I wonder if it ever crossed Waverly’s mind that maybe she wasn’t an Earp. She did so much research and never found a reason for why she couldn’t be the heir. Did she go weeks or even months without sleep hoping that she would find some kind of evidence that this intrusive theory wasn’t true? Did she know the truth deep down but didn’t want to let herself believe it? Is that why it hit her so hard when Bobo told her? Because hearing the words out loud made it real?


I didn’t know the game would change what the kid and the Father look like based on YOUR appearance! I mean the changes aren’t that big but Jay’s Shaun clearly has redder hair, and his Father looks maybe a decade younger than Otter’s. xD

5 Things That Make Me Happy

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  1. Cats
  2. Dogs
  3. Superman
  4. Pokemon
  5. Sprinkles… rainbow sprinkled ice cream and cookies and all that

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Undertale - Omega Flowey Speedpaint

i deleted the posts about why i had to change my url all of a sudden but it’s because of personal reasons. i need to change some things on my blog so it’s harder for certain family members to find it, but maybe in the near future i’m able to change back to what i had before.

i’d appreciate if you didn’t openly connect this blog url to my old one, aka. if someone asked where my blog is i’d rather not want you to tell them openly. it’s totally fine if you tell them privately though, because i don’t know how good of a detective my mum is but i know it’s impossible for her to see private messages.

i hope it’s just a temporary change, but for now this will do. i actually kind of find it adorable.


I wad tagged by the gorgeous @acejeon (ily ♡ go follow her she’s amazeballs) to post my face…so here you go I guess ^^

Sorry this is more of a “the power of make up post” haha but these are the 2 most recent acceptable slefies I have

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Name: Carly (or sometimes Logan if I’m having a guy day)

Nicknames: Idk, my best friend calls me “Turt” and my dad calls me “Bear” or “The Child” (said in a fake-menacing tone lol) but I don’t really have any nicknames that I go by

Gender: Genderfluid, with a semi-strong preference towards female

Star Sign: Leo

Height: 5′5″ I think

Sexual Orientation: Women. Idk, I’d say “lesbian”, but when I’m a guy, I’m straight, so usually lesbian? Idk, I like women, lol. Or people like me who are usually women, but not 100% of the time.

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Favourite Colour: Hot pink

Time Right Now: 16:35

Average Hours of Sleep: Lol

Lucky Number: I don’t really have one, but my Good Number is 5 (hence the url, lol)

Last Thing I Googled: “Watch Aladdin online”

Favourite Fictional Charcter: Crona “Adorable Duckling Who Deserved Better” Gorgon from Soul Eater

Blankets I Sleep With: One comforter that I’ve had since I was three as a cover, and my two baby blankets for snuggling (bc even though I will be a literal adult on the seventh of August, I still have trouble sleeping without the baby blankets I have had for my entire life)

Favourite bands/artists: Muse, Simon Curtis, Melanie Martinez, Bad Suns, and Flyleaf

Dream Trip: Hawaii or Kepler-425b

Job: I volunteer two hours a week at this little second-hand boutique called “The Opportunity Shoppe”. It’s where Senior Services of Snohomish County get a lot of their money, so it runs on volunteers, but if you live in the area, you should totally look it up!

When Did I Make This Blog: September of last year, I think?

Follower Count: 403 (wow, there’s that many of you?? Thank you guys so much!!!)

Posts: Crona-related fanmomming, Eremin, social justice stuff, personal posts, and OCD stuff

Most Active Follower: Either @bluechocolatebean or @call-me-zero, in terms of tagging and messaging, but @archangelskye in terms of flooding my notifications, lol

When My Blog Reached Its Peak: Idk, I’m kinda hoping this is still growing. I like all the attention :)

When I Got Tumblr: September of last year. This was my first blog, lol.

Why I Chose My URL: I used to be “turtlegirl5″, but then one day I realized I wasn’t always a girl, so I switched to this bc I like pink, turtles, and space. Had to keep the 5, though. OCD is weird. 

Do I Get Asks on a Daily Basis: Not unless I request them, lol. Some days I’ll get a lot of asks, but then not v many for a few days

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Panels/Scenes that I redrew for the drawings above. (I have the 11th volume in French \(-A-)/ )

Some doodles I did, the sudden urge to draw them is when I saw @kaonamari wonderful karumana art that been up recently *q*. I want to draw some sort of comic related with my otp, but I just couldn’t draw Karma so that was the reason I did the doodles as some sort of practice.

I could care less a out a lot of things. Who people ship together is one of them. But one thing I get incredibly frustrated about is the fact that people literally bombard the tag of their rival ship with their ideas or ship metas. Like great for you feeling passionate about this ship?? But I really don’t want to see it when I’m trying to scroll through my little tag.

heard at the camp i work at today

some boy, talking to a girl (both are about 8): well of course you don’t have a girlfriend! you’re a girl!

the same kid, about two minutes later: you know some tomboys end up being GAY

I don’t ship r*yai

but i do love them together platonically. you’re free to ship it as much as you want, but please don’t shove it down my throat that’s all i ask.

also, in the category of Fic I Want: the angels have to get a second room at the motel after the bloodbath that was ep 1x06, they end up with a single king-size bed because who love fic cliches I LOVE FIC CLICHES, they both sit down for just a second because they dunno why but they feel like they have to and then bam it’s nine hours later and they’re both experiencing sleep for the first time

and also experiencing dreams

and one of them wakes up panicking because they KNOW FOR SURE the other is DEAD they don’t know how they know but they know they’re not coming back and they’re right there and not MOVING so they shake the other one awake and holy shit they’re NOT dead and then they snuggle all relieved and emotionally wrung-out probably because I am WEAK

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The reason why i’m only tagging @thenerdychook is that i haven’t seen many of you post pictures of yourselves and i don’t want anyone to feel like i’m calling them out. BUT. I really, really wanna see your faces guys and If you’re okay with this, please, please do it (i’m not around that often anymore so please tag me so i can see it!!) ! I could tag dozens of names here but i guess there’s a reason you haven’t posted a picture and that’s perfectly fine, i know you’re all beautiful anyway. 

Have a great day guys!

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Hey! So my English teacher (who is also one of my fave teachers) is on the side of Team Iron Man for Civil War. But I’m on Team Cap. SO I decided to write an essay on the different sides, their good qualities, bad and just sorta rank them up against each other, with the ultimate goal of trying to persuade her to join Team Cap. And it would really help me if you could list some of the points/reasons of why you’re on Team Cap/IM just so I can try and gather more material. Thanks!

hey i’m so sorry for this being so late oh my god, i’ve been out of the country and then have come back right into classes again.

don’t rebl///og fam i’m not trying to start shit with anyone

i’m on team cap as you’ve probably guessed

i like the idea of being responsible for your own actions, not pushing the responsibility onto someone else. i’m for acting out of free will and the will to help, rather than because you were ordered to. i’m very against the idea that any controlled team could be stopped from helping people who need it, or being pushed into places they don’t need to be.

i’m for having the right to chose

and any team that condemns a pow for actions he did under brainwashing is something i’m not about to be a part of