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hello! thank you so much for your translation. Im very grateful. i saw what happened on wattpad and that you are creating a website. thats so sad but dont give up! ~fighting! <3 i started reading addicted a few days ago and i read as far as the series go. meanwhile your are working on your website, is there someway i can read the other chapters following the last one of the series?

You’re welcome and welcomes to the novel’s fandom XD I swear we’re fun and only semi delulu, and per readers…slightly *ahem* uh perverted lol 

I’m a noob on tumblr as well. The only way I know to read it from where the web series ended is searching via archive. You can just go to the earliest moth which should be March and you’ll find chapter 112 being the first posted. End of web series starts at chapter 118. I hope this helps T^T


back at it again


“Imagina que legal você poder ir pra um lugar onde ninguém te conhece. Você pode inventar uma personalidade nova se você quiser.” “Ué, você não gosta da sua personalidade?” “Gosto. Mas o problema não sou eu.”

“Imagine going to a place where no one knows you. You can even create a new personality if you want to.” “Don’t you like your personality?" I do. But I’m not the problem.

The way he looks (2014) | Hoje eu quero voltar sozinho (2014)

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: i find myself sickly attracted to a short cartoon skeleton to the point where i want to fuck a skeleton. a fucking skeleton. its a fucking skeleton in a fucking video game. this is ruining my life. but i want to fuck the skeleton. i am going to draw skeleton porn one day and this frightens me. i look at skeleton porn. thats right, skeletons doing the nasty. how? i dont fucking know but there is ectoplasm somehow incorporated and they fuck with their SOULS. talk about FUCKING MESSED UP. why do i want to fuck the skeleton? i am a disappointment to my family.

things about jun you might not have known before

  • he went to one of the top high schools in shenzhen (which is a major city so basically he had top grades; chinese students do a high school entry exam to see which high school they would get placed in)
  • he shot his first commercial at age 2 (literally what were the rest of us doing at 2 y/o)
  • he’s appeared in 15 dramas in total
  • he has been in 3 movies, one of which earned him 3 rookie actor awards
  • at an international kung fu competition he got 4th, 5th, and 6th places in different categories (international!!!)
  • won #1 at a piano competition
  • won #2 and #3 at art competitions
  • won #1 in my heart
  • basically the boy’s all-round talented
  • everyone should stan him. right now. stop what ur doing rn and stan wen junhui
Master post from where Harry goes from cute baby to ima fuck the shit out of you tonight

heres adorable smiling goofy Harry

External image

and here is 

External image

let me make your ovaries explode Harry 

External image

thats ‘i dont know what your talking about Harry’

External image

then we have actual sunshine Harry that makes me want to stab my self 

i dont get how one goes from cute little sunshine to Im going to fuck you once i get home 

External image

the ass hole knows what hes doing 

External image

here we have work out Harry 

Imagine giving him head though 

and him making that face 

External image


External image

when he smiles i get so happy 

omg i love that gif 

External image

hes so hot 

External image

harry forgetting he left the water on at home 

then this gif that makes me horny 

also this one because he would spank you while your bent over 

then we have his fucking Arms 

just destroy my vagina already 

But this one 

He looks so fucking hot right here 

i wish he can come pick me up from school looking like that 



External image


External image

okay master post is done.

(for anon)


No, it’s more than that. It’s like we were always heading for this. You came to the Tardis. And you found me again. Your granddad. Your car. Donna, your car. You parked your car right where the Tardis was going land. That’s not coincidence at all! We’ve been blind. Something’s been drawing us together for such a long time. 


[drae spoilers ! !! 1 protect yourselves]  

anyways this is the only epilogue i’ll accept 


You know what is the most beautiful thing about these pics of jared in argentina? Yes, he is playing with kids, they dont know who is jared, and he doesnt know who these little boys are but they are enjoying each others company and i know that place (i live in argentina) and in that part of the city mostly of the people are poor, they dont have food, they dont have jobs and i feel really emotional because jared is there, in that part of the city where no one go because its a “dangerous place” so people dont play with that kids and dont carry their kids there because they dont want to see their children playing with kids from that part (yes, its really sad) and the way Jared is there, happy, playing with them without judging them just trying to make those little lads happy is so amazing. Famous people dont go to those places, and he went there. Yes people, i chose the right idol. I am so proud of what kind of man jared is. I wanted to tell this because i’m sure some of you dont know this.

i cried for the first time about you wondering if you missed me even half as much as i pretend not to. other boys just dont do it for me i see you everywhere. i can keep wanting to kiss strangers and wanting to move on but i cant move on when i never fully let go. i always want one more day with you where maybe i could change everything. i can keep living where you dont know the truth, i love you i loved you for a while and i dont think i ever stopped. you were so fucking toxic for me but you bring life into my veins and happiness when i feel like fucking dying. i live everyday with a smile knowing i got to spend the best moments of my life with you. i told myself id never admit it but i still love you and i probably always will i just wish you knew or maybe you felt the same.

“Simon looks stunning in a grey suit.”

Carry On facts people forget/need to remember more:

-I like seeing cute chubby Simon pics, bc he’s healthy and happy, but do remember that Simon is actually so skinny he looks ill in Carry On yikes

-Also Simon has golden brown/ bronze hair! Not blonde, I dont know where people even get that from

- Penny is chubby and a genius and I love her

- One of Baz’s grandparents are Egyptian

- Simon played a hand in both his parents deaths

- Baz has pretty eyes

- Baz goes to university at the London School of Economics /which is fucking hard to get into/ (trust me I’m doing uni applications now, I didn’t even understand their website ffs)

- Simon is actually pretty rich, and was left a lot of money

- Baz has a Japanese toilet

-Simon more than anything wants to learn how to drive

- Baz wants to teach at Watford when he’s older

-Baz smokes

-Simon is 5ft 10

-Baz is 6ft 1

-Baz plays the violin

-Simon can sword fight like come on