Ok y'all

It’s 3:30 am and I’m still awake so my mind is all “hey, let’s take the pottermore quiz again just for kicks!!”

I’m a Slytherin. I’ve always been a Slytherin. I’ve been a Slytherin since pottermore was first released and I took the quiz 3 more times and got slytherin each time. And I’m proud of it. I love it. I even have a Slytherin shirt.

So I have no doubt in my mind that I’m gonna get Slytherin again.


I got Gryffindor.


I’m having an existential crisis now.

I'm just throwing this out there...

That if Gillian Anderson signs on for season 11 but only does so for a limited role (similar to what DD did for seasons 8-9), it is NOT something I will watch.

I do not want a season 11 with limited GA.

Let me also say, that I don’t blame HER if that is a part of her negotiation. CC totally screwed the pooch with how he ended season 10 and I do not blame her. I blame HIM. I know fans are feral for a season 11, but if he is at the helm, at she is limited in any capacity, I won’t watch it. Limited Scully while CC rewrites mythology and has Mulder traipsing around with Miller and Einstein searching for were-monsters in the night while the world is supposed to be dying from a virus, all while wincing at the horrible, racist, incongruent writing of CC is not something I have interest in watching.

I have been a fan for over twenty years but they are better off left on that bridge. I trust fanfic writers to do those characters justice more than I will ever trust Chris Carter.

Honestly. I’d rather leave them there than witness another torturous death like we did in season 10.