• You:would scream
  • We:would fight
  • You:would call me crazy
  • I:would laugh
  • You:were mad but you always kissed me
  • The shirt that I had that you always borrowed:When I woke, it was gone, there was no tomorrow
2x15 Review

My only thoughts after this episode: what even…

I want to start on a more positive note, Lincoln was fucking amazing this episode. He shot that arrow spot on, and then protected the hell out of Clarke, and then was willing to fight his own people to help Clarke save the ark people. After the hell he got from Indra for associating with Octavia and the delinquents, imagine the how he will be seen now for having tried to fight his own people to help Clarke save hers. Indra said he if ever chooses sides again against his people not even his bravery can save him… But he did it anyway because he is just amazing.

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High School AU, where Arthur and Alfred obviously like each other blahblahblah, and there’s some sort of talent show coming up. So Alfred’s up on the stage, dedicates the song to ‘somebody’ and it’s all very cheesy and fluffy…

And then he breaks out into ‘If You Were Gay’ from Avenue Q.

Vice versa with Arthur, but he’d sing ‘American Idiot’ by Green Day.


So we’re at the top university in the world. (Arguably.) And so are 20 thousand other people. But there are no more than ten in the riot club. The top ten. 


BOLSHOI BALLERINAS (no… that’s not right…) /// for a little girl being trained to fight in a war she doesn’t know is going on, for brainwashing and handcuffs on beds and trying desperately to remember

for romeanova + heyrosetylers


when u a baby and wanna listen to lorde…

hey quick question- can you still be in PF debate and go to tournaments if you’re homeschooled?