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I've been friends with this guy literally since we were babies, but this past year i've started to develop feelings for him. Him, me, and another one of my friends (a girl) are like the three musketeers friendship wise. As we're 2 girls and a guy, people always ship her with him, as well as me with him. Him being shipped with my other friend makes me really jealous, but i dont want to say anything and possibly ruin our long friendship. Do you have any advice on how to cope with the situation?

That’s always tough. Although it doesn’t seem like it, you’ll move on from him eventually. When you get really close to someone I think feelings might always develop, your girl friend might even have them as well! Broaden your friendships and meet new people, who I’m sure you will find yourself as equally as attractive (physically and intellectually). 

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i dont necessarily like, romantically ship any of the boys in SJ, but wonkyu is a ship that i really love

kyu is one of my ultimate biases, and seeing how much siwon loves kyuhyun really warms my heart. siwon has always said that his best moment in sj was when kyu was discharged from the hospital, its so sweet

their relationship is really cute, how siwon loves him so much and kyu is all “NOOO LOVE OVERLOAD”

but you know kyu loves him too :3

thank you for asking! :D

Send me a ship and I will explain why I do or don’t ship it

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if you dont want to start a fucking fight then keep your anti bamon post on the right tag and and dont blame us for being put off by your post when you are an attention seeker who uses tags that has nothing to do with u irrielevant bonwhy ship. I didnt know you were so obsessed with a serial killer and a victim relationship. We dont want to be rude, but sometimes you ppl ask for it. There is a reason why all SC/DE/BD tags are used for people who stan them and d 'anti' tag used for those against.

Excuse you, did i say anything bad about your ugly ass ship?? I tagged bamon because yall always fill the bonkai tag with hate, and i wanted it to end. all i said was to put some symbols in “bonkai” so you can prevent it from making it end up in the tag. I wasn’t being rude or anything, all i did was tell you to stop doing something that kept bothering us, I didn’t even trash talk your ship. If i didnt tag bamon, you would still keep on doing it, so i tagged you, to let you know you should stop. How does that make me an attention seeker? I’m trying to stop people from fighting. If i wanted attention i sure as hell wouldn’t want it from bamon stans.

I didnt know you were so obsessed with a serial killer and a victim relationship

lmao boo it took damon 5 seasons for him to actually like bonnie, hell he even tried to kill her, so your point is??

“we dont want to be rude, but sometimes you ppl ask for it”

lmao, did i say anything about your ship? pls reread my post boo!

and btw, if you wanna drag me, dont do it anonymously! that’s just a self drag!

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When you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes <3

you-bestedme-swan THIS GIRL IS HILARIOUS. Her tags are truly the best. She somehow completely understands me when I’m talking gibberish about Snowbarry (I dont even know what I’m saying). Also my shipping soulmate. Never thought I’d meet someone who has the same notp as I do, who happens to be the most popular couple with the people I follow lol *high five*

barrysnowallen tbh the Queen of the Snowbarry fandom. I don’t know what we would do with out you, Pal. Always sticking up for the good folks and I know we are all grateful you are here with us. I’m so happy that I became friends with you and Beata. You’re a great person

dennispitta My favorite sports buddy. She may have a thing for Mad Bum…She may hate Gerald…She may hate my Anaheim Ducks…and she may even love all of the tv couples that I hate, but i love her to bits :) her and I are always on agreement about the boys in blue. I’m so glad I became friends with her, she is one of the best on here. (one day we WILL go to a Dodger game)

elizahiggs Andrea is so sweet. I’ve been following her since the Dair days, I’m with her forever. Always been one of my favorites.  She somehow remembered my birthday, I dont even know how she did! (I’m always going to remember that, 6 months later, I’m still touched lol)

snowleyton I don’t even know where to start with you. Probably the first real friend on here that i made. My experience on tumblr has been 1000x better since we started talking. You’re the sister I never had and I love that I always find new music because of you. The sweetest and most genuine person on this whole website, I’m forever grateful to be your friend!

