smol school tips which sound unimportant but could come very handy at times (for high school especially)

  • if you wear contact lenses, carry your cases by yourself if possible
  • have a water bottle, even if it’s empty, you can fill it anytime
  • if you are a doodler type, carry a lil’ notebook by your side which you use on lessons to draw in, so later you won’t curse yourself because you don’t understand a thing of your notes. sometimes i can’t hold it either even if i have a sketchbook by my side but trying means something
  • sometimes even bags need a bit of washing
  • don’t carry extra books which will worsen your posture/make everything harder
  • even if you are the straight a student or you are just great or you don’t feel great but probably you are, a bad mark CAN BE IMPROVED. yes, anytime, just put your effort in improving! but you can do it, nothing is lost and it feels shitty i know especially if you feel like you’ve gave your best or you felt like you were good and then boom, but no, nothing stops here. u have plenty opportunities just grab them
  • if you are in a hurry, you’ll have a little time in breaks to put that mascara on, don’t worry, just drop it in the bag and go
  • health is very very important so no one gives a fuck about what a teacher or student says about you missing school or smg like this, just make sure you are okay
  • same with mental health and i know it’s very difficult stuff but if possible, talk to a teacher about it. i haven’t done that and i really regret it because this would make easier to explain why am i late for the first class, and that sleep deprivation, anxiety are real
  • sometimes, even as a total chill and nice person you might find yourself (or someone else) being angry quicker, sometimes even a bit harsh, and after taking up too much shit it’s understandable. you aren’t here to satisfy everyone but you get back on track trust me, the most important is to notice when you feel like you’ve gone to far
  • how i save a lot of time even as a terrible procrastinator is knowing my teacher’s mindset. it helps a lot, try to understand them so you won’t worry over writing an essay for tomorrow when you can ask them to slip it 1-2 days later. it might sound like not filling your duty but there are times when everything comes once and all so it won’t make you a bad person
  • even if someone else looks hella sexy, your style is also great and probably a bunch of people think that you are rockin’ it. style is relative and style is yours, and even if you are poor, it doesn’t define as much as it seems to do
  • once or twice not showering or brushing your teeth is not much of a big deal trust me but being clean and fresh will make you feel more powerful and confident about your body
  • but if you’d rather just jump into the bed than sitting under the shower, you can do that and make it in the morning or later
  • against myths, you don’t always need a clean space for learning. of course it helps ALOT, but as i said, prioritize. especially if you are a huge ass procrastinator like me, cleaning up a messy room (i tend to start with this bc this disturbs me) will take your time from actual studying
  • you don’t have to make the perfect notes but certainly you have to make readable notes, more like recognizable. i have a lot of exercise books filled with silly doodles, one page filled with history, one with geography, and i am just a huge mess, but it’s nearly impossible to learn from them, and after a while, guiltiness comes in when you ask your friend for the 42nd time for notes
  • don’t worry, not everyone is as neat as they seem to be, we are all wrecks, but we can be happy wrecks so let’s choose that
  • complimenting people is nice
  • ask questions all the time like a little child
  • make a bunch of memories, whether they are from stupid pranks or nice evenings, just make memories. if it seems to be stupid or someone says you are crazy, good. it means you are into life. attend stuff, apply to stuff, and just make the widest variety of memories, so you can also tell what you need in your life and what you don’t and meanwhile you grow
  • sometimes actually studying is better than reblogging about studying so i recommend using queue
  • facebook is the biggest time stealer
  • family is important, even if it’s broken. but if you don’t have a family or issues are terribly big, there is always someone you can rely on
  • friends are important
  • people who are rude are important so you learn how to not let people fool around you
  • people like witty and creative things so spread your ideas like wildfire and don’t let them in this is important be a butterfly
  • if you totally changed it doesn’t mean anything wrong, having other kinds of friends mean nothing wrong, being friendly with everyone is fine, or being in a small group is fine, if you never attended parties but now you start to and classmates are teasing you about it don’t even give a fuck and just do what you’d like to do in the sake of your growing personality. or if you start learning suddenly even if you were a “bad” student that is also amazing
  • pads & hairbrush & painkillers are the holy trinity but ofc i almost never have all of these by my side, but if possible, carry them with yourself
  • i always ask people if they want a bite of my sandwich because we all know it’s terrible if someone leaves their money at home and their stomach is just growling in the morning
  • don’t involve yourself in unnecessary arguments between other people around you. seriously, it’s hard to let it go when it’s completely nonsense but save your energy, because this can be really shitty for your nerves
  • make actions and search for opportunities which bring smiles on your face. make a funny drawing for your classmates or a great presentation or go out at night or make researches, and later when they call you crazy or unbeliveable it will just only make you smile even more and it is beautiful because you just let yourself being you and not only you but people will love that too, because your point is not pleasing everyone but spreading positivity
  • it’s hard for everyone so at least you and i can try to make the day a bit better by kind words and nice gestures and honest feelings

