A few months ago, I was asked about creating a TWD Appreciation Week to go along with all the others. I decided I’d go ahead and do it, but wait until appreciation weeks died down and we were on hiatus.

We’re on hiatus, appreciation weeks have died down, and most of us in the fandom are out of school for the summer, so I thought this was a good time to do it.

TWD Apprecation Week is going to be from June 21 - June 27, the last full week of June. The themes are:

Day One (June 21) - Favorite Male Character(s)
Day Two (June 22) - Favorite Female Character(s)
Day Three (June 23) - Favorite Friendship(s)
Day Four (June 24) - Character(s) You Wish Were Still Alive
Day Five (June 25) - Favorite Villain(s)
Day Six (June 26) - Favorite Season(s)
Day Seven (June 27) - Anythang goes. (if you want, you can view the themes we didn’t use here and use one of those or do whatever you can come up with!!)

Please tag all your posts #twdweek and remember to only post your own original content!

Any questions can be directed to atlantafive.

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i got a new 3ds because my old one broke so i need to re-enter in friend codes. if you have me in your 3ds already you should probs just delete that one just because im pretty sure that my new code isnt the same as the old one.

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okay, can we please… This ‘fan’ had (I’m assuming) gone to see Kai at the airport in LA and was turned down. Uploading countless posts regarding him being ‘disrespectful and rude’. She even went on to make fun of his skin tone and bashed his family. If you have the time, wouLD yOu PLEASE KINDLY TELL THIS GIRL THAT SHES IN THE WRONG AND REPORT HER BLOCK HER IDC JUST DO SOMETHING IM SO FIRED UP RN SORRY I WAS GOING TO BE CALM BUT SERIOUSLY WTF THIS IS SO RUDE. YOU SAID HES ON DRUGS; OK WELL UM IM PRETTY SURE HES NOT BUT EVEN IF HE WAS, ITS NONE OF UR GOD DAMN BUISNESS SO CAN U KINDLY SHIT THE FUCK UP THANK YOU


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Here’s the winner of the poll from last week as promised! 

Half phoenix!Akashi. Half phoenixes typically don’t exist but he was born with a human affinity since his mother gave birth to him whilst in human form. I imagine phoenixes are effectively immortal until they decide to father/mother a child (or children) who then inherits their immortality. 

on a less serious note, imagine Akashi conveniently bursting into flames whenever someone tries to talk to him about their problems–

The Signs as BTS stans


taurus: has stanned Suga from the very start

gemini: cries about Yoongi in their sleep

cancer: says they stan all 7 but actually stans Suga


virgo: worships the SwagLord Min Suga

libra: i-it’s not like they wanted to bias Yoongi or anything… baka

scorpio: lives and breathes Suga on a daily basis

sagittarius: will stan mIN YOONGI TO THEIR DEATH BED

capricorn: #StopYoongi2k15

aquarius: has a blog dedicated to Min Yoongi

pisces: tries to unbias Suga all the time, can’t


          you told me that you loved me and everything got confused.
and then i kissed you and you kissed me and then i got even more confused.
            and then i heard alan’s speech. i’m not confused anymore.
                                               josh, it’s you.

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Sorry that i had to re-use an edit of mine, i tried learning + gif’ing something and it didn't turn out so well :( and exams are coming up soon i didn’t want to spend too much time on it. I promise the next ff will be better haha.

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