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Quick question where can i read peggy carter comics? Are they like a thing? Are they online? I dont know anything about comics and i just really like peggy and wonder if you could point the way

There’s very few comics only about Peggy. She is in a lot of the Captain America comics, so you’d want to look at them. There’s the newest one though, “Operation S.I.N" (really good 10/10 would recommend), that’s about Peggy and Howard blowing shit up.

She makes a (wonderful) appearance in the new Ant-Man comic drawn only for the movie.

(ignore the french)

Here is a list of some of Peggy’s appearances in Comics

I always buy them “on paper” so I don’t really know online, but you can always pay a visit to Marvel’s merch website in the comics section. :)

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zayn explained his #realmusic tweet and im sure you know that but you dont care about his explanation because you re mad at him. you re mad at him because of that dig at louis on twitter when you dont even know what happened privately between them before and after that tweet . why didn't you blame louis for his bs tweets? ofc,how stupid i am? it wasnt him! but you were behind zayn to know he was the one to tweet,thats right. for real,how fair is that????

Louis on twitter: *was aggressively pro-Elounor, acted defensively homophobic*

Louis in real life: *couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm about or chemistry with Eleanor, has repeatedly worn rainbow patterns on his clothing, smiles like the sun when crowds chant Larry, oh and the big one - is in a relationship with a man*

Zayn on twitter: *was astoundingly rude to Louis, threw shade at One Direction’s body of work*

Zayn in real life: *Bailed out of One Direction mid-tour without comment. Hung around with a guy who was repeatedly excruciatingly rude to both Louis personally, his fans generally and about One Direction’s body of work. Called this guy his best friend. Never called this guy out for behaving like an ass* 

Zayn on twitter: *Eventually dumped his obnoxious friend for other reasons then publicly fat-shamed him.* 

Sorry, but even completely leaving aside the fact that Zayn is now represented by an entirely separate management company and therefore wouldn’t be working with 1DHQ on some kind of ~twitter stunt~, he has nothing to gain by being seen to behave like this. I have no clue why you think his new representatives would instruct their new charge to act like a childish twat to their former bandmate - rivalries are only pro-publicity tabloid fodder when your client is the hero. Calling your so-called ‘brother’ ‘bitchy’ out of nowhere, does not a tabloid hero make. 

If Zayn was having his online presence manipulated, he could choose to fight that in other ways; most notably by publicly becoming OT4 and especially Louis’ biggest fans. He was at a number of red carpet events - all he had to do was go and talk to one of the camera crews and gush about the other boys and it would completely undo any narrative they were trying to spin for him. But he hasn’t. Zayn’s been bascially MIA and what we have seen from him hasn’t exactly been apologetic.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking any joy from Zayn’s bad attitude; I want him to make up with Louis, I want him to succeed in his solo work, I want him to be happy. I want to be able to think about him in the band in past years, or see him on my dash for his new work, or fuck, even read about him in fics without feeling any kind of burning resentment for the way he’s been acting, but right now, with the way he’s been acting, I can’t. 

When there is a noticeable gap between Zayn’s twitter statements and real life actions, then we’ll talk about controlled online images. 

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i've seen one direction fans tell zayn "what fans? you're just a normal 22 year old boy we dont know you" when he said he loves all his fans after the spat with louis. and now i'm seeing zayn's own. separate. fandom name trending number 1 world wide, i couldnt be happier.

trust me i can bet that these same people didn’t care about zayn even when he was in the band, so zayn didn’t lose anything. the fakes just exposed themselves. but now zayn’s got his own zquad so who cares tbh <3


I just spent three weeks in Spain. In my time there, I met a lot of people. But the absolute best experience I had there, was with a group of children.

Fascinated by this strange American girl that barely spoke the language, they asked a lot of questions. They ranged from “what do you eat?” to “what is your school called?”. But, of course, it eventually came to the question everyone tends to ask when they meet someone new.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

I scoffed, and replied “no”. Not because I’m not attracted to boys (I am. I’m attracted to the entire gender spectra). They paused (all ten of them) nodded decisively, looked at each other, turned to me, and asked:

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

It was simple. It was clean. They asked with genuine curiosity. They were not rude. They were not anything but genuinely curious. They asked as if it were the normal progression of things. As if, oh, she didn’t have a boyfriend, so maybe she has a girlfriend.

Again, I scoffed and said “no”. Not because I’m not attracted to girls (because, as I said before, I’m attracted to the entire gender spectra. Inside, and outside of it).

