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do you know why some people dont like Jenna? She made Tyler alot happier...

Okay so I am totally not the best person to ask this, bc I personally haven’t really been exposed to Jenna hate (I don’t fuccs w those people) but I will try and offer some speculation.

1.) the obvious, she married Tyler. Which isn’t an issue like at all, but for some people it is. Like, i have seen some disgusting urls.

2.) Okay so, here me out on this one, but like I know some people ship josh and Tyler together. I don’t know if anybody ever comes for Jenna like that, but I’ve seen it a ton of times where fic writers will literally talk so much shit on a girlfriend/wife just bc they truly believe in their ship, which hey more power to you, but don’t destroy someone over that.

This is complete and total speculation, like I said I have never been directly exposed to Jenna hate and hope I never have to bc she seems like a total sweetheart. I don’t know if any of this is true like at all, but I hope I at least helped give you some light into this situation.

BTS Greek God and Goddess Aesthetic

Jin - Aphrodite; Goddess of love and beauty 

Yoongi - Apollo; God music, poetry, and prophecy

Hoseok - Tyche; Goddess of hope, prosperity, and luck

Namjoon - Athena; Goddess of wisdom, and military victory

Jimin - Dionysus; God of wine, and patron of the arts

Taehyung - Iris; Personification of the rainbow (i know she's not a goddess but it fits him)

Jungkook - Zeus; God of the sky 

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I really just wanna put there out there ... If you watch pll then you should know emison.. They made shirts with each other on them lmao. sasha(alison) is engaged to her soon to be husband. If your wondering why Im talking about this. Were talking about two girls that play a lesbian character madeout on live tv and still manage to be bestfriends off set. Because they know their just friends. And thats one of the reasons I think camren is/was real. They could just act normal but they dont.

good example babe and people ship them in real life too (i’m saying this because i do too)

Guys, I’ve been throwing out almost nonstop rants and opinions on the recent drama, but I need to address this final problem before I can really move on.

All the blogs who have announced they might be deleting their accounts; please no. I know that Calvin made some asshole remarks towards his fans, and that some Twitter fucknuts have been starting massive shit with us. But is it all worth it? Why should we care so much what Twitter thinks about our blogs?

I dont think Calvin wants to be as big of a piece of shit towards us as he has been. We all know and love him as the savage shit king, and thats exactly who he is. I think that maybe we should all just reconsider breaking down this community because we are finally being exposed and roasted because it is the least logical course of action to take. We are Tumblr, we are the embodiment of sin ourselves. I love all of you guys and I would never want you to leave. ♡

[Tagging all the blogs I can remember off the top of my head]
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am kinda curious what makes you like sigiliph? I always thought the design was really busy

I dont think Sigiliph has the best design, I just love The Nazca Lines and am glad that there’s a pokeman based off them

The cluttered details bother me less on sigilph since its meant to be weird and mysterious, and not really a “normal” creature (i mean id still cut down on the amount of detail, i just tolerate it more here).

The “head” and floaty psychic symboly nature of always made me think that it’s some sortof Unovan relative of Unown (maybe they belong to the same clade???) It also reminds me of Claydol for being ancient artifact vague bird things with too many eyes. 

I dont know why Sigiliph has a soft spot for be, it just kinda does

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istg your series is fucking gold 😂👏🏼 the shade in today's episode, I can't. Perfect! 👌🏼 I was fucking dying lmaooooo . Oh man, this is art and I'm loving it

“this is art” 😂 😂  thank you kindly anon <3

Bless the fake subs the savage intensifies



LMFAO HE REALLY DOES. i honestly dont know why i made him so sassy he’s just so expressive

Your newest bts american reality tv show post had me weeping. I mean they all have me weeping but this one had be Extreme Weeping™. I love. So much. I’m gonna have this series displayed on a PowerPoint at my funeral with a link to your blog, it’s that good.

you had me at Extreme Weeping™ fam. please invite me to this funeral tho it sounds lit LOOL

Honestly your fake subs are gold I spent about 10 minutes laughing at them. Seriously they make my day. If i could get abs from lauging I’d be fucking shredded by now from laughing so hard. Thanks so much for making them.

ahahaha i just came back from the gym so i can relate man. i wish i could get abs too… NO PROBS THANKS FOR LIKING THEM!!

Thank you for the amazing episode, God bless you

🙏 🙏🙏

how long have u been army?:>


heey! do you have previous urls?


Suckjin 😂😂😂

😏 😏

jungkook ate 6 cups of ramen today

yeah i saw. how the fuck….is he alive… 

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why do you tag gal gadot for ts?? Not being rude i dont really know much about her or her casting just wondering if she had done something

A while back she made some upsetting comments re: palestine and zionism and I use that tag for a mutual who requested it and for anyone else who’d rather not see her. 

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Every time I think about Clintasha, I just... Get so angry? With the exception of Steggy, this was maybe the only worthwhile white het ship in the history of ever, and they like just cared about each other so much, you feel? And we were all rooting for it, and we just got so robbed. Also, the fact that Whedon erased Clint's deafness. SMH

oh i feel u pal…it was such a Good pairing?? and unlike 90% of forced het white pairings in comics/movies there was actually a reason for them to be together? like it actually made sense why they were attracted to each other??

like i dont hate nat x matt and you know how much i detest nat x bucky, but both of them make me really??? bc theyre like…too similar?? why would they even be attracted to each other like??? what even

also dont get me started on ableism man…dont do it

i feel you, basically

we could have had it allllllllll~

i really love “follow that egg” ok

  • stan and kyle 
  • wendy and kyle working together!!!! i need more interaction between them
  • i love big gay al
  • kyle is so confused help this child
  • cartman being selfless somewhat (wanting an f since he broke the egg but wants his partner to have an a)
  • kyle having a backup egg like who does that
  • the assassin shooting stan’s egg
  • stan screaming incoherently over the phone bc his egg “died”
  • “we got the egg” *passes out*
  • same sex marriage ruled legal and kyle still really confused
  • stan dismissing wendy’s apology (stan is so clueless)

i dont know why i made this but the episode was just on tv and i needed to point out how great it is

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what's an opv?

iM CRyiNG wHY DonT yAll KNow THiS

i just looked it up and apparently it stands for Original Promotional Video but haha thats not the point

OPVs are beautiful wonderful videos made by fans which are made up of the best songs behind your favorite otp moments (maybe individual idol moments too but idk)

He’s some of my faves pls check them

(the best thing about opvs is that there are so many for less popular ships and i cry ever day) 

anyway,, if you want any other vids to watch just message me i have more to share those were just my faves

hey, so i made my tumblr in 2015 and u know what that means? I missed Homestuck™ I missed the Oncler Self-Shipping™. I missed Dashcon™. I missed Superwholock™. I missed Tumblr Prom™. I missed so much but i still get to hear about them like they are some great fallen warriors. so like if anybody has just ANY part of these cultures they could share with me i would love that. really anything from pre-2015 Tumblr™