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chiromythn  asked:

ohhh my gosh you have spiders!!! i havent been following you for long but do you ever post pictures :0?

i do!! just a couple of days ago i posted a few pics of pumpkin

anddd not too long ago i also posted a few pics of one of the twins, button, since he only comes out of hiding like every 20000000 yrs tbh

in total i have 4 spiders (the other two being the other twin, oreo, and totter tate) but i tend to just talk about them moreso take pics of them tbh

“materialist” type athiest skeptics like oh i only believe in things theres evidence of i believe in things i can touch…….u lukeworm COWARDS cant even commit to skepticism….i dont believe in SHIT get on my level

1. thats not the context its used

2. she is literally a massive piece of shit who probably doesnt believe in ableism and i 100% dont care about her feelings

3. i can tag it if youd like



congrats on anime debut!!! 


(also on pixiv)