drawing is a lot harder than people think honestly tumblr artists are not appreciated enough and it makes me upset

if you make art, whether you’re an expert or an amateur, whether you’ve done it for years or you’re just starting out, whether you do realism or cartoons or anime or something in between, whether you draw once a month or once a week or once a day, whether you make fanart or original pieces, whether you have a style or you’re still trying to figure yourself out,

keep at it, okay? you make amazing things, and the more creativity in this world, the better. i see you and i appreciate you and i love you.

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I feel like Jehan would have like a Pet from Hell (TM) that could be anywhere from a dog or cat to a chameleon or a scorpion, and it hates everyone but Jehan and is really annoying/destructive, and everyone's like 'what circle of hell did this beast arise' and Jehan is always calling it 'my love' and saying stuff like 'what? My absolute baby angel, with a heart of pure gold, do anything wrong? Never!'

They have a chinchilla that is like… the cutest thing in the world, all nice, cuddly and fluffy.

And then you have the spawn of Satan endowed with claws and a will to DESTROY. And of course Jehan’s cat is the softest thing when it’s just Jehan. But if someone else crosses the door, the cat gets territorial and will claw your face off.

So, of course, when Montparnasse turns up, the cat becomes even MORE territorial like “Excuse me bitch you took MY spot on the bed, can u politely fuck right off?”. Montparnasse doesn’t leave clothes at Jehan’s anymore, because he will find them back in strips. He doesn’t bring anything remotely fragile cause that little SHIT is going to make it drop. Whenever Jehan pets their cat, Beelzebub looks at Montparnasse with the staring equivalent of a middle finger.

Cat: *hisses*
Montparnasse: *hisses right back*

All the while, Jehan thinks the two are getting along PERFECTLY well

i wanna film a video of my YT channel today but i don’t know what to do my video about bLEH

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can u recommend ur fave blogs to follow for someone who likes your aesthetic

sorry 4 answring this SO late omg ????? sum of my faves (or like blogs that hav the aesthetic i like) r @itseinho @mothki @babystain @nallepusu @russiacore @paranoid-angels @polultaharhaan @nicoledollanganger @babyblanket2001 @000hun + also every babycore n kidcore blog ever❣❣☁️

anyways life is weird. i went from feeling like i was super close to some sort of breakdown last night to finding out the director of the centre i’ve been doing placement at has been floating my name with the recruitment team for a full time assistant position in the toddlers room :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

*me, flexing at the top of an ancient mountain* please support asexuals, finding and accepting an identity in oneself from a lack of what is considered a basic human trait is more difficult than people think and the self-doubt that comes from even one person criticizing them is crippling especially when the community is so small and subdivided


If you want to refer to your ability to manage your emotions despite how your brain sometimes tells you to act as recovery, do that. If you want to ‘fight’ your mental illness, do that. If you want to use certain terms to describe your illness or your approach to getting well because they feel right to you, do that. If it helps you, do that. Your wellness is your personal journey. Don’t let anyone tell you how you have to describe your experience just because it doesn’t align with their views. And don’t tell someone how they should word their approach to their own wellness.