i’m officially starting the bandwagon for sharon carter to be the double agent in civil war. hop on kids and join me in my neverending quest for a bigger more important role for sharon “not just a love interest” carter

reblog + post your unpopular opinions about DreamWorks in the tags

Things like “DreamWorks is so underrated/ DreamWorks is way better and progressive than Disney Pixar/ Where’s RotG2?!” don’t count as unpoplular opinions, lol

On the other hand…do whatever you want!

I’m really satisfied with how cry and snake handled their explanations and apologies, personally. Obviously it’s not my opinion that counts in any way, but they did a really good job of it, and were really sincere.

(The rest of this is going to be under a read more bc it got way longer than I expected. I’ll probs put a tl;dr at the bottom for convenience, as well.)

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would enjolras breast feed in public or would that make him uncomfortable for dysphoria reasons? obviously he would fight for other peoples right to do so either way

Oh no he definitely would. He’s like, that level of antagonistic asshole where he’d do it just to make bigots uncomfortable. He’d sit there and make furious eye-contact with old white cishet men whilst wearing a badge that says he’s a boy. 

Grantaire would be horrified because I cannot believe you are basically spoiling for a fight whilst holding a newborn infant.

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prompt: a mutual friend invited us to their laser tag party and we’re the last two alive on opposite teams and goddammit if I’m going down you’re going down with me

prompt lists here and here

It was silent. Too silent.

Yeah alright, there was some godawful electro music thumping through his ears and the little kids on the other side of the field were screaming loudly enough to be heard through said music, but he liked that line. Sue him.

“Bellamy,” his walkie-talkie grated. “Bellamy, it’s O. Stop dicking around and win.”

He fumbled a little bit before pressing the talk button. “I would if I could find the last guy, okay? I don’t even know who it is, I wasn’t keeping track of who got out,” he grumbled.

“Yeah, I would tell you, but you’d get all grumpy about sportsmanship and cheating and the rules, or whatever - “

“O, your comments aren’t helping.” He frowned in realization “Wait a second, you’re out. You’re not even allowed to be contacting me.”

“Yeah yeah, I just wanted to tell you that you’re doing an awful job. Also, to your left. Bye!”

Bellamy whipped around to see a streak of green duck behind a giant foam cube. With a grin, he snuck around to its other side and paused for a beat.

His vest buzzed.

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I was tagged by the very dear and kind dafelixz, thank you darling, I hope you are doing well, and your days are wonderful! *throws Allen and Link at you* Please, go and have fun with them at a festival or theme park please.

1 insecurity.

… To be honest, now that I’m asked about this, I cannot really think of one… But my own self in general and how others perceive me, perhaps…? I’m not too sure though. How could you even define what is an “insecurity”? *sighs* My mind is too complicated, and overcomplicates everything, shut up brain.

2 fears.

When others misunderstand me and my loved ones being indifferent about me, hating me and forgetting about me.

3 turn ons.

… Huuuuuh… Good smut fic, OTP aggressively making out in the rain all drenched, OTP being intimate and sensual. WHO CAME UP WITH THIS THIS IS HELLA EMBARRASSING QWEPFHJBONSACPO LEAVE ME TO DiE This I sO EMbARRAssINg

4 life goals.

… However impossible and foolish it might be, I’m still hoping to find someone whom I can have my own family with, and live my life happily by their side, perhaps even find “love”. But to be honest, I’ve slowly started to accept the possibility of not having a partner of this kind, or having my own children and family, having a life without tthose but still going forward.

I hope I can become a person that can help others, and people can rely on.

I want to bring my loved ones happiness even if it’s for a fleeting moment, make them smile even if it’s only the tiniest quirk of their lips, and help them in any way I can.

And lastly, when my time comes, when I look back on my life, I hope I can leave happily and hopefully it won’t break many hearts. Why am I even talking about this, I’m only 21, I should not be thingking about this as much as I actually do, what the hell, what the bloody hell…

5 things I like.

Heeeeeeh, only “like” okay… What does that even mean? Peaceful mornings, peaceful afternoons, peaceful evenings, peaceful nights, peaceful days. That’s all.

6 weaknesses.

My short fuse, my impulsiveness, my self-esteem (more like the lack of it), my naivety, my love that is directed at too many things (AKA TOO MANY FANDOMS but not truly being a part of any of them, in a way…..), my tendency to overthing everyhing.

7 things I love.

My friends and family (loved ones, if you prefer it that way, and yes, I refuse to separate these terms as both are extremely important to me).

Making others happy. In a way, being the cause of someone’s happiness, even if it’s only momentary.

