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How could Sasuke start falling for Sakura and poke her forehead if they didn't even meet/talk each other until he left the village? He was put in jail for a long time, i can imagine Sakura's heart would break knowing him being treated like that, he was a handicapped, and a war hero!Im not sure if they cared to write letters to each other during his redemption journey. All of these facts make SS love become so underrated, i dont know what source to believe anymore...

Again, that was just SP’s interpretation of how things went down, and even then, they didn’t make it clear how much time had passed before and after Sasuke’s imprisonment.

can you imagine how many things mom lalonde would confess that rose would just brush off as a joke tho

cause really

So I heard a lot of newer homestuck fans are confused about why shrek was in the upd8 with Eridan sitting on his shoulder holding cotton candy

Well, back in ye olden times of homestuck, everyone was convinced that Shrek was Eridan’s father. This era led to the creation of such timeless works as;

So yeah. 

(I’m actually glad they addressed this before homestuck ended I can die happily now)


Mizutsune from Monster Hunter Generations, not my favourite to fight but sooo pretty