I just wanna say… I really do hate being so gripey about twd, it’s just so hard to see something that has played such a big part in my life not measuring up to it’s old standards.
The cast is always -so- wonderful… it’s the storytelling itself that gets me, you know?

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Hey, so I was wondering this for a while, But, are there any characters from the AA series that are hated by everyone in the fandom? And also which characters are loved by everyone in the fandom. Btw love your blog, keep it up :D

I’ve been thinking about this since I saw it this morning! It’s a fascinating question (and one that I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer)!! Thanks so much for posing it - and also for the compliment. I’m glad you like my blog! <3

Okay, let’s see here. I actually don’t think there are many characters who are universally hated - mostly because characters who are widely disliked tend to pretty much just be dismissed by the fandom. Any major characters who are disliked are usually more controversial, sparking discourse, because there are usually at least a few who actually like and will defend that character. Cases might be a different story as you have to play them, but characters who are really disliked are mostly just left alone because nobody cares to debate them.

The following must come with the allowance that obviously there are no characters about which there is a universal opinion, so I guess it’d be more… widely accepted opinion? It also is based on my opinion and observation of the fandom only, and could be completely wrong. That said, auf geht’s!

Universally* hated

  • Spark Brushel. Interestingly, Spark is one of the characters that I actually have very little issue with, but seems to be pretty widely disliked and considered gross, weird, or annoying.
  • Director Hickfield/Hotti. Pretty much ignored by the fandom for the most part because he’s not that important, but he’s just… gross. I don’t think there’s anyone who really likes him - but feel free to weigh in and prove me wrong!
  • Sal Manella. Same as above. I’m just listing creepy characters now.
  • Zak Gramarye. This one’s actually kind of iffy, and based on my own experience in the fandom. While Zak is less ignored because he’s more of a major character, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a defense of Zak Gramarye. He seems to really just be considered a jerk. generally.
  • Magnifi Gramarye. Same as above.
  • The Big Berry Circus crew from Turnabout Big Top, especially Regina, Moe, and Acro. Again, I have to admit, I don’t really have a problem with any of these characters (although I don’t like Trilo), but TBT is pretty much the most hated case across all the games and one of the biggest complaints that I’ve seen is that the characters are unrelatable or difficult to care about. People found Regina immature and annoying, Moe obnoxious, and Acro hard to empathise with.

Universally* loved

  • Miles Edgeworth. A combination of good writing and development, and just being the kind of character that fans adore. General consensus: requires a hug.
  • Mia Fey. Does anyone hate Mia? I’ll fight anyone who hates Mia. (Not really. You’re entitled to your opinion. But also, fight.)
  • Maya Fey. I don’t think I’ve seen a criticism of her before. Precious and must be protected seems to be the general consensus.
  • Apollo Justice. He’s not as universal, actually, but he picked up in popularity a LOT after Dual Destinies. I’d say he’s popular and widely loved, but he does still have critics. (I will fight them all.)


  • Godot/Diego Armando. Some find him super compelling and cool (like myself). Others find him a shoehorned-in love interest for Mia; sexist, rude, and full of man-pain (all a pretty fair assessment).
  • Phoenix Wright. Mostly surrounds his character in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. As a fierce defender of that game, I’ll admit that he was a giant dick, but (as I’m trying to put into the analysis I’m developing), I personalyl find that all the character changes in that game are justified and compelling. But that’s not relevant. I just love AJ:AA.
  • Ema Skye. Again, there are those who hated her character change in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, and those (like myself) who loved it. Everyone seems to love Trilogy Era and SoJ Ema, though.
  • Kristoph Gavin. This game is a mess of controversy. There are people who think his character is shallow and his motivations stupid. I personally agree AND disagree - he’s underdeveloped and would be fascinating if Capcom would deign to bring him back and develop him further. As it stands, those who don’t think too much about his character (or disagree with what people like me think, which is fine) will just see him as shallow - which is understandable.
  • Klavier Gavin. Much the same reason - if you don’t actively try to understand his character on a deeper level, then yes, he comes across as a showy, shallow, diva.
  • Wendy Oldbag. Some love her and find her quirky and funny. Others find her super annoying.
  • Larry Butz. Same.
  • Lotta Hart. Same.