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since you like sansa, what is your opinion on her relationship with the hound ? :D i ship them so hard OMG

i actually fkn love it so much??? i dont ship them romantically in canon ofc, sansa’s like 13 and the hound is around 22, i think, but i really do enjoy their interactions and their scenes together make me all giddy. 

i love how he turned out to be the knight she always dreamed of having, even though he ‘’spits on them and their vows’’. he has many faults, and i personally think the show whitewashed him a LOT but in the end, he was the one who cut his way through the mob when they tried to rape her, he intervened when the knights of the kingsguard were beating her, he covered her in his white cloak when ser meryn ripped her dress, he offered to take her with him, to protect her and bring her back to her family. yes, he drank, swore and was many times intimidating, he made fun of sansa for her innocence and ignorance, but he’s still in sansa’s memory, and she remembers him as someone who protected her, someone with whom she felt at ease. 

i believe in the gravedigger theory and i think the hound is still alive. i hope he finds his way back to sansa and serves as her sworn shield or something

out of curiosity I ask: do any fictionkin get like…incredibly uncomfortable/annoyed when there’s a popular headcanon/ship revolving around your kintype that you don’t share? for example, i’m kin with jake english, and a popular headcanon is that he’s aromantic. i’ve always been one to allow other people their headcanons regardless of what they are, but i still dont like that particular headcanon because i just feel like it’s??? wrong??? i dont call people out on it or anything but it still irks me.

anybody else get like this?


said: they’re completely disconneted from reality. they think we care about “n@rmily” as much as they do. if they weren’t such morons they would know the cast always goes see her when the show is on ATL.

That’s the thing though. I don’t care! My comment to Di was that it seemed like all that anyone was interested in was that NR was there. There wasn’t anything about EK or her performance at that time. I said nothing that had to do with shipping. That anon just had to tell me how my ship wasn’t going to happen because of last night. Which is so stupid that it’s hard to laugh at.

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Cory and Shawn have always been a BrOTP of mine, and I see they're one of yours too, but I also noticed you ship them. Do you remember when you started shipping them? Do you still do?

oh i definitely still ship them. in some AU world where topanga isnt interested in cory and vice versa, cory and shawn ended up together lol

ive kinda always shipped them? long before me being on the internet and being involved in fandom, i always felt that cory and shawn were the true center of boy meets world, they were the real soulmates. i always refer to them as heterosexual life partners. idk, to me, their relationship is too deep to just be a brotp. theyre on a whole other level

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1. First impression: i feel like noah introduced us to each other sort of??? in spatial that one time??? anyway u were fun + easy to hang w and it took me like a week to work up the courage to ask about ur pronouns bc i didnt want to ~assume anything~ haha

2. Truth is: u are a cat. like u know how cats are either really affectionate or aloof or pissy and u can tell which mood theyre in from a distance but u dont mind bc theyre always cute. also we have similar taste in characters and ships which surprised me at first for some reason

3. How old do you look: hmmm a lil younger than ur age

4. Have you ever made me laugh: omg yes. remember when u chuckling would make me laugh and then your laugh would get sillier and i would laugh harder and so on and so forth for like 15 minutes

5. Have you ever made me mad: sometimes? but in like, a good way… i like arguing w u lmao

6. Best feature: u give good hugs and u dont back down when i, u know, start to talk um, asseritvely, or whatever u wanna call it, which is something i admire a lot in ppl. physically u have great eyes and a totally awesome scar

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: yeah, like a lowkey one where i wanna hug u a lot bc ur super cute

8. You’re my: ok im so glad we were roommates this year, bc u were the person who had the unfortunate job of being in my proximity late at night and therefore the victim of my verbal nightblogging and u took it like a CHAMP. and NOW what am i gonna do for the next six months when i need to talk about drarry at 1am???? HUH?????

