I changed myself to fit into your life. I reconstructed my personality to match what you wanted, then you left. Now I am not myself anymore. You just can’t change me and leave, it’s not fair.  And the saddest part about it is that I didn’t even change for the better, I became someone who I don’t even like anymore, because I became a mirror image of you.
When the signs don't like you.
  • Aries: Ignores you until you set them off, then your life will be a living hell.
  • Taurus: Will tell lies about you to their friends/anyone who asks about you.
  • Gemini: Will start rumors of any kind about you, they'll say anything as long as they make things harder for you.
  • Cancer: Will admit they don't like you but still wants your attention ( Seeks approval/attention from everyone whether they want to admit it or not.)
  • Leo: Will laugh at you no matter what you do or say. They won't talk shit that much but the minute they do, in a few days or weeks, you probably won't be welcome by alot of people.
  • Virgo: Will do one or all of the three things to your face; Roll their eyes, sigh in annoyance, or will call out your bullshit. (Example: "I could eat alphabet soup and shit out a better argument than what just came out of that hole on your face that you smeared with paint."
  • Libra: Will tell you straight up if they don't like you. Whether aggressive or not, they will prove the point of how dislike you.
  • Scorpio: Will not acknowledge your existence at all.
  • Sagittarius: Really won't care what you do until you drag them into it, then you'll be in big trouble.
  • Capricorn: Will make it known by everyone that they don't like you. They will try and embarrass you all the time.
  • Aquarius: They won't waste their time telling you off or anything. When they see you, they immediately walk away.
  • Pisces: Will make your life hell. They have a lot of friends and those connections could get you into trouble and the hatred of your existence will spread like a wild fire.