–> “ Yes, you have something on your face…. it’s pretty gross.”
–> “ Nope!! I’m just admiring the view! ” 
–> You say nothing and look to the artist for answers, but she has none to give. All you can do now is keep scrolling and pretend this never happened. 

if green komaeda really IS a sailor as many suspect (from his pin, the fact his name supposedly has the word sea in it(?)) and his shirt design, i am definitely ready for all of the crack fics between him and izuru mc-i-love-boats, because what a Shitstorm 

this just in on what i do while procrastinating: dramtically lip singing into a water bottle @ 9pm instead of doing a project thats due tomorrow

The Fever Code thoughts ( spoiler warning )

i just wanted to point out things i loved!!!! i finished the book in one sitting and just cried myself to sleep afterwards. TELL ME WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF THE BOOK!

1) Thomas and Teresa. Arguably I know a lot of “shippers” won’t like how much time they got together but i absolutely enjoyed seeing them together. In my eyes they are like siblings, and i loved seeing them work together, telepathy or no telepathy

2) Minho’s “this is spooky hold my hand” and alby’s “dude, chill”

3) The fact that Newt can openly cry. I think it was such a great & important addition to his character, seeing him being able to express his emotions freely ( especially since there was no “you’re a boy suck it up” nonsense ) it’s interesting to note that this contrasts with post- insertion newt ( thanks TFC for the new word ) where he seems definitely more closed off

4) Newt and Lizzy. Newt….and Sonya…i’ve seen theories beforehand + really enjoyed it SO I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S CANON. i’m so happy…it just breaks my heart TO PIECES that they met in the Scorch and didn’t even realise that they were family….

5) Adult characters were refreshing

6) I noticed that James added in POC characters, and i am endlessly thankful for it. Well, i counted three but in addition to the rest of the POC cast ( Rachel, minho etc ) i’m glad they exist! They weren’t main characters but honestly there weren’t all that many new characters.

7) Good continuation from the original series + was placed well in regards to continuity. None of the book plot seemed to have been swayed by the movies and i’m glad!

8) OH THAT TEENAGE REBELLION. And even when they were younger too! Seeing them find ways to meet up + have fun reflected the Glade for me and i got so emotional…

9) Group B. More on Aris+Rachel and i’m so so glad for that! Sadly i don’t think there was anything much about Harriet though :(

10) GOOD OLD CHUCK!!!! “hardy har har” i love my little dude…He was so fun and his friendship with thomas ( and Teresa! ) was so cute

11) The whole scene where they tried to “have order” by traumatising minho with the Grievers gave me so many shivers but i absolutely loved it!

Those are just my 2 cents on the book! I loved reading it a lot and even though there were certain things that bothered me i think it was a pretty great prequel.

I’m sad to see The Maze Runner go, but i’m glad we got this one last chance with our favourite characters.


Hey guys, I just want to tell you that I didn’t draw these! It’s not my art and I was confused why it led to my blog but I did some investigating and I think the original artist’s url was “glitteronyournose” too (see at the bottom right of the pictures) and the artist deactivated his/her account. So maybe tumblr replaced my blog in the description bc I have the same url now. Please don’t credit me because I didn’t make these beauties !

Thanks to @touchinganelectricdove for telling me about it!


Peach Puff

So since I figured since so many people asked about how I edit my photos, I’d just make an action out of it cuz I change it all the time.

This action included a hard light, no light, and soft light (theres only the slightest difference in all of them)

My only rules are don’t be a dick and claim this as your own 

EDIT: I should probably mention that you need topaz clean and denoise

I’d also love to be tagged in photos if you use it but you dont have to do that