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listen i love khloe and how authentic and honest she is - shes actually my fav kardashian. BUT i still dislike kyga, dont matter what khloe or any of them say. ok, kylie isnt a normal 17 y/o, but tyga is a freakin baby daddy, and his lifestyle isnt healthy. he surroundes himself of dirty parties, strippers and who knows drugs? honestly i dont wanna be rude but i was so pissed when caitlyn found it funny when kylie joked about being married...

Apparently the only one who doesn’t like him is Kim 😫

its kinda fun how all my friends abandoned me as soon as the school year ended and now whenever i go to text/skype them i remember i dont actually matter to anyone :]

idk imo when someone’s (usually white) reason for dislking beyonce is “she is just to overhyped and overrated” its like they are saying “hard working self made icons that happen to be black women dont deserve to be celebrated despite their involvement in social movements and charitable efforts” and they will stan other white females who are literally racist and have like kindergarten understandings of feminism 

Shout out to the punk rock people of color, keep rocking you.

Shout out to punk rock poc with bright colors in your hair. Those who would be called “ghetto” for having blue hair; while a white person with the same color hair would get called “unique and cute”. You all look super cute and your hair is amazing. 

Shout out to the chubby punk rock poc, people who are told “You’re to big to look good in that” or “You have to be skinny to wear that” Tell those people to “Fuck off” Cause you’re adorable and can rock any outfit/style you chose to.

Shout out to punk rock poc with tattoos, whether you just have one or two or all over your body, you’re super hardcore, keep it up.

Shout out to the punk rock poc who are gay/bi/pan/poly who you love is up to you and you’re deserving of it. 

Shout out to the punk rock poc who are part of the aro/ace (demi, gre, akoi, ect) community how show your love to others romantic or not, is still valid.

Shout out to the punk rock poc who are trans/fluid/agender anywhere outside the gender norm, your body is beautiful. Whether or not you fit peoples views of typical “masculine”  or “feminine” gender norms. How you express your gender(or lack of) is up to you, you decide what feels right for you.

Shout out to the punk rock poc who get told they can’t be punk or into alternative style because their skin color. 

Shout out to the punk rock people of color, keep being flawless. I love you all.