With the biker gta update coming we all made punk/bikers characters and here’s my punk song I made up while I ride bicycles really really fast into cops/ cop cars
If anyone could just finish this for me let me know and we can go throw beer bottles at rocks under the pier


Not many know about this, but you see, I’m in love with Tamako, my childhood best friend

Dia de Muertos

Hello guys today is Dia de los Muertos, so I want to share with you a very special MEXICAN movie that Metacube (mexican animation studio) is working on since 10 years ago, and offically registered since 2007. 

This movie is called literally “Dia de Muertos” and for you to know Disney Pixar had trouble with this in 2012-2013 when they started licensing Coco, because they wanted to use the same name as the mexican movie, that is why Pixar took longer to work on Coco. 

Now, I want you guys to support this mexican movie, because it is a Day of the Death movie made by MEXICAN PEOPLE IN MEXICO! 

I will LOVE you if you like their facebook page, check their teaser and images! I hope you can support them because here in Mexico, we dont have that advanced technology like in other countries and that is why artists here are subestimated. I hope you guys can support this company because I know they have been working really hard to give us this movie. 

Here is the link to their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/diademuertosthemovie/?fref=ts

Teaser 1: https://vimeo.com/144182790

Teaser 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssdUla9LmeE

you know what i can’t stop thinking about??? when andrew took neil’s hand off the beanbag and placed it on his chest when he still wasn’t ready for that

and neil, my beautiful asshole child, knows that andrew isn’t ready, knows how important an actual "yes” is to him aND fuck i just?? someone else might have just taken that as a “yea cool i’m letting you touch me so go ahead touch me” but it’s not like that and like neil says “he wasn’t sure which one of them andrew was trying to convince” i mean sh i t that makes my heart hurt ?? was andrew trying to convince himself he was ok with neil touching him so soon was he trying to convince neil he was ok with it when he clearly wasn’t for neil’s sake i don’t??

but then– “i won’t be like them i won’t let you let me be” neil lets andrew know he knows it’s still too soon and he will respect andrew’s boundaries until a clear yes is said and i am just….really emo….

Blackpink Drabble: Highschool Students


  • senior
  • student counsel treasurer
  • studies hard
  • teachers love her
  • wakes up early to straighten her hair and do makeup
  • has a collection of pink MAC lipsticks
  • super nice super sweet
  • the motherly friend
  • accepted to every college she applied to
  • treats underclassmen like actual children
  • addicted to buying pretty phone cases
  • watches crime drama shows before bed
  • afraid of the dark


  • junior
  • moved to town in middle school
  • instantly became popular
  • not really interested in school
  • only comes so that she can see her friends
  • takes pictures of powerpoints instead of writing down notes
  • looks intimidating but is actually a cinnamon roll
  • unexpected aegyo queen
  • secretly a nerd
  • but like a cool nerd that goes to parties
  • mysterious background
  • no one knows where she is from???


  • sophomore
  • hella pretty
  • gets lots of attention from guys
  • doesn’t even notice bc shes always staring at girls
  • loves skinship
  • quietly hums while doing school work
  • but no one minds bc honey vocals
  • wants to become a thespian
  • always plays lead female roles in plays
  • has more pictures of dogs in her phone than anything else
  • will probably be voted for best hair when she becomes a senior
  • loves playing guitar but too shy to play in front of people


  • freshman
  • hella popular
  • hangs with upperclassmen
  • gets in trouble for talking in class
  • teachers never actually send her to the principal though
  • comes to class 3 seconds before the bell rings
  • only uses apple products
  • dates seniors bc she doesn’t want a boy, she needs a man
  • surprises everyone with her straight a’s
  • always shares homework
  • loves memes  

How to clean your room
Get a trash bag
Get inside it.

Not the most original idea, i know, but @danisnotonfire​ talking about cleaning his room in his liveshow really inspired me…not to clean up my garbage can of a room, but to seize this opportunity to call him trash. 

Please dont repost thanks! 

i feel like it’s really important that we dont shut up about how disgusting we find calvin and oli because they’ve literally been accused of sexual offences. like this isnt some dumb rumour these are real accusations made by real people….every time calvin or oli pop up at a one direction concert or get papped with louis, it’s like a kick in the stomach for all the people that have been affected by what they’ve done. and not just the girls who they targeted specifically, i mean anyone who’s ever been a victim of anything similar. we know that 1d and their team see everything we say online and if we’re loud enough about this then they have to do something about it, because at the moment there are people in 1d’s entourage who have had multiple allegations of sexual offences made against them. like these people need to be kept 10000000 miles away from underage girls, but instead they’re literally being flaunted at us through pap pics and fan pics. i dont know what more we can do apart from talking about it and expressing our disgust and concern and hoping somebody listens to us? but dont let this die guys because it’s really important and something needs to be done

A bandit’s worst nightmare in a void would be to dye, 
As all the colours come rushing and bleed deep, proceeding to stain their lives, with strokes of beryl, turquoise tints and compliments of shades of plum, 
A mixture of something new, unknown to man what exactly they’ll become, 

Drawing this made me feel really nice after I was really stressed out last night, I really like the way it came out!

PJ Liguori from the youtubes. drawing him calms me down and i dont know why hah

Go forth, tiny planet explorers!


Cillian Murphy x Sackcloth

“Would you like to see my mask?”

Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), Inception (2010), Peaky Blinders (2013-)