can you imagine how many things mom lalonde would confess that rose would just brush off as a joke tho

cause really

So I heard a lot of newer homestuck fans are confused about why shrek was in the upd8 with Eridan sitting on his shoulder holding cotton candy

Well, back in ye olden times of homestuck, everyone was convinced that Shrek was Eridan’s father. This era led to the creation of such timeless works as;

So yeah. 

(I’m actually glad they addressed this before homestuck ended I can die happily now)

important post.

okay so…

this is something my friend linked me to and i just had to share it to every single army on this site. this is a post from a malaysian(?) fan who, after reading a post bashing bangtan, decided to write out some important things about our boys, and some things that us as fans usually forget.
i did a rough translation bc i dont really understand simplified chinese, but i know enough.

source: 其實飯圈。


This is something ARMYs must read; if you don’t like it then don’t leave hate.
I saw a post saying that BTS is a group that has forgotten their original intentions. I have no other means for this post, I’m only going to share some of bangtan’s small, insignificant moments to you all.


If there’s a person who, despite being completely tired and drained, would hold army bombs while dancing to songs only to make fans happy at ISAC –
A person who would carry a camera around and pretend to be a cameraman, and interact with fans –
A person who knows well that he himself has a very uncoordinated body, basically can only do the ‘traffic dance’ well, but in order to keep up with the members he spends so much more time practicing, only so that he could show off his best performance to the fans –
I don’t know who else would do something like this, but I do know that Kim Seokjin of BTS would.


If there’s a person who’s a perfectionist, in which every song he produced must be done to perfection; composing and writing songs till midnight, even letting himself have a habit of saving his files every ten seconds –
A person who, every time they get first place at an music show, would grip the trophy and wouldn’t stop staring at it, eyes filled with complete gratitude –
A person who had overworked himself to the point of fainting, unable to perform onstage and later returned to the arena, sitting where the fans had sat, trying to experience the utter sense of loss the fans must have felt, and spilling out all this thoughts and apologies on twitter afterwards –
A person who, every year on his birthday would handwrite post-it notes and letters, buy all sorts of snacks and even transportation cards as gifts to thank the fans, realizing after that he had missed a few fans and then wrote a whole new batch just for them –
I don’t know who else would do something like this, but I do know that Min Yoongi of BTS would.


If there’s a person who’s part of the rap line, but didn’t even know how to rap when he first entered the company; then realizing that he was the only one who didn’t encounter rap before and had spent such a long, long time learning it from the beginning, turning him into the lyric-writing, rapping expert he is today –
A person who is in charge of hope as of his name, is actually a quieter person in reality; but in order to bring everyone hope and happiness, he’s always showing off his smiley, happy self in front of the camera and being funny non-stop, never missing a day without giving off positive vibes since their debut –
A person who, after a late ISAC event, would tell the fans to be careful at night when they go home –
I don’t know who else would do something like this, but I do know that Jung Hoseok of BTS would.


If there’s a person with an IQ of 148, whose grades is in the top 1% in the whole country, self-learned TOEIC of a grade of 800 and above, didn’t care about his parents’ opposition, given up on opportunities to study in good schools, and chose the path of music to continue doing what he loved –
A person who, when some fans tell him that, “I got your photocard.” he would say sorry to them; who could still smile at the messages anti-fans sent him –
A person who, when the boss asks if he would choose to go solo or continue with bangtan, chose bangtan without a single trace of hesitation –
A person who, when a fan refused to hold hands with him because of a skin disease and was afraid she would infect him, he held her hands and said that her hands were the most beautiful pair he had ever seen –
I don’t know who else would do something like this, but I do know that Kim Namjoon of BTS would.

如果有一个人总是为了表现的更好而努力的练习,却因为害怕出错而常常导致失误,害怕自己在No more dream的编舞里不小心踹伤队员而连累别人。

If there’s a person who was rejected and criticized for his baby face and yet is the ‘abs of the group’, continued to diet and diet and starve and starve; after two years his whole being had been thinned god knows how much –
A person who, when they got first place for the first time on a well known music show, while everyone else was extremely happy, he was the only one crying in the elevator –
A person who would practice so hard only to show a better side of himself, and yet always being afraid of making mistakes, causing him to, for example, hurt a band member during the choreography of no more dream –
I don’t know who else would do something like this, but I do know that Park Jimin of BTS would.


If there’s a person who, when a fan had lipstick on her teeth, would kindly remind her and hide it for her –
A person who said during a concert once that seeing his parents and fans sit there and listen to him sing makes him incredibly thankful, and that in the future he hopes everyone would keep on going down this road together –
A person who was the only member that was hidden before debut, so when he received his first fan letter he reread it dozens of times on end –
A person who has a very honest and open personality and doesn’t usually think much about other’s opinions, but when he tried to express something he was wrongfully interpreted by other people, thus beginning to restrain himself; when his members weren’t around he would panic, and after being a solo mc he even shed tears –
I don’t know who else would do something like this, but I do know that Kim Taehyung of BTS would.


If there’s a person who, although nicknamed the Golden Maknae and seems as though he could do anything and everything perfectly, is a classic Virgo; after each rehearsal or concert would think that he didn’t do well enough, and would secretly wipe away his tears –
A person who hopes that after all his hard work, fans would be able to tell others proudly: “I am a BTS fan.” –
A person with a slightly introverted personality and would be intimidated by strangers, also kind of quiet most of the time (apart from their private life), usually not posting much on twitter but would silently read fans’ comments, and when the older members don’t notice a fan’s action or words, he would kindly return the fan’s smile or say thank you to the fan for his member –
A person who bows the standard 90 degrees, and usually bows the longest; doesn’t care about the age or gender and just bows, and after meals he would sort out his own trash, and when he couldn’t find a recycling bin he would ask for the staff’s help –
I don’t know who else would do something like this, but I do know that Jeon Jungkook of BTS would.


This is the BTS that ARMYs love. Maybe others don’t understand, but we do. I think of myself as a rational fan; although when I see others bash my favorite idols I of course would be angry, but I do believe that these things are a matter of opinion. Every fan’s favorite idol would have their own good pointers and their own specialties, and I believe that every idol has done something unforgettable and touching; so all we have to do is to use the spirit in which they thank us with, and continue supporting them. We shouldn’t fight all the time because of silly, irrelevant things; I think that when an idol is assessed, their fanbase stands as an extremely important part. I believe that a rational fan wouldn’t care about small silly things. While we have the free time to start fights and arguments, why not go check up on our idols, whether or not they’ve updated on instagram or on twitter, or maybe even fantasize about your otp? – even this seems to be more practical than fanwars. I hope in the future that all fans and fanbases would be peaceful with no more fighting.

translating is so hard OTL i feel like dying

i feel like everything in this post is so relevant, i just had to share it.

again, this is just a rough trans; some of it may seem a bit confusing because i’ve never really translated anything before, but i hope most of it makes sense. 

please remember the last paragraph clearly.


Mizutsune from Monster Hunter Generations, not my favourite to fight but sooo pretty