That moment when your boyfriends family fucks up your newborns nap schedule because “oh honey she’s too young to already have a schedule lol” no no, my baby wakes up every two and a half to three hours, eats for about half an hour, and goes back to sleep, and always sleeps at least four hours straight at night. Now, thanks to being passed around against my wishes and constantly being woken up, my newborn wakes up every hour and doesn’t really eat a whole lot of anything for fifteen minutes, fusses for half an hour, and goes back to very lightly sleeping because she isn’t full but she’s overtired. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH I’m sure I’m going to have a wonderful evening. And if one more of them tells me my ten day old baby needs to learn to cry it out, I will flip shit. She doesn’t need to cry it out, she literally only cries for one reason, and that reason is food. I know my baby thank you very much I do not care if you’re 85 years old and your kids survived, this is my kid.