But that moment of knowing that they would have accepted anything I told them, knowing that they were aware enough to ask, was amazing.

I hope more people have that kind of experience. Because it made being myself just a little easier. And that’s amazing.

Everyone has that one OTP that they tried really hard to avoid; that they tried really hard to ignore, but something (a gif, a picture, a fanfic) just pushes you and next thing you know…YOU’RE SHIPPING IT LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, ALL AROUND! IT FREAKIN’ CONSUMES YOU AND NOW YOU’RE HUNTING FOR GIFS TO REBLOG OR FANFICS TO READ! LIKE SHIT, I HAVE ENOUGH OTPS TO WORRY ABOUT!

Some of my close friends and old deviantart watchers who followed me on here know who this is! One of my personal favorite oc’s from my webcomic tragedy of kyo ricci, Ben! I haven’t been able to draw him in so long!!! I’m super glad I used him for my painting practice :)

(here is a close up because I spent so long on the face)

if you’d like to know more about him, dont be afraid to ask!

Once you get too far into addiction… you think you’re acting normal, but trust me, everyone else around you knows something’s up. 

You kind of know you’re acting ridiculous, but you dont care. You rationalize it as normal behavior, because that’s just your state of mind at the moment.

That was one of the reasons why I never wanted to get clean. I did so many cringe-worthy things as an addict. I never wanted to have to think about them again. 

I hated the fact that it’s normal and healthy to feel completely and utterly hopeless sometimes. You’re not going to feel happy with life every day. It’s true, though. The next morning, after you wake up from a good cry while listening to your favorite sad songs, you feel stronger. 

Using drugs all the time just slowly makes you feel weaker. 

That’s what I had to finally realize.

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hey i really want to get into dc comics, stuff like harley quinn and teen titans and know about all the robins. but i dont really know where to start and im afraid that im too late now and I wont know about certain storylines. would you mind giving me some pointers and ideas on what to read?

Anon, I swear to you, it is never too late to start reading comics. Comics are more accessible than ever before. You can buy them online, read them in the graphic novel section at your local library, and if you ever get confused you’re one simply google search away from clarification. It’s a little hard at first (getting into a new hobby always is) but once you learn how to ride the bicycle you’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll be able to go and how much information you’ll absorb. 

Here is what I would recommend starting out with:

1. Robin/Batgirl Year One. Great introduction to the first Robin, Dick Grayson, and a FANTASTIC introduction to Barbara Gordon (this story for her is my favorite origin story of all time). I could not recommend this book enough for new readers. If you like this book Dick Grayson has a wonderful solo series called Grayson that follows the character after he fakes his death and becomes a spy, and the latest Batgirl trade just came out and is good for new readers to hop onboard!

2. Batman Zero Year (Batman Vol 4 and Vol 5). In 2011 DC Comics rebooted their entire universe and had all books start at #1, which was called the “New 52.” This is the New 52 origin of Batman and it is maybe my favorite Batman story of all time. Super amazing insight as to Bruce’s character and what drives him to become the bat, amazing art and colors, it’s basically “DC comics goes pop punk” and I love every page of it. If you really dig this story there is a companion book full of single issue zero year “tie ins” from the perspectives of other characters in the bat books, but I’ve only read a few of the stories.

3. Harley Quinn Vol 1. So, I’m not going to lie, the creative team’s sense of humor is not my thing, but this book is immensely popular and so many people swear by it that I feel good in recommending it for you. This is the most recent solo series for Harley and is one of the best selling comics at DC! Plus there’s lots of Poison Ivy in it as well!

4. Catwoman Vol 6. I’m putting my foot down and saying this is the best Catwoman book DC has ever released. I was not buying the title before Genevieve Valentine started writing the series and knocked me off my feet. This book follows Selina Kyle/Catwoman after deciding to completely change her life and become a crime boss. This is an incredible noir gritty fashionable fabulous and dangerous take on Gotham. Plus, bisexual Selina Kyle. 

If you feel like you need more help/need other book recs please let me know. Whenever I provide book recs for new readers I know the WORST thing I could POSSIBLY DO is list a hundred “must read” titles because that is super overwhelming. 

