klavier: i’m like dropping hints that kristoph is manipulating me

klavier: kristoph is manipulating me



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I don't have anything against opinions that differ from my own and I understand how the internet works, thank you. I do however have a problem with a community that perpetuates misogyny and violence against women, even if it's not intentional. I think it's clear when a relationship is abusive and I can say with absolute certainty that I will never belong to any community that directly or indirectly normalizes abuse. I still don't understand how anyone can.

Oh, look! You’re back! Because apparently, everything I said before wasn’t clear enough for you.

Also, basically EVERYTHING you just said is completely blown out of proportion. We are not “even unintentionally” supporters of misogyny or violence against women. In any way, shape, or form. About 90% of people I know who ship Joker x Harley have actually outright said that they are feminists and do not support any sort of abuse in reality. I myself am a feminist. I am a survivor of emotional/mental abuse and I was neglected and felt left out for a vast majority of my childhood. I have nothing against men, but I think that meninism and misogyny is absolutely ridiculous. Telling me that because I ship a couple that is often seen as nothing more than abusive makes me an abuse supporter is honestly the same thing as telling someone who ships a couple with an age difference that they “must have a daddy kink” or something. What I ship and what I believe in are none of your goddamn business, and the two don’t even have anything to do with each other.

WE! ARE! ALL! AWARE! THAT! THE! RELATIONSHIP! IS! ABUSIVE! BUT! WHAT! ALL! OF! YOU! CAN’T! SEEM! TO! GET! THROUGH! YOUR! THICK! SKULLS! IS! THAT! WE! DO! NOT! SHIP! THEM! FOR! THE! ABUSE! BUT! FOR! THEIR! DYNAMIC! AND! THEIR! PARTNERSHIP! Honest to God, that is the absolute LAST time I’m going to repeat that, so please, try and understand it this time.

Oh, and I’m THRILLED to hear that you would never be a part of this community. Why? Because believe it or not, Joker x Harley shippers are AMAZING PEOPLE! We’ve all gone through this same shit from idiotic and obsessive anons like you who do nothing but try to demote us to feeling like absolute garbage just for liking a certain ship. People like YOU are the ones who disgust me. You are shaming us, you are bullying us, you are harassing us, you are ridiculing us, and you are completely disrespecting us. JUST BECAUSE WE LIKE A DIFFERENT SHIP! You people are the reason why the DC fandom is utterly toxic and why we can’t enjoy anything without being afraid of receiving dozens of hate messages for it. The people in the Joker x Harley fandom are incredibly kind and supportive, and we all are able to speak to one another reasonably without people losing their tempers because someone doesn’t agree with them. We don’t want rude, disrespectful, and arrogant people like you around.

WE’RE PEOPLE! We aren’t abuse supporters or anti-feminists. We just like a ship. That’s all. We are no different from anyone else on this site and we deserve respect.

You say you can respect other peoples opinions, but it really doesn’t seem like it, as the end of your ask literally shames every single member of the Joker x Harley community. If you have something of actual substance you would like to ask or discuss with me instead of this repeated nonsense, feel free to come back. If not, then kindly get the hell off of my blog and stop hiding behind anon like all of the other hateful cowards. Have a lovely fucking day. :)

Ayyyyyyye it was the longest and busiest day at work and I am finally able to sit down and take a breath for a second. Biggest pet peeve for work is when I call someone multiple times and I STILL don’t receive a response. That’s fine hombre but I’m not the one who is going to be charged tons of money because you were too lazy to give me a simple yes or no answer. 

We got a new regional manager at work who also happens to be my managers best friend and it is all kinds of hectic. The one we had before was easy going and didn’t care much about everything as long as we were getting our shit done. But the new one is a complete control freak and I just want to hide under my desk for the rest of the week. She’ll also be here so that’ll be SO MUCH FUN (nope)

I’m getting my tire fixed after work today which shouldn’t cost me more than fifteen dollars and that is exactly what I’m hoping for.

No one knows how much I loved Chuck Bass when Gossip Girl was still around. I would wear that shirt everywhere!

I need a drink and a back rub and great sex but you know I’ll settle for the first one because it’ll be all I’m getting tonight. 

I’ll take you to pound town. just kidding, more like chow town because I’m really great at eating food. 

I always want to bitch and complain about things I’ve seen across my dash but I won’t because that won’t do me any good unless you actually talk to me through other forms of communication then I’ll probably tell you all of my secrets.


I already feel alone and isolated from my friends, like I’m the last option and I’m really not meaningful to them, my home life is stressful and I’m always fighting with mum and it makes me feel so lost, im averaging school but barely passing and it’s getting too much, but now just an addition I’m getting shit from other people at school and that’s the stuff I can’t deal with. I’m just sitting with my friends eating lunch and today during recess and lunch I got muesli bars, fruits and rubbish thrown at me and I know it’s little and stupid I feel so shit because they all laugh and think they’re so great but I just feel worthless and attacked and I want to cry, I was so close to crying but I held it together and I didn’t, I just feel like no area of my life is bringing me joy right now

Honestly what is wrong with me