Okay… That’s all I can come up with. I’ve left out Spirit of Justice, DGS, and Investigations 2, for the sake of avoiding spoilers - and also because I haven’t played/watched DGS, haha. (My answers to these questions always get so long…) I hope that suffices and makes sense! If anyone has any other thoughts, feel free to hit up my inbox! But be polite, please! I have to stress that all of this is based on my opinion only and I’m not claiming it as fact. If you disagree, that’s totally cool, but please don’t be rude! :)

Ace Awareness Week fanfic challenge

I was thinking that we don’t have nearly enough fics about characters figuring out they’re ace. A lot of ace fics I’ve seen are about happy established relationships and the characters being 100% comfortable with their asexuality… which is awesome, but since I’m a sucker for… ‘origin stories’ and ‘get together’ fics… I thought it could be fun to use this week for some drabbles/fics about characters figuring themselves out.

I don’t really want to have specific prompts because everyone’s experience is different, and maybe being able to write about that specific experience in a fic can be freeing or eye-opening, in a way (at least I know it is for me). But here are some of the commonly cited ‘signs’ of being asexual, or things the character might have done before they figured out/found out about asexuality: so feel free to use that for inspiration:) (x) (x) (x)

And maybe we can use one tag, like… #aawfic ? so that everyone can get to the fics?

Thought you’d all appreciate this:

I was trying to convince a Tolkien fan to watch The Hobbit. She never has, and was hesitant to because it’s not always true to the book.

“But even if you have a problem with that, there’s still hot dwarves to look at,” I offered.

“How is that possible?”

“It is. And Fili is the best thing ever - he’s my hero, my inspiration, my imaginary husb-”

“Do you mean the actors are attractive, or they’re attractive as dwarves?”

“Well, both! Let me show you a picture,” I enthusiastically produced a nice Fili and Kili pic.

After several seconds of squinting…“Uh, if that’s what you’re into.”

Hmm. Discouraged, and a little shocked, I kept trying to persuade her - maybe she was more of an elf fan. “They’re good movies, though. You should at least watch AUJ, it’s magical. Just skip BOTFA. There’s nothing good about THAT.”

Maybe one day I’ll succeed.

This week I want to let my followers know that I, personally, think that asexual, aromantic and aroace people belong in the LGBTQ+ community regardless of whether they are also trans or attracted to the same gender.

I’m bisexual and transgender so I’m a “"real”“ LGBT person but I also feel like my place in the community is not solid because of some peoples opinions. Some people say that you’re only queer if you’re SGA, but I’m nonbinary so neither my attraction to men or women is same gender attraction. And I’m not binary trans, and some people say that it doesn’t really count then. So on the whole I just disagree with the "SGA and/or trans” definition cause it fails to include me even though I am bi and trans.

I don’t want any debates and discussions on my blog cause the war is not mine to fight, but j just wanted you to know my opinion on this.

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Considering the looks, Ichigo and Orihime are now Isshin and Masaki with Sōsuke Yhwach Kurosaki being the new ichigo kurosaki. Right?

Hmmmm… Very poor attempt at trolling and/or gloating, I give this a 2/10.  

You can do better than that, anon.

P.S. Is this the same person who thought snow monkeys were Ren//Ruki foreshadowing? Because BOI DO I HAV A SURPRISE FOR U


My mind is doing the thing where it can’t focus again, and as much as I want to continue rping, I think I’m going to give it a rest for now. Thanks guys for keeping me company~.

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I got home from work and decided to do a study of @kesstiel ‘s face before i lost motivation (i lost it halfway through tho)

I just had a thought: what if Killian does use the scissors thinking that it’ll save Emma, but it ends up being the reason she gets stabbed? 

Because it’s odd that she would pick close-range sword fighting combat to using her magic to blast a threat. 

If a destiny can’t be changed, what if it was meant for her to give Killian the scissors all along and have him use them? Thus stripping her of her power and leaving her to fight without it because she just can’t let go of trying to save people? 

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Hiii!! Courtney Milan's Hold Me comes out tomorrow and I'm so excited!!!!! Also unrelated but relevant I want to put down money on Adam fucking Reynolds and Peter (dead CFO) as a couple.

i am ALSO excited and ALSO you CLEARLY didn’t read Year of the Crocodile which has HELLA SPOILERS w/r/t AFR’s love life and i am so fucking excited for what lies between me and you I AM DYING I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVE TO WAIT, FUCK