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Do you have anything against people that do eat meat,as long as they dont you know, rub it in your face and dont insult being vegan in general?

tbh its just that i don’t want people who hate veganism and are gonna come after me for posting about vegan stuff following me

i guess this is kind of a damned if i do damned if i dont sorta question anyway b/c of course there are people i like and care about who arent vegan but im allowed to be mad about this one thing without thinking theyre bad people or whatever

I remember one time i walking in Baldwin or whatever and in one of the townhouse near the publix i hear so good old noodlin going on and not the white people fish thing just some good ol smudle in the puddle stuff going on

so you know im walking extra slow because the inner male in me needs to know if his stroke game is subpar or not. if i were to make a mathematical guess, he was hitting 70 SPM (strokes per minute) mannn tell me how i tried holding in this fucking laughter cause my man was hitting it quick yo, like he was late to work (despite it being 12am or some shit)

so i honestly just stand still sippin on my lemonade cause it was a rather warm mid july and thats just what you do. Eventually my man getting tired and tbh i got tired of standing so my ass sat down on the curb in the parking lot and really just enjoyed my time. I truly felt i was with them you know. Like a coach or someshit cause i was getting mad when i hear the clapping slow down and everytime i thought “hey man hang in there dont cum  bro i believe in you”  it was like he knew and he powered through. i was so fucking proud

anyway the lady in question finally says the magic words “im finna cum” honesty im not even gunna build this up like he came as soon as she said that and it sounded like  she was upset. Idk this is like a few bushes away outside a window. If i were to guess im sure she was. Like so i get up to make my peace and salute to a real g cause he really got that nut and even though the time was short i felt the connection. 

A short update in case you haven't been on my blog in a while (which you probably haven't cause it's lame af)

If you didn’t already know this I haven’t been on tumblr since may 5th because I really wanted the whole concert to be a surprise
My concert was last night in Vancouver and IT WAS SO AMAZING AFSBDJDKENEK I CRIED SO MUCH AND IM STILL IN SHOCK LIKE WAS THAT A DREAM IDK and I couldn’t go,on tumblr last night cause I DONT HAVE A FREAKING PHONE ANYMORE CAUSE IT BROKE rt if u cried/> And because my dad is a wonderful human being I get to go to TWO SHOWS which I am so grateful for because I know some people didn’t get to go at all and I’m so sorry I feel for you
So ya I’m going to the one in Edmonton on August 4th where I will die once again
And now I’m back on tumblr! Which I’m so fricking happy about because I miss this so much and I missed out on lots of stuff and it was way harder to stay away than I thought it would be and I MISSED YOU PEOPLE HOW YA BEEN???
Also I bought a XXL sweater from old navy for 97 cents and it was great until I started wearing it out
Also it smells like a mcdonalds hamburger in here I’m gonna puke
K bye love ya

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Imagine E/R/C doing a charity show to raise money for something. They don't tell anyone what they have in store though. When the day actually comes they have a setlist of songs and people assume they're going to sing (which is probably horrid because at least one of them is tone deaf (*cough* Enjolras *cough*)) but then the music starts playing and they go on stage and basically dance as good as (if not better than) Yanis, Arnaud and Mehdi. Courf probably joins in 😎 ((sorry for the messy hc 😐)






He is literally my headcanon dance R you do not understand this was even discussed with mynameissteverogers
And scorpdaddy

Okay so

R: Yanis



Everyone doesn’t know what to expect until they strip after the music starts AND EVERYONE GASPS BECAUSE THEYRE WEARING HEELS





The posts from this year that still make me laugh....










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So i saw something online that said Kerry Butler said Audrey wasn't a fun role to play because of, like, the mental reprecussions or something of playing a character that was so, i dont exactly know how to put it, but like so tortured? i guess? so i was just wondering if you ever felt that way about audrey or any other character that you ever have played. sorry if this is a strange question, i wasnt sure how to word it.

I don’t feel that way about Audrey, but part of it is because of how I interpret Audrey.  I see her as a very strong flower who has been run over by a lot of trucks.  But just having one person come over to tend to her has made her thrive again!  So I see her as less of a tortured soul and more of a wilted flower, which definitely helps in terms of emotional repercussion.  I’d say the most draining emotionally was being in a Greek tragedy.  That is some serious stuff, and to really tap into your city falling, your family dying, your friends being raped, your entire existence destroyed, and a future of slavery…  That’s tough to pull out every night.  Thankfully,  I was training in Alba Emoting at the time, which woks on creating emotion through breath patterns, but more importantly, that technique has a “step out” action.  It’s a breath and action pattern that helps you neutralize the emotions you’re feeling, which really helped me stay sane during that period.  

But this is why separating actor and character is so vital.  It really can hurt you and impact you long term if you don’t make that distinction.   Method acting is not to be toyed with.