much appreciated. also, it is fairly short so its a little bit like a small blurb/small imagine type of thing. anyways hope you enjoy

x Bel

pairing; simon x reader

warnings; none

prompt; you’re heavily pregnant with yours and simons child and figuring out which football club your child will follow seems to be an issue.

(Y/F/FC) = your favorite football club

Leeds FC. Simon’s beloved football club. (Y/F/FC). My precious football club. But Baby Minter’s favourite football, well, thats what Simon and I are currently arguing about. 

Simon and I have been together for just over 4 years now, and we both loved each other very much. I had fallen pregnant almost 7 months ago whilst we were on our own little holiday in the US. It was quite scary at first, both of us being quite young and obviously because of Simon’s rising fanbase and busy career. But I dont regret one bit. 

The topic at hand lately had been the football club Baby Minter was going to support as soon he popped out of the oven, which was obviously going to be (Y/F/FC).

“Bubba Minter is obviously going to support Leeds. My lil bean is going to take after his or her daddy!” Simon argued as we both cuddled on the couch (Y/F/FC) play against Watford.

I rolled my eyes in response.

“No, no, no. Bean is taking after their mummy, (Y/F/FC) all the way baby!” I cheered excitedly as my team managed to score a goal.

Simon scoffed, turning his head to look down at me and he shook his head in disappointment. He jokingly pulled a disgusted face at my massive (Y/F/FC) jersey I wore before raising his eyebrows.

“There is no way in hell, I’m going to let my child wear that piece of garbage.” 

My face and jaw dropped, a look of fake hurt spread across it. Time to pull out the big guns boys.

The Puppy Dog Eyes.

I pushed my lip out into a pout, making my eyes big and making sure to flutter my eyelashes innocently.

This was Simon’s ultimate weakness. 

His head shook quicky. If he shook any quicker his head might’ve flown right off his neck. His large hands flew to cover his eyes, refusing to give in to the eyes.

“Please Si!” I whined, still pulling the face. “If you love me you’ll let Baby Minter be a cool kid!” 

He sighed, giving in right as the whistle for full time was blown. 

Another victory for (Y/F/FC).


Youtuber challenge, day one- favourite male youtuber.
Luke Cutforth - LukeIsNotSexy.

I’ve been subscribed to Luke for over a year now and seriously I dont regret it one bit. He is just so down to earth, and honestly treats his subscribers like his friends.
He has such an amazing personality, his sense of humour is similar to mine and he is just totally adorable. And hot. (seriously, how can you not find this ginger dork attractive?!)
I cant actually believe I met this guy last year, and that I’m going to meet him again in a few months at Upload3!*jumps up and down with excitement*
I don’t understand how anyone could hate on him, in all honesty he has done nothing at all to offend anyone.
This guy is a role model of mine, and many others, as he is just so encouraging and no matter what he always does his absolute best to make sure none of his subscribers feel down. As he speaks from personal experience, and knows what he is talking about.
He encourages people to be theirself, to not care about what people think and to always live life to the fullest. Constantly telling people that they are beautiful, and things do get better. Making sure they know him, and many others, love them for who they are.
I could write so much more about this guy but I’ll stop now,
I love you, Lukas David Cutforth, and thankyou for all the amazing things you do for me and hundreds of others on a daily basis.

ok so WOW i hit 10,000 followers today??? a couple of months ago i hit 5,000, and that was already such a milestone for me. now i’m at 10,000 and its just crazy to think about. ive had this blog for almost a year now and i dont regret making it one bit. ive made some really good friends through here and i couldnt be more happier. thank you to every single one of you who follow me and find my blog really nice, some of you have even told me that my blog makes you happy, and im so so happy about that. i love each and every one of you <3 (i spent way too much time on the picture ughwd)

here are some of my favorite people: 

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my teacher and i were making googly eyes at each other for over 2 months before he finally fucked me in the staff bathrooms on friday it was mind blowing and i dont regret one bit lmao - leo

so how’d you do on that project?

send me ur slutty confessions along with ur sign :)