Having fun with people that I love. Meaning being silly, together in silence or chatting loudly, laughing together, sitting beside each other legs or arms touching, or holding hands, watching a movie together, taking a walk, or playing a game. Anything.

Basking in the beauty of nature. Sparkling stars that litter the night sky, the dewdrops that alight as the shine of dawn falls on them, the chorus of the singing birds, the gentle feeling of the sun in spring, the touch of the petals of the flowers, the smell of forest, the sunset that blankets the world in fire.

Watching what humans can make with only using their hands, the creativity we all possess taking a form. The delicate jewellery, the carvings in the wood, the decorating of a simple dessert, the intriguing motives on a carpet, the lines that make a mesmerizing picture as a whole. It’s very unfortunate some people use it not to create but to destroy.

Music. Just really, MUSIC.

Stories of all kind and of all kind of characters.

8 people I tag.

Only 8…? *sighs*

strangulated-harlot | smilingskyprincess | kawaiiryuzaki | ninannarambling | theninjamouse | sianascera | holdvirag | sirkatze

Please, note that, as always, you do not have to do it unless you feel like it. Please have a lovely time and have fun!

my wifi is working super well rn for no reason so i want to do blog rates again and since i’m watching kingsman i got the idea to do a kingsman profile it’ll be fun because i am trash for this movie so

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the thing is while i objectively understand that there are complex social circumstances surrounding abandonment, i have no sympathy for parents who abandon their children. you left me, and I owe you nothing. 

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Almost every "question" for Norman or Andy is a request for a picture, hug, kiss or something stupid instead of an actual question and not all their answers are exactly Mensa quality. People are dying for Emily to have panels and WS especially has certainly implied they were asked to cancel Emily's by TWD/AMC for reasons they have not explained to the general public. Considering some of the interviews with the rest of the cast I doubt Emily's giggling is the cause behind those canceled panels,

WSC didn’t imply, they straight up said “AMC cancelled the panel”. 

But yeah, everything else you said. 

Bushfer trash

You don’t believe Bushfer is a thing? That’s fine by me, but don’t come here telling me I should stop believing they are more than friends. You have your reasons for thinking they are just friends and I have mine for thinking they’re more than that.

You are entitled to your opinion and so am I. And no, not going to stop posting about them and I will certainly not keeping it out of the tag.

As far as I know, believing Bushfer is a couple isn’t hurting anyone.

Thank you.


So it’s been a while since I made a post like this but check please is coming back really soon (!!!) so I’d like to address a few housekeeping things!

Namely, I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes but seeing posts about or pictures of Kent Parson makes me really uncomfortable for personal reasons. So if y'all wouldn’t mind tagging his name or telling me your personal tag for him so I can blacklist it, it would really help me out!!

albescentprince said: i totally understand the rp feelings because headcannon talk seems centered in that area, which sucks for artists who aren’t able to be involved! i hope you won’t mind if i pop into your inbox or tags from time to time if i think of something???

Definitely! My askbox is always open! I generally love bouncing ideas around to see what sticks.  

I guess I also have personal reasons for hesitating to leap back into RP. It’s kinda long but if anyone’s curious, keep reading….

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Alright I got tagged for this thing by districtsandwizards so lets do this shit 

Put your music player on shuffle and list the first twenty songs, no skipping, and tag 20 people.

  1. Still - The Japanese House
  2. Get on Your Knees - Nicki Minaj
  3. A History of Reasons - CAIRO
  4. The Wire - HAIM
  5. Sights - London Grammar
  6. Human - Aquilo
  7. Delirious - Susanne Sundfor
  8. Dead Water - Wet
  9. Angel - Massive Attack
  10. Everywhere - Susie Suh
  11. Earth Not Above - Haelos
  12. The World Spins Madly On - The Weepies
  13. Get Up - Barcelona
  14. The Greatest Bastard - Damien Rice
  15. Crazy in Love - Beyonce
  16. Begin Again - Purity Ring
  17. Just One Yesterday - Fall Out Boy
  18. In For The Kill - Billie Marten
  19. The Shade - Metric
  20. Exit Signs - Theoretics

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°Write your name in song titles:

Symphony (( Tokyo Ghoul ))

Young Volcanoes (( Fall Out Boy ))

Never Gonna Give You Up (( Rick Astley ))

°Why did you choose your url: Princess Hide ;3c

°What’s your middle name: Elaine (( feel free to call me that if ya want ))

°If you could be a fictional/fairytale being what would you be: shapeshifter probably or someone who can alter reality

°Favourite color: blue

°Favourite song: Can’t Feel My Face (( The Weeknd ))

°Top 4 fandoms: idk Tokyo Ghoul, Blue Exorcist, Soul Eater & Dangan Ronpa

°Why do you enjoy Tumblr: i don’t

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