9. Name in my phone: Axis Powers but im thinkin about changing it… more on this later

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hey i'm ellie, my favorite color is blue, idk abt my fave ship, i like all ice cream pretty much, and i do not have a cat. also i feel like this is one of those "tell the class about yourself!" things omg

theyRE ALWAYS SO AWKWARD!!!! i also enjoy all ice cream and one time in france i had ice cream thaT WAS RIBENA FLAVOURED?!?! i dont have no kitties either but i have a dog that hates me and when i try to tell it about my day it leaves (*story of my life*) and when i had to do one of those tell me about yourself things the only thing i could get out was ‘urm well i.. i mean i fall over quite alot’ 

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Sexuality Headcanon: Hetero maybe
Gender Headcanon: I always played as a girl
A ship I have with said character: Garth, hmmmmm?
A BROTP I have with said character: Bros with Hammer, bffs for lyfe yo
A NOTP I have with said character: Reaver, again. I could really go into a long ramble about why i dont like pairing him with people.
A random headcanon: Their will lines glow when doing the horizontal mambo.
General Opinion over said character:
Badass momma bird.

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and idk do all the demon ones they all seem cool (unless any of em make you uncomfortable)

lilith: what was your biggest rebellion against authority? why did you do it? i dont really remember tbh.
raum: do you have a tendency to hoard anything? if so, what? not really hoard, per se, but i tend to save some things. i weirdly like to save boxes? i always think i’m going to be shipping things a LOT more than i actually do, so i’ll always be like “hey lemme stow away this cardboard box because im SURE ill need to mail something eventually
jezebel: talk about a time you used your sexuality to get your way idk if i’ve ever purposely used it, but i do remember a couple times when guys would give me free shit on TF2 when they found out i was a girl. i was just like “oh shit nice”
mephistopheles: have you ever helped  a loved one destroy themselves? gee i sure hope not
verrier: do you find yourself disobeying or obeying most authority? idk i feel like i lean more towards obeying but it rly depends
asmodeus: on whom do you want revenge and how would you take it? my dad and idk i would set a bag of poop on fire on his doorstep or something ya
baal: if you were a god, how would you prefer to be worshipped? give all the dogs and cats of the world lots and lots of kisses for me
lamia: how do you feel about children? they’re cute but i dont really think i want any
lucifer: what are you most proud of? my art i guess? also the fact that im teaching myself how to play guitar
sonneillon: do you hate anyone? ya my fuckin dad lmao
batibat: talk about the worst nightmare you have ever had i cant rly remember but recently i had a weird dream where i ended up falling and then getting struck by lightening and everyone took their sweet ass fuckin time getting me to the hospital
abaddon: what person, place, or thing have you most wanted to destroy? shit idk
belias: do you gossip? ya sometims
abraxas: do you believe in any higher power? if so, what? not rly no
ornias: talk about a time where you felt drained of energy all the time no matter what im doing lol
lix tetrax: if you could travel by wind, where would you go? up north probably to chill with relatives and see cool sights
astaroth: have you ever falsely accused someone? yea i think
carreau: do you consider yourself compassionate or harsh to others? why? it depends. im more harsh with my siblings than anyone else, the rest i’m a lot more compassionate
leviathan: what do you believe lies in the unexplored areas of the ocean? deep sea mermaids
belphigor: if you could pick 3 forms to shapeshift into, what would they be? bird, cat, snake
azazel: talk about a time when you were falsely blamed for something fuck i dont even remember
mammon: when were you most greedy? for what? i tend to be when i eat lol
verrith: are you a patient or impatient person? impatient
pythius: out of all the lies you have ever told, which is your favorite? probably all the comments on how attractive male celebrities are to my family. except they’re more like half-lies. like yeah chris evans is super cute but im really gay. :/
berith: do you often argue with others? with my siblings, yes

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Hi :) my name is rina my fav band is one direction and of course 5SOS I'm a really outgoing person I talk a lot and I hate when people aren't saying what they really think. But I'm also a romantic person and shy when it comes to being with a guy like I get nervous when I like someone and giggle at their jokes like an idiot xD so I'm excited who do you ship me with :D

I actually really ship you with Calum.. probably not who you had in mind but i dont know it seems really cute to me..

