More fanart for the Pride film as promised! There are so many important people! I’m posting a rather large image so you can see everybody. (And so you can appreciate all the bloody effort I spent on those t-shirts.)


The 東方神起 Alarm-clock  (tr. credit me and this)


team-ups that really, really should have existed pre-reboot ⇒ stephanie brown (nightwing ii) and tam fox (spoiler ii).


Part 1 (more soon)

OK so this is pretty much a backstory to this headcanon

I wanted to play around with some techniques and other stuff and ive had th is story idea bouncing around forever, and ive been getting questions about it on the ask blog. So hey I finally got around to doing it.

Im practicing show dont tell, and flow. So hopefully everything is clear even without dialogue. this is experiment, so any crits or suggestions are very welcome. Also lemme know what you think of this style

(also i have no fucking clue how to tag this, but its dark as all hell and i feel like it needs tags, but i dunno what. so if you see tags i need to add, let me know)


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Fanfics with either of them blind, deaf, mute, any disabilities?

Edit: The tag is [sensedeprivation]

Here are a few fics in each category… I know there are more of them if you wish. 


Pale Green
Summary: Maybe it was written in the stars that these two meet. On Eren Jaeger’s twenty-first birthday, he met the man who’d change his life forever. This man, a thirty year old salaries man, who has nothing else besides his job, became the only thing that mattered in Eren’s life. God could take his eyes, ears, his limbs, but with this man named Levi, he felt invincible.
After loosing so many thing in his life, Eren was finally able to gain the one thing he never thought he needed, love.

Watashi no Yami - My Darkness
Summary: At first, Eren did not know or understand why someone wanted to help him. He had been small, and lost, and helpless. Details that he could barely recall, lost in the recess of his childhood. But his Teacher had been the one to rescue him from the darkness. If only, just to bring an illusion of light.

Don’t Let The Light (Fade From Your Eyes)
Summary: ”This isn’t your fault.” He growled, staring into Eren’s eyes. “None of this is your fucking fault and it’s going to take time to adjust; so stop being so depressing and let me fucking help you Eren.”


Look At The Stars, Look How They Shine For You…
Summary: Levi is a musician who performs at a small hole-in-the-wall café in the town of Shiganshina every Friday night. Eren is a shy boy who hates the color of his eyes and the condition of his ears but loves going to see Levi perform every week. When Levi notices and tries to strike up a conversation with him, he realizes Eren has been deaf all his life.
So why is it that Eren is always so attentive at music shows he can’t even hear?


Speak to Me
Summary: From a tumblr prompt: Eren is mute so in order to communicate he carries a notebook, sticky notes and at least ten pens with him all the time. Eren works at a coffee shop with some of his friends and Levi comes to visit them after there’s a heavy rainstorm outside. Eren is his waiter. After he comes back with his coffee, there’s a note attached to his coffee cup. Eren continues to work and everytime he passes by his table, Levi sticks something against his hand and they continue to communicate. Levi learns he’s mute.

The Way We Live
Summary: People say there a lot to say about about how you were raised. For most people, that’s true. For example, Jean is a rich snob who was spoiled by his parents. Also, Armin would read dictionaries with his grandpa for fun, and now he’s a genius. They also say you always turn into your parents, whether you want to or not. Let’s just say I really hope that’s not true.


Don’t Drown in The Sea (Stay With Me)
Summary: Eren and Levi are two very different mermaids.
Eren, a part of a tropical, shallow-water pod, is naturally curious and can’t understand how deeper dwelling mermaids could stand to spend their lives down where the ocean is cold and dark, fearing the surface. To him, coexisting with the humans comes naturally and is merely another danger of living.
Levi, one such deeper dwelling mermaid, has spent his entire life in deep waters, defending himself against the bigger, more dangerous creatures of the sea in order to stay far away from the surface and the filthy humans that inhabit it. He has no desire to ‘explore’ and views anything human-related with scorn, unlike his pod-mate Hanji.
A series of events due to said pod-mate brings them together and changes their lives forever.


