My followers by now know that I never talk about serious issues on this blog. I never do it because I feel like posting serious opinions on a blog where I reblog tv shows stuff would be disrespectful. I feel like talking about important matters here would take away the depth from everything. But I need to write this post. I’m just terrified. I mean I know Paris is not - and should not - be more important than terrorists attacks everywhere else. And yes, I am aware that medias filtrate news. But still - this whole situation terrifies me. As an Italian, as an european citizen, the fact that they are here terrifies me. Targeting Paris means targeting democracy, freedom and a series of specific values. The fact that they are this close to us terrifies me. It’s not more important, but it’s scarier. Good lord. And there’s no way of stopping it because they are among us. Fighting them won’t matter. Destroying their bases won’t solve the problem. And not even closing the barriers or anything. They are already here, they are among us.