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Stiles doesn’t know why Derek keeps buying him things, or scenting him, or trying to feed him, or taking his clothes (Derek was wearing his goddamm hoodie c’mon), so he decides to research it. It’s honestly not his fault that one of the concepts he found was “mate”, and that when he asked Derek about it he just shrugged and said: “Sure, Stiles” while everyone in the pack smiled.

I have a secret

i will never understand how people hate larry due to larries like, by all means, go ahead and despise the shippers, but what did harry and louis do to you that made you resent the ship….what kinda disrespect to something so pure…

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but would you do master yi?

“…Honestly? Everytime we have attempted to talk he would always start talking shit. Last time he forced my hand and I ended up sticking my sword up his gut - not the way you are proposing here, mind you. I honestly feel nothing for the old man other than disdain and pity and I don’t think I ever will. He is a fool who wants to make me a criminal no matter what I say… And something tells me he’d try to cut off my dick if I tried anything and that’s not something I would enjoy… so, to answer your question, no I would not. Even if I wanted to.

ok i just hit a follower milestone and in the past i’ve done giveaways but a) i’m broke as hell and b) my blog is such a mess of fandoms now that idk which one would even make the most sense to focus on for that sort of thing

so my question for yall is: if i were to do some kind of q&a video or something would any of you send questions/watch it?

i pretend i am two people when i’m alone. i’m myself and someone else (like usually a real person but also fictional characters sometimes) and i sit talking to myself having a conversation as if i was both those people and i’m sat changing between myself and another person and i’ve realised how weird it must look. i literally speak out loud as if i’m talking to another real person and then respond to myself as someone else and i’ll repeat sentences and things if i think they’d actually reply in a different way to what i originally said back to myself. i also turn and show pictures and things i like to empty space and pretend there’s someone there looking and responding to what i’ve shown them. i sing to them and pretend to do duets and shit. it is normally nice and funny conversations but sometimes i’m literally arguing and fighting with this other person who is actually just myself, like, this is more than just talking to myself and planning things out, this is me literally turning myself into another person to talk with

and why are bands with all males called bands but bands with one or more females called female bands why are men the default for being in a band

listen…i just wanna be pretty. like im so shallow to the point where i will sacrifice so much just to be beautiful. i want people to look at me and be amazed. i want people to thirst over me.