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lemma for the ship thing? you and Gemma?

I dont know why I’m doing this tbh but here you go:

Wakes up first.

Depends, usually it’s Gemma

Sings in the shower.

I don’t know? If either of us do it’ll be Gemma cause I never do

Makes breakfast every morning.

Well we each make out own breakfast? It would be a bit difficult for me to go to Scotland and back every day for breakfast and vice versa!

Is the first to think about adopting/having a child.

Neither of us want kids, next

Gets sick the easiest. 

Gemma does, like I never get ill but she does (she’s ill rn and if I were there I’d be looking after her)

Loves to cuddle.

We’re both absolute sluts for a good hug tbh

Falls asleep on the couch while they’re watching a movie. 

Again if either of us do it it’ll probably be Gemma, I don’t tend to fall asleep while watching films

Is super clingy.

We both are tbh

hey, so i made my tumblr in 2015 and u know what that means? I missed Homestuck™ I missed the Oncler Self-Shipping™. I missed Dashcon™. I missed Superwholock™. I missed Tumblr Prom™. I missed so much but i still get to hear about them like they are some great fallen warriors. so like if anybody has just ANY part of these cultures they could share with me i would love that. really anything from pre-2015 Tumblr™

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im korean too and i agree antiblackness in korea is so fucking rampant and ruthless. there is no excuse for it. we all have to do better and help others learn. its hard to talk about because its uncomfortable to discuss poc hurting other poc but it happens often. there is anti-asian sentiment in other poc communities too. i could go on but the point remains that antiblackness is fucking awful and we just have to try and do better.

this is very correct…… the main point of my post…..

Requests are open!

Feel free to send me an ask if you’d like to request something. :)

Also just some quick notes about requests:

- They may take a while to be made depending on your request, (I really try to do them in order of request but sometimes I prioritise and make them in order from less time spent to most).

- Requests become a whole lot easier for me when you’re specific with what you’d like, you don’t have to be, but the request might take longer the less detailed it is. 

- Please check out my faq page for more info on what I create.

Thank you! 

i swear i need so much support like just get an enormous group of people to scream uplifting things at me and they can switch off every second bc that’s how much i need

there are people still fighting about troll genitals in the dave/kat tag. tbh i dont actually see why knowing what they have in their pants is important but come on. they’re headcanons. and now im just starting to see that both sides goin off about how nothing is canon to invalidate another person’s headcanon is just shitting on someone else’s good time.

i mean, if you want canon, karkat has referenced both a nook and a bulge as parts of his own anatomy in comic as well as shame globes. so, technically, if we go by literal canon text, he and quite possibly all the other trolls are hermaphroditic.

but everybody has their own headcanons and what they think is right so just stick with what you like but don’t force it onto other people. why tf is this even such a hot topic? who gets mad about this kind of thing?

what if i headcanoned that all the trolls had glowing butts like fireflies that lit up with their blood colors and that’s how they attracted mates?? would that piss anybody off? probably, maybe, i kind of hope so.

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mmd komaeda

IM NOT DOING THT but ill do komaeda sure ;3

Why I like them: i actually,,,,,,dont really know but hes one of my favorites?? and i dont even know why exactly thats
Why I don’t: the way he shares his ideals is done in a shitty way,, i agree with them but he explains it in such a bad way
Favorite scene: the scenes when hes on the floor
Favorite season/movie: sdr2,,,,,,,obviously,,,,,
Favorite line: “Personally, I think it shows great courage to try understand something you don’t understand.”
Favorite outfit: the one in dr:ae is,,,,,ok,,,,,,but someone please teach him to dress
OTP: again i dont really have anything but i guess ill go with komahina
Brotp: i dont knwo????????????????///
Head Canon: all my life ive been good but now iiiiim thinking what the hell
Unpopular opinion: idk man
A wish: to interact with hinata in dr3 (its probably gonna happen i bet some fish on it)
An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: its just like everyone else they already fucked up
5 words to best describe them: gay furry and proud nya
My nickname for them: kockaeda

also have a mmd komaeda since thts what you asked for

i find it even more difficult to talk about my depression now because inevitably i’ll get the question

“How much of your depression do you think stems from your gender identity/issues?”

and it might not always be phrased exactly like that but no matter what it comes down to that and its like, damn i was just trying to open up real quick and you wanna fucking dive in that deep huh? I know you dont actually so why are you trying to open a fuckin can of worms like that, feels bad, feels disrespectful. 

This mostly goes for like, new people or people i dont talk to that much, old friends dont count, the people ive known the longest ive kept around for a reason typically and i get more respect from them. Im just fuckin like, astounded. The immediate assumption of “oh youre a tra**y thats y ur sad” is just fuckin insulting to be honest, like more of my happiness comes from affirming and asserting my choice to be a woman than anything else nowadays (especially cause a lot of that is really small and hard fought”)