i dont think that kevin was hitting on stevonnie. it was more like taunting them???? he clearly knows that “theyre two little kids in a beautiful trench coat” like you know how those older school bullies would constantly make you mad because they think its funny? hes like that. in alone together when steven and connie unfused he said “its two kids, im out. and towards the end of the episode he was like "why are you so obsessed with me” cuz naturally when a bully starts picking on you, would probably think that youre constantly thinking about them, in his first appearance yea he was hitting in stevonnie but in this episode he is clearly just taunting them. he, in my opinion, is not a pedophile. he is just a fucking jerk

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hi im an afab nb person and i wanted to start wearing boxer briefs if possible, so i asked my mom abt it and she said that theyre really uncomfortable and they make you sweat a lot *down there* and theyre just generally bad for afab people to wear... is this true?? she tries to be supportive so i dont think shes trying to spread misinformation but i cant help but wonder if its true or not and id like to know. sorry for this slightlyweird question? also could you tag as grace? thank you so much!!

Kii says:

I mean, she might think it’s hotter in the sense that there is more fabric around the thighs, but it’s really not. Other than that, they’re totally fine for people to wear and I can’t think of any other problems with them..

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hi im not good at this, but theres been someone reposting art with the caption "not mine" for a few days in the davekat tag by the name of galaxieklipz. i dont think theyve reposted any of yours yet from what ive seen when i skim the tag but i figured id say something just in case since ive been following for while (about a year) and i know you dont appreciate art being reposted at all. (this doesnt need a response this is more of a heads up)

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i think i might be kin with chloe price from life is strange but idk because i dont know anything abt kin stuff so can u please give me some advice??

wht i usually do is make a sideblog dedicated for it!! just to dump any emotional things connected to it, text posts, reblog stuff there tht reminds me of it, etc etc !! nd if ur a tag/organization lover like me, it helps even more to sort it out into tags! i usually hav an aesthetic tag of some sort, nd thn (if applicable) tags for ppl close to me! many ppl hav a ‘me’ tag of sorts bt i feel thts a bit tacky but its ur blog!! do w/e u feel would help!!

there’s also plenty of blogs for connectin w/ other ppl from ur canon / at least same source material, nd plenty of blogs tht focus on makin posts for specific k-ntypes, whther it be self help packages or aesthetic posts or even jst plain positivity !! ( i rly do recommend ths blog as a nice lil entryway, they hav so many words to appeal to so many different types ur sure to find somethin u like!!! nd they’re usually Very high quality )

most importantly tho (to me at least) k-n stuff is ab discoverin urself!!! explorin urself nd ur feelings nd who u are nd findin different/new ways to express urself!!!! its helped me So much mentally since ive started makin blogs nd stuff,,,

if u end up not bein k-n, thts alright! u still learned somthin ab urself! if u are, great! i hope u keep learnin stuff ab urself nd find ways to express urself to make urself more comfortable w/ who u are !!!

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(totally forgot to answer "on who") on Nayruz? If that's okay!

A galaxy dressed Nayruz! I loved this idea so much, and i think it came out p good! but i dont really know about the galaxy stuff on the shirt and socks, dont really know how to make galaxy like stuff with traditional.

hope you like it!

star trek beyond mass post!!!

under the readmore will be the spoiler-type stuff and me rambling for years but first everyone needs to know this

1. jj abrams can choke, i hope he either stays producer and never goes on set ever again, or he gives the series to justin lin completely 

2. i was smiling during the entire movie, the entire movie….

okay here is the point where if it doesn’t show a read more - to scroll REALLY FAST bc spoilers

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Do you know any good sub!jungkook or virgin!jungkook smuts?

You can check out my tag sub!kookie for sub!jungkook smuts & i dont rly have a separate one for jungkook’s first time but you can check out the tag first.
Hope this helped! My tags page has a more complete list of tags to help you find things :-)

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Is there any news lately about bambam or yugyeom? I havnt been keeping updated

hmmm i dont think so… i took a quick look into the got7 tag here and it would’ve blown up if there was anything new about bambam or yugyeom.

there’s been no statement from jyp or anything as far as i know, which is what i expected. i’m also gonna assume that ifans care more about this than kfans and that’s why jyp hasnt said anything yet.

I’m not going to be taking any more yat*ne asks since its causing problems and its never going to stop if people keep going on about it. Also this problem isn’t on tumblr it’s on the fanfic sites, so that’s where you would be having this discussion. The stuff people are arguing about are fanon things, not canon, so if you have a problem speak to the shippers or just ignore it. Its fictional, it doesn’t matter, ship whatever you want, stay in your lane.