You and Cal were the definition of annoying to single people around you.. your relationship was everyone’s goals, the 5sos fam calls you the Romeo and Juliet of the generation.. Your ship name would be Ralum.. You and him would sometimes get into fights because he would always bottle up his feelings and not tell you what was bothering him, especially if what was bothering him was you.. You would sometimes ask Joy about whats going on with him because you know foe a fact that he tells Joy everything.. His favourite thing to do more than anything else is to kiss you.. He loved how you would kiss him so gently and softly ..He goes crazy when you bite his lip, thats probably his favourite thing that you do… He was your sweethreart..

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hi! you still going for ships? hope you dont mind ^^ i have straight hair but wavy at the end, big dark brown eyes (lmao asian). im really really shy & quiet little prick and being loud when i have that confident. i really into arts, music, reading, traveling & sports. plus, people labelled me "idgaf person". thanks! ^^

yup I’m always doing ships!

i ship you with siwon! he would find you super cute and would love your personality a lot :D he would love to do a lot of different things with you and go on adventures with you :3

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I feel like either you + V would be cute or you + Jin

omg thank u anonie ;; ♡♡♡♡

jin though wow i always get surprised when someone ships me with jin this is the 2nd time lol
my mom tells me “why dont u marry suga or jin instead they are strong men who do house work and cook”

I´m Sorry Forgive me

I dont know if you ever are online here and look at the old threads but I have been for the past months and it hurts because I miss them so much. I know it was bc of me bc I was a fucked up person at that time and hat no muse and just wanted to die after all this with my grandpa and then school got harder and harder and I just felt like telling you when we still were friends but I dont wanted to bother you so I keeped it to myself.

I miss charea I truly do they were our first ship and I loved them alot even if you always thought I dident I really did trevino is someone I only play against you, everytime I try to play against someone else with trevino I just cant bc its you he belongs too. And Daly yes they were my little babys but I fucked them up and I am sorry for that I wish I could change things.

I wish I could go back tot he day were daly fucked up bc the everything slowly broke and it hurts. It hurts to not be your friend anymore, you were my main chick you were the sam to my cat, the phoebe to my shelley. I just miss you and our late night wierd talks, and our funny skype talks.

It was just stupid of me also being jealous of charea sometimes because they had more then daly idk what was wrong with me but I changed my whole rp shit changed. Even thought I know we wont get Daly or Charea back I still want to tell you I am sorry and I hope you read this one day and maybe we can start fresh.?

Maybe there is a change for us to be friends again, to be online until late and rp, to have back charea and daly and maybe just start all over, I miss you so much Marina, sometimes when I read the threads I cry because I miss it, and I miss everything with us, we had such a great friendship and I fucked it all up..

You can hate me as much as you want…the only thing I want to try is to maybe get another chance and make it all better with our friendship and with daly and charea. It hurts to not play them anymore, they will always be a part of my life just like you always will be somehow.

Lets hope you read this and if you do and want to try again you know were to find me on tumblr or whatsapp if you still might have my number which I dont think you might have idk..

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My friend and I were talking and she made me realized I ship hyunseong with preTTY MUCh everyone who has made him laugh or smile idk I guess anything that makes that boy's smile light up makes me feel happy too whether it's tonkatsu or jeongmin or Jason derulo oR even the lil lion toys the fans give him I just love it

I UNDERSTAND THIS SO MUCH I REally do on the deepest levels of my heart cos you know you always get asked by people and things like “oh whats your ship” 

AND EVERYTIME ITS JUST HYUNSEONG X THE things that make Hyunseong smile i mean there really is no more beautiful thing than hyunseong when he juST LOVES SOMETHING SO MUCH AND SMILES SO PURELY AND HAPPILY JUST Smiling huge without a worry like who am i to say whats best for him or what he should do …NO……………..IT DOnt work like that…. thats why hyunseong and what makes him happy is the best most beautiful ship of all…..