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do you have a list of elsword ask blogs, or know which ones are already made? i wanna make one, but im afraid to because i dont wanna make one of a class that already exists.

Hello cute anon!!!!!!!!!!!! While I do have a tag called “Other Askblogs”, there’s quite a lot of us now so I will do my best to help you with a list!!!!!! I expect to see you soon B) Btw, these are all art ask blogs!

1 Character
Also, I will be including both the base character and first jobs in one row.  Class will be specified. Those indicated with a (ALL) refers to one askblog with it’s first jobs and/or second jobs. A (Dual x) means that the askblog consists of more than one character (Only if they share the same Base character). x=other character. I did not fill singular second jobs with an askblog that includes it’s other jobs to open a few spots up and help you, bc having even just one character is tough, really TT.TT And one last note; just for you anon, while it’s good to have all characters filled, choose the one you want to do the best!! Like a certain someone told me, *squints at nemesis* do it for your enjoyment!!
The more the merrier B)

Elsword - ask-the-elboy
Lord Knight - ask-infi-and-knight (Dual IS) asklordknight
Rune Slayer - ask-rune-slayer 
Infinity Sword - ask-infi-and-knight (Dual LK)

Aisha - askthe-magician (ALL) ask-magicalgirl-aisha (ALL)
Elemental Master - ask-tsunelemental-master ask-elemental-master
Void Princess - ask-void-princess
Dimension Witch - (None, but i might make one tho lmao if u want her u gotta beat me to it wink wonk ;) )

Rena - askrenatheelf (ALL) askrenatheranger (ALL) ask-the-greenhaired-archer
Wind Sneaker - ask-the-wind-sneaker
Grand Archer - ask-grand-archer
Night Watcher - asknightwatcher ask-nightwatcher

Raven - askravens (ALL;2nd jobs) ask-triple-ravens (ALL;2nd jobs)
Blade Master - 
Reckless Fist - ask-reckless-fist
Veteran Commander - 

Eve - asknasodqueeneve
Code: Empress - askthecode-empress
Code: Nemesis - ask-code-nemesis
Code: Battle Seraph - ask-code-emotionless

Chung - ask-furyguardian (FG) ask-the-chungs (ALL)
Iron Paladin - asktheironpaladin
Deadly Chaser - 
Tactical Trooper - ask-tacticaltrooper

Ara - ask-arahaan
Sakra Devanam - ask-sakra-devanam
Yama Raja - ask-yama-raja
Asura - askthedarkfox

Elesis - ask-the-redhaired-knight (All)
Grand Master -
Blazing Heart - ask-blazingheart
Crimson Avenger - ask-monotoneelesis ask-crimson-avenger

Add - arcandpsych (Dual AT/PT) ask-arc-tracer asktimeandesper (Dual DiE) cooltracer (my fav bye) the-insane-tracer (ALL+Virus) 
Lunatic Psyker - asklunaticpsyker asktheaddbrothers (Dual MM) @ask-lunaticpsyker ask-the-fabulous-psyker psy-choticism
Mastermind - ask-that-master-mind  asktheaddbrothers (Dual LP) ask-the-mastermind
Diabolic Esper - ask-diabolicesper dieabolic-esper asktimeandesper (Dual TiT)

Lu - ask-luciela-sourcream-aka-lu (ALL)
Chiliarch - ask-chiliarch-n-noblesse (Dual Noblesse)
Noblesse - ask-chiliarch-n-noblesse (Dual Chiliarch)

Ciel - ask-elsword-ciel (ALL)
Royal Guard - 
Dread Lord - 

Two Character Blogs
ask-elehaan (Elesis x Ara)
ask-addeve-un (Add x Eve)
ask-addxara (Add x Ara)
sparkly-lu-and-ciel (Lu and Ciel)
ask-elsiblings (Elsword and Elesis)
lu-ciel-chain (Lu and Ciel)
ask-elboyaisha (Elsword x Aisha)

Special - ask-past-add ask-apocalypse ask-karis

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